A Date with Delilah


When we awoke, it was light out. Peg was still sprawled naked across my body. The sheets beneath my now limp cock and her leaking cunt were damp with our juices. Fortunately, she'd managed to spit out her fangs, connected by some kind of dental wiring which held them in place over her teeth. They hadn't come loose once until the last time she bit me. When I finally saw them the dents in my neck looked so deep, I was surprised she hadn't actually drawn blood. Showfangs apparently did pretty good work. Once we opened our eyes, we disentangled ourselves a little self-consciously. Neither of us was quite sure if we'd just experienced an extremely kinky one-night-stand, or a highly satisfying, if somewhat off-kilter, beginning of something. We lay next to one another for some time, not speaking. Finally Peg said: "That was marvelous. Thank you. It's been a while."

"For me too," I said, "I mean marvelous and thank you, and it's been a very long while. I... Thanks for indulging my, um..."

"Your 'Thing for Vampires?' I told you. I have the same, what would you call it, kink, I guess."

"Are you always the vampire in your fantasies?" It seemed the easiest topic to discuss at the moment.

"No. I guess I'm about half and half. Sometimes vamp-er, sometimes vamp-ee."

I chuckled. She said, "You know the rules say you're in my thrall now, for eternity."

"Not yet," I countered. "Technically I suppose I'm dead now, unless you give me a little of your blood to drink. Then I become your, whatever, creation, offspring? There's some Anne Ricey word for it."

"Fledgling," she said, and giggled. "I always hated that word. Reminds me of fuzzy little chicks or something. Takes me right out of a story." And then she stopped laughing. "Would you want to be?"

"What?" I was scared to understand her too quickly.

""My Fledg...my thrall, or whatever, for all eternity? Want a little blood?"

"I don't know about all eternity," I said, "But I'd love to be, um, with you, see you, be your...I don't know?"

"Boyfriend?" she asked? "Stupid word. I don't care much for 'Significant Other' either. How about 'Lover?' Would you like to be my lover, Mister...oh jeez, I don't even know your last name."

"Castle," I supplied, "and yes, I can't think of anything I'd like more than to be your lover, Miss..."

"Kaplan, I'm afraid," said Peg, and grinned. "Well, Joe Castle, since I don't want your death on my conscience, I suppose I'd better give you some of my blood." She scooted closer to me, and raised herself on her elbow. Cupping a beautiful, pale breast in one hand, she drew her fingernail across the top of her nipple, pretending to draw blood from the cut. Then she offered her breast to me. "Drink, Lover." She whispered. I sucked her nipple gently into my mouth, and then later, as I was drifting off to sleep again, with Peg Kaplan snuggled up beside me, I heard her say, very softly: "Happy Halloween."

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What a great story 5 stars. Thanks for sharing.

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