tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach


I have to premise this story by stating that my wife is, and has historically been, shy when it comes to revealing her body – whether it be how she dresses or how she carries herself in the company of others. Simply put, she is not an exhibitionist...at least not until a recent trip to the beach.

Typically, she covers her natural assets completely, although her beautiful cleavage occasionally bares itself for whoever may be lucky enough to catch the rare glimpse. And wearing a bathing suit is no different. She will wear a bikini, but it is not a string job and covers a lot of her beautiful body.

On this wonderfully warm and sunny day on a beach close to where we live, the bathing suit was no different and after finding a not-so-private spot (the beach was actually pretty crowded) we pitched camp and settled in for an afternoon of sun, relaxation and togetherness. Little did I know how "together" we would be.

A group of young women laughed and drank behind us and right in front of us a handsome couple around our age was laying facing towards us. After some time it seemed that the man was enjoying some long looks at my wife – perhaps wondering what her breasts would look like if they were suddenly unleashed from the thin nylon suit she was wearing – or maybe he was thinking of burying his head deep between her legs and eating the sweetness I frequently enjoy. He was nice a nice looking man with a mustache and deeply tanned. The thought of him taking my wife brought a swell under my board shorts and gets me hard just writing about it. His female companion was equally attractive and I wondered what she looked like out of her suit and what she might be like to bring to bed with my wife and me.

After a short while, my wife asked me if I would put some lotion on her. I told her to sit in front of me, which would have her facing directly at the couple lying on their bellies facing us. She did as I suggested and I began applying the lubricant to her back, shoulders and neck – enjoying rubbing the slippery liquid under her straps. Slowly massaging her, she began to moan and tell me how good it felt. I caressed down her arms and up to her shoulders. Occasionally, I would reach down and run my hands up her calves and thighs.

Although the gentleman in front of us had on sunglasses, I knew he was watching me caress my wife. Every so often I would see him lift his crotch from the towel underneath him in an obvious attempt to make room for his growing erection and at one point he tapped his lady friend who immediately moved her head our way and did not look away.

I'm not sure if my wife was privy to their attention at this point but I sure was and I wanted them to enjoy it, but I knew my wife would not go much further than me just rubbing her shoulders and back. But I wanted to push it a little to see how far I could take this show so I kept on rubbing her back slowly but intently until she totally surprised by and asking me, "what about the front?" Needless to say, I was totally supportive of this and wondered if she was in tune with the couple watching us. So, I did as she requested and continued rubbing her shoulders; only now moving closer to her breasts from up and over her shoulders and rubbing the lotion into her upper chest below her collar bones and sneaking my fingers towards the top of her bikini top. I was thoroughly enjoying this! I sensually massaged her upper breasts and leaned forward and kissed her neck and sneaked a peak down her entire front side and taking in her cleavage and noticed that her nipples were fully erect. This told me that she did know we were putting on a show and that got me very, very horny.

After many nice kisses to her neck and shoulders I carried my massage further and further down her chest until my fingers penetrated below the top of her bathing suit. All-the-while, the man, whose face was fifteen feet straight in front of my wife's pussy, kept readjusting what I am sure was his now his fully solid cock.

I couldn't help but wonder what was going through my wife's mind. Did she wish this stranger would crawl up, lay her back and take her clit in his mouth? The thought crossed my mind. How hot would that be to have my wife leaning back on me, legs spread wide having her pussy eaten by this handsome stranger as I intently squeezed her boobs under the hot summer sun.

As I thought about what my wife was thinking, looking directly at the man staring at us, I slowly slid my entire lotion-lubricated right hand into her top and gently began rubbing her right breast. She gasped quietly and pushed her lower back towards my hard-on to which I responded to by nicely massaging her breast, which I did not stop doing for about two or three minutes – slowly kneading her breast with my palm and circling her hard nipple with two of my fingers. My wife was no beginning to breathe a bit more heavily and I saw her lick her lips a few times. Was she sending this stranger a signal?

It was now obvious that my wife was well aware of everything and thoroughly enjoying it. She then leaned back into me and told me "lefty is feeling neglected." This got me very excited and my cock engorged with more blood as I grabbed the bottle of lotion and dripped the warm fluid into my palms and rubbed them together – only this time I went directly for my wife's chest and began massaging just below her collar bones, slowly moving down towards her beautiful tits. Knuckle by knuckle my hands disappeared below the top of her suit until I had one of her breasts in each of my hands and was no longer ignoring Lefty when I began methodically massaging them. Her breathing was getting heavier and it was now obvious that our two friends were thoroughly in tune with what was happening – he was not-so-subtly grinding into his towel and her left hand had disappeared underneath her and she was biting her lip. This went on for about ten minutes when my wife surprisingly spread her legs a little - which were bent and pulled up towards her chest but not all the way - giving our "audience" a very clear view to her pussy and totally opening the view to my hands sensually massaging her natural breasts.

When my wife spread her legs it got me so I hot. God I wanted to take her right there for everyone to see. Keeping my left hand inside her suit perfectly pleasing her left breast by softly squeezing it and circling her nipple, I slowly moved my right hand out from her top and down around her waist to her beautiful mound where I was greeted by a very moist sensation. Her pussy was soaked! Oh, what I would done to have put my tongue on her clit at that very moment. I rubbed her outside her suit for a couple of minutes until I slid my index and middle finger inside her bikini bottom, where I began to explore her wetness. She shuddered at my first touch and I began rubbing her clit in the same motion I circled her left nipple.

She was pushing back against my cock and I felt an orgasm building in my balls. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to cum. I whispered this to my wife and she whispered back that she was close.

I inserted two knuckles of my middle finger into her pussy and continued rubbing her clit with my index finger and thumb.

Our "friends" were totally engrossed with themselves watching what we were doing and we were in heaven having them watch. As I continued systematically massaging my wife's pleasure spots, she began to shudder like she does when she begins cumming and her breathing was at its peak when I shot my load in my shorts and she released her fierce orgasm to my hand and collapsed backwards in to my waiting embrace.

It appeared that our audience reached climax at the same time as we did because they began whispering to each other, seemingly about what had just transpired right before their very eyes, as they would whisper and then look up at us and then go back to whispering – all the while smiling and kissing one-another.

We spent the rest of the day there at the beach with subtle glance exchanges with our neighbors but no words spoken. We left before them, but I noticeably dropped a piece of paper with my cell number on it so they could see it.

Maybe they'll call.

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by Anonymous

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by DrShankenstein02/28/18

Very Nice

Please keep going...........

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by Anonymous01/17/18

Very hot

This is a very hot scenario and very believable. It also leaves room for further adventures.

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