tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Date to Remember

A Date to Remember


Devon's eyes fluttered open slowly, nausea softly rolling in the pit of his stomach. It was dark in here, and he couldn't move. He wasn't actually quite sure where he was – he'd been at a socialites' party before, it'd been forced onto him by his overbearing mother. His partner had been "that vivacious girl from next door", Mother had so wanted them to work out and pushed it hard enough that it had. She'd procured him a date, finally, and it was with the most perfect physical specimen of a woman she could imagine. Amelia was beautiful, smart, and exceedingly rich, the only thing his mother cared about anymore. His Father's factory empire was showing the first signs of crumbling, and Mother was eager to latch onto a lifeboat.

He'd known Amelia his whole life, a selfish brat who threw tantrums when she'd not gotten her way, a kicker of sand and a general bully. She had only been seen briefly the last couple of years, but now she was 21, a perfect bud ripe for plucking. He was eager to meet her again though, his parents had gushed about what a lovely girl she was, and at 24, he figured he had better settle down and make his mother proud sooner rather than later, leaping at any chance he could get. As a thin, weedy individual with ashen blonde hair and a bony, pale face, it wasn't many.

Amelia had turned up at his door in an expensive looking dress, all silk and bows, nipped into the right places to proudly display her trim waist, wide hips and large, soft breasts. With long, soft brunette hair up in ringlets, pretty lips painted in a simple lipstick, and softly shadowed eyes, she'd seemed perfectly demure and sweet at first, as if she'd turned a new leaf and grown. Her attitude however, changed as soon as they left together. Rude and selfish as always, the petulant girl had latched onto a bottle of vodka and grown steadily more obnoxious, and he left her quickly to sit on a plastic chair and brood. He'd been a fool to assume she'd changed over time. The only difference was that now she was a slut too, off with a group of bronze, muscled men as soon as he'd turned around. She'd come back once, to offer him a bitter drink she'd been given and not wanted, and then trotted off again, no doubt to some other boy who'd get her a better, more expensive drink. Not that those things mattered anymore, though, his surroundings were swimming into focus and slowly making sense.

He was in a chair. Not of his own will, apparently – his arms were wound behind him uncomfortably, laced to the back of the wooden chair with his own tie. He seemed to be in some sort of basement or warehouse, shelves and crates were around, but his chair was right in the centre. His dress pants were unzipped and pulled down slightly, his shy member flopping ungracefully out of cotton underwear. There was a swift rush of blood to his head, cheeks flushing red immediately. What the hell had happened? Had he been kidnapped?

A shuffling movement further away from him drew his attention, head whipping up in fear.

"Hello? What – What's going on? Please?" there was a shameful quaver to his voice but he no longer cared. Kidnapping was whirling through his mind now; he knew exactly how much he'd be worth, what with his father's business. But out of the shadows stepped a figure he wasn't expecting – his date.


She was grinning broadly, leant up against an empty bookshelf. "Hi."

Devon swallowed and smiled nervously, embarrassment flaming through his body. Of course she had to find him with his pants down – she'd tell the whole of his already small social world and he'd never live down being saved by her.

"Hi – can – can you help me out? I don't know what happened, please, I just-"

"Oh, hah. That was me." Amelia pushed herself off the bookshelf, wobbling slightly on her pink stilettos. "Your tie was a bitch to undo."

She was tipsy, apparently. Devon digested what she had just said slowly, staring blankly.

"Wh- why? What?" He struggled against his bonds and glared at her. "Is this a game?"

Amelia giggled, a surprisingly harsh sound, and bobbed down to crouch in front of him, running her gloved hands up his thighs. "You could say that." He jolted in surprise at this movement, an embarrassing rush flooding to his groin. He was completely at her mercy, legs spread like a whore in a dirty movie as she unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off of his shoulders to expose his bare chest.

"Amelia! Please! Jesus, now isn't the time, just let me out!"

Her fingers returned to his crotch and slid over his soft member enticingly, circling the head and pushing down to expose it from the foreskin. Devon squeaked in surprise, his face aflame.

"You're cute," she crooned, rubbing her thumb under his shaft expertly. "I'm glad you've finally woken up." Devon threw his head back and hissed in a breath as she explored his sensitive member with her hands, feelings knotting in his groin that he couldn't avoid. She'd drugged him? That was ridiculous!

"Every boy here wants me Devon, did you know that? And I could have any one I want." She stroked slowly again, smiling as his cock began to respond beneath her touch, twitching into position. "They're all very beautiful, you know."

Devon grunted, struggling again. "Have one of them then! Please, I don't – I don't want this! What are you doing?"

She tutted at his words, pulling a glove off with her teeth and dropping it to the floor. "Isn't it obvious by now? That's the problem, though. You're the only one I crave, Devon. And yet you don't want me. You didn't even pay me attention, you're oblivious." She cupped a soft hand to his balls and squeezed them gently, smiling innocently up at him. "You know me though, I just... take what I want. So I put some nice things into that drink of yours to help you sleep for a bit, and I brought you here."

She spat ungracefully into her palm and then slicked it over him, her hand working up and down his rapidly stiffening dick. Amelia smiled up at him, eyes sparkling with a mixture of lust and mirth, hand still pumping away enthusiastically. Devon couldn't help but buck his hips and whimper at her touch – he hated the woman, but his body was screaming for her, and by god, it felt amazing. She knew exactly how to make every nerve tingle, every specific place that made it feel better and better, her tongue lightly darting over the pinch of skin beneath the head, fingers teasing his sack, soft lips pursing over a bead of precum that had leaked forth.

A rush of shame flooded him, he'd always hoped his first time with another would be with a girl who he loved and loved him in return, not this. Not a woman who seemed to think of him as nothing but a toy. He didn't even like touching himself, believing that the moment should be tender and personal, not for gratification. He was being raped, he realised, and enjoying every guilty second of it.

"Mmm, for someone who doesn't want it, you sure got hard fast." Amelia ran her tongue up the full length of his now almost painfully stiff shaft, and Devon let out another cry, his voice hoarse, throat hot with humiliation. Her breath blew onto his sensitive head as she laughed at this, gripping his cock slightly painfully. "Don't be so ungrateful!" she muttered, standing back up on wobbly legs to raise her skirts in front of him, her own face now flushed lightly with desire. His cock throbbed as she revealed white, lacy panties, hooking her thumb under them and sliding them down lovingly to reveal a well trimmed thatch of pubic hair above her perfect, pink, swollen lips. She ran a finger up the slit of her own pussy, biting her lip and hissing in pleasure. "You can whine all you want y'know, it just gets me wetter." She kicked off her panties, and pushed his legs apart before guiding her hips to line up over his, creamy, thick thighs trembling slightly as they brushed against his thin legs. Her hands worked beneath her, trying to line up his swollen cock with her dripping pussy, hot, alcohol tinged breath panting from her mouth.

Devon gasped, squirming beneath her. "Amelia, you don't – you don't have to do this." He swallowed dryly, and pulled at his bonds again, albeit with slightly less enthusiasm. "You're drunk, I – I don't want – aah – I don't think this is – this is wrong, I. God, please, come on! This is ridiculous!"

She looked up at him, grinned, and dropped her hips down in a swift movement. Devon felt his shaft enveloped in a slick, silken warmth and let out a shuddering gasp, thrusting up into her without even thinking. Amelia groaned in return, pushing herself up against him, her large breasts pressed into his thin chest as she panted lustily, spreading her legs open further and wriggling down to bring his whole cock inside of her.

"F-Fuck... hnnahh..." she adjusted herself shakily, ruffling her dress about her as she did, and then slowly raised her body before pushing back into him with a satisfied huff. "You're not exactly huge, Dev." she ran her tongue over her lips. "But you'll do." She began to bob up and down on his lap slowly, her juices running so freely he could feel his own thighs beginning to slick. She was amazingly tight around his cock, warm and wet, better than any time he'd masturbated or had a wet dream. Amelia moaned breathily, throwing her head back and digging her fingers into his back, hard enough to elicit a shrill cry from Devon. "Ahn, fuck! Yes!" her voice wavered with pleasure as she rode him, thighs shuddering against him as she lost herself in slowly rising pleasure. She was entrancingly beautiful like this, biting her lower lip, eyelids fluttering slightly, breath hitching. Her soft breasts had bounced forth from her dress and were jostling up and down as she leant back, angling herself against his cock. She slid a hand in front of her mons and began to massage her own clit frantically, panting in pleasure, writhing as a string of curses slipped from her lips.

Devon couldn't help but let out a lusty groan of his own as her pace quickened to intolerably pleasurable levels, her smooth walls quivered around him, a coil tightening low in his loins. Amelia's eyes fluttered open at this and she smirked at him, delighted at his reaction. "You're gonna come, aren't you?" she leant back into him, winding her hands in his hair roughly, panting as she pressed her lips to his ear. "Don't you even dare. Not until I get to." She bit heavily into his neck, enough to break his skin, and Devon let out another cry as she ground into him, her soft ass cheeks slapping gently against his thighs, bodies sliding against each other through the thin sheen of sweat that had broken out between them. Their lips touched as she brushed against him for a kiss, her tongue darting inside his mouth. Amelia tasted of strong alcohol and sweet berries, tinged slightly with the coppery taste of Devon's own blood, and he felt himself falling deeper into her kiss, her hands pulling roughly at his hair. She pulled away from his kiss, biting his lower lip gently and then releasing it.

She stared into his eyes directly as she pushed harder against him with her hips, fingers scraping down his neck. Her eyelids fluttered as her entire body shuddered, and she let out a scream, arching her back into him, riding his cock blindly as she came, her pussy milking him as she contracted tightly around him, pulsing with every wave of pleasure searing through her body. Devon felt a hot rush of bliss in his loins as he came, crying out in return as his cock throbbed inside of her, releasing loads of his seed deep within.

Amelia fell back from him after a minute, breasts heaving and eyes glazed with pleasure. She ran her hands down his chest and sighed, smiling at him in a way that made Devon's stomach curl with guilt and shame, before pulling herself away from him, thighs still dripping with his spunk. "That was nice," she purred, smoothing out her dress. "We'll have to do it again some time."

He turned away from her, blush high on his cheekbones as she walked behind him to untie his aching arms. He was determined that he would do it again some time. And he'd get his revenge then, swift and sweet.

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