tagGroup SexA Day of Fishing Ch. 02

A Day of Fishing Ch. 02


The hot water was a balm to the sore muscles of the three friends. Nobody said anything for a long time. Dan poured wine and they sipped while the bubbles surged and massaged them. The evening mellowed and dimmed slightly. In Southeast Alaska, night does come during summer. It just doesn’t arrive until around two or three o’clock in the morning. They were all perfectly visible to one another.

Jeremy had leaned his head back against the padded edge of the tub with his eyes closed. Charlotte noticed that and tried in vain to peer through the bubbles to get another look at his cock. Dan noticed what she was doing and slipped next to her, their hips touching. He turned and whispered to her, “Don’t worry, Honey. I’m sure that you’ll get to see it ‘up close and personal’ if you really want to.”

Charlotte pushed against him, but he didn’t move away. Instead, she slipped sideways. That put her within reach of the wine. She looked at the three cups and saw that Jeremy’s was empty and Dan’s nearly so. She stuck her tongue out at her husband and stood up. The water bubbled just at the level of her pussy lips. It tickled and stimulated her overheated flesh. She picked up the bottle and stepped across the tub. Her leg bumped against Jeremy’s and his eyes opened. “More vino, Jer’?” she asked. She didn’t move her leg. Neither did Jeremy.

“Sure. I don’t usually drink this much. I guess I got dried out on the water.” Charlotte noticed that he tried to maintain eye contact instead of looking at her naked body as she stood beside him. He lost the battle. His eyes flashed to her tits, and then back up to her eyes. As she moved her attention to pouring wine, she saw his eyes descend to her crotch. They lingered there and he licked his lips. Charlotte felt another wave of pride rush through her. She had no idea when Jeremy had been laid last, but at least for the moment her body was obviously interesting him.

Charlotte turned away from Jeremy and toward Dan. Leaning forward to pour his wine, she leaned farther than was absolutely necessary. The movement opened her ass a little bit more. She knew that she was shamelessly displaying her asshole and twat to Jeremy’s eyes. She felt the cool air hit the newly exposed skin and couldn’t help but blush. ‘Why don’t I just stick my ass in his face?’ she thought. That thought in turn made her hand shake and her cheeks get hotter.

She glanced down at Dan. Nothing escaped his watchful eye. He was wearing that damn grin again! His hand came out of the water and tweaked her nipple. Charlotte just closed her eyes and let him do it. It felt wonderful. She decided that the wine was doing its intended job. She was ready for a good hard fuck. She didn’t know what Jeremy could see, but she didn’t care. When Dan replaced his pinching fingers with his sucking lips, she moved her leg to straddle both of his.

She set the bottle down and pulled his head tight against her breast. She felt his hands on her ass as they caressed, and then spread her cheeks wide open! Now Jeremy could see everything if he was so inclined. She didn’t care. She knew they were all going to end up in bed together anyway. The only question was whether Jeremy would go for it. She sat then, sandwiching Dan’s hard cock between their bellies. She twisted her head suddenly around to find Jeremy’s eyes locked on them.

“Jeremy, would you come over here and rub my back for me? There’s a knot that needs attention.” Okay. It was lame. He couldn’t have been so dense as to think there wasn’t more to the request. At any rate, he rose from his seat and crossed to her. Standing behind her he allowed his erect cock to push against her back. It felt like he was tapping her; trying to get her attention. Well, he had it! His hands were hot on the muscles of her back. She reached back and pushed his cock upward and then told him to lean forward. He pressed up against her, his hands kneading and caressing her shoulders.

Dan spoke up. “Is this okay with you, Man?” Jeremy’s voice came from just behind her.

“Oh, Christ, yes! I never thought…I didn’t expect this! I appreciate it.”

“Charlotte picked up her wine and tossed it back. “This isn’t just for you, Bucko! It’s for us, too!” With that, she rose from her husband’s lap and turned to Jeremy. She put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him to her for a kiss. Her tongue swirled around his and she used her other hand to grip and squeeze his erection. “I’m going inside. If you all want to come, I’ll be in the bedroom.” She escaped from between the two men and left them grinning at each other. She felt like a sex goddess as she stepped over the edge of the tub. Her cunt rubbed across the padding, sending thrills deep inside her. Once out of the tub entirely, she picked up one of the towels and dried herself as she walked – strutted, really – into the house and down the hall to their bedroom.

Dan told her later that Jeremy made sure he wasn’t misunderstanding anything. He was assured that they did, indeed, want Jeremy to enjoy all the hospitality they could provide for him. Dan made it clear that anything he and Charlotte wanted to do was okay as long as Jeremy didn’t mind Dan participating as well. Jeremy didn’t mind.

Charlotte was way overheated. She rubbed her pussy hard with her own hand. She needed a cock inside her right away! Dropping the towel on the bedroom floor she flopped onto the bed. She raised her knees and busied herself rubbing her clit with one hand as she plunged two fingers knuckle deep into her oozing cunt. Masturbation wasn’t what she wanted or needed, but until those two got off their asses it would do.

She didn’t stop when Dan and Jeremy entered the room. “Somebody fuck me!” she called out when she heard them. Dan wasted no time as he dropped his face between her spread thighs. He licked up some of her oozing juices before he rose up and shoved his cock inside his wife. Charlotte opened her eyes then. Jeremy was standing beside the bed, his cock sticking straight out from his body. She grabbed him and jerked him toward her mouth. He moved eagerly to let her suck him.

The sight of his wife sucking another man’s cock made him reach orgasm in uncharacteristic speed. He felt the wave rise within him and break immediately. He throbbed and deposited his semen deep in Charlotte’s cunt. When Charlotte felt his cock swell inside her and realized he was coming already, she lost her own grip on things. She clenched the cock inside her even as she continued to suck and stroke Jeremy’s delicious cock. She transferred her hand to Jeremy’s ass and pushed him forward, driving more of his length into her mouth. He fell forward, catching himself on his hands.

Dan rolled aside and said, “Fuck her now, Jeremy. She wants to feel a different cock in her pussy.” Jeremy pulled out of her mouth and replaced his friend between Charlotte’s thighs. Until then, Dan’s cock had been the longest Charlotte had ever experienced. When Jeremy thrust into her come dripping cunt, however, she realized that he was longer, though slimmer, than Dan. It felt wonderful to have the very back of her cunt touched by a hot cock. The length made up for the lack of thickness.

Jeremy lowered his lips to Charlotte’s. Dan watched them fucking and kissing as he stroked his own cock. Incredibly, though he had only just finished coming, he felt it swell in his hand. He rose up onto his knees and brought the still sticky head near the two pairs of lips. Jeremy opened his eyes and backed off. Charlotte looked at Dan’s cock hovering there. She inhaled the sex scent and then thrust her head forward, taking half his length into her mouth.

Dan felt Jeremy’s strokes telegraphed through Charlotte’s mouth on his cock. Each time Jeremy plunged into her, her head bobbed a bit. Dan felt oddly connected to both of them. He looked to his side to watch Jeremy’s skinny ass bouncing up and down with his movements. One hand went to Charlotte’s tousled hair to hold her while he stuck his cock even deeper into her mouth. He well knew she couldn’t take all of him, so he was careful not to choke her. His other hand he rested on Jeremy’s shoulder. His friend looked up at him and smiled, and then went back to kissing Charlotte’s neck and face.

A couple of times, Jeremy’s lips brushed the side of Dan’s cock when he kissed Charlotte. Dan didn’t mind that. When Jeremy’s lips came close to Charlotte’s, she would pull Dan’s cock from her mouth, holding it with her hand. She then would turn her head to give Jeremy a deep tongue kiss before going back to sucking her husband. Once, when Charlotte was kissing Jeremy, she pulled Dan close enough to touch both their lips, but Jeremy recoiled, pulling away.

After that, Jeremy seemed to go into high gear, pounding his cock into Charlotte. It caused her heat to rise enough that she forgot all about Dan’s blow job. Dan didn’t mind because the scene before him made up for it. His wife began to moan and grimace, her climax nearing. Dan watched, stroking his own cock. He then reached down and pinched her nipple as hard as he ever had. When she was this hot, she wanted that. Her hips rose to meet Jeremy’s and she began emitting the little “Ahh…Ahh…Ahh” sounds that signaled her orgasms. Her voice rose into almost a scream and Dan knew her cunt was clenching Jeremy’s cock in its spasms.

Jeremy’s voice joined in her chorus as he came inside her. The pair ceased moving. The only motion then was Dan’s hand on his cock as he stroked himself. It made it more exciting to know that both his wife and their friend were witnessing his masturbation. His free hand went back, behind his balls, to find and probe at his own asshole. It was something he never would have believed he’d do in front of anyone but his wife, but right then he didn’t care. His mind was empty of thought. There was only the sensation of impending orgasm. He grunted and it came! There was little semen, but the throbbing went back and he felt it deep in his ass. Then he stopped and collapsed beside the others.

“Wow!” Charlotte expressed her appreciation – both for what they’d all done, and for the show her husband had just put on for them. Charlotte liked to watch Dan masturbate, but he didn’t often do it for her. He gave her a sheepish smile, but he didn’t look at Jeremy then.

They took a while to recover. An atmosphere of intimacy was between them, but there was also now an element of shyness. Now that all the passion had faded they were just three naked friends. Charlotte went into the bathroom. Jeremy and Dan returned to the hot tub and more wine. When Dan finally did look at his friend, the other man smiled and said, “Thanks. That was all…incredible. She’s great! You’re a lucky guy to have her.”

“I am. I always knew it, but tonight confirmed it. Thanks for helping me live out a fantasy.” Jeremy laughed, almost snorting the mouthful of wine.

“Oh. Well, it was tough, but anytime you need my ‘help’ again, just holler!” They laughed and the stiffness between them disappeared. Charlotte came out to slip back into the water. It had gotten late enough that they could see stars overhead, but dimly. Charlotte offered the spare bed to Jeremy, but he declined. They eventually got out, dried off and dressed. Well, Jeremy dressed and Dan and Charlotte put on robes. They walked him to the door and Charlotte gave him another – pretty serious – kiss good bye.

In bed a short while later, Charlotte turned to her husband. “What would you have done if Jeremy had let me put your cock in his mouth?”

Dan thought about it a second before answering, “I guess I’d have let him suck it. A mouth on my cock is a mouth on my cock.” Dan looked at his wife. He saw an expression on her face that made him wary. She gave him a little smile and a kiss before she rolled over to sleep.

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