tagMatureA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach, Tall and Handsome

Susie and I have been friends for years. We decided to take a drive down the coast and go to Newport Beach.

It was a beautiful day, the end of the summer, school was back in session and this was our last week before going back to teaching school.

As we strolled down the Boardwalk, we stopped to watch a volleyball game.

"Look at those pecks on that dark-haired guy, Susie."

"Nancy, you're a forty-year old woman. What exactly are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking I would like some of that ass, Susie. How about you?"

"You're disgusting Nancy. You're mind is always in the gutter."

"Don't knock it until you try it, Susie!"

"You haven't been with a guy that young, have you Nancy?"

"No, but I have been out with a 29-year-old I worked with."

"And?" asked Susie.

"And, none of your business if you are going to be so judgmental!" I exclaimed.


Susie had been married for years. She married at 46 when I was only 33. WHEN she was in her forties, she would get us in SO much trouble. Prank after prank, one night she met her husband, William.

Gosh, we used to have so much fun. The night Susie met William; she was wearing a long red-haired wig with pigtails.

I knew she was crazy and I was silly for letting her drag me along for another prank that night. I heard a knock at the door and it was Susie.

"Come on, Nancy. Bob has a bunch of ferns in his car and his windows are open."

We proceeded to go down to the parking garage, stealing about six hanging ferns, putting them all over Susie's apartment. Of course, we left the windows and lights on for all to see. We proceeded to go to the local pub with her patio blinds wide open.

Monahanky's pub was the only real hangout at the time in Pasadena. All of us went there regularly. We had a great group of friends in the condominium complex, varied in ages from 20-something to 80-something, whom usually out went together from time to time. I think in those days, I was the youngest of the group but old enough to join everyone.

When Susie met William, he was sitting at a booth reading a book.

What a weirdo, I thought to myself. Who would go out drinking and bring a book?

Well, long story short, we joined William because there were no other seats. William proceeded to tell us how he had just divorced for the second time, having five kids from his two prior marriages, and was out alone for the first time since his divorce.

"Susie, he's cute. Go for it! William seems interested in you."

"No way, Nancy. Who wants a guy with five kids?"

When we got back to our condominium complex, Bob accosted us with a megaphone working his way towards Susie's place.

"This is the plant control," he shouted.

It was a funny night.

A few minutes later, William was walking down the hallway to spend the night at Susie's tramp that she was back then.

"Oh, I thought you didn't like William, Susie. Surprise, Surprise!"


Susie and William were engaged a year later when she gave him the almighty ultimatum. They're still married.

William was a pain in the ass as far as I was concerned. In fact, I think Susie was depressed for the first 7 years of her marriage.

When I asked her if she was happy with William, she replied, "It's a good thing I love him."

I never knew exactly what was meant by that comment but I understood it to mean that she was committed and happily miserable, getting used to life as it was and death due us part.

We really never had anymore outrageous drinking nights out once she got married.


"How dare you judge me, Susie?" repeating myself. "Do I need to remind you what you were like when you were my age, even older?"

I was approaching 43 now and Susie was 58 years old. I chose to stay single, she was the stepmother of five, losing track of how many grandkids her and William had.

We went to lunch on the beach and caught up on old times. We had a delicious seafood meal and a few margaritas. We laughed and compared old stories.

"Let's go back and see if that guy is still out there playing volleyball," suggested Susie. "And ... if he is, I want to hear all the nasty details later, knowing what you probably have in mind."

"Sounds like a plan to me. We have two cars. You can leave when you want to."

We sat on the sand watching the volleyball game and sure enough the dark-haired young hunk was still out there. He looked like he was at least 30 years old.

"Fourteen years or so isn't that big of a difference, Susie."

"Have fun, Nancy. I've had enough sun for the day. Great seeing you and keep in touch."

"Okay, great seeing you, too, Susie," knowing well it would be a while before we saw each other again.

Distance and freeways makes it difficult to keep up with long-term friends in Southern California. Susie still lived in Pasadena and I lived in Hermosa Beach now which was about 35 miles away from each other.

Luckily that day, I had worn my bikini top under my T-shirt. I took off my T-shirt displaying my voluptuous tan tits. "Mind if I join you guys?" I asked.

The dark-haired young hunk was first to respond. "Sure, always looking for an athletic sexy chick to play with us," he said in a mischievous tone. "My name is Keith and this is....."

"Hi, I'm Susie. Thanks everyone for letting me play."

We played volleyball and Keith managed to almost tumble over me a few times. The last tumble, I hear a whisper in my ear, "Care to go out to dinner?"

I ignored Keith for the moment but when the game ended, most of the group disappeared, and I grabbed his masculine hand and said, "Let's go to dinner now, Keith."

"Okay, Susie but let's go back to my place first and clean up."

"That sounds good, Keith. Got a clean T-shirt for me?"

"Sure do," he replied.

We got back to Keith's place and it was a typical bachelor's pad but tidy.

"Ladies first," he said.

"Okay, thanks," I replied.

I ran the hot water, streaming down my back and lathered up my hair. All of the sudden, I hear the bathroom door open and the shower door sliding ajar.

"Mind if I join you?" Keith asked, rubbing his lathered hands on shoulders and then on my ass cheeks.

"I guess you answered that question for me," I giggled.

Keith was even more handsome naked. He had broad shoulders, a dark hairy chest, perfect pecks and muscular legs on top of it; I mean bottom of it, and a great ass. And, may I say he was as erect and hard already as a baseball bat?

Keith began massaging my back while butterfly kissing my neck, working his way down the small of my back. He spread my legs open as he massaged up and down my inner thighs smoothing his hand along my butt crack. He turned me around and began kissing me.

I was silenced with pleasure.

Keith wouldn't give me a chance to return the sexual gestures so I just went along with his lead.

"Gosh, you're sexy for an ol ..."

"What do you mean, for an ol ...?" I asked, not finishing my sentence either.

"You have such a fucking hard ass and great tits," Keith replied. "Let me take a look at your pussy."

Keith got on his knees digging his tongue into me deeply and licking my clit. Gracefully pushing one and then two and then three fingers in my ass opening, I sighed as it widened and expanded.

I was so wet and I'm not talking about from the water.

"I want you to cum hard because I have a surprise for you, Susie."

"I bet you do," I responded.

He turned of the water and licked my pussy silly till I came like a raging slut. "Quiet," he said. "You'll wake up the neighbors, and they're not sleeping yet." Keith slapped my ass playfully and led me out of the shower, toweled me off and then grabbed by hand leading me to the bedroom. "Gosh, you're beautiful," he repeated several times. "What a great ass and tits you have."

"You're not so bad yourself for a youn ..." I joke and we both laugh as we sat down on the bed.

Keith laid my naked body back on the bed taking my towel and throwing it on the floor. He unhooked his towel and he was still hard. He spread my legs wide open rubbing his hands between my legs and down my inner thighs again. "You smell good and you taste..." as he delighted in pleasuring my 'special spot,' spreading my soft lips gently with his fingers, flicking his tongue inside my 'precious folds,' feeling my pussy quivering for more, absorbing my pussy lips and sucking them gently over and over again.

Next his tongue slides into my pussy some more, chasing the titanic wetness, taking time to explore every sweet morsel of my pussy while it shudders and shivers, spreading my inner thighs further for a perfect widened view, his fingers then reaching for my ass opening, reaching in as far as they can go, patiently exploring, eliciting more shaking from me, more quivers until finally my soft pussy is thrusting against his mouth and orgasming with ecstasy and satisfaction.

I squeeze my pussy tight against his face sharing that divine moment of feminine release after fighting it off for as long as I could. I came hard and long.

So wet, so slippery, Keith says he's ready to slide his stiffened cock deep inside of me. Savoring the slickness of his erect, strong cock, with a feeling so intense, knowing it won't be long before my own essence joins that slickness in the most wonderful of all places, my wet pussy; I open my legs for him.

I am totally relaxed. I had a few orgasms by now so I am relaxed and tranquil. "What's the surprise, Keith?" I stutter.

Keith went down on me while I lay on my back. Where does she get this energy, I wonder?

Taking my clit in his mouth again, I get even wetter and his saliva dribbles down my pussy and gets my asshole wet. While I am coming again, Keith inserts a finger into my asshole again while I come again intensely and powerfully.

I can't take anymore, I think to myself. I should leave now. I should run out the front door before I die from oral sex.

He keeps sucking my clit until I cum again and he puts two fingers in my ass opening to really stretch it out. I wanted to cum yet again and he could tell by the way I was spasming, jerking up and down. Maybe a multiple orgasm is next, I'm thinking. Maybe the surprise is a multiple orgasm.

Keith keeps his fingers in my ass opening with an in and out motion while eating my clit until I come again. The orgasms get more intense the deeper his fingers enter me.

I've died and gone to heaven, I think. Younger men, younger men, what a great experience and where did he learn to fuck this way?

When I'm really wet and ready, Keith turns me over and asks me to get on my knees to fuck doggie style. He lubes my asshole up such a natural lube and it feels like an aphrodisiac.

To get me even more relaxed, he fucks my pussy nicely and hard until I come one more time, then slowly pushing the head of his cock into my ass. His hard cock goes in smoothly and gradually exciting me furiously.

"I've never have had anal sex ...," I sigh.

"Surprise," Keith says with vigor in his voice. "You are now."

Keith put what seemed like a soft vibrator on my clit and then inside my pussy while he continued to enter my ass opening deeper. After a slow entry, he fucks me harder and deeper with each stroke.

My orgasm gets very intense with anal penetration especially with the vibrator in my pussy. My whole vulva is on fire. I know he is feeling the vibration against his cock, too.

"I want to climax with you, Susie."

"I think you've waited long enough. I think I can do that for you," I mumble in a throaty voice.

I want to feel Keith's hot cum oozing out of my ass by now.

He fucks my ass slowly, steadily, it's well lubed and I'm primed by Keith going down on me so many times and giving me so many orgasms beforehand. My pussy is hot, it's scintillating and my ass hole feels even better.

Keith starts to blow his hot load into my ass as he penetrates my ass opening some more. He starts to explode and climaxes fully, squirting his hot cum inside of me. I orgasm like I never have before and so does he at the same time cumming buckets full.

"Where did you learn how to have sex like that, Keith?" I ask.

"In graduate school," he replies. "I'm in my first year and I guess I graduated to the next level of sex after my bachelors' degree."

We laughed some more.

'Oh, no,' I think; he's in his early twenties. But I don't care selfishly and completely satisfied more than I had ever felt. I'm not ashamed in the least.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had, Keith," I say.

"Me, too," Keith responds.

We lay flat on our stomachs in silence and ecstasy with one arm each straggled across each other.

I didn't think I'd like ass fucking this much but Keith knows exactly how to satisfy a woman, an older woman, I think laughing inside my head.

I was always reluctant but once Keith stuck a finger in my asshole my body was on fire like a towering inferno. While he was going down on me, I had such intense orgasms; I couldn't wait to keep going knowing he wanted to have anal sex, too.


A couple days later, Nancy calls me to my surprise. "So, what happened with the hunk?" she asked.

"We went to dinner," I replied.

"Anything else?" Nancy asked.

"Nah," I replied. "I figured he was probably too young and inexperienced. I would have felt like I was molesting a girlfriend's son."

"So, you're not going to see him again," Nancy states rather firmly.


"Susie...," Nancy started in a scolding voice.

"Just kidding, Nancy. Sorry, I have to run. Someone is at the door." I didn't want to hear the embittered and jealous housewife speech.

Susie and I haven't talked since. The silence and abruptness of my ending the phone call put our friendship on hold for a while.

I wasn't done enjoying life. In fact, I was ready to enjoy it regularly.


I opened the door and Keith looks so handsome. "Hi there, honey. Come on in," as I begin to take my clothes off.

"I take it we're not having dinner ... again," Keith says smiling ear to ear.

"ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY correct," I respond as I pull him into the shower. "Let's get wet," I say.

"Hmmmmm..., and what's next," he asked.

"To be determined in the future," I respond, knowing well what we were both thinking the same thing. "I have a surprise for you now," I say laughingly.

G.....d Bless Younger Men.

THE end – just for now.

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