tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 03

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 03


Tuesday - February 14, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the third day of a fourteen-day vacation with the hope of turning a ten-year fantasy into reality. It is happening. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

The phone is ringing which wakes me up. I look at the clock and it is 10 AM. I grab the phone and the voice says, "This is Mistress Trudy. May I speak with Heather or Amy?"

"This is Heather."

"Is Amy around there, Heather?"

"Yes, but she is in the shower."

"Is it possible for you and Amy to slip into swim wear and as you near the pool make a left and come to the Dungeon?"

"Let me check with Amy."

I check. "Yes we can."

"Great, breakfast will be waiting."

As Amy and I are walking our way to the pool, we experience the usual comments from the guys seeing us in our very skimpy swimsuits. Amy asks as we walk along, "I wonder what's up with this visit to the Dungeon that Mistress Trudy desires."

As we get near the Dungeon, we slip over to the entrance and the door opens for us.

We are greeted by a charming young lady that escorts us to Mistress Trudy.

Mistress Trudy gives us each a big hug and cheek kiss. She then says, "After yesterday's conversation, my mind was spinning as to how to help you two experience 69ing faster. Here on the island there is associated with it a little extra zing."

Amy and I look at each other. I know she is thinking the same as me. What does she mean by zing?

"Sometimes it is awkward amongst friends the first few times and here on the island there is something special that our gender enjoys. Since you are here, you should experience all that the island has to offer in as much time as you have allotted yourselves."

I am thinking; awkward with friends, something special, and jeez what about with a stranger?

"Last night, Maria and Anna, the twins, replied to my question of how things were going, by saying, 'It would be going much better if Amy, Heather and their friends would asked us to party.'

"I am being very bold and taking a risk of you two getting mad at me. Please forgive me if what I ask offends either of you. What I will be asking has the best of intentions in it and that is do you two think it might be possible that the twins can help both of you become comfortable with girl on girl play?"

My nipples harden and I know I am getting red but not from being mad but a tad embarrassed by the question.

"The twins have a well earned reputation of awesome girl on girl. Maybe you have already heard the rumor that they are sought after by many female guests. (Flash back to Harry's comment.)

"I see that both of your are embarrassed. We have many rooms here in the Dungeon to offer you privacy. Each twin will play with you in a separate room until you feel very comfortable after you first have the opportunity to view them playing with each other from a distance.

"It is just expanding your sexual experiences. Try it, you might like it and if not, well then you can always say I tried. It is like spinach or olives. You either develop a liking or not.

"If it's too much pressure you still have time to play before Thursday at your place and pace. What do you say, girls?"

I look at Amy and she looks at me and I can see a sure why not; what harm can it do look from her facial expression.

I volunteer, "You know, Mistress Trudy, the twins look at Amy and me with a different look than they give our friends when serving meals. May I assume they have the hots for us and may I also assume they like guys."

"Oh Heather, permit me to expand some. I am glad you asked the question. These girls love sex and as a result they are BI. Now there is something else you should understand that will help you. Here on the island it is still in the culture that girls are to be used by the guys for their own pleasure with no feeling for the girls. Consequently, many girls learn early on to enjoy sex and most of the time better sex with members of their own gender. They marry either later in life when they find a guy that treats them with respect and they have good sex, or they marry very young under stressful circumstances and have miserable marriages.

"The twins are waiting for the right guy, they sample every guy they can, but take the edge off from time to time with members of their own gender.

"Here at the resort, when guys do not treat girls with respect, they are gone. They do not get a break. If a female employee mentions that a guy was out of place with them, I never question the guy; he is gone. Yes, I know that a girl can get pissed at a guy for something and she can just mention it to me and he is history. However, I do not have time to settle people squabbles. This is a place of fun and I do not have time for that stuff. Now if I detect a pattern from a particular girl doing this then she is out, we re-call the guys, and they do get a second chance. In addition, being human that does happen occasionally but there is good from it. When the guys come back the second time, they become the role models for the new starts.

"As a result, the twins know what guys should be like, they see and mix with couples here so they are waiting for Mr. Right."

"That helps me relax much more, Mistress Trudy. Thanks for the insight."

"Amy should we try Trudy's suggestion?"

"Sure, I'm sure it won't kill us and who knows where it will lead. Seeing those porn movies at home always has my mind wondering."

"Please follow me and by the way, when we are secluded like this you may call me Trudy, because of yesterday's agreement. We should remain dignified when in the presence of others lest we slip, causing eyebrows to raise and have wheels spinning in their brains."

We walk into a room that is set up for breakfast; the twins are there not as servers but as guests, so it appears. We exchange, "Hi," with the twins and they are smiling ear to ear. Trudy directs us to sit down but before doing so she gives us bathrobes to place over our swimsuits. She is explaining to the twins that we have accepted the proposed girl on girl exposure.

We engage in girl chatter as we eat. Then Maria says, "We wish we had bodies like you two have. We would sell our souls for them." I am sure I had a look of surprise on my face because I would have sold my soul for either of their bodies.

"Thanks Maria. Heather and I were saying the same about you and your sister's bodies the other day when you served us at the bungalow."

We are finishing eating and Trudy says, "If neither of you have anything going on this morning, can you begin seeing where it might lead?" Amy and I nod our approval.

"Please, place your swimsuits on the hooks over there and then return with your robes," is the next thing I hear.

Amy and I comply; Trudy motions for Amy and me to follow her. We go into a mini movie theater. The curtains are partially open and there is a glass window. Trudy tells us to be seated and then says, "The reason for removing the swimsuits is to protect them." Amy and I just hunch our shoulders. Trudy says, "This might get very erotic so if you leak, the robes will trap it."

The lights dim and the curtains open. The twins are naked and they are kissing and groping each other's breasts under subdued lights. Trudy indicates that the twins will show us a 'how to' from start to finish. When the twins ask for us, we will then enter the room and the twins will separate us to minimize distraction and offer privacy. They will teach us how to achieve the most out of a 69ing session by explaining and demonstrating.

I am breaking out into a sweat and heat flash from hearing Trudy. My mind is racing. My God, I am going to experience 69ing with a stranger and not my friend for the first time.

The kissing of the mouths and the groping of the breasts continues between the twins. Amy and I can see liquid glistening on the inside of their thighs as it leaks from their pussies, down their legs that are spread wide so as to permit easy access by a hand. They are now rolling nipples in their fingers while the kissing continues which seems to be causing more liquid to seep from their pussies and run down their thighs toward their knees. After some time at doing this, they each drop a hand from a boob and move it to the genitals of each other. The impact of the hand being placed there causes them to break the kiss and gasp for air. They now bury their faces in each other's shoulders so they can breathe easier and make tit contact. I see one of the twins eyes open wide and her mouth also, indicating a scream, moan or intake of air. I look closer and see that it is a finger moving up and down the gash. I just know that finger is going over the clit from time to time as it glides around. While the fingers are turning each other on increasingly, they are making sure they have tit contact also. I am getting very wet and I can smell sex and feel heat coming from between my legs.

Amy says, "This is going to be some day I think. I have this robe soaked already. This is so much hotter than a porn movie."

There is a king-size mattress in the room. The twins walk towards it and they drop to their knees. They embrace each other again and continue with the finger workings on the genitals for some minutes. Maria then lies on her back with the top of her head pointed to us and her feet pointed in the opposite direction; they return to the kissing and fingering of each other. Anna then does a flip, straddling Maria; at the same time lowering her mouth to her sister's pussy. The straddling of Maria's head causes Anna's glistening pussy to be clearly visible to Amy and me. My God, there is nothing hidden from this view. Oh my God, the sheen and flow of liquid at her pussy entrance is amazing. What is getting into me? I want to rush in there and plant my mouth on Anna's privates. Jeez I have seen this in porn movies but my God; this is so close and live. Maria now is parting her sister-swollen labia more with her fingers. They both must be attacking each other's clits with the tongue. It is like a porn movie scene but this is real, oh my God.

I reach to stroke my clit and Trudy looks over and says, "Save it for the twins."

God, my nips are so hard that they are pressing against the robe and sending messages to my pussy with each bodily move, I make. I notice that Maria, the twin that has her head towards us reaches up and is inserting a finger into her sister's pussy. Someone opens speakers in the mini theater and we can hear them moaning.

Because their mouths are buried in each other's pussy and fingers are fucking their pussies like a cock would be doing, they both have muffled moans of pleasure. I see Anna's pussy appearing to suck and grip Maria's fingers, as she must be cumming. Fluids gush from Anna's pussy and flow into Maria's mouth as well as running down the inside of her thighs.

"My God Amy, watching this has gotten to me. That is so freaken hot. Why have we not been doing that? I do not know about you but talk about rape. I want to get into that room so much."

"I am the same way Heather. I am soaked and need to be eaten by anyone. We have been too conservative with ourselves. I am ready for you or them. This trip is turning into a dreamland vacation. I don't ever want to leave the island."

The twins finally collapse both on their backs, side by side, legs askew. We can still see Anna's open pussy as it leaks her juices onto the mattress beneath her.

Trudy then says, "I am glad the show impacted you girls as it apparently has. You will enjoy the rest of the day learning some island secrets. You will be able then to use these new found techniques on each other as well as your friends."

I am wondering now what is Trudy talking about.

Trudy indicates that she will give the girls 20 minutes to shower and then they will come and get us for our session.

Another beautiful lady comes in and serves us cold drinks.

"Since we have some time I'd like to explain the Dungeon to you. I was going to do it Friday but we can do it now since things are progressing so well."

"This room can be reserved by our guests for their personal use if they are into whips, pain, torture etc. However, they must pay me to use it. If I need to provide help to assist in some acts, that is additional cost also. Each week we have a special show for about 10 to 15 selected guests that we think might have an interest in those activities. It just provides our guests with some other form of erotica and makes the stay more enjoyable for some.

"I have reserved four seats for you four girls on Saturday to view the show. When you leave the show, whatever you are wearing will be an indication that you had a good time, a very good time, or just an outright huge orgasm. No one has ever left this show without some display of lust. Therefore, I suggest you bring a change of clothes with you. After the show there will be 20 to 30 of our employees lingering around outside, sneaking looks at the guests to see who needs assistance, if you get my drift. If you walk out all wet, you will get many offers; it's up to you. Some girls love to flaunt their soaked shorts, knowing that it drives the employees crazy with lust.

"Oh, the twins are motioning for us to come in," we hear coming from Trudy. We follow her, my limbs are weak, and I smell like a bitch in heat. "Well, when this day is over, the twins will call me with a full report and then we can chat here again later. Enjoy your new experience."

One of the twins approaches me and smiles. She says, "Relax, Heather, it's not going to hurt. It's supposed to be fun." I must be showing signs of some apprehension. I am Maria. Did my sister's dripping pussy turn you on? I can smell that you really are hot from watching us." She slips her hand into my robe opening and drags a finger from the bottom of my slit to the top. My knees are about to buckle.

"Oooooooooh God," as I grab on to her, weak kneed from the finger contact with my clit. "Oh, God!" With Maria being the first female ever to touch me there and being so bold about it but on the other hand me wanting her there so much.

She looks up at me and says, "Wow, we are going to get along great, Heather." She slides her fingers again along my slit again, then takes her wet fingers and licks them with her tongue, like a kid with an all-day sucker. She removes my robe and at the same time, the white lights go out, leaving the room in a red glow. I am in shock at her ease at doing this but at the same time, it seems to be heating me up.

Maria begins to kiss me on the lips, gently at first then with more passion, as our mouths seem to be glued together. I try to mimic her as we are kissing and holding each other's face. I have a sense of being panic-stricken and wanting more of this attention at the same time. Our breathing is coming harder and she moans with pleasure; we are having a tongue duel and my knees are weakening further. She proceeds to kiss my neck and ear lobes. Her hands go to massaging my breasts but not the nipples. I try to follow the example she is setting. She is lowering her lips to my nips while holding my breasts in her hands and suckling them. I break out in a sweat from nerves and pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhh God! May we kneel because I'm going to drop from this, Maria?"

She nods smiles and says, "Of course, Heather. You are hotter than I had imagined. God I am so happy we are doing this. I have been wet since first seeing you at breakfast the other day." We walk hand in hand to the mattress that the twins had used earlier.

She looks at me and says, "It's your turn." I do the same to her breasts and nipples. The nips are rock hard. Oh God, I have never even done this with Amy. My God, the inhale of air and moan that I am hearing turns me on more. I then hear, "Let me feel your slit and you can feel mine." My heart is pounding at this point. With sweating hands I reach down and place my middle finger at her slit like when I masturbate. I can not put into words the sensation hitting me. My God, this is the first time I have touched another girl's gash. Ooooooooh! It is so hot and wet. I bury my face in her neck trying to calm my nerves as she buries her face in my neck but I am sure it's not from jitters. As a result our tits are making direct bodily contact causing an enormous surge of sexual wants and needs to stir in me that I never experienced before. Oh My, Oh My!

Maria is going, "OOOOO!" from my fingering her button. Her moaning is turning me on more knowing she is enjoying herself with me. I mimic her finger movements.

We bury our lips into each other's and kiss while each feeling the wetness of the other. I follow her lead by inserting more of my finger into her groove and sliding it around. We both are moaning into each other's mouths. Making clit contact causes us to break our kissing. Our passion causes a need for so much air to be inhaled into our lungs. We seem to want more as we are humping the fingers.

"OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I hear myself. We bury our mouths into the each other's neck again and feel our tits pressing into each other again. The jolt of passion hits me and I am on fire. I explode my first induced orgasm by female other than myself. "Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Maria!" I feel my juices running down my thighs. I can not fathom these feelings. They are as intense as with a guy if maybe not a tad more. Being my first time from my gender maybe explains it. Maria is having an awesome orgasm also it appears from the moans, humping of my finger and liquid flow from her steaming pussy.

Recovering from the orgasm, I hear, "Heather, lie down please on your back." After lying down, we continue with kisses and the fingering of each other's slits. She inserts a finger and begins a finger fuck of my pussy. "Oooooooooooooo!" I arch my back desiring more. "My God, Maria, Oh, my God!" I attempt the same then hear her moan and feeling her pussy grip my finger.

I feel two fingers and follow suit. She raises herself up, swings a leg over my face. Oh, my God, looking at another girl's pussy, so close, so wet, so open, so vulnerable. My heart is taking off again to the races. Oh, God, Oh, God! Maria lowers her pussy to my mouth so slowly. Oh God, Ooooooo, as her clit reaches my mouth, my God, the first clit ever at my mouth. I am so wired that I immediately lunge to suck on it and flick it desiring to please her by getting her off. I am so hot from all this attention plus the carry over from seeing them at it earlier. My fingers have slipped from her hot honey hole as she lifted. I now use my free hands to pull her tighter to my mouth by placing them on her hips, Oh God, Oh God! I can not get enough. My God, I am so fired up. She is so hot, wet and tasty. Oh, God!

Maria's mouth goes to my clit now as she lowers herself. I want it so much. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I orgasm immediately and moan into her pussy. She goes right to inserting a finger; I do the same; then two, then three fingers. My mind is gone. All I can do is thrust my hips up and continue to build to more orgasms and mimic her movements. For some reason she takes me just so high and holds me there. It seems forever, then a bit higher and then like a bolt of lightning it is hitting me,





As another orgasm takes over. I go into violent convulsions. I almost toss her off me. Never in my widest imagination could it be this good.

I feel her pussy gripping onto my fingers as she orgasms.

God her moans onto my clit are gigantic which is keeping me high.

As I am settling down, I can tell she is coming down too. My mouth is getting so much of her cum as it flows out of her. I am in shock at not gagging or wanting to spit it out. The taste is indescribable, never having experienced this before, my first drink of girl cum. I wonder how Amy's nectar will taste. I can not believe I am doing this; drinking another girl's cum. I always thought it was faked in porn movies to turn guys on. I just go ahead, swallow, and lap at her crotch for more since it is turning me on so much wanting more. As I am coming down I am looking at Maria's rosebud and am getting feelings that I have never experienced before. Oh my, God, No it can not be, Oh my God. Am I turning into a slut?

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