tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


I am a blonde, blue-eyed, shaved married woman. Although I have just turned 48, I do have quite a good looking body for my age according to my husband. As with most women, I still feel there's room for improvement but given I am a 34DD I have managed to look after my breasts well, gravity has had a little impact.

Hormones are changing and the stories about life beginning at 40 are true. I find that it doesn't take much to get me aroused nowadays and this has contributed to me doing things that I wouldn't ordinarily have done in the past. Erotic photos, nudist beaches, watching porn, webcam, toys and plenty of sex are all part of our life now and I love it.

A holiday to the Maldives last year led to a fantasy of mine being realised totally unplanned but extremely pleasing, to say the least. Being a bit of a closet exhibitionist and loving the beach, sun and sand found me sunbathing nude with my husband towards the end of a reasonably quiet tourist beach. Even though there were people walking by, nobody acknowledged or approached us for a chat and I believed it was because I was not alone. After several complete rub downs with oil, I was feeling quite horny and wanted someone to notice me other than my husband, who by the way was at half-mast most of the time!

Out of the blue, my husband said he would go for a walk up the beach which was only about a mile long in total. He said it would give me some privacy and see if I could attract any passers-by. I got instantly wet and knew that he wanted me to be alone to chat with beach goers without him being around.

After he left I give myself a good rub down again and made sure my pussy lips got plenty. After all, we don't want that burned. Just brushing over my clit felt beautiful and I was so tempted to give it a good rub but was a little unsure as there were people wandering by. I was so horny by now that the next best thing to masturbation was to show off my well oiled pussy. I laid back, put on my sun glasses, hat and spread my legs for all to see. It felt wonderful, the warm sun on my body and feeling the eyes of strangers all over me.

I looked up the beach and could see my husband quite a distance away but sitting and watching the world go by. I am sure he was keeping an eye on me, though. A short time later I was approached by an older guy that chatted for a while during which I never changed my pose for a second. It was such a wonderful sensation and I could see that I was having quite an effect on his manhood also. He embarrassingly wiped a dribble of precum that run down his leg. He said his goodbye's and left me soon after. Not a moment too soon because my wetness was starting to ooze out and I needed a wipe also!

After a quick wipe I needed to apply some more oil to my pussy and that was the worst thing I could have done. I was desperate to touch myself and even contemplated draping a towel over me and give my clit a good rub but fought off the urge just in time.

A couple of younger guys walked up to me and started chatting. They were fit and muscular looking, tanned and from California on holidays also. I must have looked a sight with my legs open and hiding nothing but the feeling was sensational. I could see their eyes all over me as they chatted about their holiday and things in general. Surprisingly, one of the guys said that he had never sunbathed nude before and asked if I'd be offended if they stripped off their shorts. Of course not I said!

They removed their shorts and knelt down on their towels and made themselves comfortable. It was obvious that some parts of their bodies hadn't seen the light of day but the tan lines were very arousing for me. I asked them if they wanted to use some of my oil as the sun is very strong. They did and as they rubbed the oil in I noticed my husband up the beach sitting and watching ... that was a turn-on. I nearly fainted when each of them rubbed oil into their cocks and smiled at me.

Still on their towels the conversation turned to me some more. They both shared compliments about my body and I noticed that one had his gaze fixed on my glistening pussy. By now I could feel more wetness oozing out of me but I didn't dare touch it. He then told me that he thought I had the most beautiful looking pussy he'd seen. Of course I'd expect to hear that given I was inches from him with my legs open but I could now see that he was very aroused by the way he was rubbing more oil into his cock. I thanked him wishing deep down he'd just touch me.

The other fellow now plucked up the courage to show me more of his cock and it was substantial by now. They appeared a little hesitant but I said that it's OK if they want to wank in front of me. I couldn't believe myself as it was such an arousing sight to see them both going at it as I talked about how wonderful they looked and how nice they'd feel inside me ... not believing for a moment that would happen.

Looking around, they both asked if they could touch my pussy and tits while they wanked. There was nobody nearby so I agreed and when one slid three fingers inside me I just pushed against him and wanted more. I moaned and told them how much I wanted them to fuck me knowing that it was not practical on the beach.

One guy came closer, wrapped his towel around his waist and asked me to suck him off which I did gladly. By now my pussy was in convulsions as the other pumped his fingers in and out beautifully. This was great. All of my inhibitions went out the window and I couldn't care who saw me, even my husband. In fact, I remember wishing he were here as well sharing me with the boys.

Then the one in my mouth suddenly pulled out and cum on my tits. He didn't make a sound but made quite a mess. I smiled and looked up at his contented face and said that it's now time for me to cum. He turned to his mate and they knew what had to be done. I honestly believed that he would tongue or rub my clit but in a split second he had mounted me and was pumping me furiously. I couldn't do anything (or didn't want to) but wrap my legs around him while briefly looking up the beach at my husband who was standing and watching but hadn't moved.

Within a minute this guy had me squirting while loading what seemed like a bucket of his cum inside me. I was spent but I felt so empty when he withdrew from me, I didn't want to let go. He smiled at me and said that I was the best fuck he had ever had and that we should get together in their villa later for a proper threesome. As tempting as it sounded, I pointed out my husband and said that it was probably his turn but I would ask him. They were both stunned to know that I was married and hubby was close enough to see what happened. They couldn't believe it but both kissed me and thanked me for such a wonderful experience and again extended the offer of their villa and asked hubby along also.

They towelled me down, cleaning up after themselves before getting dressed. We said our goodbye's knowing that we'd never see each other again but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As they walked up the beach they stopped and talked with my husband for ages as I packed up my things. They shook hands and soon after my husband came back with his cock at attention. I asked him what they had said. The boys told him what they had done and complimented him on having such a wonderful wife and insisted we visit their villa. I knew that naturally he would say no and I was right ... my husband actually asked them over to our over water villa!

After our evening meal both guys were ushered by dinghy out to our villa on the lagoon where they spent the night. What a night it was! In every conceivable position, from different angles I had the luxury of three cocks that tried to outdo each other for a number of sessions throughout the evening. Having never been double penetrated before; I now had three in the one night with every hole being filled. We have never had a night like that since and don't want to try as I don't believe it will be as good ... the location was spectacular but I can still dream.

The only side effect was that I looked like I had been hit by an ice cream truck and did struggle to walk properly for a number of days afterwards.

Ps. Hubby still reminds me how beautiful I looked on the beach that day.

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