A Day in the Park


"Ok, but tell me this... sexually... physically... how was it? I know you had an orgasm. At least two from what I could see."

"Five," I corrected, "two on the bench, two more while walking back to the car, and one beside the car waiting for you to show up."

"Ok, five," she laughed, "so five orgasm... were they the best ones you've ever had? Hell girl! You're still sweating from it all. And from what I can see your dress it completely soaked in your own cum! So be honest with me and yourself... did you enjoy it."

I paused a moment and thought. I had enjoyed it. I might have gotten embarrassed and panicked, but the truth was I had really enjoyed it. I'd never felt my body respond that way before and despite what I thought was embarrassment I had continued to orgasm even as I was trying to get away.

"Yes. Yes, Debbie. I think I did. No... I know I did. Oh my God, you were right." I almost couldn't believe what I was saying but knowing that a stranger was watching me masturbate -- live and in person -- had truly been enough to intensify ever touch and sensation. "I was convinced that the two young men sitting on the grass were watching me and at one point after my first climax I knew they were. That did heighten the experience. And afterward... as I walked back to the car... I was embarrassed, but thought that EVERYONE was watching me... knowing I was some dirty exhibitionist whore... and that made me cum twice more. And once more at the car it was so intense that I nearly collapsed. It really wasn't embarrassment at all... it was excitement. I now see what you mean and understand the thrill you must get from letting your neighbor watch."

"See honey... I told you you'd love it! I've known you for a long time Staci and I knew you'd love the feeling. I've been trying to think of a way to bring this up for quite a while, but I didn't want to freak you out. Haha, I didn't want you to think I was some dirty exhibitionist whore!"

We both laughed at her last comment.

I was still pretty wet and put my feet up on the car seat as I reached down and gently rubbed my pussy again. I was still soaking wet and even though I'd calmed down a bit, my lips were still swollen and tender to the touch.

"Debbie, just hold onto my panties until we get back to your house. I think I'm still too sensitive to put them on."

She paused a moment and then said, "Well girl I've got a small confession to make. I don't have your panties."

"What?! Yes you do. I saw you put them in your purse. I'll just get them later."

"Actually Staci, I don't. You see, when I made you wait in the car after I got out. I went to the back of the park myself and quickly looked around. I saw those same two college guys. Their names are Dave and Pete, by the way. I went up and told them all about our deal and that you'd be coming to the back of the park to put on a show. I told them to watch for you."

"You're kidding! Did you really do that?! I don't know whether to be upset or thankful."

"Oh it gets better. After your show, I went back over to them and asked how they liked it. Staci they loved you! They both couldn't stop telling me how much they enjoyed watching you and how great you looked doing it. I gave them your panties and told them that they could keep them as a souviner."

"Well that's not bad I suppose. I think it's kind of hot to imagine some guy has my panties and is thinking of me as he jacks off."

"I also got their cell phone numbers," Debbie said timidly. She showed me a piece of paper that had two phone numbers written on it. She looked at me with a playful look in her eye as an evil smile crept across her mouth.

I took that paper and looked at it incredulously. "Wha... why? Why did you get their phone numbers?"

"I told them that I'd ask you first, but that I'd be interested in having them come over to my house later today for a swim. Staci you don't need to stay if you don't want to... but these guys are really cute and I need someone to come take care of my needs."

She put the car back in drive and started toward her house. I continued to softly rub my pussy as I thought about it for a few moments. They'd already seen me naked. Hell, they'd seen me cum. What more was there to see? I couldn't cheat on my husband... could I? But I didn't want my best friend to be alone with these two guys either... that'd be dangerous for her.

"Give me your phone Debbie."

She handed it over and I dialed one of the numbers she'd written on the paper. It rang twice before someone answered. "Hello?" he said.

"Hi... this is Staci. I understand you enjoyed my performance in the park just now. I also understand that my friend Debbie gave you something that belongs to me. I'd like them back please. Meet us at Debbie's house in one hour."

Before I hung up I gave them Debbie's address.

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by Anonymous

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by jackbird04/29/18

hot story

I had a girl friend that love to expose her self got off on it. She would wear a dress or skirt when we go out never any panties and half bra's that didn't cover her perky nipples. Of course all this exposuresmore...

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by lonigan04/04/18

Betrayal feels good

I wonder why anyone should marry if fidelity is so cheap.

The author is very good at exciting men. She should write more, perhaps to better purpose. She's ready to go to a higher level.

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by Anonymous09/03/17

Very nice

Enjoyed your story and wish you would write more. Also have a big bulge in my shorts.

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