tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


Believe me I never had illusions about our relationship but I do have dreams of grandeur. My name is Roger and like most people with that name, I'm not handsome or athletic, and certainly not artistic in any way. My girlfriend whose name is Eve by the way, is a ten plus in any man's league and not only does she know it she likes to show it off as well. Whereas I love her more than life itself and will do anything in the world to please her, I am nothing more than divergence to her, a toy to play with until I bore her and then to be tossed aside for the next boytoy. It is not that I can't see this unbalance of power but that I prefer life as it is as compared to life without her.

Eve and I work together, well in truth she actually works for me but she has done what she wanted since her first day of employment. Her tiny little dresses all with low cut tops did not come close to our dress code but who would be stupid enough to make her cover up all those gorgeous assets. Whenever Eve bent to retrieve something dropped the whole office stopped as all eyes were on her in the hope of a peek at her charms. This never seemed to bother Eve and it was obvious she knew how much control she had over the weaker sex.

I'll never forget that first night that we were together as she drank too much at a new product roll-out party. The champagne was flowing and her glass was never empty, I'm sure she had no idea how much she had drank until it was too late. I took her to my office, then a got a damp washcloth for her as she heaved her guts up in my washroom. After, I took her to my place and then cared for her as she puked most of the night. In the morning, I let her use my shower and then my robe as I fixed her a light breakfast. As we ate first she thanked me for taking care of her and then for not taking advantage of her in her drunken state.

After that night, we formed a bond of trust and from that, a friendship grew as she confided in me and often asked my advice on anything from taxes to her love life. One day she sat in my office crying about some lout of a boyfriend,

"Why do I keep dating these creeps, why can't I date someone like you," she sobbed.

When I offered my services, she smiled but said she wasn't a nice person and that I deserved better than her. I got down on one knee and asked her just to try it out and if it didn't work out, we would just go back to being friends. Her answer was to spread her legs enough to give me a clear view of her panty-clad pussy. Her panties, so diaphanous I could make out her labia as easy as if she were wearing nothing. In a rash move, I leaned in and kissed her through the thin material. Eve then leaned back in her chair and taking my head in her hand directed where she desired my kisses. When a knock on my door brought me back to my senses, I tried to pull away but Eve was not finished with me yet and held me tight to her pussy until she orgasmed. After a low moan, she pushed my head away, then stood and straightened her dress. She walked to my door and as she left, she told my assistant that I could see her now.

I was invited to her apartment that night and when I knocked, she opened the door bare-assed naked. She told me she never wore clothes at home and invited me to undress as well and as I then stood before her naked with my erection throbbing she giggled at my manhood. As I instantly wilted, she said,

"No, no don't feel bad, I think he's cute."

She took me in her hands and stroked it like a pet mouse,

"I like little dickies, really, I do, all these guys with their big cocks just end up hurting a poor girl."

We made love on her carpet and when I finished before her, she crawled up on my face for me to finish her with my tongue as my dick softened and my cum trickled out of the rubber I was wearing. This became our routine, me giving her lots of oral and sometime during our lovemaking, I would cum. I loved giving her head and the aroma and taste of her juices were more arousing than anything I had ever had.

One weekend morning after a rigorous night of our special style of lovemaking when Eve had so many orgasms she was too tired to worry about mine, She woke me early, telling me to hurry we had to get ready. She wanted to go to a beach she had just heard about on the net. I reminded her I didn't have a suit but I guess that didn't matter because it was a clothing optional beach. I wasn't sold on this idea but Eve was so excited about it I went along just to please her. Even she was disappointed when we got there as it was filled with fat old men with big bellies and little dicks. We laid out our blankets and as Eve undressed, I watched all the perverts drool over her curves. When another couple asked to join us, we were so glad to see two normal looking people we said yes. The woman whose name was Norma turned out to be much the same as my Eve in her attitude about nudity and she stripped her clothes without a moment's hesitation. Her husband on the other hand stripped down to a bathing suit but no further. When Eve complained about all the old men Norman said she knew of a special spot and invited Eve to go with her to check out the action, as she called it. She told her husband to stay with me and the two got up and headed down to the end of the beach.

I asked the husband, whose name turned out to be Rich, where they were going, and his answer caused me some concern. He said they were heading to Dark Beach and it was called that because it was where most of the black men went. When I said that I'd better go with Eve to make sure she was safe he warned me than white men were not allowed and that I'd get my ass kicked if I went there. After watching her disappear into the crowd, I decided to go get a cold drink from the stand by the parking lot. I don't know how long I waited in line but by the time I got back to our towels mine was taken by a very large and very naked black man. He was Norma and Eve's new found friend, but when Eve introduced him to me as Reggie I couldn't help but notice that Norma couldn't keep her hands off his cock. We boys were then instructed to take our suits off so the girls could compare our manhood with their new friend. When Rich protested Norma slapped him across the face and sheepishly he dropped his suit to show he was locked up in a chastity cage of bright pink. It was my turn next and when Norma reached over to grab me, she laughed at how small I was compared to Reggie. I couldn't believe how turned on I was, being publicly handled by this strange woman and then as I watched Reggie reach out and fondle Eve's breast I became erect in Norma's hand.

After a short while, Reggie announced he had to leave and as he stood, he invited us to a party at his place that evening. He leaned over me and kissed Eve right on the lips, from where I sat his cock was just inches from my face. I thought for a moment he might even bump into my mouth but then he stood up and left as we all watched his firm buttocks walk away from us. Eve asked Norma if she wanted to go to the party and she yes but not with her husband so they both agreed to leave us at home and go together.

Overall, this truly became a day of firsts for me; my first naked beach; my first sight of a man with a large penis and first sight of a man locked up in a cage. The evening became the first time I was to become a cuckold and ended in my first taste of another man's sperm. The most important was the lesion I learned that humiliation is a most powerful aphrodisiac to both Eve and I as she becomes almost as aroused as I by her abuse of me.

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