tagInterracial LoveA Day to Relax

A Day to Relax


The week had been a complete bust. You traveled all the way from the UK to the Caribbean for a week of business meetings and some relaxing in the sun. It ended up that the week was spent is crisis management. The up side was that everything was back on track with work with no ill effects. The down side was that you ended up spending all of what was planned to be spare time in meetings so you spent no time by the pool or on the beach. Last night's meetings went late and you have an early flight back home. To top things off, there was a mix up with your return flight and you were the only one in your group to get bumped from your flight home. The next flight was booked, so it would be another day before you could get home. Maybe this would be a chance to relax before heading home. You have until the next day before you flight out.

You catch a taxi back to the hotel where they sadly inform you that you former room has been booked, but to you surprise and delight, they say they will comp you a suite because you company often uses their site for meetings. You quickly make your way to your 3rd floor room and generously tip the bellman, strip and put on your bikini and practically run to the pool. It's early afternoon in the heat of the day, and you order a cocktail from the waiter. You lay on your back and relax in the sun letting the tension melt out of your body as you quickly drink down your cocktail and order another and drink that one. You hear a deep voice and open your eyes, but all you can see is the bright sun around a silhouette. "Excuse me," you say.

"I noticed you were sleeping and you may want to get out of the sun or put on some sunscreen before you burn. The Caribbean sun can be brutal," the voice says. You hadn't realized you had fallen asleep and thanked the silhouette as he moved away toward the pool.

Since you didn't want to sleep or burn, you decide a quick dip in the pool will wake you before turning over. The water is cool, almost cold, against your hot skin but feels good and refreshing. The hot/cold contrast makes your aureoles pull tight and your nipples harden. Not many people are around so you don't worry about it. You swim up to the bar and that's when you notice him. He is facing you. You can sense him staring at you from behind his sunglasses. He's standing in the pool with his back against the bar. You swim up to the bar and get some water and another cocktail. "I hope you don't mind that I woke you up. It would be a shame for you to get a sunburn."

You turn to face the voice, smile..."Thank you." Now that you are in the shade you can see him much better. Taller than you, he's about 6' tall, with broad shoulders and chest and a hint at what used to be six pack abs. You mention that you are glad he was so kind and you didn't realize you had fallen asleep. When he pulls up his sunglasses you are taken in by his dark brown eyes that match his brown skin. Internally you suppress a shutter that runs from your clit to your nipples as you imagine pulling on his bald head as you feel his tongue and mustache against your pussy.

After a quick chat, you find out he's here to check out the hotel for possible use as a conference site. You explain how poorly your week went and want to get back in the sun as you swim back toward you lounge. Within two min of getting to your lounge a waiter brings a bottle of sunscreen to you with the compliments of the gentleman at the bar. You smile a thanks to the mysterious gentleman. He smiles back and then turns his attention to the bar. You massage the lotion into your legs, arms, and stomach. As you apply the lotion to your chest, you notice that very few people are around and no one is looking at you. You take the opportunity to undo the back of your bikini top then the neck. The cool breeze hardens you nipples and keeps the top from falling by clinging to them. Your breasts aren't huge but they are large and nicely shaped and you are proud of them. They sag a little more than you wish, but that happens. You are often told that you have the breasts of a woman 10 years younger. You then notice out of the corner of your eye that the man has moved to the deeper end of the pool closer to you but all you can see it the back of his bald head. The image of seeing his shining dark head moving between your legs flashes through your brain and your nipples harden more and your clit throbs. You pull off you bikini top and rub the lotion into your breasts. As you rub over your nipple, it stick out further and you close your eyes and imagine again if just for a second. When you open your eyes, you see that he has turned and is staring at you behind his sunglasses. You feel emboldened and continue to massage the lotion into your breasts. With your front protected from the sun, you face your admirer and offer the bottle to him, "would you be kind enough to do my backside?" as you smile wickedly to him.

Without a word he emerges from the pool and you force yourself not to stare at the bulge in his shorts. You turn and lay on your stomach. You hear his rich voice suggest moving to the whirlpool area because of the angle of the sun. That sound good to you. You follow him to the new location and see that you can get a better angel on the sun; it is also partially secluded by low shrubs and bushes. You find a lounge and lay down on your stomach. Shortly, you feel warm hands glide over your back and shoulders massaging the muscles. He uses a liberal amount as he rubs lower and lower until he reaches you bikini bottoms. He then begins to work his hands over you from your ankles up. His touch and your thoughts keep your nipples hard and you begin to feel your pussy begin to leak.

He works both calves at the same time, then continues up your thighs. He boldly progresses up your thighs to your ass and slips his hot fingers just under the edge. Until you have been able to stifle you moans and keep your body still. A short moan escapes and turns into a long sigh. He traces along your bikini. You submit by slowly parting your thigh slightly and barely raising your hips toward him. He notices and moves his fingers along your bikini down between your thighs and back out. Your pussy is on fire. Without a word he slips a finger under your bikini and moves again toward your pussy. You arch you back in anticipation and submission. Your wish is granted when you feel his finger trace down the crack of your ass and down to your soaking pussy where he slowly pushes into you. Your moan escapes. A low long sound much louder than you wanted.

He continues to work his finger in and out of your pussy. You feel every movement of his finger as it continues to bring you closer to climax. He adds a second finger and it almost pushes you over the edge. Your breathing comes in gasps as he works you with his two middle fingers. It takes you by complete surprise as he flicks your clit at the same moment he brushes a finger over your tight asshole. Involuntarily, you moan again and push against him. He obliges you with the tip of his finger pushed into your ass. You cum hard. Gasping for air, pushing your ass high in the air hoping for more. Your pussy is leaking, and you feel it combined with the lotion and sweat drip from your pussy onto you bikini. You body convulses several times as you struggle not to scream out. After what seems like forever, the climax subsides. He slowly pulls his fingers out of you and you lie there with your eyes closed trying to recover.

When you turn toward him, you see him just getting into the whirlpool. He looks back at you and smiles as he leans back and relaxes in the warm water. On unstable legs, you walk to him, lower yourself into the water, sit on his lap, rub your hands over his head and pull him to you as you snake your tongue into his mouth. You move to straddle him and can feel his hardness against your ass. Without breaking the kiss you reach down to pull your bikini aside, manage with his help to free his formidable cock from his shorts, position his cock at your pussy and slowly lower yourself onto the best feeling cock you had in quite some time. It feels like you descend forever when finally you feel full just as you get to the end.

Finally you break the kiss as you start to grind down on the hard cock that is stretching your pussy. Through half closed eyes you look down at him then pull his face to your breasts. Your nipples harden even more when he takes one into his mouth. You feel his teeth begin to gently bite down. It causes a tingle to travel from your nipple to your clit and you open you eyes. You see three male employees watching from over at the bar. You had forgotten where you were. The bushes only kept you hidden on three sides. You immediately try to get up and say you are being watched. Just as you are about to pull the head of cock out of your pussy, he quickly grabs you by the hips and pull you back down. When you hit bottom you can feel his cock against your cervix. "We've got to get up, they're watching us," you plead.

"Let them watch," he says calmly, "just enjoy the ride and relax." And with that he lifts you again and pulls you back down hard enough to make you full boobs bounce. Once again he nurses at your nipples and you begin to melt again as your lust for him is renewed. The heat of the sun, the drinks, the warmth of the water, the teeth on your nipples and the cock sliding in and out of your pussy is too much. You melt as your orgasm makes your body contract repeatedly until you have no strength left. You lean into him and rest. He lifts you off of his cock and holds you as you catch your breath.

With much effort, you both climb out of the pool and wordlessly grab towels and he follows you to your suite. Once in the door you turn on him and kiss him deeply and trail kisses down to his neck, nipples and lower until you are on your knees in front of him. You reach in and pull his stiffening cock out as you pull his shorts down. It's big, medium brown, and nicely shaped. It will be a challenge but you want to try to take all of it in your mouth. You lick around the head and it bobs up and down and gets bigger with every beat of his heart. You open your mouth and push forward to take most of him; pull back leaving it wet and push back to get the rest of him in you. It feels good to have your mouth full of cock. It is then that you realize that he is still growing in your mouth and you must pull back. You feel his hands on the back of your head and you go down on him again. His cock is to big for you to take easily now. You suck, lick and slurp as much as you can. You feel your pussy begin to drip again and your hard nipples rub against his legs as you suck on his cock. His hand urge you to take more cock in your mouth. You open as wide as you can, grab his ass and pull. His hands push against the back of your head as you relax your throat to accept his cock. You feel proud as your nose pushes firmly against his pubic bone. You took it all and it feels smooth and warm.

He pulls you up and you reluctantly let his cock fall out of your mouth. He walks you to your balcony and you feel the heat blast you in the face despite the shade. He leads you to the rail, faces you toward the ocean, pulls your bikini off of your legs, knees behind you and pushes his face into your pussy from behind. You immediately push back and down to get as much of his tongue in you as possible. You lean forward into the balcony and you can see his cock waving in front of him as he sits on his heels with his face in your ass and his tongue in your pussy. As you settle in for a nice ride he abruptly stops and stands up. You feel his cock brush against you bare pussy lips. His cock rubs around your wet folds. You bend over further to give him better access. Once again you feel his cock part your pussy and stretch you once again. You are not in control of this fuck. He continues with short stabs until he is buried in your pussy then continues with long slow strokes. The heat builds in your pussy. You feel his hands all over your ass and hips. Without warning you feel a searing pain on your ass and hear a crisp crack. The slap on your ass causes you to cry out and push back at the same time. He rubs the spot where he spanked you and then smacks it again. You feel his fingers moving closer to you asshole and this causes you to squirm with even more pleasure. His finger part your crack and begin to probe your ass. The wetness of your pussy and the sweat make it easy for him to push into your ass. You feel empty when he pulls his cock out of your pussy, but you feel him drag his wet cock to line up with you ass. Without thinking, your reach back and pull your ass apart. Your excitement about getting ass-fucked by him is slightly tempered by the size of his cock.

Gently he pushes forward. You feel the familiar sensation of being opened for the first time all over again. You pull harder with your hand and push back. You can feel as the head finally opens you enough to push in. The fullness overwhelms you, and he is not even halfway in you. He stays still as you catch your breath. Just as you relax, he smacks your ass again and pushes hard. One of his hands grabs your shoulder and pulls while the other assaults your ass with smack. You then realize that you don't know how long or loud you've been moaning. The fullness in your ass and the forceful strokes are too much. Your climax engulfs you. It starts at your toes and works up to your pussy and ass then radiates from there up your body. You pussy is actively dripping, your ass in clenching your nipples are as hard as they have ever been and you can do nothing but moan and pant as his wonderful cock strokes in and out of your ass keeping you at the peak of your orgasm. He feel his strokes come faster and harder as your hear him grunt. Your ass feels tighter as you feel his cock swell before you feel the heat of his cum enter your ass. You cry out again and have to hold on tight to keep from falling to your knees as your orgasm leaves you weak. He pushes deeply until he can cum no more.

His strong hands massage your back and shoulders as the two of you recover. He slowly pulls out of your ass. You feel empty and your feel his cum begin to drip out of your ass. You look back just as you see him sit at the balcony table. You walk over to him, kiss him, knee in front of him take his cock in your hands as you suck his cock back into your mouth. As you grip him with your mouth you notice your wedding ring. If only you could get fucked like this at home. With luck he'll stay with you all night long. You figure one indiscretion will be alright.

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