tagMind ControlA Descent Ch. 01.5

A Descent Ch. 01.5


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I had no trouble falling to sleep when I got home but staying asleep was a different matter. I kept dreaming of that lust filled face of Anna as she rode her husband staring at me. After the third time or so I had to jack off to relieve this itch. It didn't take long to reach my goal but when I did, I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 6 o clock. I figured I'd just wait for Katya's wake up call, get round 2 in and then hit the hay; and so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I texted her at 6:30 just to make sure everything was okay. Eventually I went back to bed to be greeted with more sensual dreams. I woke up at 9 or so and saw I got a text from Katya. She said, "OMG you were so bad last night I slept right through all my alarms. I'm sorry I didn't get you up today. I promise I'll make it up to you." She followed it up by sending a selfie of her blowing a kiss in the mirror, naked.

I spent a couple of hours dealing with business related errands. Despite the ease of work, it still had to be done or I couldn't go about as freely as I have been. There also was not a whole lot of money involved but certainly enough for a high school kid under his parents' roof. I finished around noon and I contemplated what I should do. I was very curious on how Katya was going to "make it up to me" for this morning but I remembered something that out trumped that. I had promised Anna to fuck her if she obeyed me, and obeyed she had. I texted her asking if she was alone. She responded quite quickly that she was, Katya had gone with her friend to aerobics class and then to hang out with her friend and Petyr was out golfing at least until dinner time.

I texted her, "I'll be over in 5."

When I arrived, I was about to ring the bell when the door opened without prompting. Anna was there, wearing a thin silk robe I had not seen before. I stormed the door slamming it shut as I passed and embracing with Anna and thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She had given up any pretense of guilt and restraint at this point and opened her robe, letting her naked body be exposed as it fell to the floor. I mauled her breast as I pulled her in. She threw herself into me, grinding her pelvis against my leg. A slap could be heard as I quickly brought a firm hand onto her ass. It was followed by her leaning into me and calling out.

I pulled my face away for her and whispered, "Bitch, get on your knees."

She fell to her knees and glared upwards. Her eyes almost looked dilated and pleading. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. As I did this, she arched her back as she sat up on her knees and took a deep breath of what surely must have been Katya's and mine combined scent. My cock was already hard and her eyes fixated on it immediately.

"Suck," I commanded.

With that it looked like a magic trick, instantly my cock disappeared and was replaced with blond hair before it reappeared again. She was doing her best to deep throat me but still not quite getting it. I took hold of her head and enjoyed the blowjob. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. As I did, a familiar sensation came to my attention, the music was still playing from last night. I loved this music and found myself thrusting into Anna's mouth to what very well may have been the beat. I had a wonderful idea at this moment that just had to be done.

I pulled Anna's head off of me, she tried to reach in vain with her tongue before looking up.

"Follow me," I said as I walked up the stairway. She looked like she was about to stand before I tersely said, "Crawl."

I strolled up the stairs at a casual pace but still beat Anna up by quite a bit. She struggled up to climb on her hands and knees but looked enthusiastic like she knew what she was going to happen. I waited for her until she reached me at the top. She crawled a bit ahead of me towards her room but I said, "No, this way," as I turned and walked into Katya's room. I sat down on Katya's bed, apparently, she makes it in the morning, and faced the door. Anna crawled in a few seconds later, still looking eager but also now with a sense of dread. She crawled up to me and I offered my cock again. She began to suck me off with zeal.

I pulled her off of me again and said, "You know, I think we should play a game. Until I leave this house you are to agree to everything I say. You are free to say no for any reason you like but that will stop everything we are doing today, and I promise you won't be satisfied. There is only one way for you to have your next orgasm by me, and for my approval, you'll need to do everything I say. Do you understand?"

Looking up at me she gulped and said, "Yes."

"Very good," I said, "Now I know you are fine with Katya and I correct?"

"Yes," she said in a somewhat monotone manner.

I smiled and said, "Good, I'm glad. But I don't think she knows about us." I started stroking my cock before continuing, "And it is kind of weighing me down. I don't want to hurt Katya, right?"

"Yes," she said in the same monotonous way her previous 'yes' was.

"Then I think I need to come up with a way of telling her. Would you like to help me?" I said.


I smiled again and said, "Good. I think what I need to figure this out is a little roleplaying." I stood up and walked to Katya's closet, opening it wide open. I saw quite a bit of familiar clothes and turned towards Anna. "I think you will need to pretend to be Katya, but I don't think I actually ever had a serious conversation with her naked. Pick out something to wear. Make it sexy, that'll help me get in the right mood."


She looked like she was about to get up and stand out of reflex but crawled to the closet. I patted her head, rubbing it a bit before turning towards the bed and laying down on it on my back. I crossed my hands behind my head and turned to look at Anna. She seemed stunned, looking up at the closet, not quite sure what to do."

"I don't think I've ever seen Katya crawl on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat. Get up and hurry up with it," I said.


She got up and started sifting through the closet. She started with the underwear and socks, nothing approaching lingerie, (I'm assuming the red thong was hidden away somewhere), but it did look quite cute on Anna. She then picked out the purple sundress from two weeks ago. When Anna turned around her face was bright red. "Do a slow twirl around," I said. The sun dress was a tight fit for Katya and with Anna it was certainly curvier then with Katya. Her breast seemed to barely be contained and the skirt portion tightly hugged her ass.

"Would you like to come here and suck my cock?" I said.

She stared at my crotch and licked her lips before saying, "Yes."

"Come, and suck." I said

Her bashfulness gave way to lust as she forgot what she was supposed to be doing. She hopped on the bed and started alternating between licking and sucking. I relaxed and just listened to the music for a bit, trying to imagine if Katya actually would suck like this or if this was her mother's imagination. Eventually I decided the point was moot.

"Baby you are getting me so worked up, I just have to have you," I said as I pulled Anna off of me and repositioned to be on top of her. I asked, "Do you want me Katya?"

Anna had a look of guilt in her eyes at the question, blushed, turned away from me as she said, "Yes."

"Katya," I said, "Look at me when you face me" She did and I repeated my question.

She trembled for a moment, looked up, and uttered, "Yes."

"Babe, last night was so hot. We gotta have sex like we did then. Do you want that?"

"Yes", she said a little relieved.

"Good, turn around on your hands and knees," I said as Anna presented me with her ass. The sun dress looked a little more like a cocktail dress with Anna but still incredible. I pulled up her skirt and basked at her ass. I leaned down to give her cheek a kiss. As I pulled myself up, I grabbed Katya's panties and ripped them off of Anna, utterly destroying them in the process.

I then aligned my cock and thrusted into Anna's pussy as she gasped a little surprised about the pace of this role playing. "I'm sorry babe," said as I set a steady pace of fucking her, "I couldn't wait, you don't mind, do you?"

"Yes," she cried out as she started heaving heavier and softly moaning.

I got lost in the moment for a minute or two before I remembered my wicked idea. I slapped her ass hard and Anna shrieked out of the unexpected impact. I asked, "You like that, don't you?"

"Yes!" Anna cried out.

I slapped her ass again, I then asked, "You like it rough, don't you?"


I was loving this, seemingly nearly as much as Anna, but I had to focus a little bit before continuing, "I want to tell you a secret. Do you want to hear it?"


I slowed my pace, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Do you promise you won't get mad and accept what I'll tell you?"

Anna moaned in frustration at the pace but said, "Yes."

I stopped my thrust leaned back upright and said matter of factly, "I fucked your mom," before resuming my previous pace. Anna cried out as I could feel her cumming.

I smiled and let her climax die down and her to get worked up a bit before adding, "God, you came with me telling you that I fucked your mother. That must have worked you up, right?"

"Yes," she gasped out, trying to reach her breath.

"You saw how she fucks, she's an animal. Guess the fruit falls far from the tree, doesn't it?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, regaining a bit of composure.

I was really worked up at this point and wouldn't last long so went straight to more questions, "You know, after watching your mom last night and fucking her myself, that would make her a bit of a slut right?"

"Yes!" She moaned.

"And if the fruit falls close to the tree, that would make you a bit of a slut, right?

"Yes!" she repeated

I pressed down on her shoulder with my hand, causing her to collapse forward. Her ass still stayed in the air and gave me an ideal angle to pummel her. I started fucking Anna hard at this point and said, "And slut's like nothing more than to service a man's cock, right?"

"YESS!" she cried out.

"And sometimes sluts need to be punished for their behaviors. Right?" I grunted as I stayed focus on not cumming.

"Oh God YEEss!" Anna screamed climaxing a second time. The heat from Anna was so intense I melted away as I felt my cock almost painfully stiffen as I pumped into her. We were both lost in the moment and were moaning and breathing heavily. I leaned up and laid on my back, against the headboard. As I did this, I unceremoniously pulled out of Anna and a small pop could be heard. Anna stayed still with her face pressed against the bed and her ass hanging in the air. It was actually a wonder in how she didn't topple over.

As I admire Anna's ass, I noticed my cum starting to drip onto Katya's bed but didn't say anything. Anna eventually stirred and looked back towards me. Still roleplaying, I said, "Come on Katya, clean my cock off, would you?"

Anna just whispered, "Yes." She turned around and I saw one of her tits had been dislodged from the restraining bra and dress, hanging out of the dress. She shoved her head into my crotch and started lapping up my dick. Before it had softened up too much, I pulled my cock from her mouth a couple of times to smear spit and cum on her face a bit. This is something I had yet to do with Katya and I think Anna caught on and looked up.

I held her hair up and said, "Anna you slut, that did help me a great deal. This felt incredible and I can't wait to do it again." I looked down at the ripped panties and said, "You know, in the last two days Katya lost two pairs of panties. I think she may need to get some more, don't you agree?"

Anna pulled herself from my cock and said, "Yes."

I continued, "She may ask you to take her. If she does, will you?"

"Yes," she said without moving her head off of me.

I then added, "You know she has good taste, doesn't she?"

"Yes," she repeated.

"I think then that you should get a pair of whatever she gets for yourself. Right?" I asked

"Yes," she said still lapping away.

"Good, now about your husband. I think you may have worn Petyr out last night. I want you to offer him a body massage, ending with his dick. When you get to his dick you are to assume the position you were in when you jack him off. I think you should continue whispering in his ear as you jerk him. Occasionally you will pause to ask him a yes/no question. The question should always be along the lines of, 'isn't this hot, don't you agree, do you want to hear more?' If he says. 'yes,' you can pick up the pace and when he is begging to come you will let him if he agrees to do some favor for you. You get to pick whatever that may be. He could go down on you or do the dishes, whatever. Do you understand?" I ended.

Anna paused for a moment staring into my eyes and said, "Yes."

I patted her head before pulling off of her, zipping up and getting up to leave. Before I got to the door, I became aware of the music once again, stopped and turned to her and said, "This CD is amazing isn't it, you could just listen to it all the time?"

Without stopping for an answer, I could hear Anna say, "yes."

I hadn't even gotten into my car when my phone went off. Katya had texted me a message. It said,

"Hey Lovverrboy, I told you I would make up this morning to you and I finally figured out a way to do it. Come to 4445 Laurel Pl at 7 o clock ;-^"

I vaguely remember that Anna had said Katya would be at a friend's house tonight but that was all I remembered. I was excited at the prospect of hooking up with Katya again but wasn't sure how it would be. Katya hung out with the crowd that liked to go out to parties but never seriously indulge. They seemed to look down a bit on the hedonism on display. Now Katya had always been a bit like that but her friends seemed doubly so, at the very least.

Regardless, I was exhausted from Anna and took a nap before anything else ensued. I was still quite worked up over Anna and with Katya last night but sleep took me quickly. I was very relaxed and kind of floating in a vaguely defined patch of gray. I would occasionally here voices of people I knew but like what I am sure most dreams are like, they were mostly mundane things happening in my life, rather than life changing significance. A tune came into ear shot in this vagueness. It was just as hard to pick out details as the gray area I was in. I kept trying to remember more of the song, at least its title, but it was just on the tip of my tongue, like a sneeze that wouldn't come out. A ringing could be heard that came and went and came again. This tone was building and fading with increasing frequency and caused a building sense of anxiety. Eventually I felt myself plummeting towards the ground. I awoke, lunging up, as my alarm beeped relentlessly. I looked at the time and it was 6:50.

I arrived at the address Katya texted me just a little after 7:10. It was a fairly unremarkable house compared to the others in the neighborhood. The only thing that seemed wholly different from this house was that it was devoid of cars in its driveway, except for Katya's. I approached the main door and knocked. Before my hand reached the door for the third knock the door opened.

Katya was standing there in what looked like some borrowed clothes. She was wearing a black tank top that gave plenty of cleavage to anyone with sight. It exposed her mid-drift and highlighted her perfect waist. She also had a pair of black and white striped booty shorts that clung to her ass tightly. Her face lit up immediately and she looked like she was sweating a bit. The tank top was tighter than what I had usually seen on Katya and it made her breast bulge out a bit.

"Mallllll!" she said and then, "Come here quick," she said as she grabbed my hand and led me into what appeared to be the living room. She led me to the couch where she turned to face me, kissed me deeply, and pushed me onto the couch. I had landed on the end of the couch and Katya jumped on the remaining space on her handd and knees. She had managed to reposition herself and pull my dick out in no more than 3 seconds flat. My dick took very little time to harden and as Katya started sucking, it became hard like steel.

While her enthusiasm was the same as always, Katya was not sucking as well as she had been in the last couple of weeks. It still felt great though and I placed one hand on the back of her head and the other started caressing her back and butt. I gave her ass a squeeze and then gave it a slap. Katya froze everything she was doing as she cried out. She never once took her mouth off my cock. After a few moments had passed I slapped her ass again. This time Katya didn't stop but moaned out as she wiggled her ass back a bit.

Katya was clearly on a mission, to get me to cum. This blowjob had none of the considerations her previous ones did, she was just using her mouth to jerk me off. I noticed that she also wasn't masturbating as one hand had snaked around my back, grabbing me, as her other hand gently massaged my balls. None of this bothered me too much and I soon found myself transfixed on the blond hair bobbing up and down off my crotch and the black and white clad ass wiggling left to right. When I came, I had one hand gripping Katya's hair and the other one firmly on the back of her neck. As I started pumping cum down her throat, I held her in place until my orgasm had sufficiently die down.

When I released my grip, Katya pulled up taking a deep breath, followed by a little coughing. She soon recovered, looked up at me and gave me a wicked smile. One of her tits had bounced out of her tank top but she quickly readjusted herself.

"I'll be right back," she said as she hopped off the couch and sauntered into the next room. It was at this moment where I noticed Katya had knee length socks on. She was gone for a moment but she returned with two glass cups in hand. She sat down next to me on the couch.

"White Russian?" she asked.

"Sure," I responded. She handed me one and I raised it to clink with hers. "Cheers," I said

She smiled and said, "vashee zda-ró-vye." Her accent was spot on and I was pretty sure she had just spoken Russian.

I had forgotten that she had been listening to the second language CDs. I remember seeing that those recordings definitely had a lot of Non-English in it.

"Did you just hex me?" I asked as I winked at her.

"You wish," Katya said as she blew me a kiss, "It just means 'to your health.'"

We drank upon a second clink of the glasses. Now, I've never had a White Russian but it was delicious. It was basically an alcoholic chocolate milk drink. I could barely taste the alcohol but everything else was just perfect. Katya leaned into me and kissed my cheek and said, "You have some catching up to do, this is my third."

I took a deep drink, then turned my head and kissed her. We were going at each other at a much more casual pace but I am still surprised that neither of our drinks had spilled over.

"Ew," a voice from the edge of the room squawked out, "Like, get a room."

Katya pulled back and squeeled, "Ass'hley! I just made the drinks, you got to try it. It's the best, don't you think so Malcolm?"

I looked up to see a girl at on the stairway and nodded. She was wearing a towel around her body and had another wrapped around her hair. I had remembered meeting Ashley a few times in the past but had no significant interaction with her. At first, I thought she looked annoyed but I came to the conclusion she looked a little distracted but I couldn't exactly pinpoint why.

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