tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment


A Day In Gotham - 6 -- Batgirl's Torment (Catwoman's lesson, even more revenge, a confused Robin)

(Follows episode 5 -- Batgirl's Turmoil : this is part 2 of the same story)

(Author's Note;

Once again, an apology for having to split this story. This is part 2 of the tale started in 5 -- Batgirl's Turmoil, so anyone reading from scratch might want to start there. If not, I've added a very brief summary below which might help with some of the context.)


Chapter 10 -- Catwoman's Moment

Chapter 11 -- A Friend Joins In

Chapter 12 -- The Torment Continues

Chapter 13 - A Surprise for Catgirl

Chapter 14 -- Unexpected Relief

Chapter 15 -- A Kind of Escape

Chapter 16 -- Unfinished Business

Chapter 17 -- A Long, Hot Soak

Chapter 18 -- Complications Arise

The story so far,

Bruce Wayne's old flame Zatanna is back in town to perform her Magician Show at the Gotham Charity Luncheon. Bruce invites her to stay at Wayne Mansion for a few days and she agrees. Batman is ecstatic when passions are rekindled, Batgirl less so.

She meets Zatanna as Barbara Gordon at a dinner arranged by Bruce, the two women instinctively disliking each other.

Barbara takes solace briefly with Robin, confusing his feelings no end before next day having a hot morning session with her girlfriend Detective Susan Reid, who brings along a couple of presents. Firstly a giant pink double dildo that they decide to leave for later and secondly a clit stimulating 'butterfly' that she persuades Batgirl to wear for the Charity Luncheon.

Batman can't attend for some unknown reason. Robin acts as 'escort'.

Catwoman also arranges to meet an old-flame, and plans an unpleasant surprise for Batgirl.

Catgirl is sent off to keep an eye on Batman. In the process she 'deals' with some young thugs.

Batgirl and Robin are invited on-stage with Zatanna and 'disappear'- only to turn up later at Catwoman's lair. Robin's tied to an A-Frame in one room and invited to 'listen-in' while Catwoman deals with Batgirl next door -- oh dear...


Chapter 10 -- Catwoman's Moment

Catwoman was in her lair, pretty much on her own, just the two 'guests'.

She'd given the Kittens and most of her other staff the rest of the day off because she had plans. Plans which involved a limited number of participants, plans which involved a large slice of revenge!

She was humming merrily to herself as she left Robin struggling, alone and tied onto an A-frame in the small side room. He was a cocky little devil she conceded as her tight, black suited figure headed down the corridor to the next door, but he didn't really interest her at the moment. Behind the door was her current prey, and the culmination of a good deal of work. She smiled viciously. She'd been planning this moment for many weeks after Batgirl had inflicted an erotic torture on her younger companion, Catgirl, and was determined to enjoy every second of it!

She opened the door quietly, and slipped silently in. It was a much bigger room than Robin's and almost bare of furniture except for a massive, metal framed bed in the middle of the room linked to a small bedside table. Harsh, bright lights were shining down from the ceiling directly onto the bed, setting the rest of the room in shady darkness.

Directly in the middle of the bright illumination lay the purple suited figure of Batgirl, gloved hands cuffed together and attached to the metal head-frame by a six inch, silver metal chain. Her shock of red hair was splayed about her purple head cowl as her arms were drawn together above her head, pulling the clinging purple suit tightly across her firm bosoms. The white sheet that she was sprawled on was twisted chaotically about, testimony to the struggles that Batgirl had made to get free -- unsuccessfully.

Batgirl had eventually given up the hopeless struggle of trying to free her hands, and was resting under the bright lights, conserving her strength. She knew that she was probably in Catwoman's lair. It was her Kittens after all that had subdued Robin and herself at the theatre before gassing them. When she came round she was tied to the bed, alone under the harsh white lights, and wondering where Robin was.

"Bloody Zatanna!!" she'd cursed to herself. The famous female magician was the one that had delivered them into Catwoman's hands! Bruce Wayne's house guest would you believe! Batgirl had shaken her head in exasperation as she recalled the raven haired beauty at last night's dinner. Every atom in her body had risen in an instinctive loathing as soon as she'd seen her, but she hadn't expected anything like this.

The only good thing about her situation so far was that the infernal clitoral butterfly had behaved itself since she'd come-to. Her lover, Detective Susan Reid had attached it to her sensitive pussy earlier in the day for a bit of fun after a sensual bout of love-making, and it had been going off at irregular intervals ever since, driving her wild! Just as Susan had intended, but just what she didn't need if she had to contend with Catwoman!

Her best hope seemed to be that it was Catgirl who'd captured her. They were similar ages, early twenties she'd guessed. They weren't exactly bosom buddies, but Catgirl's interest in her seemed to be in inflicting devious erotic situations on her. Not always comfortable, but infinitely preferable to Catwoman's tastes. She'd peered into the darkness surrounding her a few times, hoping to catch a glimpse of the black and pink suited figure, hoping that she was just tantalising her again.

No such luck!

Catwoman had approach silently almost to the side of the bed before Batgirl's head twisted round as she became aware of her.

"Nice of you to drop in Bat-Bitch!" she hissed evily, "I've been wanting to have a chat with you for a while now."

As she sat on the bedside she continued in a neutral conversational tone, "You see, I can't really have you molesting my staff without ..............," she was cut off as she twisted suddenly to catch hold of the purple boot that Batgirl had launched at Catwoman's head.

"My, my Bat-Bitch, you're really just so predictable!" she exclaimed as she twisted her body round to sit across the top of Batgirl's legs, pinning her down. She grasped the top of the boot that she'd just captured and yanked it off, "I think that we'll just lose these shall we, just in case you get tempted to misbehave again!" The second boot immediately followed its partner over the edge of the bed.

Now Catwoman's black suited figure suddenly twisted again and to Batgirl's consternation she was suddenly sat astride her hips and leaning menacingly forward towards Batgirl's face. At any other time, she might have admired her assailant's fantastic figure. The skin tight black suit clung to every curve and left little to the imagination, but Batgirl's attention was elsewhere. There was a clicking sound as Catwoman triggered the release of steely looking claws from the ends of her right hand fingers, one of which she placed threateningly under an apprehensive Batgirl's chin.

Batgirl squirmed away but couldn't escape the cold, steely feel of the sharpened digit.

"Now, as I was saying Bat-Bitch," breathed Catwoman, "Catgirl is a dear friend and colleague, and I'm not going to have you abuse her and get away with it, so I've arranged for you to suffer a little today........... well, maybe more than a little actually! I've got a friend coming over soon and we've got some very uncomfortable plans for you!"

Batgirl had realised immediately that Catwoman was referring to the 'butterfly' treatment that she'd handed out to Catgirl at their last encounter. Having sampled the relentless butterfly herself during the day, she was beginning to have some sympathy for Catgirl's ordeal. It didn't alter the fact that she'd only been getting her own back for some of the erotic treatment that Catgirl had inflicted on her beforehand but somehow Batgirl didn't expect Catwoman's sympathy. More to the point, Batgirl was wondering, who would the 'friend' turn out to be? There was one small chance.

"You mean Catgirl's here too?" she tried looking around Catwoman into the darkness, hoping that Catwoman's younger accomplice would be around. With a bit of luck, she'd restrain her mistress's wilder instincts!

"No," said Catwoman with the malicious grin spreading wider across her face, "I've sent her off on an errand. My friend is much more in tune with my ideas of discipline and .......... errrrrr punishment! You'll get on well I'm sure -- not!"

Right in the middle of Catwoman's threats, the infernal butterfly had kicked off again and as Batgirl strove hard to suppress the sudden sweet activity between her legs her face grimaced. Catwoman beamed, pleased to see Batgirl in discomfort, even if she misinterpreted the reason.

"It's good that you feel some remorse Batgirl, because it will be better for you if you co-operate in this afternoon's events. I was going to mention that I'd got Robin strung up next door, and although he's bit uncomfortable, it could be worse ........ if you get my drift. But I feel sure that you'll get the idea ...... won't you?" she added menacingly.

Batgirl was still recovering from the butterfly attack, but was savvy enough to know when she'd been outmanoeuvred. "No," she whispered dejectedly, "co-operation it is."

"Good!" smiled Catwoman, "Now, we might as well prepare. You're way overdressed for what I've got in mind!"

With that, she placed her clawed fingers near Batgirl's shoulder and pressed gently into the purple suit. "Better stay still Batgirl, I wouldn't want to draw blood just yet," she laughed nastily.

"You won't make any impression on my suit Catwoman," replied Batgirl with returning spirit, "Batman paid for the best, it's strong stuff!"

Catwoman raised her eyebrows and simply drew her clawed fingers slowly and diagonally downwards, up and over one of Batgirl's purple covered breasts. Batgirl was mortified to see four strips of pale skin appearing behind the claws as they easily cut through the bright purple material. Her misery was compounded when a pale pink nipple sprang out into the bright light through one of the tears. Catwoman was really laughing now, and capture the nipple briefly between her thumb and forefinger, giving it a playful tweak that made Batgirl suck in air again.

"Ah!" exclaimed Catwoman in triumph after her laughing fit died away, "looks like you'll need to get Bruce to pay for a new tailor!"

Batgirl was silently cursing Batman again when she suddenly realised that Catowman had referred to Batman by his real name. She evidently knew more about them than Batgirl had expected, but her distraction was short lived as Catwoman instructed her to lie still again, and after the last demonstration, Batgirl just held her breath and hoped that Catwoman was as good as she'd said!

She was.

In almost a frenzy, Catwoman simply shredded the front of Batgirl's uniform down to her utility belt leaving batgirl's firm breasts naked in the harsh light, just a few thin strips of purple remaining to hang loosely down from around her neck. Batgirl looked down in horror, but was relieved, in fact amazed to see that her smooth skin was still intact as the sharp claws did their work. In other circumstances she might have congratulated Catwoman!

Clearly Catwoman wasn't finished though. She quickly disposed of the bright yellow Utility Belt, yanking it off and throwing it to one side, then, with just her forefinger claw she drew a tear vertically downwards from her tummy. Batgirl's sense of horror deepened as she realised where the finger was heading and she drew in her tummy muscles and hips so that there was as much room as possible as the finger drew the single tear over her pubic mound and down between her legs. Batgirl let out a long sigh as the danger to her most sensitive area seemed to be past, but Catwomans clawed finger had continued downward along the inside of her thigh until she'd reached the end of the suit leg, which then sprang apart, exposing one long, shapely leg. Catwoman quickly repeated the process down the other leg and had soon peeled Batgirl's suit away from her body, leaving her modesty covered only by her black thong.

"That's better!" smiled Catwoman as she captured Batgirl's naked, squirming legs again. She looked more closely at the plain black thong. "Not a very exciting choice of lingerie Batgirl," she commented, "I thought you'd have more taste. Still, it's only in the way anyway!" With that she hooked her claws into the waistband sides, cut through the material and pulled the thin material away, revealing the bright purple butterfly nestling deeply and comfortably over Batgirl's damp pussy.

Catwoman's eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise at the sight. Batgirl felt her cheeks going bright red.

"Wow, Batgirl. I take it all back. You're really a bit of a swinger after all!"

It was just inevitable, Batgirl thought in despair, as the contraption chose that moment to inflict another surge of powerful vibrations onto her clit. Her legs tautened and her face grimaced again as she fought to control the powerful, surging sensation from between her legs.

Catwoman simply hung onto her legs laughing riotously.

Chapter 11 -- A friend joins in

As Batgirl's breathing returned to normal, Catwoman suddenly had her by the neck and was fastening something at the back under her shock of red wig hair. Then, despite her struggles, two narrow little plastic tubes were being threaded either side of her face to meet at her nostrils where Catwoman clipped them in place.

"What?" gasped a shocked Batgirl.

"All part of the plan Batgirl ............ you'll see why later!" Catwoman added nastily.

Batgirl hadn't heard the door open, but Catwoman suddenly sat up alertly and swung around.

Batgirl followed her eyes and out of the gloom, a figure approached them. It was a woman, quite tall and well built with long, bushy blonde hair. Around her eyes she wore a silver, ballroom mask, her face was spread into a wide smile. Around her body she wore a short, shiny kimono, belted loosely at the waist and displaying a generous cleavage between the folds. As she took in the long, muscular thighs, Batgirl had a sinking feeling that she was dressed for action.

Catwoman had immediately jumped up from the bed to greet her in a long, warm embrace. They were evidently old friends, and as she guided the new arrival to the bedside Catwoman was chiding her gently for not getting there earlier.

"I see you didn't wait," the blonde laughed, as she took in Batgirl's semi-naked appearance and shredded, torn uniform. Batgirl was a little unnerved at the hard, grey eyes that stared down at her. Then her eyes drifted down to the purple creature nestling between Batgirl's thighs.

"Hey, you didn't mention that you were going to 'butterfly' her as well Catwoman!"

"I know........ amazing as it may seem she was actually wearing it when she arrived!" responded Catwoman, "She's a racier young devil than I'd thought. Shame that it doesn't go off more often though," she added with a tinge of disappointment.

"Oh I know how to fix that!" laughed the new arrival, "hang onto her legs."

Immediately her fingers were delving between Batgirls inner thighs, lifting the butterfly slightly and squirming around between it and Batgirl's sensitive inner lips. With a little grunt of satisfaction, her fingers flicked at something under the butterfly and she withdrew them quickly so that she could ease it back into place. Batgirl had been trying hard not to let the delving fingers excite her too much, but almost immediately there was a powerful burst of vibrations on her clit again and she squirmed hard as Catwoman held onto her and the breath was forced out of her lungs.

"There," said the blonde in satisfaction, "she should get the treatment every few minutes now!"

Batgirl was about to make a withering response when, as predicted, there was another, even longer surge of action on her clit and she was suddenly swamped almost uncontrollably with waves of excitement. Her head thrashed from side to side as she tried to keep in control, but she'd almost gone over the edge and she knew that another burst would trigger a big climax. She was desperate not to give them that satisfaction, but her whole body was now screaming for release and she looked at them with loathing through bleary eyes as they just smiled down at her, waiting.

They didn't need to wait long. Batgirl's weary body had still not recovered from the previous onslaught as the butterfly kicked off with another long burst of vibrations, and this time Batgirl was way too far gone to even try to control it as her whole body tensed, ready for the blessed relief of the impending orgasm.

That was when her nostrils were assailed by a brief burst of pungent gas. Suddenly the waves of pleasure dissipated, the desperately sought after climax fast fading away, but her body was still wracked with frustrated tension. Whatever the device around her neck was it seemed to be able to detect the onset of an orgasm and 'suffocate' it by a quick burst of the pungent odour. Fiendish! She gasped and opened her eyes wide to see her two opponents laughing down at her again. Catwoman leaned forward.

"Come on Batgirl, you didn't think we'd brought you here to enjoy yourself did you! By the time we've finished you'll be absolutely begging us for that orgasm!"

Again Batgirl's planned waspish response was cut off by the butterfly initiating yet another build up of sexual energy between her legs. It looked like being a long afternoon!

Meanwhile, Catwoman and the blonde had sat down together at the end of the bed to leave Batgirl to suffer the butterfly on her own. In between the bursts of activity on her clit that was gradually driving her wild again, Batgirl watched in amazement as Catwoman's hands reached around the back of her neck and released the fastenings of her shiny black suit, easing it off her body and revealing an impressive semi naked form, covered only by tiny lace blue panties.

Her pert breasts stood out proudly from her body, dark nipples already hard and pointed as the blonde bent forward to capture Catwoman's lips in a long, sultry looking kiss, hands reaching up and caressing the firm orbs, bringing a small cry from Catwoman's lips.

This was immediately swamped by the loud cry of frustration from Batgirl as another gigantic orgasm was thwarted by the pungent gas up her nostrils. "How did it know!?" thought Batgirl angrily as her frustrations rose remorselessly.

Catwoman had now untied the blonde's kimono and pushed it over her shoulders to reveal her ample round breasts and a pair of short, creamy knickers. Soon, Batgirl was watching in awe as they were clasping each other closely, breasts pressed hard together as they kissed hungrily, hands starting to roam enthusiastically over each others' backs and sides.

Batgirl's attention was now divided between the regular assaults on her clit and the riveting sight of the two women making out in front of her. She was on a sexual high already and the sight of the interlocked, semi-naked forms of Catwoman and her friend were beginning to drive her over the edge again and she let out a long moan as another orgasm was stifled at birth.

Her legs were starting to quiver uncontrollably as she dragged her eyes open again, looked down between her own straining orbs to see Catwoman kneeling between her legs, upright and facing her now. The blonde's hands were wrapped around her body, cupping Catwoman's breasts, kneading and plucking at her nipples. Her head was nestled into Catwoman's neck, forcing it to one side as she kissed and nibbled at her sensitive bare flesh. Batgirl could see that Catwoman's eyes were closed under her cowl as she luxuriated in the attention from her sexy companion. Another, smaller burst of vibrations on Batgirl's clit caused her to bite her lip, but her focus was now riveted on the sensual sight in front of her. She watched in awe as one of the hands that had been teasing Catwoman's breast disengaged itself and began a slow, tantalising journey down across Catwoman's tight abdomen towards the triangle of blue lace covering Catwoman's pussy.

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