tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Day at the Office

A Day at the Office


Fantasy Request by Margret

Margret stepped into the elevator, heels clicking loudly, with a smug look on her face. As the steel doors closed she admired her own reflection in their mirror finish. Even now, in her mid 40's she looked good. Her dark brown hair was done up in a bun, with decorative chop sticks holding it in place. Her slender face was framed with a pair of chic glasses that gave her a librarian look.

Her black satin pencil skirt hugged her hips and showed off her silky knees, shapely calves and slender ankles. Her peep toe sling back pumps added four inches taking her to an impressive five foot, ten inches. The red satin blouse, tucked into the skirt, was buttoned up just enough that anyone looking would see a peek of her ample cleavage.

Margret, balancing on her left leg, lifted her right foot to her hand. She pulled the strap a little to adjust the shoe and then put her foot back down. Margret wore sheer stockings that made a light rasping noise as her legs slid against each other. The high quality nylons gave her legs a glazed sheen that had drawn a few sets of eyes when she walked in the building.

Margret pressed the button for her floor then looked down at her toes. The heel and toe reinforcements of her stockings were barley visible and only close inspection allowed one to distinguish them from the rest of the sheer stocking. Her fresh pedicure still showed its red brilliance past the nylons.

Margret took a moment to run her hands over her ultra sheer stockings, making sure that the contrasting black welts didn't show past her skirt. She gave her stockings a few quick tugs, aligned the garters that held them in place then smoothed her skirt back over her legs. Outfit check complete, she waited for the elevator to reach her floor. Margret dressed to kill. Anything less wouldn't do at the banking firm.

Marget's husband was the CEO and it was well known that he had made a place for his wife at the company. The nepotism was ignored partly because Marget was very attractive but mostly because Mr. Robbins held quite a lot of power. It was rumored that the last person to object was fired, but it was only a rumor. The fear of repercussions kept any others from raising a complaint.

Margret and Stanley had been married for twenty years now, back when she was a fresh faced secretary and he was an up and coming associate. Margret had used her long legs and full bust to their full advantage. She'd wanted a husband that would propel her professional carrier. But she had also found a man she loved deeply. Their sex life had been good, often taking place anywhere they found a moment alone together. But now her husband was almost sixty. He wasn't the strong stud he used to be.

Stanley hadn't been interested in her short skirts and low cut tops for a few years now. He needed several pills ond other medications now. A little blue pill to make another organ function wasn't recommended by his doctor. Margret accepted that sex was a thing of the past. She loved Stanley and would never cheat on him.

It didn't keep Margret from dreaming however. Often she fantasied about a young, fit, active young stud sweeping her up and taking her to bed. Margret also couldn't help noticing that quite a few men stole glances at her. If she wanted, she could probably seduce any of them. But her loyalty to Stanley was until death. She may be labeled a cougar, but she wasn't on the prowl. At least not as long as Stanley was still her husband.

Margret laughed at the idea of 'hunting' men and smiled at her reflection. "Meow" she purred just before the doors opened and she walked confidently out of the elevator. Margret was the president of the marketing department. It was a perfect position for her since the upward movement from there never lead to the board of directors. The top brass didn't care that she was married to the CEO since she would never be gunning for their job.

Robert, her assistant, saw Margret and rushed over to her side. Robert hurried to keep pace with Margret's quick strides. "Good morning, Mrs. Robbins." Robert said briskly while he sorted a mess of paperwork he held in his hands.

"Good morning, Robert." Margret replied, glancing over him as she did. Robert was her height, and thus much shorter while she wore heels. He wore a white shirt with grey tie and tan trousers. His brown hair was kept neat and, as Margret's assistant, he was charged to be at her beck and call at all times.

Margret thought Robert was cute but, he wasn't the sort of man she dreamed about. Margret had caught a glimpse of an erection bulging in Robert's pants on more than one occasion. It had been a boost to her confidence the first time she saw it. Flattery would get you everywhere with Margret, even if unintentional and unspoken.

Margret wasn't above a little cock tease, especially if it reinforced that men still found her attractive. Her daily goal was to see if she could get a "rise" out of Robert. Once she knew what worked for him and what didn't, it became easier. Even so, she enjoyed watching Robert squirm and his cheeks flush when she did it. If he didn't quickly stand up after a meeting, she knew she had won for the day.

"The Colbert account has requested a meeting with you on Thursday-"

"Tomorrow is Thursday, Robert."

"Yes, um..."

"So, just say tomorrow. And don't say 'um'."

"Yes, Mrs. Robbins."

"Tell them that's too soon. I'll meet with them on Monday. Did Edwards call back yet?"

"Um, No."

Margret stopped dead in her tracks and faced Robert, hands on hips. Robert, caught by surprise, spun clumsily to face her. He looked at her hazel eyes, then adverted his eyes down. Margret knew that Robert used this as an excuse to ogle her legs.

"Call Mr. Edwards and tell him I want a final product by the end of the day or there will be hell to pay." She ordered. "And, don't say 'Um'."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Margret continued on as quickly as she had stopped and again Robert was slow to keep up. As they walked the rest of the way to her office, Robert finished his daily report and took notes on tasks she wanted done by the end of the week. Margret was fairly certain that Robert spent nights fantasizing about her. At least she told herself that.

Margret turned into her office and walked right into a man who was standing with his arms reaching over his head. Margret was furious that someone was in her office but the anger dissipated quickly once she saw the man she had bumped into. For a brief moment she had been pressed against the firm and chiseled torso of the stunning man who was apparently doing electrical work in her office.

The man was tall, almost six foot four, and handsome. He didn't seem much older than Robert. His black curly hair was slightly a mess and his steel blue eyes looked down at her. One of his large strong hands continued to hold the thick cables snaking out of the ceiling as his other hand shot down, touching lightly on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, ma'am." he said."You alright?"

"Oh, I'm fine sweetie." Margret said in a sweet voice and beamed her smile at him. She turned to Robert and her voice lost it's sugar and took on an edge of frost. "Robert, why is Superman tearing apart my office with his bear hands?" She demanded.

"These men are updating your phone and ethernet lines. Your computer and phone will work off and on until they are finished." Robert said, adding. "If they are too much of a distraction you can use my office today."

"No, I don't think it will be a problem." Margret said. Nice try, Bucko. She thought to herself. Margret ducked past the man in the doorway and into her office. She almost tripped over the ladder he was standing next too. She had been stealing a look at his chest, his muscles stretching his brown tee-shirt. Margret kept her back to him until she was sure her cheeks were no longer flushed with embarrassment.

"Mrs. Robbins?" Robert asked from the hallway.

"That will be all Robert. Off you go now."


"Thank you, Robert."

Margret turned around just as Robert sulked off, disappointed. She sat in her chair and looked over the man while he worked, ogling his broad shoulders and fantastic skin. His butt looked so good in those jeans! Margret fanned herself quietly and wondered how she could get any work done. This was the kind of man she dreamed about!

From the ceiling she heard a gruff voice mumble something and the man she bumped into steadied the ladder. A large work boot stepped down from the ceiling. The boot was followed by large legs and the rest of the large man came down, making his way to the floor.

The other electrician was just as handsome as the first. This one was easily six foot five. He had massive arms and shoulders. He was bald but it suited him. His skin reminded her of dark chocolate and, for a brief moment, Margret thought about what it would be like to have those massive arms holding her.

Margret looked at each man standing in front of her. Oh my she thought. From where they were standing Margret knew that they had a clear line of sight to her legs, at least up to her knees. She slowly crossed her legs, and almost giggled as both men followed the movement like puppies hoping for a treat.

"Well gentlemen, will it be an issue if I work in my office?"

"No, ma'am." they said, almost in chorus.

"Please, call me Margret. What are your names?

Superman introduced himself as Miles, and the mound of dark chocolate called himself Dennis. Margret implored them to go back to work and ignore her. They did go back to work, but they did not ignore her. While they spliced cable and ran it from the ceiling, both men often snuck glances at Marget. She pretended not to notice, but each time she smiled knowingly to herself.

They continued their work, moving cables about and splicing them together. After a few hours, Dennis walked over to her computer and knelt behind it. "I'll need to you shut down. Once I change the cable restart." She did so and the computer began running a series of scripts.

"How long with this take?" She asked him.

"Oh a few hours." Dennis said.

Her computer was her only excuse to be in her own office. She felt it would be a little weird if she just sat in her office ogling men. She noticed that it was almost noon so she picked up the phone and ordered Robert to come take her order for lunch.

"What will you have for lunch today, Mrs. Robbins?"

"The usual. Also, take orders for these men. Lunch is on me today boys."

Both men smiled at her, gave their thanks, and then gave Robert their orders. After taking notes on what to bring back, Robert was off. Margret smiled at the men, now that she had provided an excuse to keep all three of them in the same room.

Shortly after Robert left, Dennis looked at Miles and said, "I'll go get the 'other' tool box. We'll start the project as soon as I get back." Dennis left the office and Margret and Miles were alone.

"What is this special project?" She asked.

"Oh that's a secret, Miss Margret." Miles smiled and walked over to her desk.

"Oh, you can't tell me a secret?" She said playfully.

"Well," Miles said, unplugging her phone. "First, you have to tell me a secret. Fair trade."

"What secret is that?" Margret felt flirtatious, and decided to play along.

Miles put both his hands on her desk, looked directly into her eyes and said, "Are those pantyhose or stockings you're wearing today?"

Margret was shocked and it clearly showed on her face as Miles smiled. This was beyond flirtatious. She felt herself flush red with embarrassment and anger. She looked at him sternly, "That's very inappropriate, Miles! You behave or I'll have you thrown out of here!"

"Aw, comon. You like that question."

"I most certainly did not!" Margret picked up her phone and then realized that it had just been unplugged by Miles.

"If you didn't like it, then why did your nipples just get hard?

Margret's mouth dropped open, she stared at Miles, unbelieving that he would say such a thing. Worse, her nipples had become hard! Margret stammered, unable to think or say anything. She was so flustered she picked up the phone again, then slammed it down with disgust.

Miles took a knee. Her desk was open across the front. Miles reached in and snagged her by the ankle. Margret gasped as Miles pulled on her leg. Her chair rolled forward until it pressed her into her desk and she slid little off her seat. Miles had her foot pressing against his thigh, He ran his other hand slowly up her leg, reaching under the desk until he found the stocking top with his fingers.

"Miles," Margret said as calmly as possible. "let go of me right now."

Margret hadn't been manhandled like this in a long time. She was scared, shocked, and even a little turned on. "Oops. Looks like I found out your secret." miles said. Before she could again demand that Miles unhand her, Dennis walked into the office holding a bag. He looked up at Miles, saw what he was doing and his brow furrowed in anger. Margret relaxed now that someone was going to stop this.

"You bastard, couldn't you wait until I got back?" Dennis said, slamming the door.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist these legs much longer." Miles said.

Margret panicked. She let out a scream and kicked at Miles trying to get away. Miles just caught her other leg and now had them both in his hands. Miles pulled and Margret slipped right out of her chair. Miles drug her out from under her desk, her skirt riding up exposing stocking tops and garters.

The men had cleared off the coffee table in her office earlier. Margret had wondered why they had put a soft pad on the desk but she knew now. Dennis quickly moved around and took her by the wrists. "Screaming ain't gonna do you any good." he said. "Nobody is here."

The men lifted Margret off the ground and put her on the coffee table, now a padded bed. Margret yelled for help but no one came. Her office wasn't sound proof. Someone had to hear her. Once the men had her on the coffee table they began to strip her. Miles unzipped her skirt and yanked it down her legs while Dennis tore the buttons apart on her blouse then pulled it off her.

The men worked quickly and Margret slapped and kicked at them as they undressed her. But it was useless. They were too strong for her. Dennis got her bra off and miles pulled her panties off. Both of her shoes had come off in the struggle. All that was left was her garter belt and stockings. Dennis yanked the chopsticks out of her hair and it fell around her shoulders in a mess.

"Look at those jugs."

"Flip her over."

Like a ham being prepped for a feast, Margret was flipped and her arms pinned behind her. Dennis pulled out a long silk rope from his bag while Miles folded her arms across the small of her back. Margret kicked but Miles was too close and her silky legs just slide around his torso.

Dennis tied her arms together with the rope. When he was done, she couldn't move them at all. "Please! Don't hurt me!" She yelled. "Just don't hurt me!" both men laughed. She was flipped over again and Dennis had something in his hand.

"We're not going to hurt you, sweetheart. We're just going to fuck you senseless." Dennis said.

He forced a small rubber wedge into her mouth. It was the kind dentists used to keep your mouth open while they worked. Dennis pressed it into place and when he withdrew his hands, Margret tried to dislodge it, but it was firmly in place.

With that Miles, kneeling at the end of the table, bent down and pressed his lips against her vagina. His arms wrapped around her thighs, forcing her legs up and over his shoulders. Margret let out a screech when Miles slipped his tongue between the lips of her short trimmed pussy.

Miles worked his lips and tongue all over Margret's muff. He paid special attention to her clitoris and his hands gripped her thighs as he ate her out. Margret hadn't received attention down there in a long time. Despite the circumstances, Margret couldn't help that it felt good. She wrapped her legs around Miles' head, arching her back to press her pussy into his mouth.

Dennis had managed to get his pants off and his cock was semi-erect. He took Margret by the hair, yanking her head down. Margret yelped in surprise and pain then became silent when she saw his penis. Even half size it was as big as Stanley. Margret, realizing what Dennis had in mind, braced her self. She'd never given a man head before. Dennis thrust his shaft into her open mouth.

"See, Miles?" Dennis said as Margret tried not to gag on his cock. "Eat a bich out and she'll do anything you want. Margret's eyes widened as Dennis' penis grew larger in her mouth. Soon is was full size, pressing against the back of her throat. Dennis held her hair tight and Margret made muffled sounds while Miles mauled her pussy.

This continued for a few more minutes and then Dennis withdrew himself from her mouth. "I think she's ready." He said. Miles stopped licking Margret and straightened up. Miles manhandled Margret, spinning her around until her head was pointing at Miles. Dennis reached into his bag and pulled out a small container of Vaseline. He opened it up then applied a large dollop to his shaft, working it over the whole surface.

Miles again bent over and took one of her tits into his mouth. His other hand pinched her free nipple. Margret squirmed making odd noises due to the wedge in her teeth. Dennis took Margret by the hips and started to flip her over again. Miles got up and started to take his clothes off.

"On your knees!" Dennis orderd.

Margret did her best to get her knees under her, but with her arms bound tightly behind her it was awkward. Standing, Dennis aligned his lubricated shaft with Margret's ass and slowly started to press. Margret let out a squeal when she realized where he was headed. Slowly, Dennis penetrated until all ten inches of his cock were shoved into Margret's sweet round ass.

Margret screamed in surprise as anything else. She wasn't expecting it to feel good. Dennis took a fist full of her hair and pulled it back. This pulled her head back but also lifted her off her chest and put more pressure on the cock that was up her ass.

Miles, now naked, stepped to the edge of the table. His cock, not quite as large as Dennis but still one of the largest dicks she'd ever seen, was pointed at Marget's face. Miles inserted his shaft and the two men thrust into her at opposite ends. Margret's breasts swung wildly as the men oscillated her body as they fucked her.

Margret lost track of how long this went on. It was starting to be painful to have her neck forced back like that when Dennis suddenly wrapped both arms around her torso, pulling her close to him. She was freed of miles and Dennis stood up, turned and then lay on the coffee table himself, Margret on top of him. Dennis continued a slow thrust into her as Miles walked around the table.

Miles slid his hands over her smooth legs then, gripping the inside of Margret's thighs, he pressed his shaft into her moist vagina and carefully slipped into her, as deep as he could go. Dennis adjusted his hands so that they were on top of Marget's thighs, and he fingered the welts of her stockings. Miles moved his hands to her breasts, gripping and pinching them as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her pussy.

Margret flopped her head back, resting it on Dennis' large shoulder. Her legs slid up Miles' flanks so that her knees where just under his armpits and bent back down so that her feet rested on his hips. Miles increased pace until he was slapping his flanks into Margret once a second. That combined with the slow heavy thrusts from Dennis created a symphony of vocalizations that came gargling out of Margret.

Margret was reaching climax when the office door burst open. She tilted her head back to see Robert standing at the door. Neither Dennis nor Miles acted as if anyone was there. Robert's face went blank. Clearly he was shocked at what he saw. Then his face turned to anger and Margret worried that he would do something stupid.

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