tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed


A Day In Gotham - 8 -- Batgirl Vexed (A promise fulfilled, a catty surprise, a dangerous enemy)

(Follows episode 7 -- Batgirl Undone)

(Authors Note -- It's taken a while to pull together, but thanks for your patience if you're following the series. As this implies, this story follows on from my previous efforts, but it can be read as an isolated story if you wish. As usual, Batgirl is still trying hard to sort out all her complex personal relationships with friends and foe alike!)



Chapter 1 -- Disappointing Beginnings

Chapter 2 -- Leaving 'Home'

Chapter 3 - The Library Gets a Shock

Chapter 4 -- Barbara Gets a Shock

Chapter 5 -- A Dire Threat

Chapter 6 -- Another Dilemma

Chapter 7 -- A Promise is a Promise

Chapter 8 -- Dark Plans Develop

Chapter 9 - A Surprise for Barbara

Chapter 10 -- Back at the Ranch

Chapter 11 -- Another 'Electric' Experience

Chapter 12 -- Who's Threatening Who?

Chapter 13 - Tables Turned

Chapter 14 -- Good Days, Bad Days

Chapter 15 -- Confronting Catgirl

Chapter 16 -- Tables Turned Again

Chapter 17 -- Robin's Special Treat

Chapter 18 -- A Dramatic Encounter

Chapter 19 -- Satisfaction at Last

Chapter 20 - Valediction


Chapter 1 -- Disappointing Beginnings

Batgirl was almost quivering with desire!

She couldn't quite believe it, but after what seemed like years of trying she'd finally got her man! Batman was on his way at that very moment, ready to take her in his arms, ready for action!

She gulped as the anticipation built within her, her whole body aflame with lust even before he arrived. God, but she had been waiting for this moment for so long!

She'd slipped on the flimsiest of baby doll nightdresses, the sheer black material enhancing her nakedness rather than hiding anything. There was a furry hemline at the bottom which sat ever so slightly below her taut bottom, the small triangle of darker fur between her legs peeping through the opaque material just above it. Her breasts were standing out proudly in front of her, the thin material of the nightdress dangling precariously over her thrusting pink nipples.

Her hands went briefly to her shoulder length light brown hair. It was in an unruly tangle after she'd ripped off her Batgirl costume and cowl, but it would have to do. There was no more time! She'd heard Batman's heavy steps approaching down the corridor and she stepped back slightly, the backs of her thighs rubbing up against the waiting bed. The fire in her body was now concentrating into a molten spot between her legs. She closed her eyes as the sensation increased, her quivering intensifying.

Then they snapped open as Batman entered the room. It was an entrance she hadn't expected. He didn't just open the bedroom door, he simply broke it down with a crash and stepped over the wreckage.

Then he was on her.

There were no words. There wasn't any need for them.

She was vaguely surprised to see that he was dressed only in his Black cowl and a pair of blue boxer shorts, but as he pressed his hardness firmly against that molten spot between her legs she simply dissolved into his arms, a long moan finally escaping from her lips.

"Oh Batman!" she gasped, "why has it taken you so long to come to me? I've wanted you for so, so long and ........ ohhhhhhhhhh!"

Her words were cut off dramatically as Batman cupped her breasts through the thin black material, squeezing hard and sending a tidal-wave of warm sensations flooding into her brain. Now she had only one thought in her mind, and she automatically reached a hand downwards between their hot bodies to caress the mighty erection that was pushing hard up at her sopping wet pussy.

It was Batman's turn to groan, but not for long as he pushed her sharply back onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, and automatically spreading wide to welcome him. In seconds his shorts were down by his ankles and Batgirl's eyes were riveted on his colossal erect penis, almost bursting to plant itself within her.

Her low cry of desire was animal like as she watched helplessly as he pushed up the flimsy nightie around her neck and then lean forward to take first one and then the other nipple into his mouth, licking and nibbling until she was squirming uncontrollably beneath him.

It was fantastic, just like she'd imagined so many times before and then all rational thought was forced roughly out of her mind as she felt his huge penis push up against her wet, welcoming vagina lips and then thrust deeply within her.

There was no time to savour the sensation though as Batman immediately began to drive hard backwards and forwards inside her. It was like the ultimate piston! What had been molten before was now white hot as her whole being seemed to revolve around her pussy, her clit and the pounding taking place below as her fingers dived purposefully in and out.

"What............fingers ........aaaaaaahh?" she thought absently in confusion as her body arched, the orgasm that had building remorselessly finally overwhelmed her, sending wonderful, shivering little convulsions all round her super-tense body.

As the blissful tension started to fade and she relaxed back onto the soft bedding, she started to take in her surroundings again. It was not what she wanted to see.

"Oh no, not again...." she whimpered to herself as she lay on her side and curled her legs tightly up under her, "where...why ......?"

She drew up the fingers of her right hand, coated in her own delicate juices and stared at them incredulously for a few minutes as her expression gradually changed from ecstasy to bewilderment. It hadn't been Batman after all. It had been another of those cruel dreams! The ones that had started almost a month ago when she'd witnessed her Batman getting together with Catwoman, her arch nemesis!

"How could he have done that to me?!" she thought for the hundredth time in rising misery as she turned her head, burying it into the soft lemon pillow and began to sob gently to herself.

Chapter 2 -- Leaving 'Home'

The solidly built man sat on his simple, metal framed bed and waited.

He hummed a favourite tune for a while and then a wide smile spread across his harsh features as he began to laugh mirthlessly.

It didn't sound like a laugh though. The joyous sounds were garbled and muffled into unintelligible gibberish by the gas mask that he was wearing. He looked a like a strange alien insect from some b-rated feature film.

He looked down with disdain at the dark blue striped 'pyjamas' that he was wearing, gave a snort of disgust, and looked at his watch yet again. At last! The thirty minutes were finally up and he positively ripped the mask of his face and let out another, louder burst of mirthless laughter. They couldn't keep HIM down for long!

Jumping up, he threw the mask onto the bed, carefully laid down a small ribbon wrapped card and opened the heavy, steel door.

The bright, harsh prison lights in the open corridor made him squint for a moment before he focussed properly and the laugh that escaped his lips now was full of mirth, but also dripping with evil.

"Well, well.....what a sight for sore eyes!" he whispered to himself.

All around him, figures in similar striped pyjamas were standing or sitting still, staring aimlessly in front of them. They looked like 'living' statues from a fairground, or, as the stranger preferred to think, like newly created zombies ready for the next Romero feature film.

He began to walk casually down the corridor, stepping carefully past his fellow inmates and heading for a door at the end where two blue uniformed prison guards were sat at a desk, both immobile, both staring aimlessly ahead, just like their charges.

Pausing briefly, he turned back and walked back a couple of paces to face one of the striped zombies that he'd just passed. He was an even more evil looking felon. Big, almost seven foot, shaven head and massively built. His deep brown eyes never flickered as he looked straight through the man drawn up in front of him.

"Hi Peanut!" the man sneered, glancing down at the massive erection standing out, pole-like from between the zombies legs, "Pity about the side-effects of the gas, but totally wasted on you though!"

He paused for a few more moments before swiftly bringing up his knee hard into the man's groin, crashing into the erection and forcing him back a couple of paces. The man's expression never changed though, he still stood still, rocking slightly but all feeling put in suspense.

Breathing a little harder from the effort the stranger stepped back before continuing down the corridor.

"That's the last time you'll attack me with THAT thing Peanut!" he laughed mirthlessly again, "And boy, are you going to suffer when YOU come back to your senses!!"

That was it.

"So easy," he was thinking, "just got to grab the uniform and keys from one of the guards, exit through the prepared side door and my accomplices will be waiting with the car and we'll be away!"

Really ........it was so, so easy. Well, if you were a master chemist and able to produce gases for all occasions it was!

Chapter 3 - The Library Gets a Shock

The man in the grey slacks and worn blue roll-neck jumper had moved his chair to get a better view. He'd been ogling his colleague all morning, and now that she was doing some work that involved bending down to retrieve documents from a low filing cabinet, he leaned forward in anticipation.

"Damn!" thought Barbara Gordon as she caught Simon's eyes on her as she bent back up with an armful of files. She'd forgotten to squat down, and even though she was purposely wearing a demure, knee length skirt today, it had a long slit up the back and by bending over she'd given him a glorious view of the back of her long, well toned and stocking clad thighs.

She glared hard at him across the room but, as usual, he simply responded with one of his cheesy grins. The other girls on the library staff had christened the new staff member 'Smarmy Simon' because of his perpetual efforts to catch them in unsuspectingly revealing situations but Barbara had tried hard to be fair to him. Her patience was beginning to wear thin though as she stormed back to her position on the Gotham City Library 'Enquiries' desk.

Barbara enjoyed the relaxing quiet of the library. It was a peaceful contrast to her time as Batgirl where she would prowl the streets with Batman and Robin, putting anti-social elements out of circulation! Not much peace and quiet there! It was a much needed distraction.

She sat back briefly as she patted her shoulder length light brown hair into position, before smoothing down her plain cream blouse over her firm bosom and making sure that it was tucked into her light brown skirt below the tan leather belt. The large brass buckle was the only element of showiness, Barbara being well aware of the Head Librarian's conservative views on dress code.

The library was normally quiet, but there always seemed to be a little background murmur of conversation and Barbara's ears were well accustomed to it, so when that background noise suddenly disappeared and the silence was total, she looked up sharply.

There was a reason why all conversation had stopped and that reason was heading purposefully across the room in Barbara's direction!

Barbara eyes opened wide as she took in the apparition. So did all the male eyes in the room, and a fair proportion of the women too!

A young woman, long, raven black hair flowing behind her was striding towards the Enquiries Desk. She wasn't tall, but extremely striking. This was largely the result of what she was wearing, or as Barbara was soon realising, not wearing!

Just about covering her boobs was a skin tight, light blue top plunging deeply at the front to display a large helping of upper breasts. Barbara could tell that it was skin tight because her breasts were joggling up and down as she walked, clearly unrestrained and with unmistakable peaks where her nipples fought unsuccessfully to break through the smooth material.

The skimpy top dropped down to a trim waist, where a black and white checked micro-mini skirt just about succeeded in covering her rear and her pants. "If she's wearing any!" thought Barbara in shocked horror. Her legs were covered in patterned white stockings that finished in a dreamy white band about half way up her thighs, held up by white suspender fastenings at front and back, and clearly visible to anybody looking. By now this was everyone in the library!

As she reached the Enquiries Desk, she pulled up in front of Barbara, who had suddenly realised that her mouth had sagged open and was swallowing hard as she closed it. A large smile spread across the young ladies face, her eyes sparkling as she surveyed Barbara's confusion. She clearly knew what effect she was having on the room as she proceeded to unsettle Barbara even further.

"Can you show me the BDSM section please?" The sweet voice was pitched to carry around the whole room.

Barbara's cheeks reddened as she realised that everyone was now tuning in for her reply, some in shock, some in envy and some starting to smile themselves! She was struggling to compose herself, wondering whether she could throw out the newcomer for dressing like a tart, but realising that there were no rules covering this. She was at a bit of a loss.

"Errrr, well ..............."

"That's BDSM............Bondage, Sado.."

"I know what it means thank you!" gasped Barbara at last, annoyance starting to get her into gear again.

Who the hell did this woman think she was anyway? She looked back into the woman's eyes, seeing a spark of mischievousness reflecting back. They were strangely familiar somehow. Further thought was interrupted however by movement from her left. Simon had got up. It was either to help, or get a better view of the girl's breasts, and Barbara was pretty sure which, but he didn't get far enough to explore options.

"Can I help?" he called across hopefully.

The young woman dragged her eyes from Barbara's, switched them to poor Simon and gave him both barrels.

"Sit down you little pervert!" she directed in a loud, frigid voice, dripping with menace.

Simon gulped and dropped quickly back into his chair. Barbara was shocked with the sudden change of attitude, but at least pleased that she wasn't now the centre of attention! She wondered whether the woman knew about Simon's little fetishes. Maybe there was some signal that, as a woman, she'd picked up automatically? It was irrelevant though, as the two sparkling eyes danced back onto Barbara's.

"Anyway," the young woman continued more warmly, "I'd much rather be served by this gorgeous looking receptionist here."

Barbara rolled her eyes, back in control of herself. "I'm a librarian, not a receptionist thank you!" she corrected calmly, "You'll find what you're looking for upstairs, section F, isle 14." Her pride in having remembered the area so promptly was soon tempered by the realisation that people might guess that she was a regular visitor to that section herself! Her expression quickly changed from panic to query however as she realised that the woman wasn't moving. It was soon changing back to annoyance though as the young woman demanded that she accompany her upstairs to help her.

There was a bit of a stand-off as she held her ground, explaining that she was far too busy, but the young woman finally won that round by pointing to the little sign on her table that offered 'CUSTOMER SUPPORT' in whatever way the staff could help.

Barbara pursed her lips, swore under her breath about the Head Librarian's fatuous Customer Service policies, but eventually got up and reluctantly guided the dazzling young woman to the lift. In total embarrassment, she felt the eyes of the whole library following them across the open floor.

Chapter 4 -- Barbara Gets a Shock

The Gotham City Library was one of the mayor's pride and joys. Hence it always had good funding to maintain the multitude of polished wood fittings, and the black, wrought-iron work of the major structures. It was a dramatic product of the early twentieth century.

When Barbara emerged from the old-fashioned lift on the upper floor, she led her new charge around the veranda overlooking the main hall from which numerous little alcoves led off at right angles. She was still uneasily conscious of the many eyes following them as she walked smartly down to an alcove half way down the hall, almost pushing the sexy young lady into it so that they were finally obscured from public view.

"Right," she said in her most business-like manner, "The books that you're interested in are on the top two shelves over there." She indicated a point at the back of the alcove where the shelves reached high towards the ceiling.

"Wow, you certainly don't want people stumbling onto them by mistake do you? They must be really juicy to be right up there! I bet you've explored them before though haven't you?" the young girl added cheekily.

Barbara blushed a little in unconscious confirmation before drawing back and saying haughtily, "You can use the ladders over there."

She had indicated a pair of wooden steps that were standing at the end of the alcove. The young woman looked at the rickety looking ladders speculatively before dragging them over.

"OK," she said doubtfully, "but only if you'll stand at the bottom to hold them."

"Oh fine," responded Barbara quickly, "Anything to get you out of my hair!"

What Barbara hadn't factored in was the view that she would then have as she watched the sexy young legs ascend the ladder just in front of her eyes until her shapely ankles were just level with her face. As she looked up to check that everything was ok, her eyes went into autopilot as they followed the stocking clad calves upwards then reaching strong muscular looking thighs, half covered by the white stockings with the white band of the stocking gripping her upper thigh tightly.

Barbara swallowed in secret delight as she let her eyes roam further up the bare flesh until it disappeared under the white band of her plain white panties which were clinging tightly around her bottom before disappearing invitingly between her legs. The girl had had to stand with her legs slightly apart for balance, making the view between her legs even more tantalising. It was the ultimate 'up-skirt' erotic moment, and although Barbara knew that she shouldn't, she couldn't help but drink in the sexy sight.

After the frustrations of her early morning dreams, Barbara couldn't help but feel a stirring of arousal emanating from between her own legs. She swallowed again before finally dragged her eyes away.

Not for long though.

After a little while and some shuffling around from above her which Barbara studiously ignored, she heard a voice from above, "This looks good, what do you think?"

As she automatically looked up, her eyebrows shot up and she swallowed hard again. The raven haired beauty had swivelled round on the stairs making a complete mockery of her protestations of doubt about the stability of the ladders. Inevitably, Barbara's eyes were dragged up the girl's legs again, but this time up the front portion before finally resting on the triangle of white panty covering her pussy. The skirt covered next to nothing!

The little mound was tightly embraced by the thin material and the suspender straps running underneath had teased up the edges, allowing some light brown hair to peep out from under the material. Barbara's arousal level went up another couple of notches a she felt a light band of sweat cover her forehead before the reverie was broken again.

"Hello! Anyone down there?!"

Barbara's eyes shot up to meet the smiling face looking down at her, her face reddening yet again.

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