tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


The day was blazing hot! The days are always blazing hot during an Alabama summer. I was bored and decided it was a perfect day to go swimming.

I put on my favorite bikini. It fit just right. The straps rode high on my hips and the neckline plunged low. It was made for the perfect tan.

I grabbed a small cooler and filled it with bottled water and a few snacks. After tossing my towel, suntan lotion, and a good book into my beach bag, I was ready to go. I jumped in the jeep, cranked the radio, and took off. The wind felt good blowing through my red curls as I sang about Bobby McGee.

The beach wasn't overly crowded yet, but I knew more people would show up as the day got hotter. I laid my towel out and began covering myself in tanning lotion.

A shadow fell across me and I glanced up to see who was denying me the sun. My knees instantly went weak. I couldn't believe you were standing in front of me.

You looked me up and down and I felt myself blush when you smiled. You didn't say a word, you just took the bottle of lotion out of my hands and tossed it onto the towel. I still couldn't find my voice.

You took my hand and began to lead me toward the water. You wore your shorts low on your hips and my breath caught in my throat at the sight. I'd always had a crush on you but I thought you hadn't noticed.

The cool water was a welcome relief to the heat of the day, but it couldn't take my mind off the heat growing between my thighs. We waded deeper, until the waves lapped at my hips. I realized you were still holding my hand and my heart beat faster.

You pulled me farther into the water until my feet could no longer touch the sandy bottom. You were still standing, only shoulder deep.

You pulled me to you, holding me against your chest, and kissed me. Your lips so soft against mine. I slid my arms around your neck as your arms went around my waist. You kissed me harder and I slipped my legs around you. Your hands slipped around to cup my ass and you pulled me tight against your erection. I felt you smile against my lips as I gasped at how large you were.

I began to grind against you and was rewarded with a throaty growl. You slipped your fingers under my bikini bottoms and began to rub my clit. I cried out at the lightening that shot through me. You kissed me harder to keep me quiet so the other swimmers wouldn't hear us.

I was wet and ready for you to fuck me, but you wanted to tease. You kept massaging my clit until I was on the verge of an orgasm before you stopped. You seemed to take great pleasure in my whimpers.

You kissed me softly and allowed my breathing to slow before you slipped two fingers deep inside me. I buried my face in the crook of your neck to keep from crying out. The pleasure of your fingers slipping in and out of me was almost too intense. Once again, you stopped right as I was on the verge of an all-consuming orgasm.

I couldn't take the teasing any more. I had never been so aroused in my entire life and I needed you to fuck me hard. I began tugging at your shorts and you laughed at my near desperation.

You easily freed yourself from your clothing and slid my bottoms to the side. It was my turn to smile when your breath shuddered in your chest as I gently stroked your throbbing cock.

I dragged the head of your erection back and forth against my clit. You gripped my ass tighter and I knew it was driving you insane. I slid you between my lips, enjoying this sweet revenge.

You growled and captured both of my wrists, holding them behind my back with one hand. The primal hunger in your eyes made me tremble with desire.

Using your other hand, you guided the head of your cock into my tight heat. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. My eyes widened as you slid slowly into me, giving me time to adjust to your size. You began to move gently, rocking in and out of me.

The more I felt of you, the more I wanted. I squeezed my legs tighter around your waist. You let go of my wrists and moved both hands to my hips, impaling me on your hard cock. I cried out, no longer caring who heard us.

You slammed hard into me over and over, the water churning around us. I needed to feel that sweet release. When you leaned in and buried your teeth in my shoulder it was enough to send me over the edge.

The sun burst in the sky as you grabbed my hips and buried yourself deep inside. Your cock began to throb and I knew you were coming with me.

We stayed wrapped up in each other until we were able to catch our breath. Your kiss was gently passionate, your tongue caressing mine. Finally, I pulled away from you, blushing as I fixed my bathing suit. You just smiled at me as you adjusted your shorts. When we were presentable again, you pulled me close and kissed me one last time.

As we began to make our way toward the beach, you pulled me to you so you could carry me on your back. I leaned forward and began trailing soft kisses along your neck, slowly working my way up to nibble on your ear. You laughed softly as you turned around to head for deeper water.

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