tagRomanceA Date with Tiffany

A Date with Tiffany


It was a typical Saturday night, and I'm once again waiting in my favorite coffee house for my Saturday night blind date. One of my co workers decided to fix me up with there step daughter, and I was a little concerned that at age 34 I wouldn't have much in common with an 18 year old college freshman, but he said not to worry about it, and that she was rather mature for her age.

I had only been waiting for about 15 minutes, when I see this petite little blonde come walking in.

She was only about 5'3, but she had a smile that brightened up the whole room, she had shoulder length blonde hair, and a small but ample sized chest, and she's wearing a red tank top and denim shorts, and I can tell she's not wearing a bra.

She scans the room for a few minutes, then she spots me, and tries to make her way over, but two guys come over and begin hitting on her, she tries to blow them off, but then two more take there place, after a minute I walk over and help her out.

"Tiffany?" I ask.

"Oh God, please tell me you're Steve!"

"Yes, hey guys, back off, she's with me."

I take her by the hand and lead her to a table in the corner, she sits down and I go to the counter and get us two coffees and a few bagels.

"So, Steve, is this where you take all your first dates?"

"Sadly, yes, this is pretty much where I take my first dates." I say, trying not to laugh.

"It's nice, but, I'm truly hungry, can we go to a restaurant, or some place, please?" She asks.

"Sure, I know just place, you want to follow me?"

"Well, that's the thing, my step dad dropped me off, I don't have a car, so, if it's ok, can I ride with you?" She asks, blushing slightly.

"Why are you blushing, Tiffany?"

She blushes even more now.

"Steve, this is the first time that I'm out with a man who's older then me, you're a little intimidating, so, can I please ride with you?" She says, blushing even redder now.

"Sure, Tiffany, come on, let's go."

I take her by the hand, and we walk to my car.

We get in my car and drive away.

"Where are we going?" She asks.

"Just to a little diner, it's quiet, and we can just sit, and get to know each other, ok?"

"Ok, sounds like you go there alot, is this like your secret first date spot?" She asks, giggling.

"Yes, now you have me blushing." I say, trying not to look at her now.

We pull into the parking lot and I park the car, I was about to get out, when Tiffany stopped me.

"Steve, wait, look at me."

I look at her, and notice that she has very beautiful green eyes.

She leans in and kisses my mouth very softly.

"Is that what you wanted? To kiss me? Maybe you want to touch my breasts? Talk to me, Steve."

"Tiffany," I say, a little flustered, "I'm not sure yet, let's have dinner, ok, then we'll go from there, ok?"

"Ok, I'm sorry, I haven't ruined anything, have I?"

"No, Tiff, you haven't."

We hold hands as we walk into the diner.

"Table for two?" The woman asks.

"Yes, can we get a booth?" I ask.

"Certainly, right this way."

We sit down and scan the menu.

After a few minutes, Tiffany can no longer wait for the waitress and excuses herself to the ladies room, but, no sooner does she leave, the waitress comes over.

"Are you ready to order, sir, or do you want to wait till your daughter comes back?"

"I'll wait-hold on, she's not my daughter, she's my date tonight, and yes, I'll wait for my date to come back before we order."

"Ok, sir, I apologize, I thought she was your daughter, please accept my apologies."

I give the waitress a mean look as she walks away.

After a few minutes, Tiffany comes back, and we place our orders, we have an enjoyable dinner, with great conversation, and I was suprised to find, that Tiffany is a bright, intelligent, young woman, and yes, very mature for her age.

Every so often, our eyes would meet, and she'd smile and slightly blush.

"You ready to go, Tiff?" I ask.

"Yes, are you?"

I nod yes, I pay the bill and we head for the door, and back to my car.

"It's getting late, Tiffany, you want me to take you home? Or is your step dad going to pick you up at the coffee house?"

"You can take me home, Steve, if by home, you mean your house." She says, putting her hand on my leg.

"Tiffany, what are you doing? Your step dad wouldn't approve."

"I can tell you want me, Steve, you've wanted me since the coffee house, you had a bulge in your pants after I kissed you, so stop resisting, give in to your urges, besides, I told my dad that you'd take me to my friend Angela's after our date, so, you're covered, so, lean over and kiss me already."

I lean over and kiss her, deeply, letting my hand run down and squeeze her tits, but she stops me there.

"Lets's continue this at your place, lover." She whispers.

We pull up to my apartment a few minutes later, we get inside, I can no longer resist, I push Tiffany against the door and begin kissing her again, deep and hard, again reaching down and cupping her tits, squeezing them hard, making her gasp.

"Steve......Steve.....Steve, stop, stop, I need to use the ladies room." She says, giggling.

"I didn't want to stop you, Steve, but, my pussy is so wet, and I'm not wearing panties, so, sit on the bed and I'll be right back." She says with a slight blush.

A few minuntes later, I hear the bathroom door open up.

"Steve? Close your eyes, I want this to be a suprise." She says.

I close my eyes, and can hear her walk towards me, I can already smell how wet she is.

"Steve, I'm standing here, naked, and I'm so nervous, don't open your eyes just yet, give me your hand, ok?"

I give her my hand and I feel her guide me between her legs, and for the first time, I'm touching her pussy.

"You feel that? That's my sweet fuck hole, Steve." She says, in between long, deep breaths.

"Open your eyes, Steve, open your eyes and take me, Steve!"

I open my eyes, and I'm taken back by the vision of beauty before more, for the first time, I truly see her, her beautiful smile, her beautiful green eyes, her perfect b cup breasts, and her oh so sexy belly button ring, and her cleanly shaven pussy.

"Do you like what you see?" She says, blushing.

"Yes, Tiffany, I do." I say, taking her by her hand and pulling her towards me, looking deep into her eyes and kissing her deeply.

I lay down on the bed and pull her down on top of me.

"You have me in bed now, Steve, what are you going to do with me?"

I roll over so now I'm on top.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Tiffany, that's what I'm going to do."

"How do you want to fuck me, Steve? How about letting me suck that hard cock first, so it'll slide easily into my tight fuck hole."

I get up and start undoing my pants, when Tiffany stops me.

"Let me undress you, lover."

She pulls my pants down to my ankles, then the playfully tugs at my boxers until my rock hard cock pops out.

"Oh my, you are ready for me, aren't you? Steve, I want you to cum in my mouth, I want you to cum in all of my holes, and I want to cum on your face and your cock, can you handle this, Steve, can you handle me?"

I nod my head yes as I watch her devour my cock, slowly taking it all the way to the back of her throat.

I gasp as I watch her begin bobbing her head up and down on me, I almost cum when I notice her gaze up at me with her beautiful green eyes.

"Don't resist it, cum Steve, cum for me."

She puts her mouth back on my cock, just in time to catch the first pulse, she swallows the first then puts my cock against her face, and lets me finishing cumming on her beautiful face.

"Look at my face, all covered in your creamy load." She says giggling. "Rest up a bit, lover. You have plenty more cumming still to do, but for now, I want you to eat me." She says, pushing my back on the bed.

I watch in amazement as she lowers her beautiful, bald pussy onto my face, she smells so sweet, and tastes even sweeter, as I begin to slowly run my tongue up and down the entire length of her pussy.

"Yeah, Steve, that's it, tongue that pussy!"

She begins grinding her pussy across my face, coating me in her juices, I can tell she's getting close to cumming.

"Fuck, you're going to make me cum......I'M GONNA CUM.....OH FUCK......OHHHHH!!!"

I feel her body tremble, and her cum coats my tongue, and she squirts all over my face.

"Holy fuck, that was intense, baby." She says, giggling. "Steve? you wanna go again?"

"That's up to you baby." I say.

"Let's sleep for a while, and then we can fuck some more, I really want your cock in my pussy."

We kiss, tasting our own cum, then we drift off to sleep, dreaming of what our next session will be like.

To Be Continued....

*Author's note: Please feel free to leave any and all feedback.

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