tagErotic CouplingsA Day at the Lake

A Day at the Lake


Sitting on the front porch, sketch pad in hand, the glider moved with minimal creaking.

6 a.m. and she was up watching the water brush the shores with a soft swishing sound.

It was always soothing to be out at the summer camp her sons let her use when she wanted to be alone.

But being alone was one of the last things she wanted right now. What she wanted were the strong hands of a man, one to rub the knot out of her shoulders and two, well for all selfish reasons. To help her cut firewood, she was feeling a chill and wanted a fire and waking him would just be rude, he got in late.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath, and took in all the scents around her.

The deep woods mossy smell always made her feel refreshed and gave subtle remembrance of why she loved the lake so well.

Placing her sketchbook down, she picked up her morning coffee and walked down to the dock where she sat it on her table.

Looking around and dipping a foot into the lake it felt warmer than the morning air.

A grin spreading from the corner of her mouth, she slowly slipped out of her clothes and eased herself to the edge of the dock. It was going to be chilly, but refreshing.

He stood at the door of the cabin only in his khaki's, his coffee in hand. He had heard her get up from the bed, and try to be quiet while making coffee, something she wasn't very good at, but he never said anything to her.

Mist was still moving across the bay it was going to be a hot day but the morning chill was still in the air. He had started the woodstove and by the time she came in from the lake it would be warm enough to be comfortable.

She was at the end of the dock slipping her foot in and by pure surprise; she began to take her clothes off.

He watched as she slipped slowly into the water off the end of the dock.

Seeing her like this, he wanted her right then.

He grabbed a towel from the side bureau and made his way down to the beachfront.

By the time he had gotten to the end of the dock, she was starting up the rungs.

He leaned down to where she was coming up, a hand brushing back her wet hair.

His hand grasping the back of her head, and brought a startled mouth to his, kissing her hard.

His breathing was a bit erratic. His hard on was obvious.

With his hand still on the back of her head his other hand came quickly to the zipper of his pants letting them drop to the dock, he commanded her "I want you to suck my cock, like the good girl I know you are."

For him this was totally out of character for he always aimed to please her first. But today, he just didn't want to wait. He was feeling a bit greedy and very horny. He had come out late the night before, and both were exhausted from the drive from the city.

Always aiming to please him she smiled and licked her lips, her tongue flicking over the tip of his hard cock. She loved how he tasted. She was in the mood to tease him and apparently he was going to have none of that today.

His fingers tangled into her wet hair, grasping gently but firm. "I said, I wanted you to suck my cock not tease me!"

She liked it when he got into the mood where he was totally dominant. She obliged him, her hand grasping his shaft firmly while her mouth began to work over him. Her tongue running over his balls, she sucked them into her mouth while stroking his rock hard cock.

He eased himself into the chair sitting on the dock, laying the towel down at his feet for her to kneel on. Sucking him faster and harder, his hand eased his grip on her head. He wanted her so bad right now, but was in the mood to totally take her and give her no choice.

Moaning with him in her mouth, he again wanted to see her give in to his whim.

"I want you to play with your pussy while you fuck me with your mouth."

Almost like he was reading her mind, her fingers slipped between her legs gently parting her lips and her finger rubbed vigorously at her clit, slipping every now and then into her hot wet pussy.

"I want you to fuck me please, please?"

He liked when she begged, it was almost like having his own little cheering section.

Pulling her up from her knee's he pushed her legs apart and his fingers went to her pussy, pulling her hand away.

Slipping one, then two fingers into her, he began to finger her quickly. Her breath coming fast, he could feel her legs begin to shake.

"Don't you dare cum, or I'm going to stop!"

She just looked at him, slowing her breathing and getting control once again.

Taking his finger out of her, he offered them to her mouth, where she gladly sucked them of her juices.

"Good girl!"

Bringing her closer to him, he brought his mouth to her breast, sucking a nipple into it, pulling her hips closer, he began to ease her down onto his cock. Slow and gentle. He wanted it rough, but he didn't want to hurt her.

Moving with a rhythm they were both comfortable with, his cock began to ease in and out of her not even fully into her, but he could tell she was almost ready. Her juices flowing over his shaft, and down over his balls.

"That's it baby, cum all over my cock!"

She had learned to control her moaning with him; the louder she was the more he stopped. This wasn't what she wanted right now; she wanted him fully and completely.

"Cum with me, please?"

Grasping her hips, he began to move her faster over his cock, pushing in deeper.

This wouldn't do.

Lifting her up off his lap, he bent her over the large wooden chair, and slipped in behind her his cock pushing in as far as it could go. Pounding harder and faster he could feel his balls begin to tighten, he knew it wouldn't be long now.

Normally he would try to quiet her, but today, he wanted her screaming.

Faster and harder he drove in.

Moaning and panting, he firmly grabbed her hips, and with one hard push, held her against him, spilling his hot cum deep inside of her.

He turned her to face him, and his mouth met hers, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

"And good morning to you too sexy man."

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