tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day of Frustration

A Day of Frustration


It was a sleepy start to the morning; my eyes fluttered open, resisting the need to awaken as my arm reached out autopilot to silence my alarm. It was an unfortunate habit that I always forgot to switch the alarm off over the weekend. As you heard the first faint sound that had awoken me, you let out a groan and wrapped your arms tighter to me, pulling me closer to you. I snuggled against you, feeling you warm against my back, wiggling back against you and feeling your cock against my ass. Slow, sleepy mornings waking with you were my favourite, especially when I woke with you pressed against me like this.

"Good morning," I softly murmured to you, apologising "sorry I forgot to switch the alarm off."

"It's ok", you responded, your lips on my neck with a soft kiss. "I'm sure you can think of some way to make it up to me."

I smiled at the teasing tone of your voice.

"Oh, is that so?" I laughed, turning to you slightly to meet your lips with mine as I pressed my ass back against your hardening cock. What I had intended as a brief kiss intensified as you tangled your hand in my hair, holding me to you. Your tongue prodded at mine, massaging gently as a moan escaped me. I rolled to face you, your leg forcing its way between mine as your hand slid up, raising my slip to expose my already wet slit.

I smiled as you continued kissing me; you knew how I loved morning sex. I relished how slow and sleepy it started, and the inevitable intensity that quickly developed.

This morning was no different. You pulled me to you, letting me kneel over you, my wet pussy hovering above your rock hard cock, ready to sink down onto you.

As I started to lower myself, feeling your tip gliding against my wetness, about to spear into my pussy, my phone starting buzzing with a phone call. You groaned in frustration as I flicked my eyes over to it.

"Don't answer," you begged as you held your hands on my hips and pulled me down swiftly, a gasp escaping me as I was suddenly full with your cock.

I looked back, apologetically rising from you. "Sorry, it's Lisa - she wouldn't call at this time if it wasn't an emergency".

I reached over to pick up the phone, answering "Hello?"

"Hey Jessica, just letting you know we'll be there in ten" Lisa said.

I looked at you, my eyes wide with alarm, coolly answering "Great, see you soon!" as I hung up the phone. You looked back at me, concerned.

"So, there was a reason I forgot to turn the alarm off this morning," I started, "did you remember that we were to be going out for breakfast with Jack and Lisa?"

I took the string of expletives that escaped you as evidence that you, like me, had forgotten. Our early morning romp was forgotten in the hurry to get dressed, barely ready as we heard a horn sound outside.

Scrambling to collect our keys as we ran out the door, you brushed a swift kiss over my lips with the soft words, "To be continued."'

Sliding into the car, Jack and Lisa were eager to tell us of their recent travels around New Zealand; aside from a brief reprieve as we ordered breakfast, it was difficult to get a word in edgeways. As breakfast was delivered, you reached your hand to my thigh, leaning over to press a kiss to my cheek. I smiled back at you.

Looking at the enticing spread in front of us, I suddenly realised how hungry I was, and dug into my bacon and eggs. We were predictable with our breakfast choices; bacon and eggs for me, pancakes with banana and maple syrup for you.

Hearing Jack launch into another story about their road trip of the South Island, I lifted another bite to my lips. As soon as my mouth was full, I felt your hand slid far enough down my leg to touch bare skin, before sliding back up my dress to mid-thigh height. I shot a warning look at you, which was missed entirely as you were focussed on Jack and Lisa, seemingly entranced by their stories.

As our meal and conversation continued, I became increasingly more distracted by the hand sliding slowly further up my thigh, closer to a dripping wet pussy that had been suddenly reminded of our interrupted quickie.

As our meal drew to a close and the stories continued, I dropped one hand to my lap as a gasp escaped me (thankfully unnoticed by everyone except you, a subtle smirk lifting the corners of your mouth) at the feeling of your fingers sliding under the edge of my panties and grazing against my clit. I moved a hand to your leg and murmured out the corner of my mouth "boundary," hoping you wouldn't push your teasing any further.

Returning to the car, I kept my distance from you, needing to maintain the boundary at least until we returned home. Thankfully, the travel stories continued long enough to keep our minds occupied as we neared our front door. I gulped nervously, knowing, if you were feeling the sexual tension and frustration I was, that it would be on as soon as our front door closed.

The car slowed as it approached our house, and we bid Jack and Lisa farewell, waving as the key slid into the front door lock.

You pushed the door open and pulled me after you, kicking the door shut as you pinned me to the wall, lifting my dress above my head to leave me standing in my lingerie before the door had closed completely. Your hands on my ass lifted me from the ground as I wrapped my legs around you, my hand holding your neck as you crushed your mouth to mine.

I sensed you fumbling with your zipper as you murmured "I can't wait any longer", suddenly feeling the smooth tip of your hard cock pressed against my panties.

You frustratedly growled, "fuck", feeling the warm wetness of my eager pussy through my panties.

"Please," I begged, desperate to feel you inside me again.

As you lowered one hand to my panties, sliding them to the side, I looked down and couldn't help but burst out laughing. Our puppy, Cooper, was quietly peering around the corner of the wall, curiously watching our interaction.

You looked at me startled and, when you noticed the source of my amusement, chuckled and pulled back. As badly as I needed you, it was not an option with our puppy watching on.

"To be continued?" I suggested, unwinding my legs from your waist as you zipped your pants.

You nodded at me, frustration evident.

I turned away, leaning down to scratch Coop behind the ears as I made my way to the kitchen to start our meal prep for the week.

* * *

Some hours later, hip hop blaring from the speakers as I danced and sung my way around the kitchen, I smiled to myself, feeling so lucky for weekends spent with you like this.

As I stood at the kitchen bench, separating cooked meals into lunch containers for the week, I felt move up behind me, a kiss on my neck as you pressed me to the bench.

"Hey, you," you started, watching over my shoulder, "how're you doing?"

I smiled contentedly back at you, enjoying the feeling of you pressed against me.

"Hi yourself. I'm almost done," I responded, filling the last of our containers, "how're you doing?"

"Good", you answered, drawing out your response. "Do we have plans this afternoon?"

I went to respond to you, hoping you were ready for a continuation following our interruptions as another was thrown our way. Pulling your mobile from your pocket, you frowned at the screen; you swiped the call and, holding the phone to your ear, answered "Hey Alex, what's up?"

Unable to hear the conversation that had suddenly captivated your attention, a sudden cheeky idea struck me. I turned to face you, my arms wrapped around you as I caught your eye with a smirk. I manoeuvred you to lean back against the bench, as I stood in front of you, knowing you were watching me suspiciously. My hands dropped to your pants, readjusting the zipper to show me what I wanted.

This was fun for me, and I loved teasing you like this. I knew you would do your utmost to control yourself while on the phone to anyone, and you knew I would stroke your cock until you were done. Or, at least, that's how the game was usually played.

Watching your face, I dropped to my knees, looking up at you with my big brown innocent eyes. You were apparently lost for words as you went silent, watching me with your mouth agape. I focused on your cock, reaching my talented tongue out to lick the tip of you. Momentarily forgetting that you were on a phone call, I acted as I usually would, taking your cock in my mouth, deep down my throat so that I gagged a little.

As I licked and swallowed your delicious cock, loving that I could finally focus on what I wanted (even if you were briefly distracted), your attention switched between watching me intensely, knowing how much I loved what I was doing, and staring out the window, desperate for something to distract you from the intense pleasure so that you could focus on your conversation.

My hand grasping your cock, gently stroking it, I moved my attention to your balls, gently licking and sucking them into my mouth, stroking them with my tongue. I looked up at you as I did so, feeling a powerful tension between us. I smiled sweetly, knowing very well just how much trouble I would be in once your call ended.

"Righto mate, we'll see you then," you said sternly, as what seemed to be a very abrupt end to the call.

I looked up at you startled, my mouth still full, as you ended your call.

"What was that about?" I murmured between mouthfuls.

You looked back at me tensely, answering "he's on his way here, 2 minutes away" with a stern frown.

I looked back at you, startled, my mouth suddenly still. For the second time that day, I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the interruption.

"I thought third time was supposed to be the charm?" I giggled, teasingly, "do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck no," you growled at me, your hands tangling in my hair, guiding my head as my mouth moved up and down on your hard length. "You've got two minutes to finish the job properly, otherwise you'll be in trouble later."

I focused my attention completely on your cock, relishing the feeling of you filling my mouth. I could feel the swell of your orgasm building when the door opened and we heard Alex call out.

You looked at me sternly, growling "to be continued" as you slid your cock back into your pants, zipping up. I wiped the corners of my mouth and rose from my knees, greeting our guest.

Rounding the corner, Alex smiled at the sight of his friends. He stood back to look me up and down, cheekily asking, "Been keeping you busy, has he?" as he nodded down.

I followed his eyes and realised he had noticed my red knees, tell tale signs of the mischief we had been up to. I blushed fiercely; an innocent joker, Alex had no idea how accurate he was.

"Oh, just cleaning," I answered, embarrassed to hear your soft chuckle behind me.

"Head on out to the deck, I'll be out with drinks in the minute," I directed them, rushing to the kitchen to hide my embarrassment.

Thankfully, Alex's presence meant my punishment for not finishing the job might be forgotten. I could hope.

* * *

Sunday afternoon brought with it a lazy session at our local beach side bar; beers, sunset, music and friends - what more could I ask for?

My soft pink strapless summer dress showed off my shoulders and tanned legs; cut at mid thigh length, you could tell how well my return to running was going, my muscles evident and only enhanced by the sweet 2 inch heels I had chosen.

Looking out over the ocean, I rested my head on your shoulder, happy with the friends and laughter that surrounded us. I brushed a kiss against your lips, suddenly grateful for you. Darkness falling around us, dropping the temperature, I perched between your legs on the stool, nestling against you for warmth.

"Don't think about starting anything you can't finish," you murmured sternly in my ear as your kiss swept at my neck.

I looked back at you, my brown eyes wide, asking "who, me?"

You laughed darkly at me, knowing that beneath the innocent exterior lived a very dirty tease.

"I'm serious, Jessica," you responded. "If you start anything, you better be ready to finish it."

I smiled back at you. We had played at this before, and I loved how stern you were; but, in the end, I knew the "finish" would happen at home.

Unable to resist temptation, I pressed back against you as we continued the conversation with our friends, frequently turning and readjusting my position in the seat. To the outside eye, it may have looked like I was just trying to get comfortable - to me, I could feel each move pressing my body against your cock in a different way.

Your hands suddenly grasped my hips, holding me still. "Jessica," you growled at me, "stop it."

I smiled at you innocently, asking "stop what?"

You looked at me darkly, apparently reaching the boundary of your frustration. You pushed me from your lap, directing me, "outside, now."

I gulped at the stern edge in your voice, not something I was used to hearing, and scurried outside. I waited at the doorway to the building, shivering for a few minutes before you eventually joined me.

Without a look at me, you grabbed my hand and pulled me after you, leading me into the alleyway beside the bar, into darkness. Turning me roughly, you pushed me against the wall, pinning my hands above my head.

"What did I tell you?" you asked me darkly, your mouth kissing and sucking at the tender flesh of my neck.

I gasped at the intensity, struggling to focus on my answer.

"Jessica. Tell me what I told you. Now," you commanded, sternly.

Pulling my mind from the pleasure running through me at the feeling of your lips, I breathlessly answered, "you told me not to start anything I couldn't finish."

"That's right," you growled, your tone deepening so much I felt a shiver roll through my body. "And what did you do, Jessica?"

With this, your hands moved down my body, your mouth kissing the exposed flesh of my breasts as your fingers hooked beneath the waist band of my panties, pulling them to my ankles. I went to drop my hand to run through your hair as you sternly told me to stay still.

"Answer me, Jessica" you commanded.

I moaned under your ministrations, responding guiltily "I started something."

"Good girl. See, answering isn't that hard, is it?"

Your attention to my body had left me speechless; a day's teasing built to this moment where I couldn't focus on anything but the sensations running through my body.

You turned me to face the wall, my hands still in place, now with my palms flat against the wall to brace myself.

"Do you know what that means, Jessica?" you asked, darkly, as I heard your zipper.

"No," I whimpered, a fresh wave of juices flooding my pussy as it desperately anticipated your hard length.

Holding my hips, you thrust into my deeply, answering, "it means we finally finish it".

Grateful to be able to brace myself against the wall, I struggled to balance on my heels as you pounded my pussy with your thick hard cock, feeling my tightness around you, delighting in the feel of the good, hard fuck we had both desperately needed all day.

I focussed solely on the sensations coursing through my body, nearing orgasm as you plundered my pussy, when my eyes suddenly flew open, realising what we were doing.

"James," I exclaimed, with a moan, "anyone could see us!"

I could hear your soft, dark chuckle from behind me as you continued fucking me. "I know," you answered softly, "you should've thought of that before you started teasing me again."

With that, your hands reached around and cupped my breasts, seeking out my hard nipples under the thin fabric of my dress, rolling them between your fingers. A short sharp pinch caused a soft squeal from me, wetting my pussy once again.

"Do you like the idea of it?" you murmured softly, pulling me to you. "Do you like the idea that someone might walk out of that bar and see such an innocent girl being bent over and fucked, see me giving you what you really want?"

A deep, guttural moan escaped me with your description; you knew I would never admit to it, and didn't actually want to ever be caught, but you had just tapped into one of my deepest fantasies.

Instinctively knowing what would happen, your hand wrapped around my mouth, muffling the loud cry that escaped me as orgasm overtook my body and my pussy gushed.

You continued to roughly thrust into me, my increasing wetness and the muscles constricting around your cock finally pushing you over the edge, your cock exploding and filling me.

We stayed braced against the wall for a few short moments to catch our breath, before, sliding out of me, you turned me to face you.

I bent to pull my panties back into place before you stopped me, making me step out of them before you pocketed them. I looked back at you, shocked.

"I told you earlier, if you didn't finish the job before Alex arrived, you'd be in trouble. Consider this punishment," you explained with a grin as you grabbed my hand and turned back toward the street.

"Excuse me!" I spluttered in astonishment, "if that's punishment, then what did I do to deserve what just happened?"

As the door to the bar opened, you turned to me, with a cheeky grin, simply answering "you started it" before pulling me forward, the chaos of the bar engulfing us again.

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I liked the first person POV. It made it feel intimate, like I could be the lover and you are recounting an experience or explaining a fantasy. Great story! I’m

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I liked the poit of view as well!

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Don change it

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"You" / name

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