tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


Another great day at the beach, I thought to myself as I stretched out on a blanket in the sand. It was sunny and hot and my boyfriend, Jack, and I hadn't seen anyone else all morning. We had cut school that day to take advantage of the early May sun. It was our senior year and things were winding down anyway. We had both recently turned eighteen and life was great! We had played in the surf a little, chasing the waves out and then running back up the beach as the next wave swirled around our ankles. After we tired of beach combing and playing in the water, we settled onto our blanket tucked in the dunes to get a little sun and a lot of fun. We were about as horny as two teenagers get. We had sex almost every time we got together and it didn't matter where.

Today was no exception. We had only been lying there on the blanket for a few minutes, the sun warming our fine young bodies, when Jack rolled over and began kissing me. I responded passionately, winding my arms around his neck and pressing my scantily clad body to his. My bikini bottoms began getting damp as I could feel his hardness through his shorts, rubbing against my pussy.

I sat up and untied the top to my bikini. "I'm so hot!" I said with a pout as I slowly took my top off and tossed it aside.

Jack stared at me, his eyes filled with desire. "Your breasts are so beautiful," he groaned. He leaned in closely and began gently sucking and playing with my nipples. He pushed me onto my back in the sand. I could feel my inner muscles contract, and my bikini bottoms got even wetter. I moaned and pressed upward against him.

Jack stood up and I could see his cock was straining to escape his shorts. In a flash he had slipped out of them and stood there in front of me, his cock full and erect. What a beautiful sight! I reached out and touched its smooth head. His cock jerked and I was rewarded by a groan and a small droplet glistening on the end of it. I leaned forward and licked it, and he had the bottom half of my bikini off in the next second and was kneeling between my legs.

The way he was looking at my wet slit, I could tell he didn't know whether he wanted to fuck me or eat me. I reached down and spread my lips apart, showing him my wetness and my throbbing clit. His breath caught in his throat and his aching hard-on decided for him. He reached for his shorts and got out a condom. He was an expert by now and had it quickly unrolled over his cock. He leaned forward and pressed against my tight hole. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him all the way into me as he thrust forward. I gasped, "Oh, Jack!" It always felt this wonderful, every time he slid into me. If it felt this great to him, no wonder we were having sex all the time.

Jack was really pounding his cock into me hard, and I was returning his thrusts with all the energy I possessed, when he slowed. "I better take it easy, Hon, or I'll be finished," he panted.

I hugged him to me and began rocking my clit against him, massaging the hard little bud to the melting point. I threw my head back when I came, moaning at the thrill spasming through my body. Jack slid almost all the way out and slammed his cock back down into me again and again, my butt making an indent in the sand. He groaned right before he came, then filled my already soaked pussy. I could feel his cock still throbbing, so I tightened my muscles around him just to hear him groan again with the sudden squeeze. We laid there for a few minutes, not wanting to let go of the wonderful glow we were feeling.

Jack suddenly looked at his watch and jumped up. "Oh damn!" he exclaimed in irritation. "I almost forgot I have to pick up my mom and take her home!"

"It's so nice here I just hate to go already," I sighed.

"Then why don't you stay here?" Jack asked me. He continued, "I'll take her home and come back and we can stay a couple more hours. It should only be about a half hour or so until I get back."

I decided to stay there at the beach and wait for him to return so he kissed me good-bye. I stretched my naked body out in the hot midday sun and closed my eyes as he left.

The next thing I knew there was a shadow across my face. I looked up to see someone standing only a few feet away from me. He was a lot bigger than my boyfriend, and wore the uniform of the park service. I recognized him instantly as Bill Emerson, a guy who had been a senior in high school when I was a freshman. He had been one of the good-looking football jocks that all the freshman girls had drooled over. I'd had a crush on him my whole freshman year, but never even spoke to him. Now I figured I was in trouble, maybe even going to get arrested for being naked on a public beach or something. I jumped, scrambling to cover my naked body.

"Don't bother," Bill growled, "I like what I'm seeing. I watched you get it on. Now I'm going to get in on the fun." He patted the gun he wore on his hip. "I don't want to have to hurt you, so just do what I tell you and you'll be all right.

"I remember you," he said. "I remember you used to short-cut across the senior floor in those little skirts that look so hot. We all used to sit around and pick out which virgin pussy we'd like to fuck, and I had my eye on you. Looks like I'm going to have my chance at you after all."

He pushed me down onto the blanket and quickly took his pants off, without even removing the gun strapped to his hip. He stroked his cock a few times, which was big, just like the rest of him, then came toward me. He knelt over me, his cock at my lips. "Suck me, you little slut," he demanded. "You know you want to." He began fucking my mouth, gagging me with his huge erection. I tried to pull back and he slapped my face. "I said suck me!" I started sucking him, holding his cock with both hands to keep him from hurting me. I was getting wet in spite of myself, and could feel my pussy wanting to squirm, wanting filled. "That's it," Bill spoke up after a minute. "Suck it good, slut. I know you're loving it. Just like you're going to love what I give you next."

He got off my chest and knelt on the blanket. He grabbed my legs and wrenched them apart, pulling me around to him. The blanket twisted beneath me, bunching up under my back. Pulling me up so my ass was off the ground, he spread my wet lips apart with one hand and put the head of his immense cock at the entrance to my snug hole.

"I can see how wet your little snatch is for my big, hard cock," Bill growled. "I'm a lot bigger than your boyfriend, huh? Now I'm going to give you what you really want." At once he thrust himself all the way inside me. He grunted as the tight walls of my young pussy resisted him, but he forced his way in anyway, stretching me open with a feeling that was both painful and pleasurable.

He plunged into me again and again, pulling my body to him with each stroke. I found myself moving with him. I couldn't help myself. His enormous shaft felt like it would split me in two, but it felt so good!

He stopped his frenzied plunging into me and let my legs down, then lowered himself onto me. He looked me in the eyes for a brief moment and said, "I know you're liking it, slut, and now I'm going to make you cum." He began rocking against me, rubbing against my clit, filling me with that huge cock of his. I could feel it building, and knew I was helpless to resist. I wasn't even thinking of Jack anymore, only of the feelings washing over my body. I grabbed Bill's ass and started humping myself against him, wanting to cum, knowing it was going to be intense.

"Aahhhhhh...ohhhhh!" I almost screamed as I came, bucking hard against Bill with the powerful feelings of pleasure that were coursing through my body. He began ramming himself in and out of my soaking pussy again, harder and faster than he had before. All of a sudden he held me firmly against him. My pussy was stretched tightly around his throbbing cock and I could feel his cum filling me. As soon as his body stopped spasming, Bill got up and put his pants on and walked away, leaving me dazed on the blanket. I looked up to see him looking back as he disappeared over the sand dune.

I went and rinsed the remains of Bill off me in the ocean, the chilly water cooling my overheated body. By the time Jack got back I'd been lying in the sun long enough to dry off. I had put my bikini back on and hoped he wouldn't notice anything else different from when he'd left. He didn't.

Jack greeted me with his usual kiss and, "Hi babe," and settled onto the blanket beside me. I never did tell him about that afternoon, but things were never the same. He never knew why I broke up with him a couple weeks later.

Bill and I had our wedding on the beach that August, and just in time, as my stomach was already starting to swell.

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