A Day With My Son And Daughter


Britney suddenly appears from the darkness and sits on the couch next to me. We watch the movie for a few minutes, then, she reaches over and starts playing with my tits and kissing the side of my neck. She whispers in my ear "Mrs Walker. I have one of those in my car."

What do you mean Britney? She quietly says "I have one of those rubber cocks with straps on it. It is brand new and in the box. I keep it in the trunk of my car so my parents will not find it."

Well, go out and get it! Let's take it for a test drive! Britney hops up off the couch and within a few seconds she returns. We frantically rip the plastic off the box and pull the big cock out. It is really big! The fake cock must be at least 12 inches long! Britney says "Mrs Walker! You go first! I will help you strap it on!"

I stand up and walk to the middle of the living room. Britney grabs the fake cock and sits down on the carpet in front of me. She looks up at me, then, pushes her face hard against my pussy. Her 6 inch tongue shoots inside me, and I gasp for air. After a couple of minutes, she suddenly stops and picks up the fake cock.

She holds it up in position while I adjust the straps and pull them tight. She begins to stroke it back and forth, looks up at me and says "Oh Mrs Walker! You have such a big cock!" We both giggle for a second, then she lays back on her elbows and spreads her legs apart.

Suddenly, my daughter walks into the room and stands next to me. She says "Oh Mom! You look so sexy with your big cock sticking straight out! I have got to get some pictures of this!" Krissy runs upstairs to get her camera as I get on my knees between Britney's legs. Krissy is back in a few seconds and starts snapping pictures.

I bend over and start licking Britney's pussy. My God, does she taste good! After a few minutes, she starts moaning softly. I raise up on my knees, lean forward over her and kiss her. She reaches down between my legs, guides my cock to her pussy entrance, then lets go. I gently apply pressure and the head of my cock starts to glide slowly inside of her. I push it in about six inches, slowly back it out, then push it back again.

I keep repeating this until it won't go in any further, then, I steadily start fucking her. After about ten minutes Britney is moaning loudly and moving her head back and forth. Another five minutes go by, then, she says "I am going to orgasm any second now! Please don't stop!"

I am getting tired, but I continue thrusting my cock into her as hard as I can. All of a sudden, Britney becomes quiet and motionless. I pull my cock out of her and stand up. After a few seconds, she opens her eyes and looks up at me. She says "Mrs Walker! That was the best orgasm I have had in a long time! Thank you!"

I take the fake cock off me and throw it on the living room couch. Well, we have to celebrate! Let's go down to the corner liquor store and I will buy you girls a bottle of anything you want to drink! They jump up and start walking towards the stairs. Girls! Where are you going? Krissy turns around, and says "We need to get dressed!"

No you don't! I think it will be fun if we go to the store naked! Britney says "Gosh, that sounds like fun! I will go if Krissy says she will come with us!"

Of course she is coming with us! Someone has to hold the camera and take pictures!

I go to the kitchen to get my purse and Krissy picks up the camera. We walk out the front door into the moonlight and casually stroll down the driveway. We make a left at the sidewalk and continue walking the next couple of blocks to the liquor store. A car drives by, and they beep their horn. The girls giggle and wave to them.

We arrive shortly at the liquor store and walk along the brightly lit sidewalk in front of it. Krissy! Yes Mom! Stay behind Britney and me about ten feet and start taking pictures every few seconds. Okay Mom! Britney opens the door and we all go inside. The store is really busy tonight! There must be at least 20 people in here!

I grab Britney's hand and we walk over to the wine department. Krissy is behind us taking pictures of our naked butts. We decide to get us each, a sixpack of wine coolers. I open the door, bend over and reach in. Britney grabs my ass cheek and looks over her shoulder towards the camera. Krissy quickly snaps another picture. By this time there is a crowd of men standing around us and they are clapping their hands and whistling.

I take the camera from Krissy and I tell her to put her arms around Britney and start kissing her. The two girls immediately grab each other and start kissing passionately while I take pictures of them. After about a minute, I tell them to stop.

They ignore me and begin running their hands all over each others naked bodies while they continue to makeout. The store erupts with applause! Another minute goes by, then, Britney suddenly drops to her knees and burys her face in Krissy's pussy! Jesus Christ! Britney is eating out my daughter in the middle of the store while more than two dozen people watch them!

Britney! Stop right now! Stop what you are doing, or, I am going to call your parents! She reluctantly stops licking Krissy's pussy and stands up. I give the camera to her and show her how to use it.

Then, my daughter and I carry the three sixpacks to the checkout counter and set them down. Britney is behind us about ten feet taking pictures of me while I open my purse and hand the girl a hundred dollar bill.

She looks really cute in her short little black skirt and her red vest. It is obvious she is not wearing a bra. The cashier then leans towards me, and says quietly "I have always wanted to be nude in public while kissing a beautiful girl. If I can act out my fantasy right now, I will let you have the wine coolers for free."

I say "Well, let me have my money back! Just choose which of the girls you want to kiss!" She looks me straight in the eyes, pauses for a second, and says "I don't want one of the girls, I want you!"

I immediately walk around the counter and stand in front of her. I reach out, undo the buttons to her vest, pull it off her shoulders and throw it on the counter. Wow! She has a spectacular pair of tits! I run my hands all over them and gently pinch her hard nipples. Then, I unzip her skirt and push it down to the floor. She steps out of it, and kicks it away from her.

I pause for a second to take in all of her beautiful nakedness, then grab her around the waist and pull her close to me. Our breasts compress between us as we begin to kiss passionately. After a minute, I release her, grab my purse and say "Krissy and Britney, it is time to go!"

We pick up the wine coolers and leave the store. Once outside, I pause for a second to look back at the cashier. She smiles and waves to me, then, she turns around, and goes back to work taking customers money and bagging their purchases for them. Jesus Christ! She does not even bother to put her clothes back on! She just continues doing her job completely naked!

Suddenly, we hear police sirens! We begin running through the brightly lit parking lot, make a right at the sidewalk and continue to run for about a block. Then, we slow down to a brisk walk, and look over our shoulders now and then to see if anyone is following us.

When we can see our house in view, we all relax and slow down our pace. Suddenly, Krissy begins to laugh loudly and giggle. Then Britney does the same thing! We have to stop and set the wine coolers down because we are laughing so hard and have to hold our stomachs.

We finally arrive at our house a few minutes later, and, the three of us start walking up the driveway.

Suddenly, a car stops in the middle of the road and beeps their horn at us. I turn around, and see it is Carol and Mike, our neighbors from across the street. The passenger door opens and Carol gets out. She shuts the door, and Mike pulls the car into their driveway. I give my purse and wine coolers to Krissy and tell the girls to go into the house.

Then, I walk to the middle of the road to greet her. She puts her arms around my naked body, and we begin to kiss passionately. After a couple of minutes, she releases her grip from my ass cheeks and takes a step back.

She says to me "You would not believe all the cards and letters I have received from our guests that attended our last party! They all raved about your striptease act, and the sex show you put on with your son Tommy!"

As Carol talks to me, I reach up and start to unbutton her dress. She just looks down at my busy hands for a second, then, continues her story. She says "They really liked how you were walking around and talking with everyone in your Catholic schoolgirl uniform, then, you just stopped in the middle of the room and slowly took off your clothes while they watched! They all made a special note in their letters about how beautiful your body is!"

Carol continues to talk as I finish unbuttoning her dress, pull it open, and push it over her shoulders. She does not have on a bra or panties, so, we are now both completely naked standing in the middle of the road.

I reach out with both hands and grasp her gorgeous breasts. They are one of the best sets of tits I have ever had my hands on! I am getting horny as hell! I notice her nipples have become extremely hard as I gently pinch them.

She then says "They expecially enjoyed it when you spent the next hour walking around naked and let the guests feel your beautiful tits and ass!"

After a couple of seconds, I drop to my knees and begin to lick her pussy up and down. Jesus Christ she tastes good!

Carol does not stop talking and says "Oh, then, they made a point to say how they enjoyed it when you walked back to the middle of the room and introduced your son to them while you unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. They told me that was the best blowjob they have ever seen in their lives!"

After a few seconds, she grabs the back of my head and begins forcing my face harder against her. She starts moaning loudly and continues to thrust her pussy up and down.

After a couple of minutes, she releases the back of my head and takes a step backward. She is unsteady on her feet for a few seconds, then regains her composure and takes several deep breaths. She says "My God, that was the best orgasm I have had since we had sex on the living room floor during the party! Thank you!"

Then, she bends over, picks up her clothes and says "We are having another party next month. Will you come over and put on another show for us? Everyone wants to see your son fuck you in the asshole again!"

Well, how about we do something different this time? I will bring over my son Tommy, and my daughter Krissy. We will put on a show for your guests that they will never forget!"

She says "Oh my god! I will double the amount of money I gave you last time for your sons college tuition fees! This time, I will give you a check for ten thousand dollars!"

Carol! You have got yourself a deal! We will be there at 10 o'clock sharp to perform for your guests!

She steps forward, grabs me around the waist, and says "I am going to invite twice the number of people this time! There should be over a hundred guests here to watch you have sex with your son and daughter!"

We stop talking and begin to makeout for a few minutes. Suddenly, we notice a car coming down the road towards us, so, we release each other, and step over to the sidewalk in front of her house.

After the car goes by, Carol's husband opens the front porch door and begins to walk towards us.

He is completely naked and I can see his big cock bouncing up and down with each step. He walks over to me and we begin to passionately kiss. I reach down, grab his hard cock and begin to stroke it back and forth.

Her husband is really enjoying me jacking him off, and begins to thrust his cock into my hand faster and faster. After about five minutes, he suddenly stops, then, a gush of sperm shoots out of him and splashes all over my stomach. It runs down my pussy and drips on the sidewalk.

I say "Well, I have got to get going! My daughter and her girlfriend are waiting for me!"

They both lean forward and give me a quick kiss, then, I walk across the street, up our driveway and go into the house.

The rest of the evening, the three of us girls sit around naked, talking, laughing and drinking our wine coolers. After a couple of hours we are all drunk. Krissy takes Britney by the hand and they walk upstairs to go to bed. I finish off my last bottle, stagger up to my bedroom and fall fast asleep.

About 3:00 in the morning I open my eyes and see my son Tommy is on top of me. He is fucking me again! As his cock slowly moves in and out of me I say "Tommy! I love you!"

He suddenly speeds up and begins to thrust his cock into me as hard as he can! Jesus Christ, my son is fucking the hell out of me! The bed springs are squeaking and the headboard of the bed is slapping up against the wall. He keeps doing this for the next ten minutes, then stops. I feel his cock pulsate, then, a huge gush of warm sperm floods my pussy.

We begin to makeout for the next couple of minutes while his cock is still inside of me. It remains hard and after a while he begins to move it in and out of me again. Jesus Christ, my son must be the horniest man alive!

He starts to thrust his cock faster and faster inside of me. He is sweating profusely and it trickles down his sides. After about ten more minutes he stops, pulls his cock out of me and ejaculates another big load of sperm all over my stomach.

He then lays down next to me and I pull the sheet over us. Mom! Yes Honey! Can I fuck you anytime I want for the rest of my life? Yes Honey! Even when you get married and have children of your own, you can still come over and fuck me anytime you want! We have a quick kiss then immediately fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up and see Tommy is not next to me. He must be downstairs getting a bowl of cereal! I get out of bed and take a long shower in the master bath. After a few minutes, I turn the water off, grab a towel and dry myself. While standing in front of the mirror combing my hair, I hear soft moaning sounds coming from Krissy's room.

I don't bother to put any clothes on and walk naked down the hallway to my daughters open door. What a sight! Tommy is on top of his sister, slowly fucking her, while Britney lays on her side watching them.

I hear Britney say "Tommy! It's my turn now! You have been fucking Krissy for over ten minutes!" Tommy leans back and his cock pops out out my daughter. Then, he moves over between Britney's open legs. Britney reaches down and guides his cock to the entrance of her gorgeous pussy. With one quick thrust Tommy's cock goes inside her about six inches. Britney gasps and takes a deep breath.

He pulls his cock almost all the way out of her, then, rams it back in again. Soon, my son is fucking the hell out of Britney! She is moaning loudly and her big tits are flopping around on her chest.

After about five minutes Tommy suddenly pulls his cock out of her and starts feverishly stroking it. Britney immediately hops up and gets on her hands and knees in front of him. He then aims his cock at her beautiful face and a big gush of sperm shoots out and splashes all over her.

I turn around, walk down the hallway, and think to myself "What a bunch of horny teenagers those kids are!"

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