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A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wins 04


Title A Day in Gotham – 9 - Batgirl Wins 04
((Authors Note –

This story follows 'A Day in Gotham - 9 - Batgirl Wins 03' and is the final part of this series.

As with all multipart series, it's best read after the earlier episodes, but I've tried to make it stand on its own as far as possible.

Of course you'll probably need to know about the Alien spaceship, stranded in Gotham due to a lack of a key energy source, and the innovative way that they found to replenish it with some involuntary input from Gotham's finest womenfolk. And then there was the problem with the renegade alien 'doctor' who found that he liked 'harvesting' the energy from his women in a more direct manner!

So that brought Batman and the team officially onto the job in a partnership with the good alien guys to capture him. Of course Batgirl, as ever, played a central part in bringing him down and almost giving her 'all' in the process.

And then there were Batgirl's relationships! Still a touch flaky to say the least with Catwoman, hot and cold as ever with Batman, but close now with Catgirl - well, that is, until Sister Allison came onto the scene!

Hope that helps a bit ......

I love to see comments on my stories, hopefully positive, but really whatever you feel. I can take it! (I think!)

I sincerely hope that you enjoy ..........

Duke ))


1 - Trouble All Round
2 - So Near and Yet So Far
3 - A Catgirl Spurned ..........
4 - A Little More Harvesting Back on the Agenda?
5 - Batgirl Gives Her All
6 - Back From The Brink
7 - An Embarrassing Moment
8 - Difficult Days
9 - A Present For Sister Allison
10 - Batman Reflects
11 - ' Hanging' Around
12 - Preparing The Main Course
13 - The Main Course Stuffing
14 - And Now For Desert!
15 - Morning Has Broken
16 - Back to Reality
17 - It's Just All A Bit Too Much
18 - Last Chance?
19 - Going Out With A Bang

1 - Trouble All Round

Batgirl was starting to get bored.

Lying on the hospital bed again, draped in the drab blue hospital gown that totally disguised her spectacular figure, all on her own. It was so, so ........well, boring!

It had been half an hour since her special ward nurse, Sister Allison, had taken her leave from the private little room in the hospital, albeit a little reluctantly. They'd parted on the back of another long, lingering kiss that had sent Batgirl's pulse racing, and a promise to meet up as soon as the Sister was back at work again.

And, of course, it was Batgirl who'd ensured she would be back at work at all! A fact that Sister Allison was very aware of, so she'd been very thankful in their short meeting. In fact, Batgirl was hoping that when they met up again she'd soon to be even more thankful!

Looking back though, her role in helping capture the renegade Alien doctor, Arturos5, had been risky to say the least! No wonder that she and Catwoman hadn't dared to tell Batman about the plan to set herself up as bait!

That evil being had been assaulting large numbers of women in the Gotham City Hospital area, including her very good friend Sister Allison, putting them into 'energy loss' comas, and it had been a close run thing as Batgirl had almost succumbed to the same treatment! Fortunately the handsome 'Doctor Stephens' had rescued her from the brink of disaster! But it had left her physically exhausted, and so here she was, 'resting', in the ward room as her young, resilient body gradually recovered it's strength.

She'd also been trying to figure out what she'd do now that Sister Allison had found out that she wasn't just Barbara Gordon, a shy Gotham City librarian, but in reality Batman's right hand woman in his perpetual fight against crime. Of course there was also Robin in the team, but Batgirl had no doubt about her place in the grand scheme of things!

It was that damned Catgirl's fault! She'd been the one to blurt it out in a fit of jealous anger when she'd walked in on the two of them indulging in a sexy clinch on the hospital bed before storming out of the room in disgust, uttering a string of most un-ladylike curses.

In the intervening time, Batgirl had sighed more than once in exasperation as she'd tried to balance all the conflicting emotions running through her mind. Oh, why was life always so complicated?!

Since then, and feeling a little guilty given that she had been in the middle of a somewhat fraught lesbian fling with Catgirl, she'd been trying to contact her on her mobile. But her calls were going straight to voicemail and her one attempt at apologising by text had resulted in a short, sharp response.


She'd also started to wonder where everyone else was.

In particularly, the good Doctor Stephens. It seemed that the time spent with Catgirl and Sister Allison had simply served to get her aroused again and she was thinking distinctly non-professional thoughts about her favourite Alien Ship's Captain again!

And where for that matter were her partners in crime, Batman and Robin!? Didn't anybody care for her anymore!

As if on cue the room doors swung open again and the brightly garbed figure of Robin breezed in.

"Oh there you are Batgirl, hope you're feeling ......"

"Hello," interrupted an annoyed Batgirl, "do I look like I'm wearing my bright purple suit?! It's 'Barbara' in here please. Good grief, everyone in the hospital's going to know my identity before long!"

Robin looked calculatingly around the deserted room, "Yeah, right.........anyway I'm really looking for Catgirl. She around?"

Batgirl raised her eyes to the ceiling, "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for your concern!"

Robin just grinned back mischievously, "So Catgirl ....?"

"I don't know where the hell she's gone. She's not responding to my calls!"

"I don't believe it. Have you two had yet another bust-up?!"

"She's being un-reasonable!"

"Yeah, right..."

Robin paused for a moment, "Have you heard about Batman and Selina, I mean Catwoman?"

Batgirl's eyes narrowed at the mention of her nemesis' name, "No ...what's happened?"

"Wow ............. you should have been there .....they had a right flare up! Don't know what it was about but I've never heard Batman so angry. It was the other side of the hospital but it was such a commotion that I'm surprised that you didn't hear it here! Catwoman stormed off after she'd kicked him. Sounds distinctly like the end of our crime-fighting partnership to me. That's why I want to find Catgirl. There's no reason for us to be involved is there?"

He sounded more hopeful than confident and if the blow-up had been about what Batgirl thought it was, then they'd all be involved in some way! She shook her head. She hadn't expected Catwoman to keep her side of the bargain, at least not so quickly. So Batman knew! It sent her mind reeling for a short time. Robin misinterpreted the silence.

"I will NOT let it affect me and Catgirl!" he finished determinedly, "I'd better go. She's probably back at Catwoman's place."

Batgirl grimaced as she heard the concern in his voice. Robin and Catgirl had developed a close relationship that Batgirl found hard to understand. It seemed like genuine affection! Batgirl's relationship with Catgirl was volatile at the best of times, but recently she'd been drawn unexpectedly into a threesome with her two compatriots and she'd seen how close they really were.

"Careful Robin, she was really angry when she left earlier. And I mean REALLY angry!"

He turned to leave and then stopped at the door, "Oh, I don't think she'll be angry with me. You on the other hand ..........!? Want me to pass on a message?"

Batgirl thought about it for a few moments. It was a chance to smooth over their current 'problem' but the words would have to be right.....

"Tell her that she's acting like a miserable, spoiled brat ......... and I'm not a 'bitch'!!"

Robin gave out a low whistle, "Woo hooo - I'm going to enjoy seeing her response to that one!"

Then he was gone. Batgirl settled back slowly on the bed and sighed. Again.

So, Batman had found out that he wasn't her biological father after all. That Catwoman had been lying to him for years! And ...........and I can still have him as my lover, she thought dreamily as the nagging tingle in her pussy suddenly intensified again!

Events suddenly seemed to be going so fast! But at least she could feel her strength returning. Surviving the harvesting attack of the renegade alien Arturos5 and her rescue by the other alien 'doctor', Doctor Stephens had left her sexually exhausted and weak as a kitten. But soon she'd be up and about and then she could track down Batman .... or Doctor Stephens ... or ....... Oh My God, suddenly she was so, so confused again!

2 - So Near and Yet So Far

The Alien Ship's Captain, was starting to get annoyed.

And that was ridiculous! He was an energy being after all, supposedly emotionless, but he was starting to realise that the time that he'd spent morphed into the human form of Dr Stephens was starting to have unexpected side-effects.

I wonder if that's what happened to Arturos5 he thought for a moment before the sounds from his communicator brought him back to Earth, and Gotham.

He was seated at his desk in his plain hospital office, but his communicator was plugging him into Ship's Council meeting that he'd called to take stock of their position. After having captured Arturos5 with the help of that young female law enforcement officer that they called Batgirl for some reason, he would have liked to drop out of his human form as Doctor Stephens, and get back to the ship to take personal charge of proceedings against his renegade Weapons Officer.

But there were too many loose ends to tie up here, so he was trying to run the meeting remotely, and it wasn't easy! After all the recent excitement, everyone had an opinion and they all wanted to voice them, and they all thought that they were right! Okay, time to remind everyone who's who he thought.

"Right, that's enough of all this! I will not countenance any approach that involves reinstating Arturos5. He stays in close confinement until we get back to base! He almost managed single-handedly to destroy our harvesting programme. You know.....the one that you ALL agreed was the best way of replenishing our missing specialised interstellar energy source!! Now, Hailsurt1 had been managing the extraction of that energy from the local human lesbian population quite smoothly until that madman of a weapons officer decided to try and short-circuit the programme. And by leaving all the women that he 'harvested' in a coma, he almost brought us to the attention of the general populace! Completely against our operating guidelines you'll note! As it is I've had to admit our presence to the group of law enforcement officers run by the Batman, and I've now got to ensure that they don't tell anyone else!"

He paused for breath, and listened to silence at the end of his comms line. Mmm, maybe this 'anger' emotion was a useful tool after all he thought before ploughing on with his monologue.

"Anyway, at least we've been able to return the energy that he stole from them so brutally, and the women in that isolation ward seem to be recovering well. That should help our cause somewhat when I do finally see Batman and Catwoman."

At this point he was unexpectedly interrupted by his Science Officer, Halsburt1, "We may have a problem there Captain. I was monitoring them earlier and they seem to have had some sort of disagreement. I don't think that they're working together anymore."

"But wasn't Catwoman going to provide some more females to finish off our harvesting program? Her 'Kittens' didn't she call them?'" responded the Captain in surprise.

"Exactly Captain. That's the problem ......... I could try a bit of mind control I suppose?"

"No, don't do that! The last time we tried that it was a disaster! What about those other two, Catgirl and Batgirl?"

"Err, well, it's true that they were a superb pair when we harvested from them earlier, but errr .... well, they seem to have had a disagreement as well."

"What is the matter with these human females?!" sighed the Captain in exasperation, "Ok, I was going to see how Batgirl was progressing after she was so nearly harvested by Arturos5 so I'll see whether she can persuade this 'Catgirl' to come back. Harvesting from those two will definitely fill our tanks and then we can get back to base. This was supposed to be a SIMPLE planetary monitoring mission after all!"

3 - A Catgirl Spurned ..........

In the Kittens playroom, Catgirl was rummaging through their little 'treasure chest' of toys.

The room was a central part of Catwoman's headquarters, because the Kittens were central to her gang's command and control structure. They were all young women with a taste for adventure, highly trained in various aspects of business dynamics but chiefly in how to best manipulate men and women in achieving Catwoman's nefarious aims. That generally meant some form of sexual activity, and that was the other thing they all signed up for. Plenty of erotic sex!

Sat cross-legged alongside her was Natasha, the current Kitten's Chief of Staff, wearing a very thin and almost transparent ivory peignoir. She hadn't been on duty when Catgirl had stormed in so the short, dark haired woman had been lounging around in the playroom on her own as Catgirl started kicking around some of the many soft cushions that were spread liberally around the room. There was no other furniture and the soft, yellow lighting on the hanging wall drapes made the place look like an Arabic harem.

It had taken about ten seconds for Catgirl to explain the extent of Batgirl's 'treachery' and since then she'd been striding about the room describing all the nasty things that she was going to do to her 'friend' when she fell into her hands again.

"Well, there's plenty to choose from," murmured Natasha playfully as she casually joined Catgirl in sorting through the treasure chest. 'Treasure' may not have been the obvious choice of name for a box containing just about every sexual toy that a girls imagination could run to. But it was exactly the right name as far as the Kittens were concerned!

Catgirl, turned to look at Natasha and was distracted by the sight of her gorgeous round breasts, tipped by intense dark nipples staring back at her through the thin material of her gown. Her gaze automatically dropped to the inviting black triangle sitting above her wide-spread legs and she felt a familiar reaction triggered between her legs.

"Natasha, can't you wear at least SOME underwear round here," she sighed resignedly, "you're so incredibly distracting!"

Natasha smiled and leaned forward, her steely blue eyes flashing as she let her lips run briefly across Catgirl's before flitting away again, "You want 'distraction'? I can do 'distraction' in a big way!"

Catgirl had to remove one of Natasha's hands that had reached out, cupping and massaging her breast through her Cat-suit, as she took a deep breath, "No, no, no Natasha .... well, later maybe ..... not now anyway!" she added as she thought how totally satisfying a quick rumble with Natasha would be, "Look, I need to sort out my plan!"

Natasha rocked back in apparent disappointment, "Okay .... but I'm going to hold you to 'later'! Anyway, do you really think that Batgirl will fall for this?" She wasn't sure about the first part of the plan that Catgirl was quickly sketching out.

Catgirl gave her a pained look in response, "This IS Batgirl we're talking about!"

"Yeah, true .... okay so, we capture her again, then what?"

Catgirl rattled off a whole series of ideas. Natasha nodded in amusement. If all that came off, Batgirl was going to have an experience to remember! She rummaged about in the bottom of the box, feeling for something and finally retrieved a massive black dildo. It was huge, both in length and girth! The Kittens generally used it to frighten off their captured women, but even they never used it on themselves.

Natasha was smiling devilishly when she held it up to Catgirl, "Well, what do you think?"

Catgirl gasped at the sheer size of it, "No, no Natasha, that really is too much. Even for Batgirl................. " She paused for a moment before continuing as she reached out for the monster, letting her fingers curl round the thick plastic girth, and looking into mid-air as her imagination ran riot, "..................mmmmm .... this really would get her attention though!"

Natasha was looking shocked, "Hey, come on Catgirl...... I was jesting, .......you can't be seriously thinking......."

But that's exactly what Catgirl was thinking!

4 - A Little More Harvesting Back on the Agenda?

Batgirl had finally had enough of her incarceration in her private ward room.

Robin had been gone for ages and she was feeling more or less back to her old self. Her strength seemed to be almost back to normal, and as there'd been no sign of Batman coming to visit, she'd decided to go and seek him out herself!

She'd also been sneakily hoping that the enigmatic Doctor Stephens would make an appearance. She owed him a big thank-you for rescuing her and she couldn't get out of her mind the way that her last conversation had been going with him before she'd panicked, retreated to the washroom and almost been 'harvested' by the evil Arturos5! She'd been thinking most un-ladylike thoughts about the alien ship's Captain and she'd been starting to get a feeling that he might be responding to her. She hadn't really thought about him much when they'd first met, but recently she'd been taking more note of his broad, muscular shoulders, his stocky but powerful frame and the way that his normally serious features would break out into that infectious grin. But, after all, making out with an alien in human form was such a ridiculous notion ..... well wasn't it?!

She shook her head in amazement that she'd even thought about it, but she couldn't ignore her almost automatic response these days to any form of erotic thought as her pussy tingled pleasantly.

"Oh God Barbara, get a grip of yourself!" she muttered as she threw aside the bed-sheets, just in time to hear footsteps outside, and the room doors begun to swing open. Could Batman finally be making a tardy appearance she wondered angrily?!

It wasn't Batman. Into her little retreat strode the blonde haired figure of Doctor Stephens, his white coat flapping around him as he swung into the room.

"Hello Batgirl, how are you? I ......"

His greeting was broken off as he stopped in his tracks, " ........ oh I'm sorry .... I should have knocked ..........."

Batgirl's cheeks were going red again as she realised how she must look. Having thrown aside the sheets, she was sitting up against her bed-rest, but all the wriggling around that she'd been doing had ruffled up her hospital gown so that it was now crumpled up across the top of her thighs. The Doctor was staring at her long, bare legs as he dried up and then she almost died as she realised that he might be able to see her pussy peeping out from under the blue material. She'd not had chance to replace the pair of black panties that Arturos5 had shredded in the washroom and there now seemed to be a good chance that the other alien in her life was staring at her most prized possession!

She quickly dropped a hand and dragged at the hem, but the gown was trapped under her, and didn't shift much, the movement just emphasizing to him what she'd desperately been trying to hide ..... the dark, inviting line of her slit!

With what seemed like a major effort, he dragged his eyes up to meet Batgirl's, and then completed his journey to her bedside. "I'm err so pleased that you're up and about Batgirl, sorry Barbara," he corrected himself as he reached her, "there are some things that I really need to discuss with you. May I?"

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