tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


My girlfriend and her best friend decided to take a vacation to Europe. Luckily, they invited me to go along. We had an uneventful trip until the day we decided to visit a local beach. When we arrived we suddenly realized that the beach was clothing optional. We put our towels down and the girls removed their clothing to reveal their bikinis covering their amazing bodies.

We sunbathed for about a half hour before my girlfriend suggested that we remove our clothes. Her friend said sure and quickly removed her top. Her breasts were quite large with dark nipples. She then removed her bottoms to reveal a nice hairy mound between her legs. My girlfriend also removed her bathing suit. She has average sized breasts which are perky and firm. Her bush was not as hairy but neatly trimmed.

I was reluctant to remove my swimming suit, but with the persuasion of the two lovely ladies, I quickly removed my shorts revealing my package. My girlfriend's friend stared in amazement at the size of my penis. She told my girlfriend that she was jealous that she had me all to herself. My girlfriend replied that maybe she could share some with her. With that, my penis began to swell and stiffen. A little embarrassed, I tried to cover it with my towel. My girlfriend however decided that was not allowed. She removed the towel and grabbed it at the base, and started to slowly stroke it. It became incredibly hard and my precum started to drip out.

All of the sudden, my girlfriend's friend decided to take it in her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down my shaft, taking the entire girth down her throat. I thought I was going to come within seconds. She kept going up and down the entire length for several minutes. She stopped just in time, and straddled my lap. Slowly, my penis slid into her pussy as she lowered herself onto me. It was so wet and tight. I couldn't believe how good she felt. She rocked back and forth for several minutes until she had an orgasm.

She lifted off my lap, and my girlfriend decided to take her place. My cock was hard and covered with her friends juices. She lowered herself onto me until the full length filled her. She bounced up and down until we both had an orgasm, and I shot my load deep inside of her. As she got off, we realized that there was quite an audience that was watching. There were about ten people standing around. The men had erections, and the women were playing with themselves.

As we finished everyone applauded our performance. Feeling drained and relaxed, we laid down and continued to sun bath nude until the early evening.

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