tagErotic HorrorA Deal with the Devil

A Deal with the Devil

bylover bunny©

Day day seemed to last forever. Ella was hungry, she couldn't sleep. She needed out, to feel the night air on her face. She still had 2 hours to go. She pouted and sunk down in the chair she'd been sitting in. Blankly, she stared at a computer screen with various blips and places marked. Each blip on the screen represented an allied vampire. There were only about 10 of them out there. She looked over to Jackson and smiled, remembering the time that the coven had been united, the most powerful in the world. And then Lukas came along. Within two years of being Sired by Jackson, he organized all the younglings. They staged a coup and overthrew the elders in command. They burned the mansion to the ground. And in mere hours, the coven had fallen apart. Most had died in the fire. Those who remained, were split between Lukas and Jackson. It had been one year since that night. They hadn't seen or heard from Lukas or his coven. Ella wasn't sure if that was a good thing, or something bad. She drummed her fingernails on the desk and looked at Jackson.

"I've got to get out of here...soon," she said, leaning up and resting her elbow on the desk. Her dark hair fell loosely around her shoulders and a few rogue strands fell into her face. Absentmindedly, she brushed her hair behind her ear and propped her head on one hand. "Aren't you going stir crazy, too, Jackson?"

Jackson had a serious look about him. The coup had changed him. He said in a monotonous tone, not looking away from his computer screen. "I'm fine. Sunset is just two more hours away. Be patient, Ella." He typed in a few commands on the keyboard and in an instant his face lit up. His whole body seemed to come alive. "There she is, Ella. Ari is in the city." He started drumming his fingers on the desk. "2 more hours?"

Ella laughed and said, in a mocking tone, "Be patient, Jackson." She opened up an internet window and typed in the address to a chat board. She had to find out where the parties would be and if the current location had been found out yet. In a few seconds, she was chatting away with a "candy kid." A teenager who'd been skipping from rave to rave, just as Ella had been. In mere moments, she had the locations of three separate parties, all within a 3 mile radius. "The cops will be busy tonight..." she mumbled as she logged off the chat board.

The music inside the warehouse was loud, pulsing through the massive speakers lining the walls. Lights of every color, accented by strobe effects flashed all around the room. The warehouse was anything but dark. That's what Ella liked about raves. Clubs were always dark, she couldn't see people, only blood. It distracted her. the warehouse, usually dark and dank, was alive and crawling with teenagers and people in their twenties. It was crawling with women--that's what Ella liked the most. The sun was already up, but the candy kids kept partying. Some were just arriving. The dealers were moving through the crowd swiftly, selling their wares. Some of the kids were sleeping on couches and in corners, propped against each other. How they were sleeping, Ella didn't know. She moved through the crowd like a cat, weaving in and out of groups of teenagers. She'd been there since about 2 am, looking for fun, food, and sex.

On the outside, she looked 22 with long black hair and pretty brown eyes. Her smile suggested innocence, but her eyes stated otherwise. On this particular morning, she was dressed to fit in with the candy kids. She had a glow necklace and neon plastic bracelets lined up her arms. Her white tank top was glowing under the black lights and the reflective strips on her pants were glowing as well. She had her hair pulled back with silver and purple streaks in it. The only make-up she wore was glitter on her eyelids and cheeks. Everyone packed in the building was sweating, that was the only thing Ella couldn't do. She knew no one noticed though, they were too busy getting high and dancing.

At the edge of the crowd she spotted her, the perfect meal. She had blond hair, sprayed bright pink. Her tight purple fishnet tank top melded to her body and her white bra was glowing beneath it. Instead of parachute pants like most of the other kids, she wore low rise jeans with strategically placed holes. Ella could see just a glimpse of the girl's white bikinis. She licked her lips and watched the girl for a few moments, fantasizing about what kind of trouble the two of them could get into. She felt a familiar twinge between her legs with the girl caught her eye and slowly licked her lips, giving Ella a glimpse of her tongue ring. The girl reminded her of someone from her youth. She tilted her head to the side and continued to look the girl over. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. The girl reminded her of Sylvia. Her facial features and the shape of her body were unmistakably Sylvia.

Ella had always preferred women, even when she was human. Her small village shunned her behavior; so did her family. When she was of age, she moved from that small village on the sea to London where she found many women with similar interests. Her first victim had been the love of her life. Ella was 22, she was out at a pub with some friends. As usual, man after man approached her and she turned them down politely. One man in particular was adamant. He followed her to the restroom and pinned her against the wall. Even his voice sounded slimy as he pressed his body against hers and hissed in her ear, "You just need the right man to change your mind." She'd heard that same line time and time again, but this man sounded more serious. His tone scared the wits out of Ella.

She tried to fight him off, to call for help, but no one heard her screams as he pushed her into the men's room, forced her skirt up and violated her. At the height of his climax, he bit deep into Ella's neck. Her screams had dissipated; all she could do was cry until everything went dark and she passed out. She woke up the next evening at home in her bed. Sylvia, her lover, was sitting there, wiping Ella's forehead with a cool rag. Her eyes welled up with tears when Ella woke up.

Ella smiled and whispered, "It must have been a dream..." Sylvia's expression changed and she shook her head. She began sobbing.

"I found you in the men's room, bleeding and your dress was torn. I thought you were dead. I'm so glad you're okay, darling." She leaned down and hugged Ella close to her. Soon, Ella figured out something wasn't quite right. Sylvia smelled different; it wasn't a pleasant smell. And the vein in her neck was pulsing. As Sylvia held Ella close and cried on her shoulder, Ella felt her canines protrude to sharp points just below her upper lip. Her brown eyes flashed black and she had an overwhelming urge to bite into Sylvia's neck. She took a deep breath and bit deep into her skin. The blood of her lover surged through Ella's veins, slowly Sylvia's cries of pain turned to moans, her struggling stopped and her body went limp. Fearing retaliation, Ella dressed, packed some clothes, and left.

Ella snapped out of her reverie and focused on the situation at hand. The girl wasn't Sylvia. Sylvia was dead. She shook her head to clear the thoughts from her mind. The candy girl was slowly making her way to where Ella was standing. Their eye contact never wavered. Ella's lips spread into a smile and in her eyes flashed a look of raw need...of hunger. The girl smoothly danced up to Ella and without saying a word, they began the slow dance of seduction. The girl pressed her back against Ella, grinding her hips back. Ella could feel the music pulsing through their bodies and see the blood in the girl's veins. Instinctively, Ella's hands went around the girl's hips, pulling her closer. She nuzzled the girl's neck, eliciting a soft purr. The girl reached back, tickling the back of Ella's neck. They were lost in the feeling, everyone seemed to disappear. Ella whispered in the girl's ear "Wanna go someplace private? I know a place.."

The girl answered softly, "I thought you'd never ask." Ella took her hand and lead her through the crowd and into an old store room that had old couches and a couple of mattresses. Usually the room was full of kids, but this time it was empty. Ella propped a chair against the door to prevent anyone from disturbing them. Ella's fangs protruded slightly and she licked her lips. The girl had no idea she'd just walked into a lioness' den.

The dingy room was lit by a single naked light bulb that cast an eerie yellow glow over everything. Lightning flashed in Ella's already electric blue eyes, sending a shiver down the spine of her victim. Letting in just enough light so that Ella could see, was a hole at the top of the wall. The flashing lights made Ella's eyes glow The girl laid back on a sofa and smiled seductively. Ella couldn't decide whether she wanted sex first or breakfast. Again, she licked her lips, then joined the girl on the couch. She reached out, brushing the girl's hair behind her ear and cooed, "You never told me your name, pretty one." Her smile was sweet, but behind that sweet smile, the killer in her grew restless.

The girl closed her eyes and leaned into Ella's touch. Her bright green eyes gazed into Ella's and she whispered, "Salinger, and yours?" She slowly ran her tongue over her lips, and grinned. In a bold move, she straddled Ella's lap and gently ground her hips into Ella's. Salinger was rewarded with a groan from Ella and a return of pressure against her own hips. She tangled her fingers in Ella's long hair, waiting for her answer. Ella returned her touch by gently dragging her fingernail from Salinger's collar bone down between her small, perky breasts. The sharpness of her nail ripped the tank top causing Salinger to gasp.

Ella chuckled softly and purred, "Ella," then leaned forward, capturing Salinger's pouty lips in a kiss. She bit down gently on Salinger's lower lip, eliciting a soft moan. Salinger's tongue greeted Ella's softly, tentatively. All her boldness from the previous moment had melted away with the first touch of Ella's fingernail on her pale skin. Salinger lightly grazed Ella's tongue with her tongue ring, causing Ella to growl and grip her hips. One of Ella's fangs lightly nipped Salinger's lower lip. She jumped and Ella broke the kiss. "Sorry, love," she purred in her soft English accent, "Didn't mean to bite you..." she added with a devious grin.

In one swift movement Ella tore the tank top from Salinger's body. With one hand, she unfastened her bra while the other hand tangled in Salinger's hair. Ella kissed along her jaw line and down to her neck, pausing at the carotid artery for a few seconds, letting her teeth graze the sensitive skin before continuing down to her collar bone. Each time Ella's teeth grazed Salinger's skin, Salinger moaned and ground her hips into Ella's. Ella let her hand slide down Salinger's body slowly, teasing the girl. Her body arched upward against Ella's as she slid her hand to the waist of Salinger's pants. She continued her relentless teasing, dipping just under the denim to touch soft skin, and withdrawing. With her eyes locked on Salinger's, Ella unfastened her jeans the slowly unzipped them.

In one smooth movement, Ella laid Salinger on the couch and began kissing downward from her collarbone. Taking her time, she nibbled and licked down to her breasts, her hands still working their magic down below. She slid the tight denim down and off Salinger's hips. Not losing contact with her body, Ella kissed down between her breasts and to her stomach as she pushed the jeans slowly down Salinger's legs and finally threw them in the floor. Salinger arched her hips, urging Ella's head down further. Ella looked up, grinning playfully and then slowly ran the tip of her tongue over the fabric of Salinger's wet white bikinis. Ella was rewarded with a gasp and a tug on her hair. She growled against Salinger, wanting to give in and take her...but teasing was always more fun.

Reluctantly Ella moved upward to Salinger's stomach, savoring the feel of her warm skin and her quickening pulse beneath her lips. Loud from the other room, she could hear the music pulsing, throbbing through the bodies of each and every human, and from each cell in Salinger's body. Ella kissed and nibbled Salinger's soft flesh, resisting the urge to bite down, to draw blood. With one hand grinding, rubbing Salinger's mound through her panties, Ella looked up into the girl's eyes. There, she saw a hunger that matched her own. She kissed her way back up to Salinger's neck and growled softly, causing the girl to shiver. Then, swiftly, Ella moved Salinger's panties aside and plunged her fingers into Salinger's warm, wet center. With a gasp, Salinger arched her hips and began to grind up against Ella's hand. Ella probed further, first with one, then two fingers, buried deep inside Salinger.

The girl began to come quickly, much too fast for Ella's liking, but she was too hungry to continue to tease her. Salinger's body began to shake and a light sheen of sweat covered her body. Ella could smell the blood in her veins, hear her heartbeat and the throb of her pulse. With each passing second it quickened and Ella slowly released the beast within. At the height of Salinger's release, Ella bit down into the carotid artery in her neck. Salinger's body began to spasm and shake even harder. She let out a piercing scream that no one but Ella heard. Moments later, Ella sat back with a smile. "Such a pretty corpse..." She licked the blood from her lips and kissed Salinger one last time. Then she went off, looking for another fix.

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