tagLoving WivesA Day at the Seaside

A Day at the Seaside

byquinn rogan©

"Do you remember that day we had at the seaside last August?" asked Janet, suddenly.

I looked down at her, my small dark-haired wife of ten years. Her hair was spread over the pillow and her nightdress was up around her shoulders, for the very good reason that, until she had spoken, my mouth had been exploring the thick, erect nipple of her full, firm left breast, while the fingers of my right hand were sliding through her thick pubic bush to the warm, welcoming wetness of her eager vagina.

"Yes," I replied, with a degree of puzzlement, because, although I could remember the outing, I couldn't remember anything special about it. As far as I could recall, we had spent a good day with the kids on the beach, then we had gone home.

"Do you remember I went for a walk?" she said, and I did. I had been building a sandcastle with the kids, and Janet had said she wanted to climb up the cliff to look at the large hotel at the top, and see the view from there. I turned on my side and put an arm across her as she talked.

"Well," she continued. "I climbed up the cliff and stood on the terrace of the hotel, looking out over the sea. Almost immediately, I was joined by a tall, middle-aged man, who said how wonderful the view was. He was foreign - German, I thought - with horn-rimmed glasses, and a little gray goatee beard. I said it was a lovely view and he said it was even better from his hotel room on the top floor, and invited me up to have a look."

"Naturally, I thanked him, and declined and he asked if I was staying in the hotel. He was very friendly, and seemed very interested, and I told him all about you, and the boys, and I even picked you out for him to see, down on the beach. He told me he was a bank manager in Dusseldorf, married, and a grandfather, but he was here on his own because he always took a week's holiday on his own, to relax."

"I laughed and suggested it was to 'misbehave' - it was the only word I could think of at the time - and he shrugged and, basically, agreed. He was so open about it, I began to feel a bit of excitement building up in me. He went on to talk about a woman he had met in France the previous year and he said - I'll never forget it how he said it - 'she was very nice - she opened the legs for me!"

"It took me a second or two to understand what he meant and, when I did, I got such a surge! Then he looked straight at me and said - 'You, too, open the legs for Johann?' I couldn't help smiling at him - he had such an appealing, innocent look - but I said - 'No, I only open the legs for David.' But, even as I said it, just talking about 'opening my legs' to a strange man gave me a strange thrill."

"He wasn't a bit put out, but asked me to his room, again, for a quick drink and a look at the view, and I thought - why not? It couldn't do any harm, and I did feel like a drink. So we went into the hotel and made for the lift. Just as it arrived, a whole crowd of women came out of the dining-room and the lift filled up. We were pushed into a corner, very close together, and Johann stood in front of me, facing me, with his back to the other women in the lift."

"He was very tall and, as the lift moved off, he was openly looking down the front of my dress, which was quite low. I caught his eye, and he just smiled, then I felt his hand moving up between our bodies until it reached the underside of my left breast, and gently cupped it. I looked round, panic-stricken, but no-one else had noticed, then his index finger gently grazed my nipple, and it was then I remembered I had no bra on!"

"The women got out at the floor before us, and Johann stepped away. We travelled to the next floor in silence, and got out. Johann opened the door to his room and stood back to let me go in. It was a beautiful room, with a balcony, overlooking the sea. He led me to the balcony and while I looked over the water, went back into the room and opened a bottle of champagne! He filled two glasses and brought them out, and we drank."

"Then he said - 'You did not mind? In the lift?' I couldn't think what to say, so I took another drink from my glass. He smiled, sort of conspiratorially, and said - 'I think, maybe, the lovely breasts are not only for David, no?' Again, I couldn't think what to say, and he stepped towards me and took my glass. Then he touched me under the chin and lifted it so that I was looking at him. 'I think you like to unbutton the dress, yes?' he said."

"I could feel my face turning very red, and I tried to look away, but, somehow, I kept meeting his eyes again. I shook my head but, even as I did so, I knew my face was expressing regret rather than outrage or determination - and part of me was intensely excited at the thought of how I would feel if I just did it! If I just undid my dress and bared my breasts for him - a total stranger! I had only met him twenty minutes ago! And the fact that he was German made it, somehow, even more exciting..... "

"His expression didn't change - if anything, he was looking at me with..... fondness.... and kindness. It was as though he was an old and dear friend, inviting me to share a sort of forbidden treat."

"Then his hand, very gently, touched my breast again. Just the tips of his fingers, exerting the slightest pressure on the material of my dress. Involuntarily, I closed my eyes, and, as one hand took a firmer grip, the other dropped from my face and curled round my other breast. My breathing quickened and I could do nothing to stop him. I didn't want to stop him..... "

"I opened my eyes and looked up at him, then down at his hands, on my breasts. He was teasing my nipples through the material of the dress, and they were so hard and sensitive that they were almost sore. I sighed, softly, then looked up at him, again. My acquiescence - my surrender - must have been obvious, and he removed his hands and stood back."

"Then he raised his hands again and undid the buttons at the front of my dress, one by one, down to my waist. Then he slid the dress off my shoulders and let it fall to my waist. He looked at my breasts for what seemed like ages, then held out his hand and took mine. He led me over to the balcony and placed my hands on it, so that I was facing out from the hotel, my breasts exposed to anyone who looked up. I didn't look down, so I don't know if anyone saw, but Johann was behind me, his hands on my waist."

"Then he reached up and took my bare breasts in his hands. His touch was very gentle, but very stimulating. My nipples were still rock-hard and every time he touched them, I was flooding down below. At some point, I think he must have undone a little more of my dress, because I gradually realised I had only my shoes and panties on. Then he led me off the balcony and back into his room."

"He turned me to face him, and took me in his arms. I felt his hands on my hips, outside my panties, then he slipped them under the elastic and took one cheek in each hand, while he pressed his erection against my stomach, but he didn't try to put his hand down the front."

"You mean, he didn't try then, don't you?" I breathed. There was a short silence, then - "Oh, David, I couldn't help it!"

"Tell me, Janet," I insisted, leaning forward to kiss her nipple. She breathed in sharply and gave a little shudder.

"I... I touched him, first," she whispered. "I could feel his erection against my stomach and, the next thing I knew, I had the palm of my hand pressed against the front of his trousers and I could feel his whole hard length. When I touched him, his hands squeezed my bottom cheeks very hard, and I heard him draw a long deep breath. I thought, maybe, he was going to.... climax, right then, but.. but.. he didn't."

Janet fell silent, her eyes tight shut, her breathing rasping and deep.

"What happened then?" I whispered, hoarsely. Janet was pushing her swollen clitoris hard against my probing fingers, as her own hands mauled her breasts and nipples in an orgy of self-gratification.

"Oh, David, are you sure you don't - you won't...?"

"No!" I denied as forcefully, but reassuringly as I could. My mouth sought Janet's and I kissed her hungrily. She returned my kiss almost ferociously, mashing her full lips against mine, her tongue shooting into my mouth. Then she tore her mouth away and pulled my head down as she whispered urgently into my ear.

"He took his hands out of my panties and unbuckled his trousers. When he started undoing his zip, I took my hand away, and he turned away from me. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as he pulled off his clothes. He took them all off, then turned and walked towards me. He was very thin, and tanned all over. He didn't try to cover himself, but I didn't really look at his penis, although I could tell it wasn't hard because it was swinging between his long thighs as he walked towards me. I looked up into his eyes all the time, then he knelt in front of me."

She took a long deep breath before she continued.

"He reached out and took hold of my breasts again. I remember he had to pull my arms aside to do it, because I was covering them again. As he felt them, I was looking down between his thighs, which were spread apart, and I could see his penis growing. I just sat there, while he squeezed my... my tits and I watched his cock getting stiff and hard. It was tremendously exciting - it was so different from yours! It was long and thin, like the rest of him, and uncircumcised, and his pubic hair was grey, not black. And... and when it was hard, it didn't stick out straight, like yours - it pointed up into the air."

"Then he dropped his hands to the elastic of my panties. I let myself fall backwards onto the bed. As he eased my panties over my hips, I raised myself - my bottom - and he pulled them gently down my thighs, then right off. Then he stood up and looked down at me, naked, on the quilt. His hands were by his sides, his penis was pointing upwards and his testicles were hanging, low and heavy between his thin thighs."

"Then I looked up at his face. His eyes were sparkling and he had an impish smile on his lips. Then - he raised an eyebrow. Just one eyebrow, but it said it all - the unspoken question! And... and..."

Janet took a deep, shuddering breath, and gulped.

"And?" I prompted, gently.

"And... I eased my legs apart. I opened the legs for him!"

"And what did he do?"

"He put his hand on his cock and leant forward and put the tip of it just touching the entrance to my vagina. Then he supported himself on his arms so that he was looking down at me, and then slid very gently and slowly into me. He did it so sensitively that I could feel each centimetre going inside me. It seemed to go on for ever, then I felt his testicles brushing against my bottom and he gave one final little push, and his whole length was in me."

"I let out my breath - I didn't realise I had been holding it - and he laughed, softly, then said - 'I have vasectomy - no babies!' Then he bent down and kissed me on the mouth. I put my arms round him and he came down on top of me and started to ride me, very expertly. At some point, I raised my legs and wrapped them round his waist and he started to ride me harder. I felt myself beginning to come and I think he sensed that, because he started squeezing my tits very hard and really slamming his cock inside me. Then, just as I was going over the edge, he gave one last fierce thrust, as far inside me as he could go, and stayed there. His prick seemed to expand inside me, then I felt it start to pump furiously, and I let myself go totally. God knows what I said, but if either He or Johann heard...."

"When I came to my senses, Johann was still lying on top of me, although his cock had slipped out. I could feel it lying along my thigh. His head was in the crook of my neck and his beard was just tickling the upper slope of my left breast. I lay there for quite a little time, thinking about what I had done - and, you might not believe this, thinking about how, one day, I'd tell you about it and how you'd love it. Even then, I knew you liked me to tell you about my sex life before I met you and I knew this would turn you on, too, one day."

"And thinking about that, and feeling Johann's cock lying on my leg, I started to feel... well, I suppose... well, I don't really know. You see, there was you, down on the beach, playing with the kids, while I was up here, in this hotel room, lying stark naked on a bed with a strange German who had just fucked me."

"I kept thinking that! He met me less than an hour ago, and now he's fucked me! He's stripped me naked, felt my tits and given me a good fucking. I imagined him telling his friends back home – describing how he felt my tits in the packed elevator, then took me into his room and stripped me to the waist and made me stand on the balcony while he felt them again. Then about how he pulled my knickers down and parted my legs... and then fucked me! What was the German for 'fuck'? I don't know any of the German words – except I knew he would say my pubic hair was 'schwarz' I thought of him describing my vagina to his friends, in a German bar, and I began to get wet again."

"He must have sensed it happening, because, slowly, I realised his cock was stiffening against my leg. I slipped my hand down and pushed it along my thigh and touched his cock. He rolled off me but I put my fingers round it. He lay on his back and I leaned up on one elbow and looked at my fingers holding his prick. I gripped it lightly and moved my hand up and down a couple of times, and his hand slipped down to my cunt and his finger rubbed my lips, then slid just inside."

"Then I pushed myself up and straddled him. I straightened my thighs and took his cock in both hands, then I lowered myself on to him, slowly, and felt his cock slide up into me – into my wet cunt. When he was right in, I looked down and saw my black pubic hair against his grey, then I put my hands under my tits and played with my nipples. And all the time, I thought about he would tell this to his German friends – how this English housewife sat on his cock and played with her tits while she went up and down on him."

"And he just lay back and watched me – a quiet little smile on his face. I said to him 'Will you tell your friends – when you go home?' and he immediately understood. 'Oh, ja.', he replied. 'I will tell everything. You will like that?' I nodded, then put one hand behind me and lightly cupped his balls."

"'What will you tell them?' I asked. 'Oh, everything,' he replied. 'Especially, I will describe you – how you look, without clothes – how you feel, to my hands, on your breasts, and to my hard penis, inside you – how warm and soft, and how your hair between your legs is black and thick... "

"Then I pressed the base of his penis and watched his face change as his climax started. Then I felt his sperm shoot up into me and his face contorted and he gasped in time with each spurt. Then he took a long shuddering breath and he smiled up at me. Then I felt his cock slowly soften and slide down the walls of my vagina. When he was quite soft, I lifted myself and let it slip out of me and watched it flop onto his belly. It was small and shiny with our juices and I leant over and kissed it."

"Then I got off the bed and started to get my clothes together. Johann sat up and rolled off the bed, too, and went over to the dressing-table. I had been expecting it – he turned round with a camera in his hand. I put my clothes down and stood still, my hands by my sides. He focussed the camera and took just one picture – full frontal, totally naked. 'For your friends?' I asked, and he nodded, smiling. Then, as I got dressed, he picked up his wallet and took out a picture and handed it to me."

"She was a little older than me – taller and thinner, with small breasts and a very dark and extensive pubic bush. 'Your French lady?' I asked, and he nodded. I looked at her face – she had a calm, content expression. It struck me that she looked exactly the way I was feeling."

"I must go now," I said, and handed the picture back. He nodded and bent to kiss me. As he did so, I reached out my hand and felt his cock."

"It began to stiffen again, in my hand. He didn't say anything. It kept on getting harder. I didn't want to let it go – it was as though it had a life of its own, and I felt it uncurl and grow in my palm. I looked down and watched it – then I knelt down and kissed the end of it. It sort of – reached – towards my mouth, and I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips."

"He sighed and I pushed my mouth further down. About half of his penis went into my mouth and I wrapped my fingers round the bottom half of his shaft. I put my other hand between his legs and cuddled his balls. Then I felt his hand slip down the front of my dress and it closed round my breast, gently, and I began to wank him with my mouth and my hand."

"It didn't take very long. His legs began to shake and I ran my tongue round his cock, squeezing the base with my fingers, then his whole body shuddered violently and he began to gasp and then I felt him come into my mouth. It was the third time in an hour, so there wasn't very much and I could take it all, easily – but I could tell it was the best of the three for him. When I gave him one last pull, and he was finished, he sank to his knees, gasping. I kissed him one last time – a quick one – and left the room. I was still tasting his come in my mouth when the lift arrived, but I had a drink in the bar before I left the hotel, and came back to the beach."

"I never guessed a thing," I gasped, but that was as far as I got before my lovely wife pressed her little fingers hard against the base of my rock-hard cock, hitting the button that started the eruption inside me and sent jet after jet of come all over her hand...

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by widowedidiot10/06/17


A very hot story, loved it and loved the suspense you created in it. What a lot of wtiters here don't seem to realize is that going through a lot of discription of what their wife is wearing is like watchingmore...

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by PymGordon77705/29/17

Usually I don't like "mature" content stories, but...

Usually I don't like "mature" content stories, but this is an incredible exception. I loved this story completely! It is well written and incredibly arousing. Good job my friend, good job indeed!

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