tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 02

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 02


Monday - February 13, 2006

Continuation from Ch. 01. First, full day of vacation.

The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys.


Someone is shouting to someone outside our window, which scares me because I am not in my own bed. I open my eyes; it's daylight. Harry and I are lying on our sides facing each other and we do not have any covers on. I must have been totally wiped out from the late night activities and day of travel. I look down at his cock, and as is normal for a guy in the morning; it is standing at attention. Seeing that red hair again and the pussy pleaser, sparks an ignition of a mini flame in me. I want that cock again and need it, after the pleasure it gave me last night. I reach down to feel it wrapping my small hands around the head.

"Good morning, Heather."

"It really is a GOOD morning, Harry."

"Harry, what time do you need to report for work?"

"I have today off, Heather, and I would like to spend it with you."

"Awesome, Harry, you can then fill us in on the ways and means of this place.

" Last night Harry, when we were locked together I felt so close and intimate. I would like very much for you to do me in the shower now since you appear ready and eager. I scoot next to him to kiss him on the mouth lips, tweak his hard cock for a few seconds and then slide a hand to his sack holding those jewels that produce all that man stuff, "then we can discuss the rest of the day. "God, Harry, this mammoth cock of yours pleased me as no other cock has at any time. This morning I have a desire to be a little naughty with you. I feel so comfortable with you that it is almost scary."

I can tell from the smile, that he agrees with my suggestion; I am chuckling to myself. He is not softening; in fact, he seems to be getting harder. We walk to the shower, cock marching at attention and I assume he is eyeing the nice round globes that are in front of him, desiring to get his hands on them to massage and squeeze them.

I excuse my self and slip to the toilet to pee. I hear him in the other toilet and am wondering, how does a guy pee with a hard-on. We return to the shower and it looks like he is still very hard.

"God Heather, standing in the shower yesterday was pure torture; to be holding those soft succulent breasts and tender ass cheeks in my hands."

"It felt really good, Harry, believe me!"

"Your hot pussy milked every drop of juice it could from my cock last night. I love it when the pussy just spasms and clamps down wanting more. Your pussy is one of the tighter ones that I have gotten my cock into recently. I hope some day before you leave, you will lock those heavenly legs around me."

"Maybe Harry, but right now I have this desire of wanting to feel a tad naughty. My steaming pussy is aching to be filled and flooded again with your hot love juice. Being stuffed last night felt so gooooooooooood. Harry, feeling that hot liquid of yours jetting deep in me was the best ever for me. I am glad we did it with no impediments.

"I have never has sex in a shower. These showers are so huge and erotic with the mirrors. This is what is producing this feeling of naughtiness. I want to watch us play."

I spin around to deep throat kiss him and gently feel the length of his cock as I start at the base and work to the head. He inhales deeply as I touch the crown with my soft hand. I look down and there it is pre-cum leaking from the eye. I lower myself to kneeling and I use the tip of my tongue to lift it off. I take the head into my mouth and I hear, "AAAAAAAAgggggggghhhhhh!" God it looks so much thicker than last night! I can barely get my mouth around it; it is so thick. He places his hands on the back of my head. I know he wants me to mouth fuck me. I am careful not to get him to excited. I don't want him shooting his nut juice into my mouth. I want it in my pussy. I pump his cock slightly as I am sucking the head, loving the moans coming from him as my hand squeezes around the shaft.

I return to standing before he reaches the point of no return. I turn several heads of water on as we continue to get each other more worked up with our hands. He is massaging my soft boobs, pinching my light brown nipples, and sucking on them. From time to time Harry is sucking a whole boob into his mouth as he cups my other boob and runs a finger along my slit; causing blood to rush to my cunt lips. With my mouth buried in his neck, I am massaging his sack softly as he moans his pleasure. God, his cock is so hard.

I then whisper, "Harry, do me from the back please." I break my hold of him, turn and brace myself on the shower walls, which are all mirrors. He reaches around and cups my breasts; plays with my nipples, causing them to remain at attention like his cock. He drops a hand to my mound and is using a finger on my hard clit now; I almost fall to the floor from these amazing mini cums.

I watch him in the mirrors as he places his fingers that were in my slit into his mouth to lick them. "God your pussy juices are so sweet and tasty."

I brace myself on the mirrored wall, spreading my legs wide as he takes a hand to position the head of his cock at the entrance of my overheated tunnel that he fucked just a few hours ago. He cups my breasts and shoves his monster prick into me. My mouth flies open from the sensation but nothing is coming out. I inhale quickly for air, knowing another thrust will soon be coming. Wow, this sure feels different from last night. There is no doubting this morning of a cock invading my pussy. "Oh, Harry, my God!"

"I am half way in, babe. With the next shove, it will be all the way. Do you want me to continue?"

As I am looking into the mirror, I reach between my spread legs with one hand to stroke his balls. I am not giving him a verbal answer but a touchy one. He drops his hands from my breasts and places them onto my hips for better advantage. Harry shoves along with a pull.

"Oh, God! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" comes from my mouth as the mammoth cock buries itself deep into my smoldering pussy.

"Heather, babe, you have all of me in you for a second time. How does it feel, love?" I just moan, massage his balls, and whisper back, "Mmmm, niceeeeeeeee! God, so nice! I feel so stuffed and I love the feeling."

He puts both hands back onto my breasts and begins massaging the soft, pliable guy's toys. My hard nips are poking into the palm of his hands. I brace myself as he is beginning a slow, rhythmic thrusting. He removes a hand from my left breast, moves it to my mound and begins to strum my clit with a finger, along with rolling a nipple with slight pinching with his right hand. God the sparks are flying from my nipple to my pussy aching for this awesome cock to take me to places unknown.

"Oh, Harry, Oh, fuck me pllleeeaseeeeeeee! Give me your love juice; fill my pussy again with your hot cum! OOoooooo, Yes, Yes, OOOoooo! Yes, Harry, Yes, Yes, Yes! Do me, pllllllleeeeeeease, do it to meeeee."

We are building together and finally the orgasm hits. I arch my back as I am feeling him spear me as he stiffens to unload. I lay my head back on his shoulders as I cum. Each time I contract my pussy muscles on his thick cock, it feels like I am peeing. I have never experienced this sensation before.

This time we have no pillow and the whole world outside is hearing us. It feels so good, him cupping my breasts; his cock buried deep inside of my love tunnel. As the water flushes over us, my pussy continues to spasm with orgasms as his cock shoots jet after jet of sticky cum deep into me treating me to that naughty feeling I was desiring earlier.

As we are standing here recovering and letting the water rinse us off, Harry says, "I love it when a girl squirts when she cums." I am turning red from embarrassment. He hugs me and says, "Hey! That is a big ego booster for guys. It means you are really turned on, and the love juices flow." It is so nice to hear him put it that way. My God, I have read and heard guys talk about that but did not think it was true.

While we are drying, we hear from the other side of the partition, some male and female giggling and all out laughter. I can tell that Sam, Amy, Jenn, and Stace are all in the bedroom. I open the partition, startling them and Harry too. We are both naked as newborn babes. The three girls all let out a gasp of shock at seeing the size of Harry's cock. Sam just gives Harry a wink.

Jenn blurts out, "Was all of that in you?" I just gave her a wide smile. She is saying, "I changed my mind, I want Harry instead of Sam. Sorry Sam, but we are here for some huge cock and that is huge."

Now we all are giggling. Sam says, "No problem babe. Why not make it a threesome later on with Harry, yourself, and me?"

Jenn's eyes light up like a 4th of July sparkler and then she is saying, "Awesome, how soon?"

Sam is walking to Harry and they are whispering. Sam turns and asks, "Would tonight be soon enough?" Jenn's eyes bug out but the smile gives us the answer. "Harry has the day off and I will finish at 10 PM and will drop by then if that's ok," Sam is saying.

"I will be waiting for you and probably be very wet from the anticipation."

Sam says, "I'd better get to work. See you at 10 tonight."

I look at Amy and ask, "Well are you happy?"

"Oh my God, Heather, this vacation is starting out to be awesome and I think we probably will be back many times."

"Jenn, do you realize that you just agreed to have two guys do you? Have you ever done that before?"

"No, but this place is addictive. I find myself wanting to feel a little bit slutty. I have seen it in porn, so why not try it with these guys that have me dripping.

"Listening to you and Amy had me climbing the walls all night. I just got that book, looked at the pictures, and fucked every guy that I was looking at. My clit sure is sore this morning."

"To really be slutty, Jenn, you need five guys, one in each orifice, and one each on a breast," Harry is saying.

"Oh my God!" is coming from all of our mouths.

We all smile and start asking about breakfast. Harry says, "It can be delivered or we could go up to the buffet; your call." "Delivered," comes from several mouths.

A half hour later:

There is a knock at the door announcing breakfast. Two of the most beautiful females I have seen so far on the resort are going to serve us. They are very well proportioned at their five feet five inches and I am guessing 110 pounds. They have to be of Spanish decent from the skin color and black hair. Harry introduces them as the twins, Maria and Anna. The only real distinguishing way of telling them apart is a small tattoo at their ankles with their name. They wish us the usual greetings and serve us a delicious breakfast. I take notice that the twin with Maria on her ankle sure keeps eyeing and smiling at me a lot.

As the twins are leaving, Harry is saying, "Ladies take a good look at those twins. Of the female staff they are the most sought after and desired. Female guests have told me those twins have taken them where no guy has ever taken them." A girl taking a girl to places where a guy has not, how can that be?

He changes the subject, "I would like to suggest this morning you familiarize yourself with the resort, take a swim in the pool, flirt with the guys and girls, and then return for lunch."

He continues with more information, "As lunch is being set up here in the bungalow, turn to channel 37 on the box. Why? I am going to suggest we walk the nude beach after lunch; there will be some erotic scenes that may turn you on. Channel 37 will list the people available from noon to 8 PM that I can call to help you, if you desire. Make a list of half a dozen in order of preference. Their faces and numbers will be on the screen for 30 seconds each and will sequence and start over. There will be 15 to 20 people available. Look in your books for their stats and that may help you decide."

"I will drop by at 2:30 to escort you and help you in any way that I can, except for sex. I need to reserve myself and get some strength for Jenn here tonight." Three of us look at Jenn and we all giggle.

"Thanks and see you later," we shout in unison as he goes through the door.

"God, he is so sweet!" Amy says.

We are going to do as Harry suggested. We slip into micro thong-bikinis. I put on a white one, Amy uses yellow, Stace uses black and Jenn is wearing red. The tops are triangular and just cover the nipples, and all of the cheek shows, so we can get maximum tan. Isn't that why we are here? We have color coordinated them with matching baseball caps and sandals. Now we stroll and begin our cruising of the resort

Nearing the pool, we see this dark brick building with a purple neon sign, "Dungeon". We walk up to the entrance and a notice a sign there that reads, "By invitation only, Mistress Trudy." Ah-ha, so that is why she is Mistress. We flirt with some of the guys as we are doing our stroll.

Suddenly we hear, "Ladies, enjoying yourselves?"

I take a good look at the guy who hailed us being we are in no rush. He is an incredibly cute black guy; his name is Richard.

We chitchat amongst us five for several minutes.

Richard whispers into my ear and asks if we could chat alone.

"I will catch up with you all later. I want to talk to Richard for awhile."

"Thanks, Heather," Richard says. "You sure have legs and an ass that many a guy would kill for. I did not want to tell you that in front of your friends. God you are so hot looking in that sunning suit."

"Thanks, for the compliment," I reply. "I think they may have gotten an idea of what you were thinking from the way you were feasting your eyes on us and noticing that bulge you have going. Well, I better get back for lunch." He then does the usual song about assistance. I am turned on by his cute looks and the bulge that I see developing in his uniform and say, "Maybe after work tonight you can; I might need a bit of assistance..."

He interrupts, "I will see you at 9:30 Heather, if that's agreeable."

I give him a wink and say, "Great, drop by and we can see were it leads."

Approaching the bungalow after strolling a while longer I meet Jenn and Stace coming out and saying that they are going to check out the tennis court and will be back at 12:30 for lunch. It is 11:00. I am thinking that I will update my diary and study the book with the pictures until lunch is served. I am on a bench in front of the bungalow to do my dairy and study the book.

Above Entered: Monday, February 13, 2006, 11:30 AM

At our bungalow in Jamaica before lunch

I just am putting the diary down and Mistress Trudy pulls up in a cart, alone. "Hi Heather, do you know if Amy is around?"

"She should be," I answer.

We go into the bungalow and there is Amy, checking out the guys on Channel 37.

"Hi Amy," as Mistress Trudy greets her, "how is it going for you two young ladies? Having any fun yet or are you just in the planning stages?"

Amy and I look at each other, blushing and go to say something.

"I see you must have already experienced some of the islands offerings from the blushing that is occurring."

Then, "Are we alone?"

We nod our heads in the affirmative.

"I have something very delicate to discuss with both of you. This has never happened here before and I am having difficulty dealing with it. You know we try to please our guests in all ways possible. In this particular situation in order to please the guests I need to ask your assistance and I hope you do not take offense and leave."

Amy and I looked at each other dumbfounded. "Please let's sit down and I will explain."

"This is a picture of guest X and her companion whom I will call guest Y. They have asked me to discuss a very delicate proposition with you two."

The picture of Guest X shows a gorgeous 35 year old female with black silky hair to below her shoulder blades, blue eyes, body well toned and breasts that any guy dies for. Mistress Trudy tells us that she is Brazilian. Guest Y is a black male with a great smile and appears to be in fantastic shape for his age, appearing to be 45 years old with some gray showing. The expression in the picture indicates a lot of self-confidence. It appears as if he might be between 175 and 200 pounds. He is in black swimming trunks. It almost blends in with his skin and makes me wonder where his cock is. From the picture, it does not show much of his manly equipment.

"In order to get your attention and before saying no I want you to hold these envelopes. In each envelope there are five crisp one thousand dollar bills."

Amy and I inhale as if it is our last breath of air. "The proposal must remain secretive regardless of the direction it takes. Agree?"

We look at each other and nod agreement.

"This couple proposes spending one full day with both of you, at the same time. Guest X desires to first watch you two 69ing until you both have orgasms. Her desire then is to suck the juice that is generated during the 69ing from your pussies."

I am flushing and blushing. Amy is staring at Mistress Trudy with bugged eyes and labored breathing.

"Then both of you are to feel the pleasure of Guest Y with his black cock in your pussies that he desires so much, followed by Guest X sucking that cocktail from your pussies also. She then desires you to be stuffed again by each of her two invited guests which will be two of our black male employees. She proposes that after each finishes their cum that she might drink from you again. She would also like to see that each of you become an Oreo cookie, but if you do not desire anal she will not insist. Even if the anal does not happen you each get to keep your $5,000 in any case."

My mind is spinning by now thinking of Amy and I doing 69, being fucked by three blacks guys in a relative short time, and then being eaten by this woman 4 times. God, I smell myself. I hope it is not showing. "May I ask why the request?"

"Guest X told me she has not stopped leaking since seeing your lovely long legs and bodies, upon your arrival yesterday and again at the buffet last evening. Her guest has not lost his hard-on either. They figure the only way they can get back to some normalcy is to have all this sex with you to get rid of the tension that has been throbbing in them since seeing you yesterday. They said you two have the most sexy legs, buns, and connection that they have ever seen on females."

I let out a nervous laugh and excuse myself.

"What was funny Heather?"

"Well it struck me funny because as I walked past an employee this morning a comment was made about my leg/ass connection, similar to the comments you just mentioned."

"Oh, do you like those comments?"

"Oh yes very much", I answer, now being beet red at the same time.

"I have admired that also in both of you and I want to discuss that sometime later in your stay, but this situation came up and it needs my attention.

"Obviously, if your answer is affirmative, the sooner we arrange it the better. Please, you and Amy discuss it, and I will wait here for your answer."

Amy and I get up and go outside. We place our hands over our mouths. I whisper, "God Amy, what did we get ourselves into?"

"Wow, we have to keep this a secret. God, the money will pay for our trip. If that lady wants to drink me, I suppose its ok because I am not drinking her."

"Amy, you and I have never done 69 together."

"Oh my God, Heather, we haven't. I am so excited I forgot; we need to get somewhat comfortable with each other first. Maybe we should see if we could get a day to practice. Let's ask. I hope she agrees."

We return and Amy says, "Mistress Trudy, Heather and I have never had sex together even though we are good friends. If we can have a couple of days to become comfortable with each other we will accept their offer."

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