tagIncest/TabooA Debt Owed Ch. 2

A Debt Owed Ch. 2


I woke up early Sunday morning and went in to check on Mary, I woke her up with a kiss and she put her arms around me and gave me a hug. I asked how she felt and she said, "Sore," so I got some lotion and massaged it into her ass cheeks and her tits and she got off just from that. I bent down and caught her juices on my tongue as they ran out of her, it was delicious!!

She said she had to get ready for work, and I was hoping for a blow job, oh well, Angela would be home soon. She kissed me as she headed out to work and I sat back and read the paper. Angela got home about an hour later and she bent down and gave me a kiss. "Tired Angela?" I asked.

"Beat," she replied.

"Too tired to blow me?" I asked.

"Never that tired Jim," she smiled as she replied. She dropped between my legs and extracted my cock and began to suck on it. Her hands massaged my balls as her expert mouth worked on my tool. I grabbed a handful of her hair and jammed her head onto my cock as I fucked her mouth, she loved it!

"Suck me bitch!!" I screamed at her as my cock hit the back of her throat and she moaned and the vibrations went through my shaft and I blew into her mouth. She kept sucking until there was no cum left and withdrew my now soft cock from her mouth. "You're getting awfully good with the pleasure and pain Jim. Have you been practicing?" And she smiled up at me.

"All the time baby, practice makes perfect," and I shot her a big grin. She took a shower and went to bed.

I puttered around the house and caught a little TV while Angela slept and at 3 Mary came home. She sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. "What's all this?" I asked.

"I have never came that much or that intense before Uncle Jim and I wanted to show you my appreciation," she smiled. I played with her nipples through her shirt as she sat there and told her to go make sure her mom was still sleeping and she did. She came back with a big grin and led me to the basement. She locked the door after we got in and we went down the steps. "I want you to give me some more pleasure and pain Uncle Jim," she said as she took her clothes off. Once she was nude, I led her over to the universal gym and tied her hands to the top of it.

She didn't know it, but I had been stocking up for a prisoner just like her one day. I had been into the local adult shop and bought some bondage items. First I pushed a red ball with elastic on it into her mouth and secured it behind her head, her eyes started to glow. Then I pulled out a bag and dipped into it, I grabbed her tit and sucked the nipple and she let out a moan and I attached a nipple clamp to her nipple. Then I did the same to the other one and she squealed through her gag. I took out some other clamps and fastened them to the lips of her vulva and they stretched downward, again a squeal. I then lubed up a butt plug and worked it into her ass, no enema, just a plug.

I kissed her around the gag and worked my way down to her tits and nibbled on the soft flesh on the underside of her tits while softly tugging on the nipple clamps, she moaned louder. I pulled out a dildo, about 8 inches long and lubed it and started inserting it in her pussy between the clamps. Her eyes rolled back in her head as I worked the dildo in and out and tugged on her nipple clamps.

Soon she began stomping her feet against the floor as an intense orgasm roared through her. Her nipple clamps were jumping up and down as her orgasm came to an end. I removed all the clamps and the butt plug and the gag and she opened her mouth to me and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. "You're the greatest Uncle Jim," she beamed at me. I untied her and told her she better get dressed, her mom would probably wake up soon. She asked me to borrow the nipple clamps for when she masturbated later and I said ok. She dressed, put the clamps in her pocket and went off to take a shower.

I went up and got a drink and sat and watched TV and smiled as my little slave showered. I heard some noise upstairs and figured Angela was up. Her and Mary shared a bathroom and I heard some commotion up there and went to investigate. Angela was coming out of the bathroom as I got there.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I followed her into her room.

"Mary, she's masturbating in the shower with nipple clamps hanging from her tits," she said.

"Sounds good to me," I said laughingly. "Look, Angela, about your debt," I said.

"What about it Jim?" she shot back.

"You could erase it quicker if you and Mary both did whatever I wanted you to."

She stared at me like she didn't know me. She sat on her bed and pondered the thought awhile. "I'll have to ask Mary," she said, "I don't own her."

"Talk to her and let me know, meanwhile, the thought of Mary's naked body masturbating with nipple clamps hanging from her tits had turned me on. How about some head?" She went over and closed her bedroom door and locked it and came back and dropped between my legs and began to blow me. Seeing Mary like that must have excited her too because she gave me the best head she ever had and soon I pumped her mouth full of jism. She slurped it down and cleaned my cock off and wiped her lips. I got up and went back downstairs and watched TV while she dressed. Soon she came down and flashed me a smile and came over and sat on my lap.

"I spoke to Mary," she said, "and she's going to think about it." We all watched TV and just made small talk and Angela said she was still tired and went back to bed. Mary came over and sat on my lap, she was wearing the white robe from earlier.

"Mom asked me if I'd help her pay back some money she owes you Uncle Jim," she said smiling, "I didn't tell her about us."

I smiled, "I'm glad Mary," and I kissed her and let my hand wander under her bath robe feeling her warm thigh. I inched my way up her thigh and stroked her pussy through her panties, and they soon became wet. I pushed the crotch of her panties to the side and slid my finger in her hot twat and she intensified her kiss. Her ass jumped against my cock as another orgasm ripped through her and my hand got soaked.

"No one ever made me cum like you do Uncle Jim," she smiled.

"Are you going to help your mom out?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you first," she said. "Can we do some more pleasure and pain Uncle Jim?" she asked with an innocent look on her face.

"Go check your mom and I'll meet you in the basement," and she darted off

I heard the basement door open and close and the lock turn and footsteps coming down the steps. Her bathrobe and panties were on the floor before she even got to me, "I'm ready!!!" she said as a big smile beamed across her face. This time I made her lay on her back on the coffee table and tied her arms and legs to the corners. I lit a couple of candles and she was a bit surprised when I didn't turn the lights off. "They're for you baby," I said as I put the gag back in her mouth and secured it and rechecked her ropes and readjusted her leg ropes to pull her legs a little further apart.

Satisfied with my work, I knelt down and went to work on those size 36 tits. I licked all around her nipples and kneaded whichever one I wasn't sucking on with my hands. When I had finished, Her nipples stuck up in the air about half an inch. I rubbed some oil on her tits and then rubbed some over her bald mound and onto her partially opened pussy. I picked up a candle and walked over and tilted it letting some wax drop on her nipple, she jerked. I did the same thing to her other nipple and she jerked again. I flicked the dried wax off her nipples and began sucking them alternately and when she began to moan, I dripped some into her pussy and she thrust her nipple up into my mouth.

I sat the candle down and reached down and massaged her clit and pulled the wax out of her box and slowly inserted my finger and moved it in and out as I sucked her nipples. Her eyes rolled back and I picked up the pace with my finger and soon it was buried in her hot twat. I went back to dripping wax on her nipples as I finger fucked her and with each drop of wax, her pussy spasmed and grabbed my finger. Her juicy mounds of flesh on her chest were now coated with wax and I shifted the candle to her bald mound and she spasmed again and cut loose with an orgasm struggling against her ropes as she thrashed on the coffee table.

As her orgasm subsided, I scraped the wax off her mound and bent over and kissed it, she sighed. I took some oil and lubed her ass and took off my clothes and positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass. "Remember to relax honey," I reminded her and she shook her head yes as I pushed forward against her tight opening. Her ass was just barely hanging over the end of the coffee table and I could drive my cock all the way in, but I didn't need to.

Soon she started screaming around the gag as I pumped her ass full of cum and she came again. I removed her gag and the ropes and she got up and scraped the wax off her tits and rubbed her pussy and offered me a big kiss. "I love you Uncle Jim, you are awesome!! The guys I know can barely find their cock, much less worry about getting me off. As long as they got off, that's all they cared about." She put her panties and robe back on and grabbed my cock and sucked me off again before we went to bed.

To Be Continued...

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