tagBDSMA Date with Tiffany Ch. 03

A Date with Tiffany Ch. 03


By the time I wake up the next morning, Tiffany is already gone, but she left me a note.


Sorry to leave in the middle of the night, but, my friend called and said my step dad was looking for me, so I had to get home, quick.

Meet me at the coffee house tonight, and I'll make it up to you.



I spend the whole day thinking about her, her shoulder length blonde hair, her beautiful green eyes, her sexy belly button ring, everything about her is sexy, and I can't believe, she's only 18, what could she possibly see in an old man like me?

The rest of the day seemed to drag by, but finally it was night time.

I arrive at the coffee house about 8pm, and to my suprise, Tiffany is already there, and is looking very hot, wearing a red tank top and a denim skirt.

"I was starting to think you weren't going to show." She says, greeting me with a hug and a soft kiss on my cheek.

"You wanna go to dinner, or what?" I ask.

She walks up to me and places her hand on my crotch, and she pulls my head down and kisses me, deeply, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

"Take me to a hotel, Steve, take me there, and just fuck me, fuck me till I get pregnant."

I look at her in shock, not knowing what to say.

"I told my step dad about us, he's not happy, but he says he'll get over it. I told him, because, because, I'm.....I'm in love with you, Steve!" She says, as tears begin to stream down her cheek.

I wrap my arms around her, holding her close.

"Take me to a hotel, Steve, please." She asks again.

We walk to my car, and we drive to a nice, 4-star hotel, we get a suite, and head up to our room, we kiss the entire elevator ride up, my hands on her breasts and her hand on my crotch.

We get into the room, and she quickly pushes me down into an easy chair that's right by the bed.

"I want to give you a lap dance, baby, you do want a lap dance from your Tiffany, right?"

I nod my head yes, and she turns on some music and begins seductivly dancing, running her fingers through her long blonde hair.

First, she lifts her top, showing me her sexy purple satin bra, then puls it back down, then she lifts her skirt, showing me her matching purple panties, she pulls her skirt back down and continues dancing, moving to the bed, while I remain in the chair, watching in amazement.

After a few minutes of dancing on the bed, she finally comes back to me, leans in and kisses me again, I can barely contain myself, I want her so badly, I reach out and touch her breasts, but she pushes my hand away.

"Be patient, are you ready to see me strip?"

I nod my head yes, and the dancing continues, but now she's raising her top over her head, and pulling her bra straps just off of her shoulders, not quite exposing her breasts to me, she pulls her straps back up and begins teasing me, jiggling her breasts in her bra.

"God, I want you so fucking badly, Tiff!" I scream.

She just giggles, and continues dancing, now finally unzipping her skirt, when she pulls it off, I can clearly see a nice wet spot on her panties, she pulls her panties to the side and gives me a quick pussy flash before covering her self back up.

After a few more minutes of dancing and teasing, she walks back over to me, and kneels down in front of me.

"I want that cock, Steve, give it to me."

I stand up and pull down my pants and boxers.

"Sit back down, lover." she says.

As soon as I sit down, she grips my cock and begins stroking it, up and down.

"Do you want me to suck this cock?"


"Beg for it, Steve, say, 'Please Tiffany, please, suck my cock.' say it, Steve."

"Please Tiffany, please, suck my cock."

"Good boy."

I watch in amazement as Tiffany devours my cock, taking it all the way to the back of her throat, then slowly bobbing her head up and down, then gently squeezing my balls, before too long, precum begins oozing from the head.

"Do you want to cum, baby?"


"You know what to do, beg for it, I said.....BEG!"

"Please, Tiffany, please let me cum."

"Say 'Miss Tiffany', Steven."

"Miss Tiffany, Ma'am, may I cum, please."

"You may, but you're not cumming in my mouth, you're going to cum in my bra, understand me, Steven?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

She removes her bra, and places the one cup over the head of my cock and begins slowly stroking me, the material felt so good I explode almost instantly, I just slump back in the chair, totally drained.

She then stands in front of me, slides her hand down inside her panties, rubs herself, brings her hand back up, and puts her fingers in her mouth and sucks them clean.

"You feel better, baby?" She asks smiling.

"Yes, I do, I never knew you were dominant."

"I'm not, usually, but tonight it just seemed right, do you want me to be more dominant with you?"

"Yes, Tiff, I do."

"Well, then, let's get one thing straight, for the rest of the night, it's Miss Tiffany, understand me, Steven?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Does Steven want to eat my wet pussy?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Beg for it, Steven, come on, beg for it!"

"Please, Miss Tiffany, may I lick your sweet pussy, Ma'am."

"Get on your knees, bitch!" She yells.

I drop to my knees in front of her, and she moves closer to me, close enough that I can smell how wet she is for me.

"Take my panties off, Steven."

I reach out to grab her panties.

"Not with your hands, bitch, use your teeth, take my panties off with your teeth!"

I crawl closer to her, and lean in and get the waist band of her panties in my mouth, and begin to pull them down.

"Good boy, Steven."

I pull her panties all the to the floor, and just look up at her.

"May I lick you now, Ma'am?"

"Yes, Steven, you may."

I lean in and give her pussy a nice wet kiss.

"That's it, Steven, lick my pussy!"

I continue to tongue her pussy, then I slowly slide my middle finger deep into her tight asshole.

"OH SHIT! That's it, OH FUCK......I'M GONNA CUM!"

Tiffany's whole body shakes from the orgasm, and she drops to her knees in exhaustion.

"I love you, Steve, I love you!" She says, kissing me deeply.

"I love you, too, Miss Tiffany."

"That's right, I AM Miss Tiffany, aren't I, bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you want to be MY bitch, Steven?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I do!"

"Then there is one last thing I need you to do, Steven."

"And what is that, Ma'am?"

"I want you to become a girl, a dirty, slutty, girl, can you do that, Steven?"

"Yes, Ma'am, but, what does that mean?"

"It means, I want to dress you up, rename you, and then fuck that tight man pussy that you have, understand, Steven?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

I can already feel my cock getting harder at these words.

"Well, let's get some sleep, in the morning, I'll take you shopping for clothes and make-up, then it'll be time to transform Steven into.........'Sabrina', do you like that name?"

"Yes, Ma'am, very much."

"Very well, good night, Sabrina!"

"Good night, Ma'am."

To Be Continued...

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