A Day at My Aunt's


“Just wait a minute Brian,” Aunt Suzy said. “I want Mike to fuck his cousin.”

“Finally!” shouted Lisa, and with that she jumped up on the bed and spread her legs for me.

“Go on Mike,” said my aunt as she helped me onto the bed. “I want to watch you fuck Lisa.”

I climbed in between Lisa and looked up into her beautiful eyes. Suddenly, I was lost again, lost in the lust of my beautiful cousin. I positioned myself on top of her and moved until I felt my cock rub up against her moist pussy. God the heat from it was unbelievable. I moved my ass and started to push my cock along her pussy lips until I felt it being sucked in. I had forgotten about the blowjob I’d just given to my other cousin and suddenly remembered how wonderful it felt to have my dick inside a cunt. My aunt was sitting beside me stroking my ass as my cock slide in and out of her slutty daughter. Brian lay behind me on his back trying to save himself for whatever his mother wanted next. I figured that Aunt Suzy would go over to Brian but she just kept on playing with my ass. A couple of times she eve wet her finger and moved it along my crack. Once I even felt her stick it in my asshole and pull it out.

I just kept concentrating on my sexy cousin. I leaned down and licked at her nipples causing her to moan loudly. I moved up and we started kissing. I couldn’t believe this; my cock was inside my beautiful cousin, sliding in and out of her warm cunt! Suddenly I felt a tongue along my asscrack and quickly looked back to see my aunt’s head. Lisa grabbed my head and pulled me to her tits again and I started sucking her nipples. It was weird but cool to feel my aunt tonguing my butt. I just kept fucking Lisa when she stopped and I could feel Brian sit up.

“Stay still a second,” my aunt said and grabbed my waist forcing me to stop.

Brian came over behind me and put his hands on my waist. I looked back to see him stroking himself and playing with my asshole. He was in a daze and just kept moaning to himself.

“Lean forward,” my aunt directed. I just looked at her a second before she yelled, “JUST DO IT!”

I leaned forward and looked into Lisa’s eyes as she smiled at me.

“That’s it, push it in. Stick your big cock up his virgin ass,” my aunt groaned.

I realized what was happening and looked over at my aunt with pleading eyes. But she just stared at Brian and kept fingering herself.

Suddenly I felt Brian’s cock slowly start to push into my asshole. “Ooowwwww,” I cried out as Lisa wrapped her legs and arms around me holding me still as her brother pushed his cock deep into my ass.

“Oh fuck, yes baby. That’s it, keep going, fill his ass with your big cock,” my Aunt Suzy moaned as she furiously frigged herself. I felt Brian keep pushing as I tried to relax and realized that this was happening to me and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

“Fuck yeah, fuck him hard sweetie. Fuck his little ass. Make him take that big cock of yours. Fuck that little faggot ‘til he cums in Lisa’s stinky pussy,” my aunt said as she cheered on.

She was obviously in ecstasy as she watched me being fucked by her son. I felt so dirty giving in to my aunt and cousins. I felt so used but at the same time I realized that my aunt let me fuck her and was now letting me fuck her hot daughter. I turned back to look at Lisa as she smiled up at me.

“Don’t worry about them,” she said. “Just relax and keep fucking me. Fuck me until you cum inside me. I want you to cum so bad Mikey. I want you to make me cum too.”

I leaned down and licked her face wildly, stabbing my tongue inside her mouth as her little slut talk was turning me on. Meanwhile I was getting used to the fact that I had a cock in my ass. I hurt at first and then felt a little weird, now I had to admit that it felt pretty good. I don’t think I would’ve liked just having a dick up my ass, but with my cock buried in my cousin’s cunt it was an added pleasure.

Suddenly I felt Brian tense up and begin to moan loudly. “Yes, cum in him. Dump your cum inside his ass,” my aunt begged as she evidently found a hairbrush of Lisa’s to stick up her cunt. I watched my aunt fuck herself with the brush when I felt Brian moan loudly and start to buck his hips. I looked down at Lisa as the first spurt of cum shot into my ass.

“Take him Mike, let Brian come inside you!” Lisa whispered. I relaxed my asshole and felt his big cock throb and pulsate as he emptied spurt after spurt of hot cum in my asshole. Moans surrounded the room as my cousin came inside me and my aunt fucked herself with reckless abandon while watching her son come inside her nephew’s ass. The feeling of his come splashing inside me and my cock inside Lisa was too much for me as I soon shot my second load of the day into my cousin’s dripping cunt.

We all cleaned up afterwards and Lisa and Brian went to the store like my aunt had originally wanted. She finished reading in the backyard and I went to take a nap on Brian’s bed. I woke a couple of hours later to hear the front door open and people talking. I heard the voices of my sister and my mother. My mother had picked my sister up from a basketball tournament in which she had been cheering for her college. My sister had been a cheerleader since she was about 7. Now she was 20, and was one of the captains of the squad.

My sister, Julie, is about 5’8 with long blond hair. She’s got long legs and a very perky set of tits. All my friends were jealous that she was my sister and our doorbell and phone were constantly busy with guys. I wasn’t sure whether or not she had sex yet, but if I had to guess I’m sure she has a few times since she was constantly going to late-night parties on the weekends.

My mom, Carol, is about the same size as my aunt with a great set of tits also. She has green eyes and dirty blond hair. You could obviously tell that she and my aunt were sisters.

They were all talking and then things went silent. I started to fall back asleep when I heard the door open again and heard Lisa, Brian and my Uncle Jim walk through. A few minutes later I heard people coming up the steps and voices at the door. I pretended I was asleep as I heard the door open.

“Mike’s sleeping?” I heard my sister ask. “What did you guys do to him?”

“He’s had a busy day,” Brian said as he and Lisa started to laugh.

“Come on Julie, check out my room. I redecorated it,” Lisa said.

I heard some faint talking and then heard my sister shout, “Oh my god, Brian.” I jumped out of bed and tiptoed over into the hallway and looked into my cousin’s room. Lisa and Julie were on the bed and Brian was standing next to my sister with his cock pulled out of his shorts.

“I told you it was big,” Lisa said to Julie.

“Go on Julie, touch it,” said Brian.

“No, you guys we can’t do this, Brian put that thing away and lets go downstairs,” my sister said.

“Come on Julie, touch it,” Lisa whispered in Julie’s ear as she reached over and ran her hand up Julie’s leg.

“Lisa stop! Brian pull your shorts up and let’s go downstairs!” commanded my sister, but she made no attempt to stand up. Meanwhile, Lisa’s hand continued up my sister’s leg underneath her short cheerleader skirt. Brian kept stroking his rod and moving closer to Julie’s face.

“Lisa stop,” my sister giggled as Lisa’s started tonguing Julie’s ear. Brian started to moan and rub the precum coming out of the tip of his rock hard dick all over the head and shaft. I could see my sister’s little cotton shorts that the cheerleaders wore under their skirts and Lisa’s hand disappearing underneath them. My sister started to moan and Lisa moved in and kissed my sister on the lips. They just touched lips before parting, and then Lisa ran her hand over Julie’s face and pulled her in for a second embrace. Julie made no attempt to stop her and soon I saw their tongues playing with one another. They broke the kiss when Brian started to moan. Julie looked up at him and then watched him playing with himself. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her lean over and put her mouth around his cock.

Julie started sucking Brian hard as Lisa knelt before my sister and pulled down her shorts and panties. She left her skirt on and started to eat Julie out! They continued this for a while before they all stripped (except for my sister leaving her skirt on) and started fondling and playing with one another on the bed. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I had to do something. I felt like they were taking advantage of my sister like they had me. Although I must admit I had a pretty good time and Julie didn’t seem to mind too much.

Nevertheless, I headed on downstairs to tell my mom. Directly below the stairs was the living room, to the left was the front door and to the right was the kitchen. You could go around either way to get to the family room, which was down a smaller set of steps. I crept down to the edge of a set of stairs that led directly into the family room. I saw my mom sitting on the couch with my uncle and my aunt was across the room in a rocking chair. My aunt was now wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. Mom was dressed in beige slacks and a silk white top that showed off her mounds pretty well. Actually any shirt she wore pretty much showed off her magnificent chest. My Uncle Jim was wearing a pair of shorts and a polo shirt as he had been golfing this morning.

They were talking about work or something when my mom said that she needed to get home because her back was bothering her. Great I thought, she’d go look for Julie and catch my cousins and really cuss my aunt and them out! But my uncle moved over next to my mom and said he’d give her a back massage. My mom said no, but my aunt insisted that Uncle Jim helped her when her back was giving her problems a couple of weeks ago. They convinced my mom and she turned her back to my uncle.

No, I thought, she has to go find Julie! I thought about walking in and telling her, but what could I say? I had fucked both my aunt and my cousin that afternoon and gave into giving my other cousin a blowjob and letting him fuck me up the ass! I worried about my mom, but I knew she would NEVER do anything like that. I knew my aunt wouldn’t try anything on my mom because it was her sister and that would be too much of a gamble. It was one thing to manipulate and take advantage of kids, but it was another to do it to a grownup. I only worried that my mom would find out what I had done.

My uncle started to work his hands up and down on my mom’s back. So far, nothing wrong with this massage. But he kept on scooting up behind my mom so that his crotch was against my mom’s ass. I was worried until my mom scooted forward away from my uncle a little.

“Sorry, here let me do your shoulders,” my uncle said.

Mom started to tilt her head back a little and was giving into my uncle’s hands. My uncle moved my mom’s hair to one side and said it was in his way. My mom did one of those moves that girls do when they toss their hair to one side. He got closer and closer to my mom’s neck with his face when he leaned in and kissed her on the neck.

“Hey, what the hell? JIM!” cried my mom.

Quickly my aunt moved over in front of my mom and sat on the couch. “Carol, relax,” my aunt said as she stroked her hand gently along my mom’s cheek. “Relax? Your husband just kissed me! I’m not going to relax, I’m getting Mike and Julie and getting the hell out of here!” mom shouted.

She started to get up but my uncle grabbed her waist and pulled her back down.

“Carol, Carol, come here, I’m sorry, don’t run off,” my uncle said gently as he rubbed his hands up and down my mother’s arms.

“Jim was just trying to relax you Carol,” my aunt said.

“No, he kissed me, I know what he did,” mom replied.

“Ssshhhh, just let yourself go Carol,” my uncle whispered in her ear as he moved in and started kissing her neck again. He once again scooted up behind her and started moving her hips. Before my mom could react my aunt leaned over and kissed my mom on the lips, holding her head so that she couldn’t get away. Mom started to cry inside my aunt’s mouth but she soon stopped and my uncle started rubbing her crotch through her pants. Mom and Aunt Suzy broke their kiss and my aunt removed her tank top over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits spilled out in front of my mother. My aunt grabbed my mom’s head and pulled her to one of her nipples.

To my surprise, mom actually opened her mouth and took my aunt’s nipple in her mouth. My aunt leaned her head back and moaned with pleasure. “Yes Carol, that’s it, suck my tit,” she said. Meanwhile my uncle knelt on the floor in front of my mom and took off her pants. He fingered her pussy through her panties a little before removing them too. My mom sat up a second and watched as my uncle moved in and placed his tongue over my mom’s pink pussy lips. Mom moaned and looked at my aunt. They just looked into each other’s eyes before my mom bent over and resumed her mouth on my aunt’s tits. That’s it, I thought. It was over, they had her too.

Then out of the corner of the room I watched as my sister was being led from the other staircase entranceway by my cousins. She looked dazed with a big smile on her face. It was as if she was in a trance and had become their sex slave. When Julie saw mom she just continued to smile and exclaimed, “Mommy!”

Mom looked up at Julie and suddenly realized what was going on. “Julie!” my mom stammered, but Aunt Suzy leaned over and stuck her tongue in my mom’s ear as she whispered something. Mom remained expressionless as she sat up on the couch as my uncle continued eating her out. My aunt sat up and walked over to my sister.

“Did you have fun with your cousins?” my aunt asked my sister.

“Yes, very much,” replied Julie, as she stood there with cum running down her thighs. God she looked like such a slut, and it really started to turn me on.

“Good, so did your brother,” said Aunt Suzy.

“Where is Mike?” asked Mom, suddenly aware that she was there to pick me up.

“Lisa, why don’t you go wake him up?” replied my aunt.

“He’s not in Brian’s room, we looked,” said Lisa.

“Well, just look around, maybe he’s in the bathroom somewhere,” said Aunt Suzy.

With that Lisa ran upstairs to go look for me. Aunt Suzy took Julie’s hand and led her down to the carpeted floor where she started to kiss and fondle my sister. Brian moved over to the couch and sat next to my mom, stroking his cock. “Play with your Aunt Carol’s big tities,” my uncle told my cousin. With that he moved over and started licking my mom’s right nipple while fondling her left tit. Mom leaned back against the couch and let herself enjoy being taken advantage of. She reached over and put her hand on Brian’s cock, slowly starting to stroke it. Brian stopped molesting my mom’s tits for a second and watched my mom fondle his dick. They looked at each other and moved closer together. Mom closed her eyes as she moved in and kissed my cousin on the lips. When their lips parted they looked at one another again, and then my mom bent over and engulfed my cousin’s cock in her mouth.

“Yes, that’s it sis, suck my son’s big, hard cock. Mmmmm, take it all in Carol, suck your nephew good,” moaned Aunt Suzy.

I watched as mom’s mouth bobbed up and down on his hard pole. I glanced over to see my sister lying on her stomach licking my aunt’s pussy as Aunt Suzy was licking her lips watching my mother. I was so busy staring at everyone naked as they licked and sucked one another that I didn’t even realize I had start to fondle myself inside my shorts. The sight of my mother becoming such a whore gave me mixed feelings and I wasn’t sure how to react. I just watched as she kept on sucking Brian’s cock and licking his balls. Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm from behind.

“Found him!” yelled Lisa as I turned around to see who it was.

“Bring him in here,” said Aunt Suzy.

This was the first time my mother saw me staring at her naked body. She slowly took her mouth off my cousin’s cock and looked up at me with a wicked smile as a large line of drool extended from her mouth to the tip of Brian’s cock. “Hi sweetie,” she said calmly. I couldn’t speak; I just stared at her. What a fucking whore she was! How could my own mother do this to me? It was different for me; I’m young and was sort of pushed into this whole thing. But she’s an adult and could’ve gotten up and walked away whenever she wanted.

“Mikey’s learned a lot today,” my aunt told my mom. “Let me show you, Jim sit up on the couch.”

With that she took my hand and led me over to my uncle. He spread his legs and my aunt pushed me down before him.

“Show your mommy what you learned today. Show her what a good little cocksucker you are,” my aunt continued.

“No way, he can’t do that,” said my mom as she looked on.

“Watch,” said Aunt Suzy as she knelt down beside me and pushed my head toward my uncle’s crotch. Uncle Jim took his cock and started to press the head against my lips. My aunt licked my ear as she whispered for me to open my mouth. Not knowing what else to do I complied and opened up as my uncle fed me his large cock.

“Oh my god!” my mom said as she started to laugh.

“Shit Mike!” exclaimed my sister.

“Oh fuck yeah… GOD!” said my uncle as he started to moan with pleasure at the blowjob that I was giving him.

“Is he good honey? Is he sucking your cock real good?” asked my aunt.

“Fuck, he’s almost as good as Brian,” said my uncle.

I just kept sucking up and down on his shaft, licking his head and tasting his precum in my mouth. After a few minutes my aunt pulled me off and laid me down on the floor. “Spread yourself for your uncle,” she said as she started to spread my legs and push my knees towards my head. I knew what she had in mind and grabbed my thighs as I pulled them towards me, giving everyone a good view of my asshole. My uncle just smiled and stroked himself as he got down and knelt before me.

“Wait, he can’t do that,” my mother said.

“Why, he liked it when Brian fucked him,” said Aunt Suzy.

“Yeah, I fucked his pretty little ass good,” laughed Brian.

“Mike, are you gay?” my sister asked me.

“Maybe,” said my aunt. “He seems to like sucking cock.”

“No,” I strongly replied to my aunt. “I’m just doing what you tell me.”

“That’s right, and now I’m telling you to spread your ass cheeks so your Uncle Jim can fuck you good!” my aunt scolded me. I looked up at mom for support, but she just gazed at me as she stroked Brian’s cock.

My uncle spit in his hand and then wiped it against my ass probing my hole with his finger. After letting out a little moan he spit in his hand again and wiped it on his cock. “Yes, that’s it,” my aunt moaned bending over to spit on my uncle’s cock. “Make it nice and wet for him.”

He stared at his cock as he slowly started to push it into my asshole. I soon started to feel the entire length of his cock fill my ass. This time around was different. Before I had my dick in my hot cousin and really didn’t mind Brian’s cock up my ass. But now it was just my uncle and me and I started to feel as if I was gay, seeing everyone in the room watching me with my legs spread and a cock up my ass. I looked at my mother as she was watching me get fucked, her hand working furiously on Brian’s stiff cock. My aunt was kneeling next to us sticking her tongue in my uncle’s mouth as they moaned together. My sister had found a new pussy to play with as she licked Lisa. Lisa was sitting up and moaning as she lightly pulled on my sister’s ponytail.

Soon my cousin Brian flipped my mom over onto her back and rammed his dick into her snatch. She was turned away from me now and was just looking up at Brian. “Oh fuck yes, mmmm, fuck me,” she moaned staring at Brian as sweat beat down his face.

“Oh god Carol,” my aunt said looking over at my mom. “God let him fuck you, oh, my own son is fucking my sister.” Aunt Carol was fingering herself at a rapid pace. She must’ve had at least 15 orgasms by now it seemed. I’ll always remember her licking her lips, moaning and fingering herself whenever I looked at her. My sister picked her head up hearing mom and Aunt Suzy. “Oh mom,” my sister Julie moaned as she made her way over to our mother.

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