tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Day at the Spa

A Day at the Spa

byMistress Maria©

My husband paid for one of those days of beauty at one of those ritzy, exclusive, health and beauty spas in the west end of town. It was a lovely Mother's Day present for me and it was a welcomed gift, because I have been running ragged raising our two children and maintaining a household.

My husband dropped me off at the spa a little after 10:00 in the morning. I checked in and was directed to a room where I can stow my clothes and belongings. I stripped out of my sun dress, panties, and bra put them in the small dressing area reserved for me. I put on a white silk robe provided by the spa. My day of beauty included, a full body message, facial, seaweed wrap, sauna and spa bath. A champagne lunch was to be served around noon.

I started off with a message followed by a seaweed wrap. I never had a seaweed wrap and it was quite interesting. They put me in a steamy room with a padded table. A pretty young girl with long straight sandy brown hair came into the room. She was clad in a pastel orange bikini. She was thin, yet shapely. Her skin was beautiful and she had well toned muscle structure. I guessed her to be 24-years-old. I was only 30 , but I felt so old compared to her. I thought I was still attractive and young looking for 30-years-old. My husband always assured me of that. My skin was soft and I had no wrinkles or age lines yet. My dark natural curly hair was full and long falling about mid-back. I stood about 5'-7", 135 pounds, with wide hips, shapely thighs, and a small waist. My breasts were a size 40, D-cup, thanks to my last pregnancy. They were full, round, and still firm, but they drooped ever so slightly. I was still lactating as I had my son only 8 months prior. My daughter was four years old and looks like her father. I thought of them and missed them dearly as I tried to relax and treat myself to some luxury.

The girl said her name was Natalie and she was going to do my seaweed wrap. She told me to take off my robe and lay down on the table. I stripped out of my robe and was nude in front of this girl. I was a bit subconscious, but I viewed the situation as a sort of medical treatment. I am sure she was a professional. She was nice and made me feel at ease. I laid upon the table on my back as she applied the green seaweed goop all over my naked body. It felt so good when she applied the mixture on my swollen breasts and down my abdomen. I had a small washcloth covering my pubic region for modesty. It felt fantastic having another woman rubbing my naked body. I never been with another woman before, but I always wondered what it would be like. This was quite a tantalizing experience for me. Natalie was very nice and very pretty. After she applied the seaweed mixture to my whole body she left me to allow it to harden. Fifteen minutes later, she came back and washed the stuff off of me. I felt like a princess being bathed by a beautiful young servant girl.

When she was through, Natalie instructed me to go tï the sauna for my steam bath. During my steam bath I met a nice lady, Joyce, who was a handsome 48-year-old blond woman. She was very rich and her husband owned a magazine company. She looked very good for her age. She was cordial, but a bit snobbish. After the sauna, I went to the Jacuzzi room, which was large and roomy which resembled an ancient Roman bath. All of the other women customers seemed to congregate here at the same time. There were seven women, including myself, ranging in age from 23 to 48. They were all totally nude. There were women of all shapes and sizes. I saw different breast sizes and shapes. I noticed the variety of pubic grooming and deplilatory methods each of the women used. Some women trimmed their pubic hair to the bare minimum, while others allowed their hair to grow more liberally. All the women regardless of body flaws seemed so comfortable with their nudity. They were all wealthy and looked as if they really took care of themselves. They had to look good for their rich husbands so they could be shown off, I thought to myself. I was still bit subconscious about my appearance. I lost my baby fat, but I still had a small paunch with a healed 8 inch scar across the top of my pubic line from the cesarean section 8 months ago. All the women seemed to be paired with their girlfriends which made them more comfortable, but I was alone and it added to my nervous apprehension. I felt like I was in the girls locker room back in high school, except I no longer have my tight 16-year-old body anymore. Well, I took a deep breath of courage and dropped my towel on the nearby lounge chair. I was totally naked and felt vulnerable and uneasy, but I forged on. It was a bit drafty and I begin to move quickly to the bubbling Jacuzzi, where the other women were choosing their places to sit and soak. I was relieved as no one seemed to be looking at me.

As I got to the edge of the Jacuzzi, I heard bustling noises coming from the lounge area. Suddenly, five young men with shaved heads and their faces covered by black and blue bandannas burst into the large bath area. They were all armed with guns of all types and sizes. The leader barked out orders, "Spread out! Surround them!" Then he began yelling at us, "All right ladies this is hold up! Do exactly what we say and nobody gets hurt!" What a cliché I thought. It must be some sort of joke or prank. Some of the women squealed and gasped. "Everyone out of the water with your hands up and no one try to scream or run because me and my homies will kill all you bitches!" The men looked like young Latinos and Caucasians, ranging in age from 18 to 25. They were dressed like gang members. "Move I said, " the leader shouted even louder as he grabbed the back of my hair, pulled me back, then threw me forward toward the shower room. It hurt and I realized then it was no prank. The men rounded up all the naked and frightened women up and directed us to the shower room. The women stood crying an whimpering. I heard some of them saying, "Oh my God! What are they going to do to us?"

The men had already secured the employees. They tied up the male employees and kept them in the office. They ripped out the phones, drew the blinds, locked all doors and windows, and placed the closed sign out the front door. The men stormed in the back door and took the employees by surprise. They brought the young female receptionist, a female masseuse, and Natalie into the showers with us.

"Wait! There is something wrong here." Said the leader sharply. "What's that Patron?" Asked one of the robbers.

The leader pointed his gun at the clothed women and glared.

"Strip!" He shouted, motioning for the remaining 3 women to undress.

The red headed female receptionist was clad in a small black skirt, a lavender blouse, and black tights. She began bawling as she removed her clothes. The poor thing appeared to be only 18-years-old. This must have been a summer job for her. Natalie, trembling, peeled off her orange bikini. She had a beautiful body. She looked over at me and tears welled in her eyes. I looked down, ashamed that I was actually admiring her body. The masseuse striped out of white pants and a flowered short sleeved shirt. Now there were 10 nude and helpless women being held captive in this now crowded shower room by these young violent street thugs. The men found some duct tape in the office and used it to bind all our hands behind our backs.

The leader directed some of his men to escort each woman to their belongings so that they could take their cash, credit cards, and valuables. The leader took me and as we were about to leave he cracked me hard on my bare buttocks with his open hand, "Let's go bitch! Move it!" I jumped forward from the shock and quickly moved out of the shower room.. My ass stung from the strike which echoed loudly in the tiled shower room. The man began to pinch my butt and laughing as we walked along. I jumped and twinged with every other step and began to tear up in humiliation. I got to my storage area and gave him my purse. He found only $20 and one credit card. I left my jewelry at home because I didn't want to get it lost. Thank God I left my wedding ring at home too, I thought.

"That's it bitch? Where's the rest of it.?" He demanded.

"I am not a rich woman like the rest of them here. My husband is only an accountant." I explained.

"Well you got more than most people in my neighborhood have. You can still come to a place like this, bitch! What you spend for one day here could feed my family for a month. So don't give me that poor me crap." He argued his point well. He was right and I felt guilty.

He brought me back to the shower room. Some of the men were now pawing and molesting the women. The leader seemed to be upset of what was going on. He threw me into the crown of nude women. Natalie caught me and prevented me from falling. She held me up. I felt here moist warm skin as our breasts collided. We held onto each other and tried to console each other.

"What do you suppose they are going to do to us?" Natalie asked me.

"I don't know. They got all our money and valuables, maybe they will leave us alone now." I tried to reassure her, but I was so naive.

"You fucking horn dogs will get your chance, just wait a minute!" The leader shouted to his subordinates. "We got to make sure everything is all secure and one of you has to act as a guard so there are no surprises. Comprende?" Then he addressed the hostages, "Okay ladies. It appears we have some time to kill here. We thank you for your generous donations, but we still have some business to attend to. You see, some of my homies have been locked up for a while. They haven't been laid for some time and with all you lovely women at their immediate disposal. Well, my boys are going to have some fun with you. And if you give them any trouble, they have my full permission to kill you. Understand?" The women began weeping and whispering. Some pleaded and sobbed. Some tried to protest to no avail.

"Have at it hombres!" The leader announced. The men began grabbing the women and throwing them down on the hard tile floor. They dropped their pants and began raping the women they selected. They were doing all sorts of things to these terrified women. All types of sexual positions and orifices were being penetrated. The ratio of women to men were two to one and the men were determined to share us all. Then I saw some horrific sights. I saw a younger gang member, maybe 18-years-old, sticking an uzi machine gun into Joyce's vagina and laughed as she sobbed uncontrollably. I was shocked and stunned at the violence used.

Then the leader snapped at and motioned for me and Natalie to follow him to an available corner in the shower room. We were still clinging to each other. As we got to the leader's selected corner, he ordered Natalie to face the wall and kneel. He stood me up in the corner and pressed his body against me. I felt his erection in his pants as he poked it in my tummy. He grabbed me by the throat with his powerful left hand and he took his gun in his right hand. It was a black ominous pistol and pointed it at my temple. I don't know if it was a 9mm or a 45 caliber. I was sheltered. I knew nothing about guns. I was terrified and could hardly breath.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged.

"Hurt you? Naw, I'm going to fuck you. I haven't decided if I am going to kill you after though."

"Please, I am married and have two small children."

"All right! A married woman. I bet after you have a Latin lover like me you will dump that white bread husband of yours. Have you bee with anyone else, besides him?"

"No. I have only been with him. So please don't make me. My husband won't be able to live with the thought of me being violated. It will devastate him."

"I bet you two were high school sweet hearts huh? You are pretty hot for a young mamma. I'll bet you're real fertile too. I would love to get you pregnant. Would you like to have a Latino kid growing in your belly?"

"Please, No! At least wear a condom." I didn't want him to get me pregnant. I knew I was close to my ovulation time and the chances of a post-partum woman is very high. I was also concerned about disease.

He began to loosen his grip on my throat and brought the gun down, brushing my cheek with it. He brushed the gun against my lips and slowly moved downward to my chin and down the left side of my neck. He was strangely gentle with this weapon of destruction. If it were his hands instead of cold steel it would be very sensual touching.

He poked the barrel of his gun playfully into my breasts. He was grinning and chuckling to himself. I winced in pain as he was hurting my tender breasts, while hoping the gun would not accidentally go off. Then he raked his gun down my midriff and paused at my scar. He examined the scar intently and dragged the pistol back and forth along its course. I get itchy there sometimes and the scratching with the hard steel surface actually felt pleasant.

"Ah, the badge of motherhood. I love a the belly of a young mother. I bet you are real fertile, huh little mamma?" He broke his concentration and looked me in the eye, " Hey. Did you like the way my little homie was fucking that old broad with his gun? Did that fucking make you hot? I saw how you were staring." He looked down menacingly at his gun then at my pussy.

"Oh Please don't" I pleaded.

"Shut up!" He yelled thrusting his gun roughly against my clitoris smashing it against my pubic bone. I gasped and winced in terror and pain. I could not speak. He manipulated his gun so that the barrel open found and enveloped my entire marble sized clit. He twisted and turned the gun on my clit. It became engorged as the blood rushed into it. I was getting so wet as he manipulated my sensitive clit via his gun. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily as he worked it more and more. Then he slipped the gun off my clit and inserted slowly into my vagina.

"Oh no please!" I begged. I could not believe a loaded gun was in my vagina. "It might go off. I don't want to die."

"Just shut up or I will blast your pretty pussy all over this tile wall.!" He thrust the gun hard inside me as he said this. I let out a short scream in pain as the edge of the metal front gun sight nicked one of the inner walls inside my vagina. The cold thick metal of the gun kind of reminded me of a speculum used in a pelvic exam in my gynecologist's office. He was going to kill me I feared. The thought of a bullet penetrating me in my most intimate and sensitive parts of my body made me paralyzed in sheer terror. After the initial thrust, the leader kept working his gun in and out of me. He was raping me with his gun. It was painful, but strangely exhilarating and even erotic. I was so ashamed that I even had the remotest twinge of pleasure in all this. But then I caught myself moaning, not in pain, but in pleasure. What was I thinking?

After a few minutes he stopped and pulled his pistol out of me. I looked down to see his gun was saturated with my juices and a little bit of blood from when he nicked me. I was so close to climaxing when he stopped. He pushed me down on to the hard, cold , wet, tile floor. The coldness was uncomfortable on my warm buttocks.

"I want you to watch as I fuck your friend here." The leader said as he reached down and pulled Natalie back by the hair. He cut her binds with a large knife he kept on his belt. He made her get on all fours while he unzipped his baggy pants. He withdrew a large golden brown penis, which was thick and well erect. He was well endowed,`much bigger than my husband. This was the only other live penis I saw besides that of my husband and father. The leader got down behind Natalie and entered her vagina. He jammed the first thrust hard into her. She threw her head back violently as she was not prepared for such force into her all at once.

"Wow, you are wet girl. I guess you like seeing all these cunts being fucked in front of you by some real men, huh?" Said the leader.

Natalie could not reply because she was seemingly moaning and groaning in ecstasy from the sound pumping she was getting. I was getting turned on at seeing Natalie being fulfilled by this young forceful buck. It was very animalistic and I couldn't suppress my feeling of arousal. I would be playing with my wet pussy if my hands were not bound behind me. Natalie was loud in expressing her pleasure. She was a screamer. Then she climaxed. I could tell as she hit her crescendo and then collapsed. The leader kept going for a few more minutes and he tensed up and let loose inside her.

He pulled out of her and left her motionless on the tile floor. Then he came over to me and made me get on my knees. It was uncomfortable having my boney knees on the hard floor. He picked up my chin and looked down at me while stroking his still swollen cock. "I want you to taste her on me. Suck me back to a full hard on." He ordered. I hesitated, but I wanted to put that gorgeous brown cock into my mouth. I just needed to be prodded in order to release me of the responsibility.

"Do it!" He snapped planting his pistol in my forehead, "Or I will fucking kill you!" That was the excuse I needed to relieve me a little from the tremendous guilt I was feeling toward my unknowing husband at home. I took the leader's member into my full lips and moved up his cock. It was too big and I could not take it all in my mouth. His flesh was hot and soft. His pubic hair was full and coarse. He had a very manly smell. I bathed and worshipped his hot throbbing cock with my tongue. I swirled around his thick head and shaft. I hardly ever did this with my husband anymore. Everything was just so surreal. I looked up at the leader to see if he was enjoying what I was doing. He was. He rolled his eyes in back of his head and moaned with delight. I sucked him off until he came. He trembled as he spurted his pearly essence into my wet, warm, inviting, mouth. I swallowed every bit of his ejaculate.

"Ah. Good girl. I am glad you swallowed it, because I would have beat the shit out of you if you didn't." He said as he used his thumb to wipe a small drop of cum from the corner of my mouth. "Now." He continued, "I want you to eat out your cute friend here and suck my cum out of her pussy, while I watch and get myself hard again." He cut the tape from my wrists and pushed me toward Natalie. I crawled over to Natalie who was still lying face down. She was whimpering. I nudged her and told her that I was sorry.

"That's okay. You have to do what you have to stay alive. I understand." Natalie said with tear filled eyes, but she managed a small smile of reassurance. She moved over onto her butt and opened her legs for me. She had a plush thatch of dark brown pubic hair shaped in the most perfect triangle about her pussy. He mound was plump and her labia were tucked neatly within her. Her pink clit was recessed in her fleshy clitoral hood. It was a clean, pretty pussy all the way around. I was getting aroused at the sight of it. I was mesmerized by it. It touched it and caressed it before I put my mouth on it. I was never with another woman before and I was nervous, but very curious as to how I would react. I was even more curious to see how she was going to react. Will she like it? Will she like being with me, even in this forced set of circumstances. I didn't really know what to do. But, being a woman, I just did what I would like to have done to me. I licked and flicked my darting tongue at her clitoris. It poked out of its hood. It was so red and inflamed. I messaged and kneaded it with my tongue. She tasted so sweet. She was really wet. Then I worked my way down to her vagina, which still was leaking the leader's ejaculate. The combination of his and her fluids was heavenly to taste. I slurped the juices out of her. She writhed and moaned as I did this. Then I went back up to her clit and worked it hard and fast with my tongue. I inserted my right index and middle fingers into her wet vagina and moved them in and out rapidly as I licked her clit. She raised up off the floor and pushed my head into her soaking vulva. She smelled musty and womanly. She began to hyper-ventilate and come with a jerking orgasm. She fell back motionless with the exception of her stroking my long curly hair.

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