tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day Out Ch. 1

A Day Out Ch. 1


Sometimes when the boredom over-takes a person around the house, she must just get out and do something. I love to shop and to flash, so why not kill the boredom by doing both. Being early summer, I opted for my a tank top that is a bit short, not really showing anything unless I reach really high, but it shows of the shape of my tits nicely. It's light green, my favorite color, and the fabric is light, so under some lights its "almost" transparent, only the color keeps it from being that way. I can't seem to make up my mind between my shorts or a skirt. The wind isn't really a factor but there is the occasional up draft...... the skirt it is, flared and pleated and green plaid, of course. A little longer than I usually wear, but very easy for the wind to wisp up. Looking at myself in the mirror, I practice bending to see how much cleavage or ass cheek that I am showing at any given moment. Satisfied with my outfit, I turn once more toward the mirror, panties or not? Not.

My neighbor's son is out doing his yard when I leave the house. I wave to him and put a little hip in my stride going to my car. He is a great guy, always volunteering to help with my yard work or to fix something around the house. Got to love the kindness of people. He hurries over as I'm getting into my truck and asks if I needed anything in the yard taken care of, since he was out doing his already. I look at his hard body, losing myself in the thought for a moment, shorts and no shirt, his tan already getting to that level that makes you wonder if it's real or from a booth. He sees my gaze and I don't mind him knowing I find him attractive. He to is looking me over as well, trying to see if I am wearing a bra and panties or not. My skirt is riding a bit high, showing nearly all of my thigh and the angle at which I am poised, I'm sure he can see my nipples poking through the light fabric. I can see a bulge start to grow in his shorts and smile at this.

Well, I tell him, I am going to go shopping and will be back in a couple of hours and if he would like to help carry in my packages, that would be nice, but I didn't really have any yard work. As I'm telling him this I glance in the back and remember a few boxes that I had forgotten to take in from the night before. He follows my gaze and tells me to pop the gate and he will get the out for me, so that I will have more room, just in case I find something big to buy. I do so and follow him around to the back of my truck, the glass prop had been broke for some time and so I would have to hold it up for him. He gets the gate and I lift the glass, doing so, my shirt raises and I let it. It really isn't showing anything but the thrill of it is a perfect start. He turns with two boxes in hand and runs completely into me after seeing my shirt up so far. He drops the boxes and I laugh, barely able to hang on to the glass. He turns a nice shade of red and while he was getting the boxes the wind played with my skirt, giving him very quick glimpses of my upper thighs again, I'm not sure if he saw that I wore no panties, but I think he did.

He carries the boxes to the porch while I close up the back and hop in the cab. He closes my door for me and takes another quick look at my skirt bunched up, almost showing him my goodies. I thank him and tell him I'll see him in a couple of hours. Feeling a bit brazen, I glimpse at his crotch again, long enough for him to notice and tell him not to work to hard before I get back. I may need his help after all.

First stop is the garden center, I had been wanting to pick up some new plants for my flower garden. The parking lot is amazingly full, going to have to park in the next county, just to find a spot. Walking across the lot, all the guys who are loading their cars and trucks with the purchases they just made, have stopped to watch me walk by. I pretend not to notice that the wind is playing with the hem of my skirt and secretly hope it will raise high enough to show my ass cheeks at least, but it doesn't. The attention has made my nipples hard and I can feel the fabric rubbing against them making it worse. I feel the first hint of moisture in my puss. I have to find someone to show it to!

Pushing a cart is lame when you want to show yourself to people but I really do want to buy stuff while I am here so I grab one when I get in. Who knows maybe I can use it to my advantage, we will just have to see. Need some top soil, but only a specific kind will do. Why is it always out on the floor, will have to get someone to get me bag from the top shelf. Let's see, there's a guy, not too bad either, about 30 and fairly attractive, my first victim? Just like guy, gives me a quick head to toe look before helping me, gotta love it. I guess he likes what he sees, he is fumbling all about himself trying to help me. Quickly he gets a ladder and retrieves a bag for me. I pull at my shirt a little, pretending it is hot and need to have a little air, he slowly climbs down the ladder, while he watches my display, I'm sure he can see most of my cleavage. I take the bag from him when he reaches the floor and purposely carry it around to the other side of my basket, got to put this bag on the bottom. He watches while I squat down letting my skirt ride up my thighs. It actually is a bit difficult to maneuver the bag into place, but just for good measure I let my legs part a little almost to the point that he can see, but using the bag to keep him from it. He moves around a little to get a better look, just as I put it in place. i quickly stand up to see disappointment in his face. Thanking him I stride off, feeling the weight of his stare.

I wasn't sure what the name of the flower was that I wanted but I did know what it looked like. While striding through the rows of flowers I see this young couple browsing on the next row. As I pass by I catch their eyes for a moment and walk on by. Pretending to be interested in a plant I glimpse back at them and they are doing the same. So I stride back a little and they are holding their ground, trying not to be too obvious. There is a fern hanging nearly in front of them, it's just to the left of where they are, I have to see what kind it is......the tag is on the hook, reaching up, I have to stand on my toes to even reach it and the stretching has lifted my shirt up to the bottom of my tits. I can feel the fabric trying to work over the curve of my tits. Do I do it are is this enough... I stretch a little further and the fabric slides up exposing my nipples, my heart rate instantly triples knowing that they can see my nipples. I pretend to not have noticed and reach a little further and grab the tag, I read the name and then come back down to earth, my shirt falling as I do.

I look pass the plant at the couple to see them looking from the corner of their eyes. He has his arm wrapped around her waist and his thumb is brushing the under side of her breast and know we are definitely not done here.

How can I possibly show these two more and make it look like an accident? I could just lure them in back and lift my skirt, but that isn't any fun, no real risk to that. The store is busy and I like the thrill of getting caught. I look around and spot the outdoor furniture. Will they follow me, let's find out. I move slowly turning now and then to look at something and to see if they are following, they are. Perfect, they have the glass set I looked at last time I was here. The top is glass and the front is open. The perfect way to show them my bare puss, well almost bare, I still have a small patch just above my clit. I turn once more to see how far back they are and they have stopped and are facing each other.

Did I lose their interest? Surely not. No, here they come, she turns to walk this way and I notice her shirt is unbuttoned more. I can see the lace of her bra and she is looking around nervously to see if anyone is too close. There isn't right now and I remember I am staring and move to the table. They have stopped on the next row over looking at some small fountains. Walking around the set feeling the fabric and doing all the stuff one might do, if they were considering buying it. I pull out the high bar stool type chair behind the bar and hop up into it. I swivel back and forth working up to showing them, I turn around away from them and pull my skirt up higher while doing so.

When I turn back around he is behind her, close, it makes me wonder if he is pressing his cock into her ass.......or if he is rubbing her from behind. They weren't expecting to see my pussy when I turned around and you could see the surprise in their faces. She looked up at him and then back at me, well, my puss and her lips were parted slightly. I so wanted to kiss those lips, but that is asking just too much. I let one hand fall into my lap, still trying to pretend I know not what I'm doing, and brush my fingers against my small patch of hair lightly. He looks around quickly and then reaches up under her shirt and fondles her breast. She seems to not care, because she doesn't move to stop him. I lower my fingers and now brush lightly at the lips of my pussy, making me gasp a little. His hand disappears quickly and then I see he has undid her bra from behind. It has turned out to be a strapless, because he has pulled it from her and tucks it in his jeans pocket. Again he slides his hand under her shirt and pulls at he nipple. I can see that glazed looked starting to grow in her eyes and wonder if she sees it in mine as well.

I can't keep this up or I'm going to have to cum to get some relief. I so don't want this to stop though. The tree saplings are always thick this time of year. I catch her gaze and with my eyes try to focus her attention on the trees. She just stares at me, we both know what is going on and don't want it to stop. I have to take the chance, moving off the now slightly wet chair, my skirt falls back down and I quickly move toward the trees, forgetting my basket for the time being. I look back to see they are in pursuit, good. I step in between two evergreens that are catching direct sunlight in the outdoor yard they have here. The sun feels so good. I look around and most of the people milling around are still inside under the shade. I felt her come up behind me and slip her arms around my waist. Her hands moved slowly up under shirt cupping my breasts. I could feel hers against my back and her breathing was deep and fast. I was about to turn and then I see him pop in between two trees just in front of us.

He's a watcher... I turn to her and our eyes meet. I lean to kiss her and she meets me and our lips part, our tongues meet. I am unbuttoning her shirt more so that I can feel her tits and she has her hands on my ass. I pull the shirt over her shoulders and I start to kiss them and her neck. She has my skirt held up with one hand and is rubbing my ass with the other, while her man is watching. I was just about to lean down to suck her nipple when we heard someone coming. We moved into the isle opposite from our intruders and continued to fondle why they walk by us, not 3 feet away. I looked up to see one of the care workers standing at the end of the isle we were in with his mouth open staring at us. She noticed him too and moved behind me and with him looking at us, she lifted my skirt and started to rub my clit. I leaned my head back against her as she did this.

The wind had picked up as I walked back to my truck. I had my bag of top soil and the seeds for the plants I wanted so when the wind blew up my skirt, I didn't even try to hold it down...

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