tagBDSMA Day in the Park: Conclusion

A Day in the Park: Conclusion


Note: If you aren't familiar with Laura's predicament, you may wish to read "A Day in the Park" and "A Day in the Park – Ch.2" before reading this story.

* * * * *

Laura held her breath as the two officers stood beside their patrol car, both stretching and bending as if they had been cooped up in the car for quite some time. Despite the continual stimulation of the vibrator, Laura's mind was racing as she attempted to reason through the options that lay in front of her. Finally, after yet another thunderous orgasm, she determined that she could take no more and began to call out to the police officers.

"Help! Please help!" she called between pants of exhaustion.

Both officers turned and trotted across the park to the shelter where Laura was tied.

"My god!" the female officer gasped, "Look at that Rick! Someone's really put her in a bind!"

"Jeez!" the male officer replied, "I can't believe this! Who did this to you lady?"

"Oh, god please officers, " Laura begged, "Please help me, please?"

Rick, the male officer stepped forward as if to assist, but the female put her hand up and blocked his way.

"Hold on Rick," she said, "We don't know all the facts yet."

"Damn Carol, " Rick responded, "Let's get her undone then ask questions."

"Um, I don't think so sweetie," Carol shot back as a wicked smile crossed her face, "There's a lot of potential for fun here!"

"Oh, please, no!" Laura gasped, realizing that Carol had no intention of releasing her just yet.

"Shut up lady!" Carol hissed as she reached and sunk her fingernails into Laura's right nipple, "I'll tell you what to do and you'll do it! Understand?"

"B-but, I j-just…Ow-e-e-e-e!" Laura babbled then squealed as Carol pinched harder with her nails and twisted the tender bud of Laura's now throbbing nipple.

"I-said-shut-up-bitch!" Carol hissed, yanking hard on Laura's nipple to emphasize each word.

"Oh, god yes, okay, yes I'll be quiet!" Laura gasped, dropping her head in defeat and resignation.

Rick, who had been watching bug-eyed as his partner brutalized Laura's nipple cleared his throat.

"Um, Carol, whatcha got on your mind here?" he questioned.

"Well, it's obvious that someone put her here Rick," Carol said sarcastically as she released Laura's nipple and surveyed Laura's bonds.

"Look at this," she said as she placed both hands on Laura's ass and roughly spread her ass cheeks, exposing the strap, butt plug and dildo.

"She's obviously being punished for something," Carol looked up at Rick and gave a wink, "Maybe we should investigate this further."

"Yeah!" Rick responded, his face covered with a salacious grin, "maybe we should investigate a little more!"

"Tell you what," Carol said, "You get in the car, go back to the park entrance and close and lock the gate. Make sure the 'Park Closed' sign is visible. Then come on back down here. Meanwhile I'll be interrogating our friend here."

Rick was willing to let Carol take charge so long as there was the possibility of something in it for him and he rushed off to lock the park entrance.

Carol turned back to Laura, "Tell me sweetheart, what's your name?"

"L-laura," the reply came through clenched teeth, the result of yet another orgasm. The vibrator was slowing now, its batteries almost depleted, but she was now so sensitized that she was in an almost constant state of orgasm.

"Wanna tell me about this Laura?" Carol asked as she removed her Billy stick from her belt and waved it in Laura's general direction.

"P-please," Laura groaned, "Just let me up and then….A-h-h-h! N-e-e-o-o-o!"

The squeal was the effect of Carol's baton being pressed between Laura's thighs thus increasing the pressure of the dildo on her cervix.

"Listen one last time Laura," Carol hissed, "If-you-don't- tell-me what's-going-on-here-AND-tell-me-NOW-I'm-going-to-make-you-re-gret-it!"

Each syllable was punctuated with a sharp rap of the club at the base of the dildo, repeatedly bumping the bulbous nose of the vibrating device against Laura's now tender and hypersensitive cervix.

"Ah-god-please-oh-god-no-please-oh stop-please-I'll-tell!" Laura sobbed as she felt two more orgasms crash over her body…And then she repeated her story for the second time that day.

Just about the time Laura completed her story, Rick returned from locking the park entrance. Carol gave Rick a brief description of Laura's situation. Concluding her summary, Carol winked at Rick and said, "I think we can help Laura out here, don't you?"

"Um, yeah," Rick replied, not sure what Carol was getting at.

"Oh, p-please yes…Let me go!" Laura gasped, feeling hope for the first time since she entered the park.

"Tell you what Rick," Carol said, "Let's get the key from between her tits and get the dildo and plug out of her."

Leaning forward, Carol grasped the key and cruelly snatched the cord from Laura's nipples, causing Laura to squeal in pain as the elastic loops bit, stretched, the released her tender nipples.

"Y-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-h-h-g-god!" Laura cried out as the pain seared her nipples and made her pussy contract around the now silent dildo.

Carol tossed the keys to Rick who, after rearranging his now rigid cock in his trousers, quickly opened the locks holding the leather strap in place. Pulling steadily he slid the slimy dildo from the grasp of Laura's dripping pussy.

Removing the anal plug was not as easy…The plug was quite large and had a narrow neck. That, combined with the clamping effect of Laura's orgasm-induced convulsions had caused her anus to clamp around the narrow base…The result was that Rick had to pull quite firmly to remove the plug…Laura, legs straight, ass raised in the air in a effort to reduce the pressure, eyes wild with panic, screamed for mercy until finally the plug popped through her grasping anus with a loud "Plop!"

Laura collapsed on the bench in a combination of humiliation, discomfort and relief, only to hear Carol say, "Now we can play a little bit."

Raising her head to look at her tormentors Laura asked, "W-what d-do you m-mean? I thought you were going to let me go."

"Oh Laura, sweetie," Carol cooed as she reached between Laura's thighs and stroked her now exposed pussy, "As sworn enforcers of crime and punishment, we have to make sure that bad little girls learn their lessons before we release them. Isn't that right Rick?"

"Oh yeah!," Rick grinned watching bug eyed as Carol slipped three fingers in Laura's gaping pussy and roughly brought her to another orgasm.

"Hand me my baton Rick," Carol said as she watched Laura pant in sexual release and near exhaustion.

Taking the baton, Carol turned to Laura and said, "Raise that ass up Laura, I have something for you."

"What are y-you….Y-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-uch!" Laura bawled in pain as Carol used an upswing of her open hand to slap Laura's pussy.

Grabbing Laura's hair and pulling so they were face to face Carol hissed through clenched teeth, "You listen to me you little bitch…You're in a shitload of trouble and in no position to question or bargain. I suggest that you stop questioning everything I do and start doing what I tell you. Otherwise, this is going to be a very, very long day for you. Understand?"

Laura could only nod in assent.

"Now get that ass up in the air like I said," Carol hissed.

Laura immediately straightened her legs to raise her ass, whereupon Carol placed the butt of her baton on the bench and pointed the thick end toward Laura's pussy.

"Now squat, bitch" Carol commanded.

Not knowing what awaited her, Laura began to bend her knees and lower her ass only to feel the broad head of the baton press between the lips of her pussy.

"Ah! What?" Laura gasped at the contact, instinctually raising off the invading baton only to have Carol place her free hand on the top of her hips and relentlessly press down.

"I said squat bitch!" Carol commanded as she pressed Laura's hips relentlessly downward, simultaneously running the baton into Laura's pussy.

"A-h-h-h-h-h! Oh my g-god, p-please!" Laura cried out as her pussy was invaded yet again.

When eight inches of the baton had disappeared into Laura's belly, Carol turned to a transfixed Rick and said, "Get your pants off partner, I have a treat for you."

Rick scrambled to remove his gun belt, shoes, trousers and shirt and soon was standing nude, his ten-inch erection protruding obscenely from his flat belly.

"Sit down on the bench facing her and get close enough so that she can suck your cock," Carol commanded.

In seconds, Rick was in place and for the third time that day Laura realized that she had no choice but to suck the cock in front of her.

"Okay, Laura," Carol said, "It's time to pay up. You're going to suck Rick's cock, understand?"

"Y-yes," Laura whispered.

"At the same time," Carol wiggled the baton slightly, "You're going to hump down on this baton until you cum. Got it?"

"Yes," Laura said, the resignation evident in her voice.

"Okay," carol said as she slapped Laura's upturned ass, "Get moving."

When Laura gasped at the slap on her ass, Rick lifted his hips and plugged his now dripping cock into Laura's open mouth.

"M-m-f-f-f-p-p-pt!" Laura groaned as she sucked the meaty stem into her mouth. She began to tentatively move her hips down on the baton and soon had a rhythm going so that when she was on the instroke on one end, she was on the outstroke on the other. Soon, she was bucking in orgasm.

"G-god C-Carol," Rick groaned as Laura greedily sucked on his cock, "She can really suck cock!"

Meanwhile, Carol had used her free hand to open her shirt and reach inside her bra to pinch her pebble-hard nipples.

"Y-you k-know" Carol gasped her clit throbbed in need, "I'm m-missing out h-here. L-let's do something d-different!" And with the she roughly pulled the baton from Laura's pussy.

"A-g-g-g-h-h! N-e-e-o-oph!" Laura cried around Rick's cock furiously humping her hips hoping that Carol would reinsert the baton in her pussy.

But Carol had other ideas. Laying the baton aside, she began removing her uniform and was soon standing nude.

"Get up Rick!" she commanded.

"A-w-w-w-w Carol," Rick whined, "Jus let me…"

"Get up dammit!" Carol barked, "If you want to cum, then fuck her, but I want some of that action for myself."

Realizing that all was not lost, Rick stood up and moved to straddle the bench behind Laura. He grasped the broad surfaces of her upturned ass and the stood watching as Carol took his place in front of Laura.

Spreading her legs Carol slid forward until her pussy was just below Laura's face. Laura stared at the juncture of Carol's thighs, where thick black hair covered the barely visible pink slit of Carol's pussy.

"Ever eat pussy Laura?" Carol questioned as she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips to reveal a bright pink slit surrounded by hair-covered lips and the pink bud of her clit.

"N-no" Laura whispered, shaking her head side to side as the musky scent of Carol's now wet pussy invaded her nostirls.

"Ever had your pussy eaten?" Carol then asked.

"Y-yes," Laura nodded.

"Like it?" Carol continued as she slowly dipped her finger into her dripping pussy and gently spread the juice over her clit.

"Y-yes," another affirmative whisper.

"Then just do to me what you liked," Carol said as she looked over Laura's hips and nodded to Rick. In one crashing thrust Rick's cock was in Laura to the balls.

"Y-a-a-a-a-h-h-h!" Laura gasped and mouth open was driven into Carol's dripping pussy.

The musky scent of Carol's pussy filled Laura's nostrils as she breathed in and began to thrash Carol's clit with her tongue.

Each crashing stroke of Rick's hips repeatedly drove Laura's mouth into Carol's pussy.

"Oh ye-s-s-s-s-s baby!" Carol cried. She lay back on the bench and wrapped her legs around Laura's head and shoulders, pulling Laura's face firmly into her pussy. Her fingernails tortured her own throbbing nipples and she thrashed in orgasm after orgasm.

Meanwhile, Rick pressed both of his thumbs into the well-lubed opening of Laura's anus and used this grip to slam her back and forth on his rigid cock. Humping faster and faster he finally reached the point of no return.

"Oh shit partner!" he gasped to Carol, "I'm going to cum!"

"Oh y-yeah baby!" Carol cried out, her face a mask of passion, "Pump her full!"

"Oh yeah! G-god, H-here it is!" Rick shouted as he pulled Laura's hips to his pelvis and grunted as he squirted glob after glob of hot spunk into Laura's grasping pussy.

At the same time Carol howled as she clamped her thighs around Laura's head and shoulders, grinding her pussy into Laura's thrashing tongue and nipping teeth.

Well beyond the point of endurance, Laura passed out.

Laura awoke to find herself face down on the bench, arms and legs hanging free. She raised up and looked around. Her pussy was weeping the remains of Rick's cum and she could smell and taste the scent of Carol's pussy on her face and lips. Looking down, she saw the keys, dildo, butt plug, cuffs, leather strap and nipple cord laying in the dirt beneath the bench.

Moving quickly, she grabbed the items, snatched the key to her car from the base of the dildo and raced, still nude to her car. As she looked furtively over her shoulder, her shaking hands inserted the key in the door lock and she soon had her dress on and was safely inside the locked auto. It was almost 2:30PM. Hands still shaking, she picked up her cell phone and dialed. One ring and he answered.

"Are you safe?" he said.

"Yes master," she replied

"Go home, write down exactly what happened. Include every detail, including your own reactions and emotions and send it all to me in an e-mail no later than 5:00PM tomorrow," he said, "Once I read it, I will decide whether your punishment is complete."

"Y-yes master," she whispered, shocked that this might not be the end of her ordeal.

Later that evening, dressed in jeans and a tee, she was in her kitchen preparing supper when her husband walked in.

"Hi Hon," he said as he hugged her shoulders and kissed her cheek, "How was your day?"

"Oh, the usual," she said simply, not daring to look into his eyes, "Took the kids to school, ran a few errands, went to the park for some exercise, picked the kids up. How about yours?"

"Same old same old," he shrugged, "Visited the hospital and nursing home, then went to the church and worked on Sunday's sermon. By the way, you didn't mention it…Did you miss the Women's Circle today?"

"Y-yes," she stammered in a panic, "I j-just f-forgot it. W-why?"

"We've discussed this before Laura," he said with not a little irritation, "You know the pastor's wife is expected to attend circle and I catch the dickens from Ms. Oakes when you're not there."

"I k-know, but I have so much to do" she stammered, "I'll do better, I promise."

"Well, see that you do. I don't need the women in the church on my case about it," he replied sternly. Then his mood lightened and with a chuckle, he playfully slapped the denim covered surface of her ass, "Otherwise, I'll have to punish you!"

Grasping the edge of the sink to keep her hands from shaking, she held her breath until he walked from the kitchen. Images from this morning's events almost overwhelmed her and she knew that soon she would again be kneeling before her master, waiting to revel in the pain, humiliation, and sexual release he provided.

"If only you WOULD punish me," she whispered to the retreating from of her unknowing husband.

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