tagBDSMA Day of Longing

A Day of Longing


Liz and John had just finished dinner. Liz had cooked, so John was washing dishes. To the outside world, they would seem like any other normal couple. They were married professionals in their mid-thirties. Their sex life was somewhat more interesting than the vanilla sex lives of their friends and peers. Liz keeps John's cock locked up in a steel cage. Specifically, he wear one called that Jailbird. It is made of stainless steel and was custom made to fit his dimensions. It was quite secure. There was no way to remove it as Liz kept one key hidden and the other in a safety-deposit box in her name. Every time he had been unlocked so far, she had restrained his hands away from his cock before leaving the room and returning with the key.

This month had been simultaneously the most exciting and frustrating of his life. He been locked up on May 1st. He had never been locked long than 2 weeks, but Liz had told him that she wanted to see how far he could go. He had been edged nearly every day, as long as their schedules allowed for it, and licked Liz to more orgasms than he could count. By June 1st, though, it became hard to focus he was so overcome with lust and desire.

It was in this mindset that he broached a new topic of conversation after dinner on June 1st. He began, "So, Liz, dinner was great by the way. I was wondering. It's been over a month though. I have never went this long without coming."

She smiled. "I know. Isn't it great. It's more than twice as long as your old record. Don't you want to thank me for helping you?"

Trying to keep her in a good mood, he did. "Yes. Thank you, Ma'am."

"It's like a streak!" she said enthusiastically. "Everyday is a new record. You wouldn't want to break the streak, now, would you?"

John looked down momentarily, blushing slightly. "That's what I was hoping to talk to you about. Do you think you would mind letting me have an orgasm tonight?" he asked, hopefully.

Liz's smile vanished. "I don't think so. It's up to me and I don't want you to come yet. I don't want to waste all the effort I put into the build up."

"It wouldn't be wasted," John interjected.

Liz cut him off. "Shh. Enough of this. I gave you my answer and I have the key, so that's that. Bring over the wine and the dessert."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Liz didn't see the glint in his eye as he made a choice and committed to a desperate plan in that moment. He was going to come tonight, Liz just didn't know it yet. He poured the wine and took the soufflés out of the oven.

The conversation drifted back to the more mundane of their plans for the weekend. Liz complimented the soufflé and, a few minutes later, asked him why he wasn't drinking any wine.

"Oh, you know I don't drink wine that much. Besides," he continued with a mischievous smile, "I drugged it."

"Whaaa..?" Liz asked, her words slurred and dropping off at the end. Her vision blurred, her breathing slowed, and her eyes started to droop. John got up and drew her up. He put her arms around him and then picked her up with his other arm under her knees just before she fell into a slumber from the sleeping pill he had put in her drink.

John was looking forward to this. His plan was utterly simple. He simply would not allow her to come until she gave up the location of the key. She had never been great at edging herself, always giving up and giving in after a couple minutes. He took a minute to appreciate how beautiful she was sleeping. The sleeping pill was fast acting, but not long lasting. She would wake up soon.

John didn't waste any time. He took out and staged various toys and restraints in different parts of the room, unsure of how many he would need before she would break. Once done with that, John calmly unbuttoned her blouse and her jeans. Careful of her neck, he removed her shirt. He heard her make a noise in her sleep as he rolled her to unclasp her bra. She was coming closer to the surface. Working a little quicker, John pulled both her panties and her jeans off in one motion. Disposing of her clothes, he locked heavy-duty leather cuffs to each limb. He tied a rope to each and tied them to a leg of the bed.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork and her naked body when she started to stir. He leaned down from her side and started to gently lick at her clit until he heard a soft moan, then he knelt over her. He kept one hand slowly massaging her vagina while his other started to pinch and roll her nipples as she began to come to.

Liz hadn't been woken up in quite this way before. As her consciousness dawned, she just felt a warmth in her pussy that kept building. As it drew away, she tried to lift her pussy to follow the warmth, but she was still a little groggy. She realized she couldn't move her arms or legs soon after. Her eyes shot open as her legs couldn't stop the massaging of her g-spot and she felt a pinch on her right breast.

"What the fu," she started, fully awakening to the competing sensations of stimulation and bondage. Without releasing either hand, John cut her off by locking his mouth to hers. She responded to him and they stayed kissing for several minutes until John kissed down to her ear, her neck, and finally her breasts. He sucked and licked one nipple while pinching the other and rubbing her g-spot with two fingers. He kept going until the breathing in his ear became ragged.

"I'm going to come," Liz whimpered.

All at once, John removed his hands and his mouth so that nothing was touching Liz at all. He watched as her pussy gyrated at the air, not finding contract, until her face tightened and eyes opened. She noticed his smirk and couldn't help but curse at him as he stood up off the bed.

"You fucking asshole. You did that on purpose." She was still a little short of breath, but recovering herself quickly.

"Of course I did." He put just his index finger on her clit and started rubbing gently but insistently in a figure-8 pattern. She hadn't come fully down from her edge and her eyes rolled back as she gave into the stimulation. "Do you want to come?" he whispered in her ear.

"Oh, God, yes!"

"Then tell me where the key to the cage is," John responded cooly.

Liz shook her head and John removed his hand before she could reach the point of no return. "Shit," Liz muttered under her breath. She had been in control more often than not these last few months; almost a necessity being the keyholder. She was used to getting what she wanted.

John was a little disappointed that she hadn't given in yet, but mostly he was excited for the challenge. "Well," he says at he puts a blindfold on her, "then I guess it's going to be a long day of longing for you."

John walked to the foot of the bed and laid down between her legs. He heard her breath stop in anticipation as his face got ever closer to her sensitive pussy. He didn't want this to be quick or easy. He moved his tongue up and down her clit, but only barely touched her. Liz tried to grind up at his face, but he just leaned back slightly, out of reach. He didn't start again until she was lying flat on the bed. After 10 minutes or so, he started sucking on her clit in between lightly licking her. She would get close each time, but he knew her body and what she could take. He varied the pattern so she couldn't predict it or get used it. Every time he sucked on her clit, she would moan deeply.

John ignored her cries of "please." His mouth was occupied and it was more fun to keep her on edge. He'd begged more in the last month than he thought possible; it was her turn and he was going to savor it. He put his curled index and middle fingers into her pussy and alternated the feather-light licks with rubbing her g-spot and sucking her clit until she was thrashing at the bonds.

"Do you want to come?" John kept up the pressure with his fingers when he asked.

"YES!" Her expression was filled with lust.

"Then tell me where the key is." He stayed in control; he tried not to betray how turned on he was; how much he needed the key. Liz took a second, trying to grind into his finger before she bit her lip hard and shook her head. She was almost incapable of talking. John pulled his hand back.

"Tsk, tsk. You will, don't worry. I'll have you begging like you didn't know was possible. Then, you'll tell me anyway. Wouldn't you rather tell me now? I'll let you come with my cock in you?"

She smirked defiantly. "You're crazy if you think you're getting to come tonight. You just added so much time to your sentence."

"We'll see."

"What are you doing? Giving up already?" Liz asked. She couldn't see what he was doing, but felt the pressure of the rope on her legs lessen.

John didn't answer. She was his prisoner and the anticipation was another tool he could use. Quietly, without giving anything away, John tied her right leg tightly to the headboard. Liz tried to resist with her left but didn't have any leverage. She was lying flat on her back with her legs pulled deeply back into a V in the air. The brown star of her asshole could be clearly seen. John leaned down, kissing her inner thighs, draping his tongue slowly over her labia, exploring every fold of her pussy. He took his time, knowing it wouldn't be enough to bring her past the point of no return.

Liz tried to resist showing him how aroused she was, but she couldn't help moaning and the proof was her wetness coating his face. John used his hands to spread her ass cheeks and let his tongue circle her asshole. That was all the stimulation he gave her until she begged. He spread her ass a little further and let his tongue dart in and out of her asshole. When she was nice and slick, John put a finger in her pussy then pressed it to the entrance of her asshole.

He asked, "Are you sure you don't want to tell me where the key is?" Before she could answer, she gasped as his finger violated her ass. In and out, using her own wetness as lube, he moved his mouth a fraction of an inch over her clit and repeated his question.

"No, no key," she almost cried.

"Then, nothing touches your clit..." He blew gently on her clit to remind her how close he was then sat up and pulled his hand from her ass.

John knelt to her side, steadying himself with his left hand on her right leg. Liz was highly aroused and highly alert, but with the blindfold on she had trouble anticipating what was going to happen. John brought his hand down on her ass. Liz yelped, more in surprise than anything else. John spanked her again and again, alternating cheeks. He found a good rhythm as Liz moaned. Her ass was reddening to a rosy pink as more blood rushed to her sensitive ass and pussy.

John picked up the leather flogger and dragged the stands up and down Liz's pussy, letting her feel it and wonder about what he was going to do with it. She sucked in breath as the flogger's tails brushed her clit on all sides.

"Where's the key?" He flicked the flogger in a circle so it landed gently on her clit and the lips of her pussy. She yelped. Liz thought, He wouldn't really hurt me, between feeling the throb in her aroused clit and thinking that she couldn't possibly go much longer without an orgasm.

She shook her head. John lifted the flogger off her pussy and brought it down on her ass. He appreciated watching her ass bounce in response and loved hearing the moans that escaped her. He put her clit between two fingers of his other hand, rubbing it as he brought it down 9 more times until her ass was warm and red. When he finished, she was squirming and on the verge of orgasm.

"Where's the key?"

Liz couldn't even answer.

John laid the flogger down. It served his purpose and edged her perfectly. He left the room without telling her. The wait would mess with her. When he came back, he put a bowl on the bed.

"Your ass is so red. It feels hot. I think we should probably cool it down. What do you think?"

"Yes, please."

John ran an ice cube over all the red of her ass. She moaned at the new sensation. He put an ice cube, maybe an inch and a half long and tapered, in his mouth to get it slick. She whimpered as it touched her asshole. He applied pressure and she opened for it. He watched the ice cube disappear into her ass.

"Oh, no," he said in mock concern as she writhed with the ice cube in her. "There's no way to get that out. I guess you'll just have to wait for it to melt."

John took another ice cube in his mouth and sucked on her breasts until it melted. She couldn't stop moaning at the contradictory sensations. The warmth from her ass and his hands and mouth against the cold wetness of the ice. He took two more ice cubes, inserted one in her pussy with his fingers so it couldn't come out, then licked her clit with an ice cube in her mouth. Whenever she got too close, he would lift his mouth and just let the cold ice drip onto her clit.

After 10 minutes or so, he thought she'd had enough. He put the bowl out of the way, then untied her legs and clipped them together. He straddled her and took the ropes off her wrists. He took one rope and quickly made a cuff that went around her wrists, to make a lead.

"I'm going to get off you and get you off the bed. Don't try anything, understand?"


"Yes, what?" he asked, as he pulled her hands up.

"Yes, sir."


He hoped that subtle shift in dynamics would work on her, get her in the mental space to give him the key. He kissed her hard and deep, before getting up and pulling her after him. He helped her off the bed. She had to walk in a shuffle with her legs clipped together, so he stayed close enough to make sure that she didn't fall.

Turning her, he guided her so that her back was against the wall. He took off and tossed the rope away. Lifting her arms one at a top, he clipped each wrist cuff over her head. Over-the-door restraints would keep her hands safely out of the way for the next step of her plan. John leaned down to bite her beast. He put a finger in her ass and two more in her pussy while continuing to suck on her breast. He alternated his rhythm so that when his finger went in Liz's ass was timed with when his fingers left her pussy, then switched without ceasing. He didn't stop until he left a hickey on the side of her breast and had sucked both breasts until they were hard and erect.

John lifted Liz and put her legs around his waist. Her back was supported by the door and her pussy was rubbing up against his belt buckle.

"This isn't going to be easy for you. You can end it now. Just give me the key. I'll rub your clit while I pound you like this," he said, thrusting his pelvis against her. His own arousal was building in tandem with his frustration. His cock was straining and compressed against his cage.

"No," she replied.

He pinched and pulled on her nipple. "No...?"

"No, sir," she said more forcefully.

"Ahh," Liz hissed as he attached the first clamp to the nipple in his hand. She was expecting the second one and was able to take it without making much of a sound, but the constant weight and pressure would continue to arouse her. He pulled down on the chain and let go; the clamps stayed on and she felt them as her breasts bounced up and down in response.

"Spread your legs, as far you can," John ordered.

John penetrated her, then brought his finger to her mouth. She sucked her wetness off his finger as though she were suckng his cock. John groaned slightly at the thought. He brought over the impaler, a device that was made of two primary parts: a spreader bar and an extendable pole that rose vertically from the center. John clipped Liz's ankles to the spreader, forcing her legs 2 feet apart as her hands were immobile. This was a new purchase, one she had not seen before. While he didn't doubt that he would one day be in her predicament, he had a hard time thinking past today, past making her give up the key's location. John had to kneel to affix the leg restraints and he smiled watching her squirm. Waiting until she gave up and stopped squirming, he licked languorously from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit. She shuddered even though he only did it once.

"Stand up on your toes," he ordered.

He lubed the dildo on the top of the impaler. It wasn't too thick, around an inch and half. He was similarly sized; having had anal sex before she locked up his cock, he knew she could handle the girth, even if they had spent as much time as they normally would have loosening her asshole. It was long, though, at 8 inches. He raised it until the tip was pressuring her asshole while she was standing on tiptoe.

Taking advantage of her blindfold and inability to see how big the cock was, he asked, "Are you sure you want this? You've never had a cock this big in your ass."

"Yes, I want it." she breathed. She was so turned on, he could see her wanting any contact that would get her closer to orgasm. It had been nearly an hour so far. She hadn't ever been on edge that long.

"Then beg me. Either beg me for it or give me the key," he said in her ear, close enough for her to feel his breath.

"Please, sir. Please fuck my ass," she begged sincerely. She wasn't faking; she was so turned on that she wanted any stimulation she could get.

"That's better. Impale yourself on it."

He watched as her face tightened. She lowered her feet to the floor ever so slowly. Her mouth opened and she drew in a breath as her ass stretched around the dildo and then swallowed the first 2 inches.

"Excellent," he said, entering her with his fingers. "Do you like having that cock in your ass?"

She squirmed up and down on the dildo, the only movement allowed her. "Yes, sir. So much."

He knelt down and started raising the dildo. Once her got to 5 inches, he told her to stand back up on tiptoe. He loved watching her ass convulse on the dildo, even if he wished it was his own cock. She lifted off it as far as she could, then he put the first 6 inches of the dildo in and locked the impaler into place.

"How does it feel?"

"Full, sir. It feels so big."

"There's still more. When your calves go out, you're going to fuck yourself on it, further than you've ever gone before. You can still get out of it by giving me the key."

"No, sir. I'm going to make you regret this when you give up. You'll be lucky if you ever get out of that cage."

"Just for that, I'm not going to ask you again until you're a sopping, begging mess. I'm going to edge you over and over until you don't know up from down."

She believed him. But a part of her wanted it, badly wanted it.

John took off the nipple clamps. She moaned as the blood tried to rush back to them. Just to show her who was in charge, he took the flogger to her breasts, careful only to hit them and not her stomach or neck. She got some nice lines on her breasts, but he stopped before they could reach the red of her ass. She whimpered at each stroke and he felt confident she grasped his point.

John immediately started with his foolproof way of getting her off. The massive cock in her ass replaced the finger that would normally reside there. He put two fingers in her pussy and curled them upwards towards himself, rubbing her g-spot over and over. He sucked hard on her clit. He didn't get to 30 seconds before she was yelling. He sat back, then took an ice cube from his bowl and held it against her clit, without moving, until she calmed down. He repeated this two more times. By the third, she was begging, "Fuck. Please. Please let me fucking cum."

"Nope. No yet. There's no way out yet," he responded calmly to the clear need in her voice.

John took another dildo, the twin of the one in her ass. Looking at her soaked, wet pussy, he didn't think it would need any lube. He positioned it right below her pussy and waited until she begged for it.


"Please, what?"

"Please, sir."

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