tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day in the Park

A Day in the Park


Author Notes: This is my first posting ever. It isn't very good and not very graphic, but I am posting it anyway.


You: Standing at a park leaning your back against a lightpole watch men and women oogle you openly while you wear a skin tight pair of short shorts and a skin tight bikini top two sizes too small.

Me: I stalk behind quietly wearing black jeans and a red zipped up vest. I know my victim when I see her.

I look to the woman on the bench that is looking at you and me behind you as she opens legs revealing that she is pantiless and hairless beneath her short skirt.

I hear you moan your pleasure at the sight of the bare cunt, as the woman sucks her finger in mouth before trails it down her neck to her erect nipple.

I see you move slightly forward and before you push off your ass from the pole, I bring my gloved hand to your throat to force you back against the light pole.

The woman on the bench grabs both her tits and openly fondles them as we look on.

I whisper violently in your ear, "Don't move, bitch!" as I tighten the hold on your throat.

You obediently nod, not knowing it was your owner behind you.

I slide my hands down your bare arms slowly and tie your wrists behind your back with rope, leaving little to no slack.

I stare at the vixen before you, then grab your small tits in my gloved hands, then slowly remove your top for the vixen and the voyeuring men and women can take a good look see.

I put my hands around your hips, then cup your sex, feeling the wetness protruding through your shorts onto my gloves.

I signal the vixen to come forward, as she gets up off the bench, I growl to her, "Crawl". She obdiently gets on her hands and knees on the hot Texas sidewalk and crawls to you stopping in front of your cunt.

"Hands." She lifts her hands to me, I take them and place them at the button of your shorts and bark, "Remove."

She slowly removes them, shimmingly down your legs and removes them complete off your body. I hand her your top and her, "Trash". She crawls to the trash placing your clothes in it. Then crawls back to the front of your cunt.

You see a man walk to the trash can and lift your clothes out of the bin. He doesn't say a word, just lifts the crotch of your shorts to his mouth and on it. You then see him, walk back and resume his perch of voyeuring your nude form continuously sucking the crotch of your shorts.

I tell the vixen, "Put her legs on your shoulders and take your reward". The vixen does as she is told, crawling closer to you then lifts each of your legs sibgularly and places them over each of her shoulders then starts to savagely eat your dripping cunt, then places her hands on your tight ass bringing your cunt closer her hungry mouth.

I place a blindfold around your eyes, tying it tightly. Your hear your captor move away from your body. Unbeknownst to you, go behind the vixen and lift her skirt to her waist exposing her bottom half to the rest of the park. I go to the man sucking your shorts and take his free hand pulling him to stand behind the vixen. You hear a belt unbuckle and zipper being undone before push his pants and boxers down to his ankles, then him to his knees. I guide his cock into her cunt and tell him to fuck her hard.

I walk to stand behind you once again and remove the blindfold before placing it in my pocket. I whisper in your ear, "Watch." You watch the vixen eat you cunt as the man the was sucking your shorts now fucks the vixen hard from behind. "Horny slut?" I whisper in your ear, just before grabbing your hard tits for the first time in my gloved hands.

"Yes," you whisper before trying to get your cunt deeper into the vixen's mouth.

I come back around you and push the vixen's head from your cunt. "Leave us," I state before turning around and face you.

"Master," you whisper, just before I slap your face hard.

I step back and remove a black leather collar and lead from my back pocket then place it tightly around your neck. It is the first time you have worn it or seen it. I unbind your wrists from the lamp post and jerk the lead hard for you to follow me home.

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