tagGroup SexA Demon, A Witch and Frankenstein

A Demon, A Witch and Frankenstein


There's a scene in this MMF threesome here where a man take's a mouthful of cock. You've been warned!

I couldn't wait until later when it's safe to call, I just have to get it off my chest right now. I'm on the train and I've got my laptop fired up and ready. I just can't stop thinking about it, about the party and what we got up to. I'm shocked and surprised at myself, truly, but I can't wait until we try it again. I hope it's soon.

I keep playing the scene over and over again. I am stiff now just thinking about it... The sounds, the feelings... and the stuff I'd never even contemplated before... God it makes me horny to think of it.

I didn't think you'd actually turn up. It's one thing to cyber and do phone sex, but to actually meet... Well, I just didn't think you'd go through with it, that's all.

The party was a great idea though, perfect cover. Nobody really knew anyone else that well, and some of the costumes made it even more difficult to tell who was who. Perfect.

I've never seen so many ghosts, ghouls and goblins before, but you have to admit that some of the outfits were fantastic. There was certainly a lot of flesh on display for a Halloween party; thank God it was adults only!

Your outfit was perfection though, sheer perfection. I knew it was you even with the mask, the times I've spilled my cum and ogled your big breasts on cam, well, I recognised that cleavage straight away.

Well, baby I'll email you as soon as I can to arrange another meet. Until then I think I'll just pack the computer away and try to get a bit of sleep before the train pulls in to London. Who knows, I may just dream about you!


I walked into the party venue more than a little nervous. We'd never met before but finally, after months of hot, masturbatory pleasure over the phone and innumerable wanks via web cam, we were going to meet.

Everyone was in the party spirit when I arrived, which was good since I wanted to remain in the background for as long as I could. I wasn't being particularly antisocial but I was too nervous to get fully into the scene. Most of the guests seemed well oiled and the hubbub of chattering, happy voices and the music was fairly overwhelming.

I took a beer from the bar and sipped it slowly. I wasn't in the mood for drink either, I really was just supremely nervous. What would the night bring?

Then I saw her, she'd actually turned up! The outfit was fantastic, another witch, but oh my God... that cleavage! I saw her surveying the room and realised that she was probably as nervous as me, if not more so.

'Hi,' I leaned in close and virtually shouted.

The witch looked at me from behind the mask that covered the top half of her face; I saw trepidation in her eyes for a brief moment and then recognition.

We kissed briefly, more of a greeting than anything overtly sexual.

'Can I get you a drink?' I offered and the witch nodded in response.

We took our drinks and I led her through the throng as I searched for somewhere quieter and more private. Finally we made our way through a set of double doors at the end of the hall and found ourselves in what appeared to be a storeroom of some kind. It wasn't a large space but it was cosy enough and I spied a fortuitously placed sofa in one corner. What the piece of furniture was doing in that room was a minor mystery, but nonetheless it was a blessing in my view.

We settled down on the sofa side by side. 'I'm really glad you came,' I said and looked down at the creamy expanse of the witch's cleavage.

'Well,' she laughed nervously, 'I'm shaking like a leaf; I didn't think I'd be able to go through with it.'

'I know what you mean,' I replied, 'I've been like a cat on hot bricks all day myself.'

'Is the room Ok?' she asked, referring to the hotel I'd booked for our clandestine rendezvous.

'Yep, it's fine...' I was really unsure about how to proceed. We'd been down and dirty over the phone dozens of times, but right now I was as jittery as a teenage virgin who was on the verge of losing his cherry. One wrong move and it'd be all fucked up.

'Good,' I heard the witch say. 'I can't wait until I'm getting fucked... I've been soaking all day just thinking about it.'

'Really?' I asked, surprised. Although I shouldn't have been surprised at all since I knew how depraved the woman was.

'Oh yes, positively dripping,' she said and then took hold of my wrist. 'Here, feel for yourself.'

She lifted her backside off the sofa cushion and hiked the black skirt up around her hips. I noticed that she was wearing a pair of hold up stockings underneath and nothing else. As she spread her thighs for me I saw her smooth, plump vulva and then my hand was being shoved unceremoniously between her thighs.

I pushed my fingers against her skin and then wriggled my fingers down though her slippery labia. I heard her gasp as my fingertip brushed over her clit and then I felt the heat of her sex.

'Fucking hell,' I whispered as I lifted my smeared fingers up and examined them.

'Uh huh,' she murmured and wriggled on the sofa so that she could spread her legs wider. 'I've been like that all day... It's the anticipation, I'm so fucking horny.'

'Shall we go over to the hotel now?' I asked and actually licked my lips with the desire to kiss her right on that sodden place.

'No,' she replied, 'Here, I want to do it here, right now.'

I was caught, the logical part of me was screaming against the idea; my penis was just as vehement in its response... Guess who won?

I growled with lust and dropped to my knees in front of the costumed woman. I pushed her legs even wider still and buried my face between her thighs. I heard her giggle as I smelt the musk of her sex and felt its molten heat against my lips. As I ran my tongue along the cleft of her I heard her groan with delight.

'Oh fuck, lick me,' she sighed. 'I'm so hot down there, my clitty's throbbing... Please just lick me until I come.'

Not one to disappoint a lady I slurped at her clit and opening, furiously tonguing at her and eager to taste the delicious syrup that quite literally dribbled from her opening. The smooth skin of her mons was soon liberally smeared and desecrated with a mix of her juices and my saliva.

True to the occasion and my costume I became a demon and I greedily devoured the witch's gooey sex. She was soon writhing and groaning as I tongued her tight clit and mercilessly fingered her clenching opening.

'That's it, baby,' she was panting over and over again. 'Lick my kitty, lick my dirty cunt...'

Her use of the obscenities sent waves of lust crashing over my senses. I was desperate for her to come so that I could then use my iron hard cock on her. I wanted to use her so badly; I thought my cock would spit its hot load without even touching her wriggling body.

Finally she gasped and held my head tightly in her hands. She grunted several times and then called out loudly, 'I'm coming... you bastard; you've eaten me 'til I came. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...'

I moved up her body and kissed her; using my tongue against hers I ensured that she tasted her own sex as we kissed. Then, just as I was about to mount my witch and spear her with my thick, long cock, I noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye.

Disbelieving I turned to face the figure and was shocked to see Frankenstein looming large just inside the double doors. Then I realised he was just one of the party goers and that we'd been caught in the act.

'Don't mind me,' the man said quietly his face masked by the grotesque facsimile of the monster. 'But you really should lock these doors behind you.'

He turned and bolted the doors and then turned back to face us. I realised then that he must have been watching us for a while and had been stroking his cock at the same time. His big cock was huge and angry looking as it jutted thickly from his costume pants. He took it in his fist again and gave it several long, slow tugs.

'Oh God,' the witch sighed. 'Look at that big cock...'

To my amazement, especially after her earlier nervousness, she stood calmly and reached out to touch the newcomer's penis. She looked at me with eyes that were heavy lidded with lust. 'Can I have two?' she murmured. She looked at the stranger and added, 'Please?'

'You can both have it if you want,' the man said and it took a moment or two for his meaning to sink in.

'Both of us?' the witch asked, puzzled also.

'Yeah,' the man growled. 'Both of you, both of you suck it.'

'Oh my God!' the witch exclaimed. 'That'd be... It'd be so... So dirty...' She looked at me again, one hand fisted around the stranger's girth, the other busy between her own legs.

Me suck a cock? It wasn't something I'd ever considered before, but somehow, the situation, the horniness I felt... I was maddened by the mists of desire and lust. I wanted to fuck my witch... I was desperate to – and the sight of that big cock was so compelling.

I watched as the witch squatted and without preamble, simply wrapped her painted lips around the man's cock head. He groaned as she sucked at his root and I saw his hips thrusting back and forth as he fucked into her face.

I pulled my suit off quickly and then, before I could change my mind, I knelt next to the witch. She saw me close by her side and let the thick phallus fall from her mouth. I saw the stain of her lipstick around the cock shaft and then, for the first time in my life, I took another man's penis in my hand.

The feel of his hardness shocked me, but at the same time I felt that I really wanted to have him in my mouth. The sensation of his cock in my hand was paradoxically familiar and strange. I knew what a hard cock felt like, since I'd used my hand against my own cock obviously, but this cock was so ...different.

I examined it briefly and was amazed by how the close proximity of such an angry specimen made me feel. The thick length of it, the not quite symmetrical shape and graceful curve – It was undeniable and I tentatively touched the slippery end of it with my tongue.

'Oh yeah,' the man moaned when I dabbed at his cock head. 'Go on, suck it; take it in.'

The witch groaned as well and I looked into her eyes as I finally took the man's big glans into my mouth.

'That's so fucking sexy,' she sighed. '...So fucking wrong... His cock in your mouth... Oh fuck.'

The witch groaned and closed her eyes as her climax burst. Her hand was moving quickly between her thighs as she squatted next to me and as she came the man reached down and pulled the bodice of her top down and allowed her big, heavy tits to spill free.

'Oh yes,' he said excitedly. 'Look at those tits... This is fantastic. You're sucking my cock and I can see her big jugs. I think I'm gonna cum.'

I heard the man's words but took no notice. I was amazed by how good it was to suck at the spongy dome of his cock head. I could feel the precum sliding out of the eye, but was so wound up sexually I just slurped it all down.

Then the witch was grabbing for the man's thick shaft. She pulled it from my stretched mouth and slid her own lips around the gooey, salty glans. Her head bobbed several times as she slurped wetly at the cock and then she offered it back to me to taste again.

'Share it,' she whispered with a look of absolute abandon on her masked face. 'Share this big cock with me, suck it...'

Between us the witch and I slobbered and gobbled and the man's cock. We licked the length of the shaft from balls to the bulging, purple tip and then kissed wetly, tongues writhing and coiling as our lust heightened to a fever pitch.

Suddenly the man grunted and I felt a hot splash of his semen spatter across my cheek.

'Oh my God,' the witch cried, 'He's coming!'

I felt another hot spray gush against my lips and then the witch had her mouth fully around the spitting cock head and was taking it all down her throat. I saw her throat constrict as she swallowed furiously and all the while the man was just moaning and sobbing as he came.

Eventually the witch let the cock plop from her mouth and then she turned to me smiling. I saw a thick rope of cum dangling from her hair and I noticed how her formerly immaculate lipstick was now ruined and smeared around her mouth.

The witch kissed me and I felt a squirt of spunk that she had saved especially for me. By now I was so turned on and well beyond any latent response to any repugnance I may have felt at tasting another man's cum. I was so far removed from that now.

I broke the kiss and almost bodily forced the witch onto the sofa. I hiked up her skirt again and lowered myself between her legs. I pushed my cock urgently up against her smooth vulva and felt the heat of her sodden sex engulf my cock head easily. The witch moaned as I sank up to my balls inside her body. She wrapped her stocking clad legs around my lower back and held me tightly.

I began to fuck into her as deep as I could. I wanted to punish her for behaving in such a sluttish way on our very first physical meeting. My cock was aching for release and my balls actually ached from the pent up desire I was struggling to contain.

The witch released her grip around my back with her legs and just hooked her hands around the backs of her knees. She pulled her legs as wide as she could manage and surrendered herself to my onslaught.

Now I began to pound her viciously, mercilessly. I forced the full length of my cock deep and hard into the witch's accommodating body until I felt my cock head butt against what I assumed to be her cervix.

I bent my face to the witch's wildly jiggling breasts and caught one long, thick nipple in my mouth. I sucked at the elongated teat quickly and then released it to find its twin.

'Fuck me, you dirty bastard,' the witch groaned as I suckled at her. 'Pound my cunt, make me come.'

Just as the witch uttered those words of encouragement the Frankenstein suddenly appeared next to her on the sofa. I'd forgotten him for the moment, but here he was again, large as life and with his cock already stiff and ready for more.

He pushed his cock at the witch's mouth insistently and almost forced her to take it between her lips.

The sight of this was too much for me and I felt my climax burst as my semen gushed from my cock. The relief was immediate and I jerked and writhed with the ecstasy of it as my gloop spurted deep inside the witch's body.

I pulled my cream coated cock from the witch and watched my thick cum dribble out of her obscenely. The stuff trickled down the cleft of her buttocks and pooled thickly on the upholstery of the sofa cushion.

Giving the witch no respite, Frankenstein lifted her and turned her around so that she knelt on the spoiled sofa. He pushed the witch into position and then pulled the cheeks of her buttocks apart. Her sticky flaps peeled reluctantly apart and I had a glimpse of the witch's inflamed, hot looking sex as it pouted with an obscene wink. Then the man pushed his erection against her body and slid inside.

The sound his entry made as his thick cock displaced my spunk was loud and crude. Cum squelched from around the root of his cock and dribbled down to stain the witch's stockings with silvery, snail trails of jizz.

The man hunched low over the witch's back and began to fuck into her with a ferocity that matched my own earlier efforts. He reached under the witch's body and grabbed at her wildly swinging breasts to maul them roughly and to pinch at her reddened nipples.

I was staggered by how much the witch seemed to enjoy the rough treatment she was receiving. She appeared to take positive delight in the man's crude handling as he battered her sex with his brutal cock.

My own penis thickened again as I watched the couple rutting and my excitement was heightened further by the torrent of obscenity that poured from the witch's mouth.

'Come on boys,' she squealed. Give me a cock at each end... Use me; use my mouth and my hot cunt. Fuck me and fuck me... I love it... Please, just use me.'

'Stick it in her face, shut the slut up,' the man grunted at me as he held the witch's big, creamy breasts in his hands. I could see his hands overflowing with her flesh as he struggled to hold the big jugs in his palms. The sight of her firm buttocks jiggling as each thrust from the man's hips slapped against her, loud and persistent, gave me such a thrill of desire I offered my cock to the witch and she fell on it instantly. She drooled and sucked at me in a frenzy of excitement as the man fucked into her and she fingered her own tight clit again.

The witch grunted and then let out a muffled groan from around her mouthful of cock. She let my cock drop from her mouth and it was obvious she was climaxing heavily. As the witch lowered her face into the sofa and sobbed her release to the room, the man grunted as well and I saw his fingers dig deep into the soft flesh along the witch's juddering flanks.

The man writhed and moaned and I knew he was giving the slut another load of semen deep inside her molten sex.

It was all too much and I took my cock in my fist and tugged hard for a few seconds. My own second load of cum sprayed onto the side of the witch's face and clung to her hair while she continued to groan and writhe in the throes of her own orgasm.

Without a word to either of us, Frankenstein casually wiped his dripping, cum smeared cock over the witch's skirt. Then, he tucked it back into his costume and after unbolting the door, left.


Well, babe, the train is just about to pull in. I want to say thanks for a night of lust and depravity, the likes of which I have never known before. I can't believe what we did in that room ...and the sex we had in the hotel? Well, that was simply without compare.

I want to see you again... soon!

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