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A Date with Pornstars


Author's note: This is, of course, totally a fantasy. Never happened and never will. This story was derived from a dream I had. Hope you enjoy.


It all started when I won the Megamillion jackpot. It was $120 million before taxes. I had a little over $65 million left after every government took its share. There was not much I wanted to spend the money on. I had to get a new car because my old one was 14 years old and in poor condition. My house in Chicago was paid for and I had no plans or reasons to move. I have been divorced for 10 years. Suddenly my ex wants to get back together. I sure didn't want to. I gave her a half million to go away and never contact me again via a contract my lawyer drew up for me. I made some of my close relatives millionaires and a made a few needy friends no longer needy.

Since my divorce, I'd dated a little but did care much for any of the women around here. They all seems just like my ex all over again. I had watched a lot of porn on the computer and had a crush on Sunny Lane. I had fantasized about her being my girlfriend. My fantasy girlfriend / wife was essentially a nymphomaniac who was deeply in love with me and didn't want anyone else. Since I knew that person was impossible, I decided to try for the next best thing.

I decided what the hell, I'd see if I could contact her since I was now a multi-millionaire. I started to write letters, emails, and even tried some phone calls to reach her direct. I was offering her $10,000/ 24 hour period for a three day weekend vacation in Las Vegas if she'd come and act as my girlfriend for the three day period. She would have to have sex with me whenever I wanted and we would act like a couple on a vacation. We would eat, drink, gamble and attend shows on my money for the three day period. I knew she had done anal also so I offered her another bonus of $10,000 if she would do anal with me. My ex would never even consider it.

It took a while and I was persistent. Finally, her agent contacted me. I again told him my offer. He asks if I will be video taping. I tell him I hadn't planned on it. He says Sunny will only do it if I will be making a porn clip. I relent and told him sure, the sex will be taped. What the hell. I'll have to buy some video equipment then I'll have a souvenir of the 3 day date. He also tells me I have to be tested for STDs no more than a month before the 'date'. He tells me Sunny is tested monthly and I will get a copy of the last test.

I fly out to Los Angeles and meet with the agent and Sunny. She's really hot in person. A contract is drawn up for a three day date with Sunny Lane in Las Vegas. I'm to pay her $10,000 / 24 hour period plus additional $10,000 if she does anal. Half will be paid in cash when she arrives at the Las Vegas airport and I pick her up. It will be the girlfriend experience meaning she will be with me the entire 72 hours and can't be out running around on her own. We will eat meals together, go to shows and gamble on my money during this 72 hour period and sleep together. Since she doesn't know or trust me, she wants to bring a friend. I agree and offer the friend $5000 / 24 hour period if she is available for sex. I also offer another $5K if she does anal too. I ask if the friend could be black or Asian. She says that's okay if she can talk the friend into going.

She asks me why I want the friend to be black or Asian and I say basically because I've never had sex with a black or Asian woman. Only white women. It's a bucket list thing. She laughs at that. After we sign the contract, she stands and walks over to me and pulls me up and gives me a deep French kiss. She tells me she's looking forward to our time together and she says she expects to earn the extra $10K. She asks me when I want to do this. The Memorial Day 3 day weekend is a little more than two months away so I suggest that would be a good time. She agrees.

She asks me about accommodations. I tell her I'm planning on getting a penthouse suite in one of the hotels on the strip. She likes that idea. She also asks me why I'm wanting to do this now. I tell her that I've wanted to date her for a long time because I think she's really hot plus I tell her I've recently come into a lot of money and that's why I contacted her at this time. I can now afford it.

We part with another French kiss and during the kiss she pushes my hands down to her ass which is magnificent. She gives me her agent's phone number and tells me if there are any changes to let her know. I tell her that I'll get the plane tickets to her agent's address as soon as possible.

I fly to Las Vegas and pick out a hotel. I decide on Caesar's Palace. I go there, talk to the manager and reserve a penthouse suite for the Memorial Day weekend, Thursday afternoon through Wednesday morning of the next week. I decide I'm going to stay and have some more fun after Ms. Lane and friend have departed. I also pay for a couple of nights starting today in one of their best rooms but not the penthouse. I was thinking a penthouse but they are booked at this time. I decide to do some gambling and see a couple of shows.

I'm back home in a couple of days and get with a travel agent to make my arrangements including two first class plane tickets from LAX to Las Vegas and return. I get an open ended first class ticket for myself from O'Hare Airport to Las Vegas. While talking with the Ceasar Palace manager, I'd requested champagne, fruits, and other snacks for her arrival on Friday. The only thing I now have to do is get the camcorder or two and associated equipment and the blood test. I head for a camera store and decide on three camcorders, tripods, lights and a couple of reflecting umbrellas. I figure three angles on the bed will make a great movie. Everything I get is top of the line. Why not?

I send the tickets off and then three weeks from the date I get the STD test done and ship the results off.

Thursday before Memorial Day.

I fly out a day early on the Thursday before Memorial Day so I'll be there before I have to pick Sunny up on Friday. I check into Caesar Palace, get the keys to the penthouse and pay for the entire week I'll be living there. It's a wonderful suite. It even has a guest room. I head out to a bank and get $60,000 in $100 dollar bills. Sunny will get $20,000 when she arrives. She's already said she will do anal for me on Saturday. I also get another $7,500 in hundreds ready for for whoever she brings with her. I put the money in a bank bag and then put it in the penthouse safe. I'll need $55,000 totally for the date unless the friend does anal with me and then it will be the entire $60,000. I've got a bank card with no daily maximum to use for everything else.

I have a nice steak dinner and do some gambling. I go to a comedy show. After the show I gamble some more at the hotel where the show was. I actually win $6,000 at blackjack. That makes up for the days I was there earlier setting up the hotel penthouse details.


The next day I grab up the up-front money and head for the airport about 10:30am. Her plane should be there before noon.

At noon, her plane lands. I hope she's on it.

Fifteen minutes later, there she is. She's walking with a black girl who looks familiar.

She waves and walks up to me, then gives me a hug and a long French kiss. "Hi, Jim. Good to see you again. I'd like you to meet Jenna Brooks. She loves white cocks. Well, she likes black ones too but she never turns a white one down."

Jenna grabs me and gives me a long French kiss too. "So glad to meet you, Jim. We're going to have some fun this weekend. When Sunny told me about this, I jumped on it. I'd also like to apply for that extra $5K if you don't mind. You can fuck Sunny's ass on Saturday and mine on Sunday night. Okay?"

"Okay, Jenna. I look forward to it. I am familiar with your work too."

We begin to walk to the baggage pickup area. Sunny's on one arm and Jenna is on the other. I tell them I've been here a day already. They are going to love the suite. I tell them I have their agreed to up-front money on me but I think it would be better if I wait until we are in the car to give it to them. Jenna is really making eyes at me.

Jenna says "I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I haven't been to Vegas in a while and I can really use the vacation."

"Well, we can do anything you or Sunny want to do. Money is no object."

Jenna says "Right, I understand you came into a bunch of money recently."

"I sure did, Jenna. That's the only reason I can afford this little fantasy vacation."

Sunny says "Well, we are going to make this the ultimate girlfriend experience. We're going to fuck your brains out."

I say "I'm looking forward to it. I love to eat pussy so I can't wait to bury my face in both of your pussies."

They both smile at me.

We get the luggage and head for the bus to the short term parking. Once in the rental car, I give Sunny her envelope with $20,000 in it and then give Jenna her envelope with $7,500. "I owe you $2500, Jenna." They hand me both their STD tests. They both check the money out and then start to kiss me. After they are done, we head to Caesar's Palace. In the elevator, Jenna can't keep her hands off me. Sunny is French kissing me and Jenna has her hand down the front of my pants playing with my nearly hard cock.

I open the suite door and the ladies walk in. Sunny says "Wow, this is nice. This is going to be fun."

I say "There's a guest bedroom too, Jenna, if you want to use it. Although you are more than welcome to sleep with us if you want."

I open the penthouse safe and count out another $2500 and give it to Jenna. "For the up-front on the anal sex." I ask them if they want to put their money in the safe and they both do. I tell them they can just leave it there because until Monday noon, everything is on me.

Jenna smiles and says "Why don't we get naked and get busy?"

I say "Good idea. But first let's have some champagne and then how about all of us jump into the shower. I want to get familiar with your bodies. And I can't wait for you both to be washing me all over." We open the bottle and have a couple of flutes each while making out.

Sunny smiles and says "Let's hit the shower, Jim." She starts to shed her clothes and Jenna and I are right behind her. She walks to the bathroom which is good size and turns on the water to get it regulated. Jenna raps her arms around me and kisses me. Soon we are all in the shower washing each others bodies. These two women have very nice booties, especially Sunny. Jenna bends over and takes my cock into her mouth. It feels marvelous. This is the first time in many months I've had my cock in a woman's mouth.

After a good shower together, we all dry off and head for the bed. I click the remote for the cameras so they are recording. We all jump on the bed and I say "Well, I want a pussy on my face. Any volunteers?"

Sunny says "Yeah, me." I lay down and Sunny crawls over to me and sits on my face. I feel a mouth on my cock, since Sunny is sitting up it must be Jenna. I'm already hard but she sucks me good for a while. The condoms are on the nightstand. Jenna grabs one and soon is on my cock bouncing up and down. Sunny tastes great. I'm going to eat that pussy until she crawls off.

Sunny takes less than five minutes before she screams her first orgasm. She continues to ride my face. Jenna is still working my cock and I start to rub Jenna's clit. She's breathing hard and a couple of minutes after she starts to cum. She clamps down on my cock but I manage to hold off my orgasm because her pussy isn't real tight. Jenna is off again and she starts to cum every couple of minutes. After her fifth orgasm she climbs off of me. Sunny is primed. She can't wait to fuck me. She movews off my face and she's on my cock in no time and pumping up and down.

A few minutes into it and she screams, her body tenses and her back arches beginning her orgasm. After that first orgasm, she leans down and French kisses me. Sunny is a little tighter than Jenna but not much. Am I going to have a problem cumming with these two vaginas? After four orgasms, Sunny falls off of me. Jenna soon pulls the condom off and is sucking me off. She's really good. I last a couple more minutes, grunt and every muscle in my body tenses and begin to cum in her mouth. She swallows it all and then smiles at me. Sunny says "Wow, that was great!"

Jenna says "Yeah, this is going to be a fun vacation." She stretches her arms and sighs. They both cuddle up to me and we lie like that for a while. Jenna is still playing with my cock again.

I say "Well, it's only a little after 4 o'clock. Let's decide what we are going to do tonight before we come back here to fuck each other." We look through the shows and the ladies pick out some they want to see. I tell them to pick one. They do so we will see David Copperfield after supper and then hit the casinos for some gambling.

We spend the next 90 minutes laying in bed cuddling, fooling around with each others fun bits, and kissing. Before long I've got a boner again. Sunny says "Ready again. It's a little early." She smiles at me. Damn, I wish she was my girlfriend. She's so fucking hot. Jenna's not bad either. This is going to be some weekend.

We decided to take another shower before we go out to get the smell of sex off of us. After the shower, Jenna moves her clothes into the spare bedroom but she says she prefers to sleep with us. It's a big bed so it sounds good to me.

Before we head out at 6:00pm for supper, I remember to turn the cameras off. We head down stairs. Copperfield is at the MGM Grand so we decide to eat there. We have an enjoyable supper with plenty of interesting conversation. The girls talk about their porn careers and other things they are doing. Sunny is actually a part-time prostitute at one of the ranches outside of Reno. Jenna is a dancer, in other words a stripper when she's not making movies. They both are free souls and love sex. I tell them all about myself. It takes all of ten minutes. Not a very interesting life until now. I'm going to make up for it starting now.

After forty-five minutes and several drinks, we head for the show. It's an enjoyable show. Both girls love it. We then go gambling. First at the MGM and then back to Caesar's. I give them both $1000 in chips and tell them it's theirs and if they need more let me know. I spend some time at the Blackjack table and basically break even. Sunny comes up broke but Jenna actually wins over $1000. Jenna is happy as hell. I ask Sunny if she wants some more chips and she says she'll just watch me.

By the time we get back to the suite about midnight, Jenna says "I'm so happy, I'm going to give you a free butt fuck tonight. I really like you Jim. Thanks to you, I'm now $2000 richer. Thanks, honey."

I'm smiling. "You're welcome and thanks. Three butt fucks. Wow!!"

I swap the SD chips out of the cameras and turn them on. Now they are ready to record again.

We all shed our clothes and hit the shower again. Jenna stays in the shower. Not sure what she's planning to do. Sunny and I dry each other off and hit the sheets. We start to kiss and fondle each other. I'm already hard. Sunny's nipples are hard. After five minutes of kissing and fondling, Sunny is breathing hard. I start to kiss and lick down her body. She's got great tits. I torture her nipples for a while, nibbling on those pokies. Before Jenna comes out, I'm licking Sunny's tummy. Sunny waves Jenna over and Jenna gets on Sunny's face.

I continue to work my way down Sunny's body. When I reach her pussy, I smile. I love to eat pussy and hers is beautiful. I begin to lick those bare outer lips. I hear her moan into Jenna's pussy. After several minutes of licking her outer lips and up and down her slit, I spread her outer lips so I can get at her inner lips. I start sucking her inner lips into my mouth then pull them with my lips. Sunny is moaning loudly.

A few minutes of playing with her inner lips and I begin to tongue-fuck her vagina. Sunny tastes great. As I'm tongue-fucking her, I hear her say "Oh, God, Jim!"

I tongue-fuck her for at least five minutes and then move to her clit. I put my arms around her legs and reach up and grab hold of her nipples. I begin to play with her nipples and when I suck her clit into my mouth, I pinch her nipples hard. She screams and pushes her pelvis up toward my face. She begins to fuck my face so I begin to flick my tongue over the tip of her clit. Fifteen seconds of that and she screams again and says "Holy fuckkkkkkkkkk!!" Her back arches and she's thrusting up at me fast.

She putting out some juices now too. I twist her nipples and she screams again. She frantically fucking my face and I continue to suck that clit and flick my tongue over it. Finally, she reaches down and pushes me away. I lick up her juices that are still coming out of her vagina. She groaning as I do that.

I look up and Jenna's face is contorted. She's ready to cum too. I lean up and grab her nipples and pinch them. She screams and is really fucking Sunny's face. She cums for a minute and then collapses onto Sunny. She slowly reaches up and grabs my hard cock. She puts a condom on me. She pulls my cock down and I follow it. She sticks it into Sunny's vagina. I get the hint and begin to fuck Sunny. She's got a great pussy, not too loose but loose enough that I'm going to last for quite awhile. It feels so good though. Jenna gets up and off of Sunny's face. I lean down and French kiss Sunny. She smiles at me. The kiss tastes like pussy.

We fuck for five minutes and Sunny has a hard orgasm again. She wraps her legs and arms around me as we continue to fuck each other. A little over two minutes later and she's cumming again. Neither Sunny or Jenna are very tight and they don't grip me too hard so I can keep from cumming fairly easily. Sunny cums again two minutes later and then stops me. "I'm over-sensitive, Jim. I have to stop for a while. You are pretty good." I smile at her and French kiss her again.

I pull out and lay down. Jenna is on me so fast it makes my head spin. She fucking herself as fast as she can. She pinches my nipples as she's leaning on my chest. She winks at me and bends down to French kiss me. I'd say Jenna is even looser than Sunny. I don't think I can cum with these two vaginas, at least not easily.

She fucks me good and hard for five minutes and screams as she orgasms again. She can clamp down better than Sunny though it's not hard enough to get me off. We continue to fuck. I reach up and pinch her nipples and she says "Oh, yes, Jim. I love that. Pinch away."

She's building to another orgasm and just as her breath is coming really hard, I twist her nipples and she screams again. Her vagina muscles are really pulsing now but I manage to hold off my orgasm. After she has another orgasm, she stops, rises a little and slips my cock into her ass. My God, that feels amazing. She begins to fuck me again and my cock is sliding in and out of her ass. She must have lubed herself up because it's slipping in pretty easily.

I'm getting the friction I need now. She is quickly rising to another orgasm. She yells "Jim, please cum in my ass. NOW!!"

That sets me off and I start to squirt cum into her ass but actually into the condom. That sets her off and her ass starts to pulse around my cock. Surprisingly, I continue to cum much longer than I usually do. I'm done in about thirty seconds but she's still cumming. She continues to fuck my cock into her ass and she continues to scream every couple of minutes. Finally, she collapses onto my chest. I start to caress her back and she starts to coo in my ear. "Oh, I like that Jim. Thank you." We are both soaking wet with sweat all over.

A minute or so later, she pulls my cock out of her and rolls off of me. She cuddles up to me and kisses me on the cheek. Sunny cuddles up on my other side. Sunny says "Jim, think you can get it up again. I need some more if you can."

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