tagLoving WivesA Dating Couple

A Dating Couple


My wife and I have discussed bringing other people into our relationship for the past few years. We love each other completely and are totally committed to each other, but we both agree that our marriage would not be affected by sleeping with other people. We believe that we can separate sex and love. An open marriage is fine with both of us and we feel it can enrich our relationship. After a very long time discussing the idea we've finally reached an agreement.

We have decided that for the first few times we should both be present. The other won't be involved, but rather watching from a distance. Fortunately we are both very successful in our careers and have amassed considerable wealth. Our house is equipped with the very latest in security, including a vast surveillance system that is tied into our alarm system.

We agreed that we would record our activities so that our spouse can watch along, but still be hidden from our guests. It may not be the most ethical thing, but we both plan on being forward with the fact that we are married. We also agreed that no one is off limits. We are free to have sex with anyone we want, and neither of us may object to anyone the other should choose. To be fair we decided to flip a coin to see who got to go first. Unfortunately for me, Kelly won.

We are both what would be considered by most to be attractive. We are in our early thirties, and in good shape. We have always prided ourselves on our appearance. I am tall, at 6'5", and have a slender build with short black hair. Kelly is about 5'7" and 130 lbs. She is not skinny, but has a nice shapely, womanly figure. She has shoulder-length dyed-blonde wavy hair, a perfect set of 36B, perky breasts, a soft round ass, one of the sexiest sets of legs I've ever seen, mesmerizing green eyes, golden brown skin, and an absolutely perfect smile.

About a week or so after coming to our agreement, Kelly and I met up at a local bar for drinks after work. She left the kids at her parents' house for the night. We had decided that the best way to meet someone at first was at a bar since most people were there looking for action anyway. Instead of going to a typical bar, we decided to go to a local fancy restaurant, figuring that the clientele would be much better.

I was running late and arrived a few minutes after Kelly. When I walked into the bar, my eyes were instantly fixed on her. She was sitting on a stool at the bar and looked amazing! She was wearing a clingy black spaghetti-strap dress that showcased her legs and a pair of black strappy shoes. Her hair and makeup were perfect and as she chatted with the bartender, it was as if there was a spotlight on her, she was glowing.

I slowly made my way over to her and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. She was startled by me, and then greeted me with a warm smile when she saw that it was me. I told her how incredible she looked and that I was starting to wonder if I really wanted to share her with someone else! As we talked, I could tell that she was looking around, eyeing up the other patrons. "See anything interesting?" I asked.

"A few possibilities," she answered, smiling.

I had noticed a handsome gentleman a few stools down that I knew she would be instantly attracted to. He was just her type; dark features, ruggedly handsome, with a muscular physique, wearing a sharp business suit. Sure enough not long after I saw him, Kelly turned her head and noticed him. They made eye contact and then exchanged miles, and Kelly's face turned about ten shades darker red. I knew that she had found her man, so I excused myself to the bathroom. As I stood up, I swigged the rest of my drink, and then leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Good luck".

She just smiled.

I took my sweet time in the bathroom, at least ten minutes, allowing Kelly time to do her thing. When I emerged, I saw exactly what I expected, he had replaced me on the stool next to Kelly, and they were engaged in a deep conversation. It was a dark bar so I went and sat in a corner so I could watch the two of them while still giving them their privacy.

As they talked, Kelly's was growing bolder and bolder with her flirting. She's always been a touchy-feely kind of girl and now was no different. She was running her hand up and down his arm as he caressed her bare leg. Her skirt had ridden high up her legs, and his hand wasn't far behind. She was leaning way into him and running her fingers through her hair, hanging on his every word, and giggling like a smitten schoolgirl.

I had a hunch that since Kelly was nervous about this that she would move fast, and I was right. Only about 30 minutes or so after I had stepped aside and let Kelly make her move, I saw her lean in and whisper something in his ear. He smiled and nodded, then stood up, threw some cash down on the bar and led my wife outside. As they walked out, Kelly scanned the bar looking for me. When she finally found me, she smiled and blew me a kiss. I waited about five minutes, then headed to my car to go home.

As I opened the gate and pulled into the driveway, I saw a Black BMW in front of the house. I guess Kelly had left her car at the bar since it was nowhere in sight. I slid in the back door so as not to interrupt my wife and her friend. I couldn't be sure what she had told him about our arrangement, and I didn't want to spoil her fun. I could hear the two of them talking in the living room so I headed for my office. I flipped on my video monitor and switched to the living room camera. I also decided to record the fun so we could enjoy it again later. They were sitting on our leather couch sipping wine as they got to know each other a little better.

He had shed his jacket and Kelly had taken off her shoes. She was leaning closely into him, her head resting on his shoulder as she ran her hand over his chest. His arm was draped around her, his hand on her forearm. I was just beginning to wonder if this was ever going to lead anywhere when Kelly made her move. She moved into him and kissed him full on the lips.

That was all he needed. His hand moved from her arm and landed square on her breast as their kissing became more intense. As they continued kissing, he lay back on the couch and pulled Kelly down on top of him. He moved his hands down onto her ass which he began squeezing as Kelly nibbled on his neck and ear. He reached up and slid the straps of her dress of her shoulder. The top of her dress fell down to her waist. She was wearing a lacy black push-up bra that showed off her exquisite breasts. He reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then flung it aside.

I could see that the top of Kelly's chest was red from the excitement. Kelly pulled her mouth away from her friend and undid his tie which soon joined her bra on the floor. She then unbuttoned his shirt. I chuckled when I saw that his chest was hairless. I've always thought that was pretty cheesy, but Kelly didn't seem to mind. She tilted her head down and began kissing his large pecks and flat abs. He was in great shape, and I knew Kelly was enjoying herself. She had always kidded that she'd like me to be more muscular. As she kissed her way around his chest, he reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress. She pulled back from him just long enough for him to slide her dress over her head.

She was now wearing only a pair of black lace bikini panties that were riding up the crack of her ass. She then undid his belt and pushed his pants down to his knees. She moved her head up and they began kissing again. While there tongues were playing with each other, Kelly slid her hand down his body and beneath his boxers where she touched her first new penis in years. When she made contact with it, he tilted his head back in pleasure.

Kelly sat up and scooted down the couch. He took the rested his back on the pillow. She removed his pants and socks then teasingly ran her hands up his legs to the waistband of his boxers. I could see her face was filled with lust as she removed his boxers, freeing his cock from its confines. I chuckled even harder when I saw that he was completely smooth down there as well. He appeared to be normal length, but was rather thick. Kelly cupped with her left hand as she started stroking his shaft with her right hand.

Just as she started masturbating him, her friend pulled away from her. In a flash he had moved her onto her back on the couch. Kelly put her legs on his shoulders as he leaned in and kissed her belly. He was licking her belly button when he placed his hand over her crotch. She nearly jumped when he touched her down there. After rubbing her pussy through her panties for a few moments, he took hold of them and pulled them down her legs. My wife was now completely naked laying beneath a stranger on the couch in our living room. It was an incredible sight and I was enjoying it more than I'd ever imagined.

Unlike her friend, Kelly likes to keep a patch of hair above her vagina, which I appreciate as well. It didn't seem to bother this guy either. He moved his head between her legs and commenced covering her pussy with his tongue. Kelly's legs were flailing in the air as he pleasured her recklessly. I could see a look of pure pleasure on her face as she enjoyed the treatment this stud was giving her.

I decided that it was time to get a closer look. The lights were dimmed in the living room, so I figured I could sneak in there since they were both preoccupied anyhow. Our living room opens out into the den, so I crept into the den and stood in the shadows with a perfect frontal view of the couch.

Not long after I arrived on the scene, Kelly grabbed him by his hair, pulled his face up to hers, and groaned, "I want you inside me!"

Her stud climbed on top of her, put his hands on the couch on either side of her, steadied himself, and aimed his member at her opening. Kelly reached down and grabbed his cock and eased his head between her lips. Without hesitation, he slipped inside her. Kelly sighed loudly as he sank deeper into her. He was gentle at first, allowing her pussy to stretch to accept his girth, but rapidly picked up his pace as she loosened up. Kelly's right leg was draped over the back of the couch, and her left foot was on the floor bracing herself, allowing him complete access to her pussy.

Kelly was remarkably quiet while her friend groaned with each thrust. She was biting her lip as she strained to accept him. He was really slamming into her and I knew she couldn't be used to his thickness. I have a longer cock than him, but mine is thin compared to his. Sweat was pouring down her face, and her fingernails were digging into his back.

Without warning he pulled back from her. His cock slipped out of her wet pussy which made a loud slurping noise when his head popped free. She looked at him quizzically.

He then positioned her on her knees on the couch, her ass facing him. He stood behind her and positioned himself at her entrance once again. This time he entered her without hesitation. He started fucking her again with brute force absolutely pummeling her. This time she wasn't so quiet. She was crying out with delight, "Fuck me, fuck my pussy baby!" I had never heard her so vocal and so vulgar.

He soon began crying out too, "Shit baby baby, you feel so good, you're pussy's so tight!" He was slamming into her so hard that her ass cheeks were bright red from his body slamming into her.

He cried out again "Here it comes baby, I'm gonna come!"

"Pull out!" She shrieked. He did as he was told and not a moment too soon. Just as he pulled out from her, his cock spurted out his seed right onto Kelly's ass and back. She knelt on the floor in front of him and took his length into her mouth, licking every drop of come from him.

They lay down on the floor next to each other and snuggled up, their sweaty naked bodies entangled with each other. They both appeared to be exhausted. They lay there silent. His hand rested on her breast and he tweaked her nipples. Her hand was on his cock which she played with occasionally. After 15 or 20 minutes, I noticed that his cock grew hard again from her teasing. Kelly noticed too.

"What do we have here?" She kidded, "Looks like someone wants some more attention."

He just laughed.

Kelly began jerking him off and he was soon at full attention again. Without a word, Kelly slid down his body until she was kneeling between his legs. She moved her head between his legs. And painfully slowly ran her tongue up his shaft then back down again. She did this about half a dozen times until eventually she just sank her mouth down onto him. Her hair was splashing all around as she sucked him off. Every so often he would reach down and move her hair to the side to get a good look at this fox sucking him off.

It didn't take long at all for him to climax. For a second climax in such a short time, I must say it was pretty impressive that it was so quick! When he began groaning, Kelly removed her mouth from him. Again she juggled his balls in one hand as she stroked him with the other. A few tugs later, his spunk shot onto her face. It was everywhere, her chin, her lips, her forehead, even her hair.

She stood up and walked to the kitchen to grab some tissues and wipe her face. When she returned she picked his clothes up and handed them to him. "I think you should go, my husband should be here soon!"

He stood and dressed then kissed her goodbye. He gave her his business card and said, "Anytime you'd like to do this again, let me know. You are an amazing woman!" With that he left, and I emerged from the shadows.

"Did you like what you saw? She asked. "That was close; you could've scared him off if he saw you!"

I hadn't realized that she knew I was right there.

"I have to say Kel that was great. I never knew I'd enjoy watching you so much!" I said.

"Oh yeah, just how much did you enjoy it? She asked seductively as she grabbed my crotch. "Oh, I see" she cooed, feeling my raging hard-on.

I took the hint and undressed immediately. I kissed her deeply. Her face was still covered with sweat, her hair tangled with his come. She was completely disheveled, but she was still the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen! I pushed her back against the wall and entered her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me for support as I fucked her mercilessly. I was so worked up that it was only a matter of minutes before I blew my load inside her. As I slipped out of her, my come seeped out of her pussy.

"What a night!" She yelled.

I was ecstatic to see that she had enjoyed herself as much as I had enjoyed watching her. We headed for the bathroom and took a quick shower together before collapsing into bed, still naked.

"So you enjoyed yourself tonight?" I asked.

"Hell yeah, it was unbelievable, I'm sorry but he was hot, even if he did shave his chest and crotch!" She joked. "I absolutely cannot wait for next time!"

"First things first", I reminded her; "It's my turn now!"

"Any ideas? She asked.

"A few", I said, smiling.

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