tagLoving WivesA Day at the River with Friends Ch. 03

A Day at the River with Friends Ch. 03


The drive home was quiet. Jill ran her fingers over my arm as I drove, gazing out the window as the sun set. I could tell she wanted to talk but couldn't find the words. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, just a peaceful drive together.

"What do you think about meeting up with Eric and Tina tomorrow?" I broke the silence.

"That could be fun, but only if you want to." It was more of a question from Jill than a statement.

Let the fishing begin...

"I mean, today was fun. But if you don't want to go I understand" said Jill.

"Did you not have fun today?" I said. It was my turn to fish some truth out of her.

"Actually, I did. I just wanted to make sure that you had fun too." She replied in another answer/question tone.

We were both looking at each other intently, waiting for the other to blurt out the truth. Neither of us was mad. More like anxious to share our day's adventure with each other but afraid of the result.

"What if they didn't do anything?" I thought to myself. "What if Tina and I were the only ones breaking the rules?"

It felt like Jill was having the same conversation inside her own head also as she studied my face for clues.

I couldn't play this game anymore. I had to know! I was scared and excited to tell and hear the truth, but it was time. If we were going to survive this we had to talk now.

"Sooooo, umm, in the swimming hole back there. I sort of had a reaction to Tina holding on to me in the water." I stumbled awkwardly.

Her eyes zeroed in on mine, staring intently for my next sentence. I froze, unable to continue.

"What kind of reaction?" Jill said, almost with a grin in her voice.

"Well, since she couldn't reach the bottom, she had to hold onto me with her legs while clinging to the tube. Her rubbing against me caused my dick to get hard." I explained hesitantly.

"And?" she said, studying me closely.

I froze again. I wanted to blurt it out but not yet. I had to know more.

"And, well. What about you?" I asked, shifting the ball back into her court.

"It looked like you were in front of Rob also, how did that go?"

I could see the wheels spinning. We knew each other way too well. I know she wanted to tell me everything but was also slow playing this fishing game to see if we were on level ground.

"Well, let's just say I couldn't touch either. And I guess you're not the only one who gets aroused having your best friends wife pressed against you." She said while staring intently at me waiting for the next volley.

"So what did you do?" I asked

"At first nothing, he just pressed his erection tight against my ass. It felt good but also wrong so I was afraid to move. Then I saw Tina swimming towards us so I broke away and came back to you." Her voice sounded nervous, not a scared nervous, more like a slightly aroused nervous.

I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. Replaying the whole scene in my mind was making me crazy.

"It's ok." Jill spoke. "We're all friends and both of them have always enjoyed flirting with us. I guess it's no surprise that could happen in a setting like the river."

I could tell she had more to say but was now waiting for my response. We just stared into each other's eyes. I could barely keep the car on the road.

I had to know more!

"So, when we got to the last swimming spot did he get hard again?" I asked.

"Yes." She looked away as she spoke. "But this time when he pulled me in front of him he had untied his trunks. I could feel his bare cock pushing against my suit." Jill looked back at me slowly, watching closely for my response.

"What did you do?" I asked. My mouth was dry, heart beating while my cock throbbed between my legs.

"At first I just held still. Then I looked over at you and Tina and it looked like she was grinding against your cock. I started to get jealous but that was immediately replaced by lust. The thought of my best friend rubbing her ass against your cock should have made me mad. But it didn't? It was exciting? I didn't feel threatened by her and I know you love me so instead of being insanely jealous, I got really turned on."

I could feel her eyes on me while she continued.

"Then I felt Eric pull my hips up so that his cock was resting against my pussy. He brought his right hand around and rubbed it over my clit on top of my suit. It felt so good that I wasn't able to stop him." Her eyes were on fire while she spoke. I could tell she was getting turned on by her confession.

"Was your cock hard for Tina the second time?" she asked.

"Yes." I said; ready to confess my entire experience. I wanted her to know. I wanted to see her body react while hearing about me fucking her friend. I just had to hope that she and Eric had crossed that line too, which I felt sure I already knew the answer.

"When Tina wrapped her legs around me my cock was instantly hard. I looked over at you and could tell that Eric was pressing himself against you. You were biting your lip so I knew that something was going on under the water." I continued.

"When Tina lunged forward to get into the cooler it pushed my trunks down just enough to release my cock. When she slipped back into the water..." I stopped and read her face closely. Her nipples were straining through her top while she leaned into every word.

"Well? What happened?" Jill panted.

"It happened." I said slowly.

"It?" Jill practically whispered.

"Yes." I confessed. "Her suit had pulled to the side when she stretched to reach the cooler. It pulled to the side just enough that I felt the head of my cock touch her bare pussy. Then when she slid into the water my cock buried all the way into her as deep as it would go. We both froze and looked over at you and Eric. We couldn't be sure what you were doing but you had no interest in us."

"He was fucking me." Jill said almost proudly.

"What?" my voice jumped. Even though I knew, just hearing her say it out loud still shocked me. I could hear my heart beating in my chest.

"Yes. After I allowed him to rub my clit he took that as a green light. He pulled my suit to the side and slid his cock inside me. He spun us around a little to hide our motion but he was driving his cock into me the whole time." Jill's eyes were wide as she spoke. Her pupils were the size of dimes.

My cock was like a bar of steel, throbbing in my trunks. I reached my hand over between her legs and her bikini bottoms were soaked. I slipped my finger underneath and couldn't believe how wet she was. She didn't have to tell me what happened next. I could feel his load dripping out of her mixed with the fresh honey that brewed from our confessions.

She untied my shorts and released my cock. She started stroking me while I rubbed her clit.

"Tell me more!" she moaned as she pushed her hips against my hand.

"After Tina and I realized my cock was buried in her it was too late to turn back. She started thrusting back against my cock while I fucked her. I fucked her with long, deep strokes until I felt her pussy started to spasm." My words were flying now. I was no longer trying to sugar coat how I fucked her best friend.

"After Tina came I couldn't hold back anymore and I shot my load deep into her pussy. The feeling of my cum filling her up made her cum again."

Jill let out a moan and pulled my fingers deep into her pussy as she continued to jerk my cock. Her pussy was so wet and gaping that it seemed like my hold hand could disappear as she rocked her hips into my fingers.

Without out prompting her Jill took over the story. "When Eric slipped his cock into me I was so turned on that I came instantly! He fucked me through my orgasm, driving his cock into me as deep as he could get. He continued to fuck me deep until I could feel a second orgasm coming on. When I came again I clinched down on his cock and he released his load deep into me. I could feel his cum spilling out the sides as he pumped into me!"

I could tell we were both about to cum. I whipped the car off an exit searching for any place to pull over. I saw a small car wash and ripped into the stall.

Jill was already out of her seat climbing into my lap. She needed my cock and I needed to feel her freshly fucked pussy on my cock.

She slammed herself down on my cock and starting riding me furiously.

"What happened after?" Jill squealed in my ear as she rode my cock. "Did you fuck her again when you picked up the car?"

"Yes!" I screamed. "She sucked my cock in the car. Then I licked her pussy until she came on my face. After she came I bent her over Eric's car and fucked her as hard as I could. I thought you and Eric would hear her screaming as I fucked her. I was fucking her so hard I thought we dented the hood. She wanted to taste me so I shot my load deep into the back of her throat!"

"We couldn't hear anything. Before you two were out of site Eric's cock was already hard." She growled as she rode me faster. "I needed fucked again. I wanted to suck Eric's cock and let him fuck me on dry land. He led me into the woods and I let him fuck my mouth but wouldn't let him cum. I stroked and sucked his cock until he was close. Then he bent me over and licked my pussy while he fucked me with his fingers." She continued to pick up her pace on my cock.

"Before I came he spun me around, lifted me up and pushed my back up against a tree. He started fucking me deep while I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted his load in my pussy. He fucked me harder and harder until I felt it! He unloaded into me and I came on his cock at the same time".

With that last word I felt her pussy clinch. Her orgasm strangled my cock and I let go deep into her. Her muscles clinched and milked every drop of my load until she collapsed across my chest.

We both laid there gasping for air as our orgasms seem to last forever. When we finally settled, Jill climbed off of me and went straight to my cock with her mouth. She cleaned every drop of honey mixed with cum off of me. She made love to my cock with her mouth and took her time savoring every drop.

Once she was satisfied, Jill rose up and kissed my lips.

"I will always love you." She said. "I never thought we would ever do something like this but I don't feel bad. I feel like we did it together and you making me feel safe makes me love you even more.

"I love you too baby." I breathed. "This doesn't change anything between us. It was just sex between good friends and I'm not worried about our love. We are stronger together than any sex." I was grinning now as I spoke.

"What time should I tell them we can be there for dinner?"...

To be continued

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Thank you.

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Hurry up and write chapter 4. This is a really believable story.

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That was incredible

There is nothing like that moment when a husband and wife realize just how alike they really are. There is nothing but good things in store for this relationship! Please write more.

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