tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


I was lying on the beach. It was a hot, beautiful day. I stared at the waves of the ocean going up and down, up and down. I saw a sexy girl. Her breasts were like perfect round mangos hanging in her string bikini. Her eyes were as deep and blue as the ocean as they met mine I could not look away. I was going to say something to her.

I wanted to call her over to give me a blow job. I could just see her lips wrapped around my dick; her tongue sticking out and licking me all the way around. That's what I wanted.

I began to feel my pecker rise. I knew that would never happen, so I pulled my trunks down, put a blanket over me, and began to jack off with the thoughts of her beauty in my mind. They other people at the beach didn't seem to mind. In fact I saw another guy jacking off openly. I tore my blanket off and imitated his strokes as I stared at the girl, she was walking toward me.

She walked slowly. I stuttered "Uh.. If I'm bothering yo..." She quickly responded "No, it's alright I like to watch." I rested my head down on my towel and continued my work.

When I looked up again, what a sight to behold, she had taken off that string of a bikini and was kneeling down in front of me so I had the perfect view of her breasts. Her tan line did not stop where the bikini had been. Her nipples were oval in shape. I stammered, "Uh.. Uh... Uh." I didn't even think about it.

I sat up and gently licked one of her nipples. She said in a low tone, "Baby that's nice." I continued to lick it as my hand slipped slowly into her shorts. I began rubbing her clit ever so softly. She moaned. I began to lick harder and push harder on her bottom half until she screamed and I saw liquid drizzling down her leg.

She panted, "That was amazing, Now its your turn." She looked down at my semi erect penis and said, "Don't worry, I can fix that." She began by caressing it with her hands until I had a full hard-on. I thought that this was all I would get for my labors and yet I was satisfied with it.

She began moving her hand slowly up and down my cock. Then she moved in and kissed it. She began to lick in a circular pattern around my dick until she got down to my balls. She took one of them into her mouth and playfully bit it before sucking my cock.

She wrapped her lips around it and had no struggle fitting my large cock in her mouth. She began to descend and ascend it at varying speeds. I moaned, "Oh Fuck that feels good."

She then proceeded to say, "This will feel even better." She grinned. She put her bikini bottom in front of my face and said, "Bite it." I did and she slowly slipped out of it one leg at a time. Then I beheld it. The tightest vagina I had ever seen. I pointed with a questioning look on my face. She responded with a slow nod.

She straddled me on top. I saw her vagina slowly encompass my penis. She slowly went down all the way. We both moaned. She started to go up and down and as she did I watched her breasts bounce up and down with elasticity.

I then said, "Let's go in the ocean." She nodded. We both went into the ocean and she bent over. I inserted my penis into her vagina and then went wild. I wildly pumped in and out as she said, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" I missed and slipped into her ass. She seemed not to care. I pumped away at her ass while fingering her with my left hand. I said, "Baby I'm ready."

We both went back onto the beach. I lay down and hardly noticed the course sand grinding away at my ass. She sucked the bulging monster until I shot the cum into the air all over her face.

She shrieked with joy. After wiping her face off, she began fucking me passionately until her juice flowed out. She gave me a kiss and then flipped over onto the sand. I then asked, "What is your name?" She giggled.

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