tagGroup SexA Day With My Art Teacher

A Day With My Art Teacher


Authors note: This is my first time at writing erotica, so please bear with me.

It was another boring day at school and the monotonous voices of the teachers during the lesson made everything worse. The only thing that filled my mind was the thought of fucking my school's hottest art teacher, Katherine. It was when I was having breakfast with my buddies in the cafeteria that I actually noticed what a great body she had. It began like this...

I was having my breakfast at the cafeteria. While eating, I saw Katherine enter the cafe. She was wearing a normal white blouse, and a long skirt. As my eyes glued on to her sexy figure, I could see glimpses of her tits through the button holes. That really set my cock on fire. It was then that I decided to formulate a plan to get a taste of her pussy.

I decided on using chloroform and masks, and after school, I went to the pharmacist and bought a bottle of chloroform and then went on to the trick store to get a full-faced mask. After that, I prepared for my master plan. Should she resist, the chloroform would then come into play.

The next day, I was prepared, face mask and chloroform. I was very excited and edgy the whole day. When the bell rung, signalling the end of school, I ran out first to put my books in the lockers. After that, I set about to execute my big plan. Hiding outside the art room, I put on my face masks and had the chloroform and cloth ready. I went in, and as expected, startled her. "Wh--Who the hell are you?!?!" Katherine asked in a fearful voice.

I then said with an evil grin, "Someone who just wants to get a taste of your pussy, that's all." As I approached, she raised her voice, "You had better not come near me, or I'll call for help!!" I advanced further, knowing that the art room was very remote and there was almost no possibility that anyone would hear her screams. I held her in place, and kissing her. I told her in a friendly tone, "Relax, nothing's gonna happen. I'm just here to make the both of us happy." I stripped her of her outer clothing, then fondled her perfect tits and pussy through her sheer lacy undies. "S-s-stop that..." she moaned. Seeing how aroused she was, I was prepared for my ultimate prize. I then stripped, and proceeded to have a good time. She resisted slightly, but not for long.

"Suck me," I said. She obediently took my 7" cock in her hand, and proceeded to suck the tip and lick the shaft. At this point of time, I felt like I was in heaven. This was nothing I ever imagined! While sucking on my cock, she was playing with herself through her panties. I slapped her hand and told her not to touch her pussy if she wanted to remain safe. She reluctantly took her hand away and used both hands to pump my shaft while sucking on it. Soon, after fucking her face for about 5 minutes, I felt my balls boiling and I grabbed on to her long flowing hair and moaned as I came in her mouth, calling out her name with each spurt.

After she milked me of my cum, I removed her bra. At 33 years of age, there was not a hint of sag in her breasts! I took each one in my mouth and sucked hard. They were absolutely fantastic! Using her own hands to press her tits together, I then slid my member into the valley created by her wondrous tits, and went on to tit-fuck her. She was in sheer ecstacy, as was I, and as I had just came a minute a go, I wasn't in a hurry to cum. After 10 minutes of tit fucking, I told her to stand up, and removed her panties. The sight that beheld me was fantastic! She had a perfectly shaved mound, and her clit was protruding from the hood at about 1/2 an inch. Instructing her to sit on the table, I lowered my mouth onto her eager and wet pussy.

The taste of her pussy was absolutely delicious and I'd have died for a chance to taste such a delicious pussy. Licking and sucking her clit as hard as I could, I brought her to orgasm in just a few seconds. I continued my oral assault on her pussy until she came again. After she came, I proceeded to finally fuck her. As I entered her, the feeling was fantastic! Her pussy walls were soft and wet, and I had no trouble entering. As I pumped in and out of her, she called out my name as though in a trance. After more than 10 minutes of fucking, she screamed that she was cumming. I felt relieved as I couldn't hold out much longer. Soon after she finished cumming, I could feel my cum boiling and with a few more thrusts, I felt like I had ejaculated a gallon of semen in her pussy.

After we recovered a little, she asked, "Who exactly are you? You can tell me now... I won't give our secret away." Having no reason to distrust her, I removed my mask and smiled. She smiled back at me, and we started kissing. As time was running late, I asked her if I could return tomorrow. She replied, "Yes of course. I enjoyed everything that happened today and I definitely look forward to having more."

Thus began my fucking routine with Katherine, and through her I learnt about and enjoyed more sex than I had ever imagined.

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