tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day in Gotham - Batgirl Undone

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Undone


A Day In Gotham - 7 -- Batgirl Undone (Rejection, discipline, a stranger lights up the day)

(Follows episode 6 -- Batgirl's Torment)

(Author's note -- this represents a further episode in poor old Batgirl's monumentally dysfunctional life -- sorry for the delay -- useful if you read the previous episodes first but not essential -- hope you enjoy - comments welcome!)


Chapter 1 -- Keeping an Eye on Things

Chapter 2 -- Batgirl Prepares

Chapter 3 - Robin's Big Chance

Chapter 4 - Batman's Shocking Secret

Chapter 5 - Misunderstandings

Chapter 6 - Aftermath

Chapter 7 - A Disagreement or Two

Chapter 8 - A Shocking Meeting

Chapter 9 - Catgirl's Electrifying Experience

Chapter 10 - Foreign Service

Chapter 11 - To Escape or Not To Escape?

Chapter 12 -- Satisfaction at Last

Chapter 13 - Catgirl On Top Again

Chapter 14 -- A Dramatic Encounter

Chapter 15 - What Now for Batgirl?


Chapter 1 -- Keeping an Eye on Things

Batgirl paused for a moment next to the innocuous looking white van. Plain and simple, it was just the sort used by tradesmen worldwide.

Her senses were on high alert as she scanned the otherwise quiet parking lot. Two or three family saloons were scattered around, and a sleek looking yellow Maserati sat proudly in one corner, but there was no sign of life. Her tight, figure hugging purple suit looked tense however. She wasn't sure why, but there was something strangely threatening about the place, and she still didn't really know why she was there!

With a quick sigh, and a last look around, she slid open the van's side door and disappeared inside.

Any similarity to a plumber's or builder's van was immediately shattered. The high tech equipment flanking one side would have done justice to any secret service operation, a small cot-sofa nestled in one corner for long surveillance duties, but Batgirl quickly settled herself into a wheeled computer chair in front of various keyboards and a bank of monitors.

With practised dexterity, she flipped switches to turn on the monitors, powered up a powerful computer and settled back to scan the screens lighting up in front of her. They showed images of various parts of the inside of a comfortable looking apartment. She checked kitchen, hallway, living room and finally two bedrooms. Just like the parking lot, totally deserted. Next, she picked up a small joystick and began to fine tune the views of empty rooms before finally settling back in her chair and sighing again in something akin to exasperation.

It looked like the new surveillance system she'd quickly installed in one of the apartments overlooking the parking lot was working ok, but really, what was she doing here? It had started as an impulse after the frustration of the previous mornings encounter with Robin she realised. But now? Somehow it seemed like she might have stumbled on something important.

The apartment in question was a 'safe house' that Batman had set up in a new block next to the river. Normally it would have attracted no attention whatsoever, but yesterday as she'd worked at Wayne Mansion with Robin as her alter-ego Barbara Gordon, doing the monthly computer back-ups she'd noticed something very strange. For the last six months, the standard surveillance recordings for the first Monday in each month had been replaced by the ones for the previous Friday!

It had gone un-noticed for a while and she'd probably not have picked it up this time either if she hadn't been so upset. After the encounter with Robin, she'd just gone at the back-up work with an unusual intensity and the discrepancy in the recordings had suddenly stood out.

So here she was, on a fool's errand maybe? Anyway, she'd installed her own cameras and would soon find out if there really was anything untoward happening.

All thanks to Robin really, she thought with a scowl. Bloody Robin!

With nothing to do but wait, her thoughts drifted inevitably back to yesterday morning.

Chapter 2 -- Batgirl Prepares

She'd showered early after doing her usual strenuous morning work-out.

Taut but shapely female muscles exercised to just the right level. Glistening with a light layer of sweat in the early morning sunlight, Barbara Gordon examined herself approvingly in the gym mirror. Recently, she'd taken to exercising in the nude. At first she'd told herself it was because of the heat, but now she'd admitted that she enjoyed the narcissist thrill of watching her naked form going through her exercise routine. Yummy!

After the brisk cold, then hot water shower she'd wrapped herself in a white terry cloth robe, dried her shoulder length light brown hair, and moved into her bedroom to stand before her wide dressing table.

She'd looked into the big mirror and twisted her head, pouting a little. "Now then Robin, you won't know what's hit you!" she thought as she sat down in front of the dresser.

She'd been happy, almost radiant even. She'd finally made a decision!

After years of chasing forlornly after Batman, she'd finally decided to push him to one side. She'd known that Robin had had a crush on her since his teenage days, but she'd always fended him off until now. Sometimes non-too subtly she'd remembered with a little grimace! But that was behind her now. She'd decided that today's regular monthly computer housekeeping session with Robin at Wayne Mansion was going to be his lucky day. She was going to let him have his way with her after all!

Now, she'd thought, all she needed to do was look ravishing, smile seductively and he'd be hers!

First job had been her hair. She'd worked quickly to brush it into a shiny sheen with a slight quiff on the right side, before tucking the rest behind a rather shapely ear. She'd struggled a bit with make-up. How to look ravishing without being too obvious? In the end she'd gone for subtle cream shades, no lashes - just soft and becoming she'd hoped.

Having got the top done, she'd turned her attention to the bottom bit. She'd leaned down to open a drawer, rummaged around a bit before extracting a flimsy pair of cream bikini panties and a matching lacy half-cup bra. She'd smiled delightedly as she imagined Robin's reaction when he saw her in those hot looking items!

Quickly dipping her shoulders, she'd slipped the robe free and let it slide down her back to rest at her waist. She'd smiled again as she'd admired her exposed, pert breasts in the mirror. Her hands had lifted almost automatically to cup the firm mounds, sighing a little as she'd felt her pink nipples respond to the gentle touch. She'd definitely felt in the mood!

It had taken just a second to sprinkle a little talc, and massage it into her soft skin, then with another wicked smile she'd picked up her expensive bottle of French perfume and dabbed a little between her breasts. Robin really wouldn't stand a chance!

Picking up her bra, she'd quickly fastened it at her waist, twisted it round and gently eased the half cups over her now tingling breasts, sucking in a little air as she'd felt the soft material rubbing against the sensitive skin. In moments she'd put her arms through the straps, pulled them over her shoulder and eased them straight before her hands were back on the bra cups, nudging them comfortably into place. It had taken a conscious effort to drag her hands away as she'd felt more and more aroused by the thought of Robin's in the same place!

Standing up, she'd let the terry robe slide down her legs and onto the floor, exposing the small triangle of tufty brown hair between her legs. She'd had to consciously stop one of her hands drifting down to investigate as she'd 'tutted' to herself and picked up the soft cream panties. Carefully stepping into them, she'd drawn them quickly up her long, tanned legs until they cupped her pubic hair, and then drawn the elastic waistband a little higher to pull the soft cream material tightly around her soft brown mound, drawing in a short, little breath as she'd felt the panties tighten around her sensitive sexual lips. She'd been feeling so ready for Robin at last!

Taking her perfumed talc, she used one hand to draw forward the front of the panties' waistband so that she could tip a little of the fragrant white powder down and onto her little bush. With another indulgent smile, she'd let the elastic pull back onto her belly and patted the triangle of cream material gently triggering a small white cloud of talc to seep through the material, and sucking in another deep breath as the action had sent little electric sensations bursting from between her legs.

Pausing again to admire her looks in the mirror, she'd considered her legs for a few moments but deciding against stockings. Her tan had developed well during the summer and she'd felt they looked good enough 'au naturel', so she'd twisted round to the wardrobe, rummaged for a few minutes before pulling out a light, fawn coloured summer dress. Definitely no trousers today!

It had taken just a moment to step into the dress and pull it smoothly over her lithe figure. It was well tailored to accentuate her curves, and she'd shimmied her hips slightly to settle it comfortably into place before drawing up the little zip from her waist to under her arm. The arm holes were low and she'd known that it would show a hint of her cream bra, but that had all been part of the plan after all. As had been the low cut front, showing just a hint of cleavage and the high hem line, hovering three or four inches above her bronzed knees.

Going back to her dressing table, she'd added the final piece of the jigsaw, a simple gold locket that had hung around her shapely neck nestling comfortably on her bosom between the gently rising flesh of her breasts.

Stepping back a little in front of the mirror, she'd reviewed her efforts. A quick adjustment of her hair, and she'd grinned at her reflection in satisfaction. "Now," she'd whispered to herself in excitement, "let's see Robin's face when he sees this!"

Chapter 3 - Robin's Big Chance

Batgirl had swung her shapely legs out of the car, stood up and smoothed down her dress before surveying the quiet elegance of Wayne Mansion. It had still been early, around half past nine and the sun had just been starting to warm up the surrounding gardens when she'd drawn in a deep breath of anticipation, locked her Porsche and strode over the gravel drive to the main entrance.

As she'd reached the great wooden door it had swung smoothly open and the craggy figure of Bruce Wayne's old retainer, Alfred, had appeared to welcome her in. She'd been secretly pleased to see even his eyes widen slightly as he'd taken in her sexy appearance.

"Good morning Miss Gordon. How pleasant to see you again. You're looking very ....errr striking today if I may say so."

"You may indeed say so Alfred. I'm feeling positively glowing! Is Robin, I mean Dick, up yet?"

"Oh yes Miss, Master Grayson has been busy down in the Bat Cave for a while now."

"Right, I'll scoot down and surprise him then." She'd smiled as she headed off down the hall towards the secret passages at the rear of the building, thinking that this 'surprise' would definitely catch the attention of 'Master' Dick Grayson! She'd considered reminding Alfred that Dick was well past 21 now, but she'd known how fixed he was in his ways.

"Mmmmm," had mumbled Alfred to himself as she'd disappeared, "I hope that Master Grayson's mood has improved since he got down there. He's not been quite himself lately at all............. Still I'm sure that Barbara will cheer him up."


As she'd entered the brightly lit cavern under Wayne Mansion that held Batman's storage and technical headquarters, she'd seen Dick bent over a terminal at the far corner. She'd tip-toed quietly across and crept up behind him. Whatever he'd been doing he'd not heard her approach and the first that he'd known of her approach was when she'd slipped her hands round his face to tenderly cover his eyes as she'd bent down slightly to plant a kiss on his neck.

The kiss had never made it though. Robin had shot up and backwards at her touch, catching her face a glancing blow with his shoulder and she'd stumbled backwards.

"Barbara!" he'd cried as he'd spun around, "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

Batgirl had been rubbing her cheek, wondering whether it would bruise and had not been best pleased with Robin's response to her advances.

"You lumbering ox!" she'd replied waspishly, then immediately regretting it she'd added sheepishly, "I'm sorry Dick ..... didn't mean to startle you. I ................errr was just .............."

She'd not finished as she'd watched Robin's expression change from anger to amazement as he'd taken in the sight of her lithe, fresh figure and sexy dress. Then confusion had appeared as his mouth had opened once or twice without any words materialising.

Regaining her composure and pleased at his delayed response, Batgirl had given him a bright glowing smile as she'd wiggled her hips for a moment and stepped forward intending to plant the missed kiss on his lips instead.

Again she'd been thwarted though as Robin had turned his head at the last minute so that the kiss ended up brushing his cheek in a distinctly sisterly manner and, despite the intake of breath as he'd sucked in her musky fragrance, he'd taken a step back to keep her embrace at arm's length.

"What's the matter?" she'd pouted in her best Hollywood style, running her hands down her waist and over her hips to show off her figure and the sexy dress again, "Don't you like me any more?"

It had been supposed to be a rhetorical question, because she knew that Robin had been chasing her for years, but the smile gradually faded as she realised that Robin was taking the question seriously.

"It's not fair Barbara," he'd mumbled, eyes still drinking in every line and curve of her body.

"It's just not fair," he'd repeated, and then he'd swallowed hard as if finally making up his mind, "You're always taunting me.......but it never leads to anything! Look at that episode with Zatanna! I think that you look fabulous, but I'm not going to let you make me feel...... not anymore! ..............." He'd not been able to finish and before a shocked Batgirl could say anything further, he'd spun away from her and stormed towards the cave entrance.

Batgirl had been amazed. She'd shouted after him, but her response had been the door slamming behind him. In the end she'd taken out her own frustration on Robin's chair, sending it tumbling across the cave floor with a well placed kick!

Eventually she'd pulled over another chair and sat down in disgust, the skirt riding high up her thighs, just as she'd intended for Robin. Her amazement had soon turned to anger and frustration however as she'd replayed the brief encounter in her mind, and then despondency overtook her. What was the matter with her? She just didn't seem able to establish any form of relationship with the men in her life. Batman just seemed to ignore her as a woman, and now even Robin had turned her down!

In the end, she'd reluctantly knuckled down to some work, and that had eventually led to her discovering the security tape anomaly at the safe house. Not quite the result that she'd anticipated when she'd arrived though!

Chapter 4 - Batman's Shocking Secret

Batgirl's thoughts were suddenly dragged back into the present as she heard a heavy sounding vehicle pulling into the parking lot.

Jumping up, she peeped through the darkened slit window high on the van side and was surprised to see the Bat-car drawing to a halt about thirty yards away in a cloud of dust. Seconds later the large, dark grey figure of Batman jumped out and began walking towards the apartment block, black cape swirling behind him in the light breeze.

She was about to open the van door to call after her crime crusading partner when something stopped her.

"It's his 'safe house' after all, so no reason why he shouldn't be here, but why now?" she thought, "why just at the time when the security camera tapes are wiped?"

A puzzled expression spread across her face as she slowly sank back into her chair and turned her attention somewhat tentatively back to the monitors.

It didn't take long for Batman to appear in the monitor covering the door and hallway. Batgirl watched him stride purposefully into the living room, giving the place a quick scan before heading further into the apartment and opening the bedroom door.

At this stage Batgirl was starting to feel a little embarrassed. Here was her senior partner and the subject of her long standing infatuation heading into the private sanctuary at the back of the apartment. Surely she shouldn't continue to observe. It would be like becoming a voyeur after all!

But then again, there was a mystery here wasn't there? She needed to get to the bottom of it didn't she? With a hint of a devious smile spreading across her face, she leaned forward and switched the main monitor onto the bedroom camera.

It was darker than the living room, and at first Batgirl was struggling to make out the scene. "Maybe I should have added more lighting?" she thought as her training kicked in, but her eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness and she could pick out Batman again.

"Oh," she muttered in dismay as she watched Batman pull off the cape, throwing it to one side before sitting on the bed edge and starting to pull off his black boots and gloves.

"Oh dear," she continued in confusion, "I really ought to switch off I suppose....." But she couldn't. She was riveted to the sight of her hero gradually pulling off his uniform in front of her. Suddenly she was desperately wishing that the cameras were in colour, but the black and white image was enough to send her blood pressure rising has Batman continued to disrobe in front of her.

Her eyes gradually widened as Batman finally pulled off his suit, and stood up clad only in his black cowl and a pair of light coloured boxers. Batgirl was now almost drooling over the sight of his powerful semi-naked frame, firm muscles rippling around his upper body, taut stomach and powerful thighs looking exactly as she'd always dreamed. God, he was so desirable! She had to positively instruct her hand not to slide down her body to the warm area between her legs that had suddenly started to tingle in anticipation.

"Jesus," she thought excitedly, "what now? Maybe I should go round and catch him like this? Maybe if I pulled off my suit as I went in he'd finally take notice of me, he could just take me right there!" Her breathing was getting ragged as her imagination ran riot, and now there was no will-power to stop the hand burrowing between her legs as she sighed softly at the touch.

Then she saw Batman's head swivel and his eyebrows lifted. "He must have heard something. Damn, why didn't I add sound?" she thought in annoyance as her dreams fragmented with Batman jumping up and heading out of the bedroom.

Quickly she switched onto the hallway monitor, just in time to see the door opening and a large, dark figure enter.

Batgirl was annoyed to see that it was a female form framed in the doorway, but she couldn't make much out until she'd entered and closed the door behind her. There was no doubt that it was a large, powerful looking coloured woman though. Her bushy, sleek black hair swept around her shoulders framing a strongly boned face with high, dark eyebrows. She was wearing a light, summery looking dress that swept loosely down from her wide hips to finish modestly a little above her knee. There little in the way of modesty about the neckline however which plunged deeply downwards to display a generous portion of dark brown cleavage beneath a large gold chain dangling adown from her neck.

Batgirl frowned. Despite the light, there was something vaguely familiar about her.

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