tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma


A Day in Gotham - 3 - Batgirl's Dilemma

Chapter 1 - Good Dream, Bad Dream?

She woke up with a start, instantly awake and scanning her surroundings urgently. What had happened!?

Her heart was racing, but her breathing quickly returned to normal as her brain registered the air of normality in the bedroom. The early morning Gotham City sunlight was streaming through the curtains and already it felt pleasantly warm as her home city prepared itself for another baking hot mid-Summer day.

She slowly surveyed the bedroom again, wondering what on earth had caused her to wake up with such a start, but there was nothing out of place.

A bad dream maybe? A nightmare perhaps?

Whatever it was had left her bed looking like a train wreck. During the Summer she liked to sleep nude under a large white satin sheet. Now the sheet was twisted and entwined around one of her muscular thighs, and even the under-sheet was curled up and crumpled beneath her with the matching pillow nowhere to be seen.

As she propped herself up on her left elbow, she realised that her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, making her beautifully proportioned legs glisten slightly as the morning sun-rays bounced off the lower half of her naked body. As her gaze travelled upwards she was soon aware that her equally well proportioned breasts were also covered in the same fine sheen of sweat. Why?

Then, with a start, she felt that her brown-pink nipples were almost painfully erect, straining away from the firm round mounds beneath them.

As she gazed at the erect nipples, her confusion surfaced "What the...?" she thought, and then felt her right hand automatically sliding down her side as if it had a mind of its own. She didn't stop it though as it drifted further across her tummy and became lightly entangled in the curly brown hair of her pussy.

"Jesus!" she thought as the fingertips delved a little further down and felt the damp, almost oily lips of her sex ready to part at the slightest touch, "That must have been one hell of a dream!" But for the life of her she couldn't recall the subject. With regret, she knew that she ought to be moving. She had an urgent appointment that morning, but couldn't resist letting the finger tips run lightly backwards and forwards along the damp crevice, wallowing in the flood of warmth spreading out from between her legs. Then, with a snort of either annoyance or regret (or both!), she snatched her hand away from its burrowing and sat up abruptly.

"Come on Barbara Gordon," she said to herself, "Got to get on!" But she felt a part of her mind promising to continue her little fantasy at a more convenient time. With that little half promise, she got up and sauntered breezily into the bathroom.

After washing and showering, she headed back into the bedroom, still delightfully naked, but with a towel turbaned around her wet auburn hair and sat down in front of a large, modern dressing table. In front of the main mirror she proceeded to dry her hair and apply her make-up in preparation for the day ahead. After she was satisfied that her beautiful, strong features were suitably highlighted she stood up and opened one of the drawers. She rummaged briefly through the soft silky lingerie before extracting a pair of black, lacy panty briefs. As she stood back from the dressing table, she couldn't resist standing in front of the long mirror, taking that 'artistic' pose with her back to the mirror, but twisting round so that her strong, pert breasts were in profile and drawn even tauter as she raised her hands together above her head and smiled wickedly at herself in the reflection. The results of her regular work outs were plain to see as her shapely calves led up to strong and muscular thighs, a hint of curly hair in profile before moving onto a firm belly and well muscled back. Her skin felt radiant, and she couldn't help but release a narcissist sigh as she admired her well toned form. "Healthy and strong, yet not over the top and ugly!" she congratulated herself.

Giving up the pose, she swung back around and stepped into the black panties, quickly drawing them up her legs, and pulling them over her hips, using her fingers to smooth them around her waist and drawing them up between her legs immediately feeling another little tingle as the material wrapped itself around her labia lips, reminding her how she'd felt when she awoke. "Stop it!" she thought urgently as she caught her hand drifting down over the soft panty material.

So, with a little sigh, she leaned forward over the dressing table and did a strange thing.

Her arms stretched to either side of the wide dressing table and simultaneously pressed into two panels at opposite ends.

With a little 'Whoosh' of some internal mechanism being triggered, the whole dressing table began to twist backwards and sideways, opening up a passage to a small, well lit room behind.

Chapter 2 - Transition

The room was surprisingly large with a workbench and tools down one side, cupboards containing an array of chemicals and electronic devices and a lab bench on the other. Concealed lighting in the roof gave off a soft, yellow glow.

At the far end was a skeletal contraption holding a dark purple, shiny body suit with the symbol of a bat in flight etched in yellow across the bosom. The accompanying accessories of the costume, black knee length boots, black arm length gloves, a matching purple hooded cowl, yellow cape and her trademark fiery red wig lay on a table next to the suit. Her heart quickened as she contemplated the transition into her alter-ego, Batgirl.

Suddenly she paused, half way across the room and a frown spread across her beautiful features. The sight of the suit had re-ignited the faint memories of the dream that had just troubled her. She realised that it was something to do with Catwoman and, more particularly, her feisty new partner Catgirl. But still couldn't remember the details.

She was annoyed at the thought of Catwoman intruding into her thoughts again. What made it worse was that her feline nemesis had bested her on the last three occasions that they'd met, and she couldn't help but glance down to her bare thighs, the bruising from being hog-tied having only just faded away.

The memories of Catgirl were different. She was younger, probably in her early twenties and had only recently teamed up with her more senior partner, but whereas Catwoman was basically just a criminal, intent on making money from wherever she could, Catgirl seemed to get most of her pleasure from teasing Batgirl! The thought brought an on involuntary tingle from between Barbara's legs as she recalled the orgasmic tortures that she'd undergone from the little feline minx at their last encounter. Then came the frustration and embarrassment of having to be rescued, nude, by Batman! How was she ever going to get Bruce to take her seriously as a partner (and as a woman!) when he was always having to come to her aid?

With a shrug, she put these thoughts to one side and strode over to the costume, glancing irritably up at the wall clock and realising that she was going to be late for her appointment with the Commissioner and Batman.

Quickly she pulled down the suit from its hanger, feeling the smooth, sexy, yet almost impenetrable surface run across her fingers. The suit was one piece, but split down the back to just below the hips. She carefully stepped into first one leg and then the other, pulling the suit up so that the armoured crotch material had snugly enveloped her panty covered sensitive areas. With practiced hands she then pulled the suit around her, easing her firm breasts into the built in armoured containers at the front of the suit before finally putting her arms in and shrugging the suit around the front of her body. She then performed some well rehearsed contortions to reach behind her with her fingers, running them up her spine to her neck as the material of the suit sealed itself behind her.

The boots and arm gloves were tightly fitting, but quickly put on and she then reached across to the workbench to pick up her gold looking utility belt, wrapping it around her waist and snapping the batgirl motif belt buckle together at the front . Finally she fastened the cape around her shoulders, put on the flame red wig and pulled over her head cowl fastening around the wig to the suit at her neck.

There was a quick, practiced look in the mirror, a slight adjustment to the cowl, a devilish little pout of the lips as she admired her appearance and she was ready. "Barbara Gordon, meet Batgirl" she laughed.

Having reset the secret door from the bedroom, she stepped into a hidden lift at the back of the room which whizzed her down to the basement garage where her Bat-Bike was waiting. She quickly threw her leg over the big 1000cc frame and switched on. The engine caught immediately and there was an instant erotic moment as her thighs wrapped themselves around the throbbing frame which Batgirl had to put out of her mind as she pressed the button to open the secret door exit.

She felt immediately invigorated in the fresh morning air, pulling speedily out of an industrial estate complex and onto the main road into uptown Gotham. She realised that she was still going to be late so, felling slightly guilty that she wasn't on an emergency call, she activated the 'Express City' button on the bike. This caused all the traffic lights in her path to change to green as she approached, ensuring a speedy run right through to the Commissioner's Office.

Chapter 3 - A Devious Plot

Batgirl parked next to the Bat-mobile at the front of Police Headquarters. Aware of the time, she dashed up the steps into the building, acknowledging with a smile the many waves and shouts as she crossed the foyer and headed into the Commissioner's Office.

She exchanged a warm greeting with Gloria, the Commissioners ancient secretary and was immediately buzzed into the large imposing room.

Commissioner Gordon sat behind his huge oak desk, tipping back in his chair as he laughed at some quip that Batman had made as she entered. Batman and Robin were standing on either side, Batman in particular looking a little tetchy.

"You're late again!" he accused as she sauntered over and took an easy chair on one side of the room. "And hello to you too Batman!" she shot back, irked at Batman's tone.

"Now, now you two," said the Commissioner, instantly acting as peacemaker, "I'm sure Batgirl was just held up somewhere."

"Exactly." she replied with a smile at the old man. "Or overslept!" added Batman.

"Wha...," she responded, but didn't finish as Robin made a comment that left her a little stunned.

"If it was extra beauty sleep, then it's worked Batgirl. You look gorgeous today!"

That seemed to leave the Commissioner and Batman speechless as well as they exchanged glances.

"Well errr, maybe we'd better get on," stuttered the Commissioner, "Would you explain to Batgirl about the latest devilish plot that we've unearthed Batman?"

With that Batman clicked into business. It transpired that recently one of the Gotham City Finance committee members had suffered a minor heart attack. This wouldn't have been news in itself, except for the fact that he was found in the bed of his rather young and attractive secretary. Again this might have raised eyebrows, but not much else, even in the staid circles of Gotham's elite had the secretary not been found a day or so later cuddling naked up to her employer in his bed in the hospital just as his wife arrived. In the ensuing scandal it had emerged that the young lady's behaviour had suddenly changed a week or so earlier, her personality having switched from a demur church-going conservative, to a raving nymphomaniac almost overnight.

Batgirl was intrigued to hear the juicy scandal, but didn't see why this would come into their territory. However, Batman continued before she could jump in.

"The Commissioner was astute enough to wonder if this was a solitary case, and put out some feelers amongst his colleagues."

"And I was astounded to find out that three other secretaries appear to have undergone behaviour changes within the last month as well!" said the Commissioner heatedly. "And guess what... they are all secretaries of Finance Committee members!"

"We've had a chat with these gentlemen," continued Batman, "and strangely enough they're distinctly reticent about their relationships with the women. We think that they're under their devious sexual spells."

"And guess how many committee members need to sign-off major payouts from City funds?" chipped in Robin.

Batgirl immediately saw where this was going. "Four?" she tentatively responded.

"Close," said Robin, "Five."

"But that means we're one short?" queried Batgirl.

"Exactly!" jumped in Batman, "There must be another secretary that is due to be transformed."

"And out of the three that are left only one is young!" continued Robin in triumph.

"So, who would that be?" finished a now attentive Batgirl.

Batman smiled at his three colleagues, "Let's go next door and you'll see."

With that the four of them trooped into the adjoining office where a couple of blondes were sat next to each other on a sofa, chatting together easily.

At first Batgirl thought they must be twins. They both wore the same dark red suits, jackets unbuttoned over white blouses and with black belts clinging to narrow waists. They both dangled black high heeled shoes from shapely feet, leading up to elegant calves and knees peeping out demurely from the hems of their skirts. She guessed that they must be mid to late twenties, about her own age.

Batgirl raised her eyes, almost reluctantly, to their faces and could hardly distinguish between them. Both had deep brown eyes, shapely noses and narrow, angular chins - both were now looking at her expectantly.

"Look closer," instructed Batman with a smile.

She did. Then she noticed that their necks were slightly different, although the cut of their hair was the same, one had a slightly rounder face. But even on close inspection she had found it difficult to separate them.

"Meet Eleanor, secretary to Head of Management Accounts," said Batman as the girl on the right bowed her head and smiled at Batgirl.

"And now meet Detective Susan Reid. Who just happens to resemble Eleanor so closely that she's volunteered to swap with her for a while." Now it was the turn of the girl on the left to tilt her head at Batgirl and smile.

"Wow!" said Batgirl, "You're the nearest thing to twins that I've ever seen!"

After the introductions, Batman thanked Eleanor and let her go, leaving the pseudo twin, Susan to explain how they planned to let her act as a decoy to see if anyone attempted to approach her. The plan was that she would carry a tracking device in her shoulder bag. Batman and Robin would monitor her from the Bat-Cave and Batgirl was asked to act as close support, being nearby at all times. Batgirl promptly agreed.

With all the details agreed, Batman and Robin left leaving Batgirl to spend some time with Susan to organise their end of the operation.

Batgirl was immediately impressed with the young detective. She was positive about her role, and turned out to have plenty of experience in dealing with tough and dangerous situations. Her attitude was great, and judging by her strong muscular looking legs, she was a fit looking young lady. Just the sort of shape to tantalised Batgirl these days, she was finding it difficult not to imagine her naked body under the demur suit. "Get a grip!" she thought, annoyed at her new preoccupation with naked woman. It had only started after her last encounter with Catgirl, what had she done to her? Concentrate on hunky looking Batman instead she decided.

In the end, plans were made. Susan would drive back to the Finance Offices where she would take over Eleanor's role. Batgirl would follow at a discreet distance and meet up with her in her office.

Chapter 4 - A Bit of a Problem.

Batgirl had no problem tailing Susan as she drove the couple of blocks between the Commissioner's Office, and the City Finance Building. She watched her car disappear down the ramp into the underground car park, and scanned the area closely around the building for signs of anyone taking an undue interest.

Nothing looked amiss so, after a few minutes she followed her down the ramp and into the gloom below. It had no sooner occurred to her that some extra lighting wouldn't go amiss when she realised that some of the lighting had been deliberately sabotaged - and there was some sort of commotion taking place in the far corner of the bay!

Parking the bike against the wall, she quickly used the shadows to gain ground, dodging between parked cars and trucks to get nearer to the source of the noise. Soon she saw that Susan was in trouble!

She had parked in her alter-ego's bay next to a large white van. In the dim light Batgirl could see that a side door was open on the van, and Susan was struggling with two brown clad figures, one holding what looked like a white handkerchief. She seemed to be giving a good account of herself as one of the figures dropped to its knees after receiving a well placed kick between the legs, and she was struggling to free herself from the grasp of the second assailant. He was behind her, big arms wrapped around her chest and waist and hanging on for his life as Susan squirmed and twisted to get in a telling blow, skirt riding up her legs as she attempted to kick backwards.

Batgirl paused for a moment admiring the detective's performance, and was just stepping forward to intervene when a third figure appeared from behind the white van, reached around the two struggling figures to wrap a second white handkerchief over Susan's face. The effect was immediate! Her struggles seemed to lose all strength, and she was soon limp in the arms of her attacker.

Batgirl had now got near enough for a better look at the scene. The initial two attackers were dressed in brown fur-like suits with matching helmets, and what looked like whiskers sprouting from the faces. The final assailant was dressed in a lighter, fawn looking fur suit covered in dark leopard like spots. His face too was covered by helmet and whiskers. He seemed to be the leader.

"You useless numbskulls!" he shouted, "Get her in the van. Quickly!"

"Really," said Batgirl in a voice dripping with menace as she planted herself in front of them. "Better just put her down gently and you can give yourselves up quietly. Then I won't need to break any bones!"

Her sudden appearance seemed to freeze them! Then, slowly, the figure on his knees began to get up. Big mistake.

In a move almost too quick to see, Batgirl had placed a vicious kick between the legs of the strange looking animal-man. It had a human effect though and, with a scream the brown figure was again rolling about on the concrete floor.

"Now then," Batgirl said casually to the second brown figure hanging onto the inert Susan. "Drop her and you're dead!" and she started towards the leopard like figure, intent on doing some further damage. After a pace forward she froze. A movement by the van door had registered in the very corner of her eye, and she felt a tingle run down her spine as a sultry, feline sounding voice registered from behind her.

"Well, Batgirrrrrrl - what a pleasant surprise!"

Batgirl span around too late. As she took in the dark suited feline form of Catwoman in the van door, a cloud of gas enveloped her face, her limbs suddenly felt like ton weights and she collapsed to the hard ground in a heap. And wasn't that a smaller figure behind?

'Oh no! Not Catgirl again, surely!?' was her last thought as darkness crashed in around her.

Chapter 5 - All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go

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