tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 05

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 05


Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the fifth day of a fourteen-day vacation were fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

This is the day for Amy and I to play with Guest X and Y; breakfast will be at their place at 10 AM.

We inform Jenn and Stace that we have been invited to a breakfast at the bungalow of a Brazilian guest. Their eyes open like saucers.

Jenn asks, "Where did you meet these Brazilian people?"

"The day we went missing we spent quite a bit of time with Mistress Trudy; they were visiting with Mistress Trudy also."

Amy gives me a slight punch in the ribs.

I look at the clock and it is time to head to couple that invited us for the day.

At the guest bungalow as we knock tentatively, the door opens; it is Sam. "Good morning, Heather and Amy, make yourselves at home. Your host will be down shortly."

"Good morning, Sam," is my response.

I wonder is this one of the male employees that will be playing with us. Well, both Amy and I know Sam very intimately already.

Soon I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

Guest X appears at the bottom of the stairway. She is gorgeous, in her white terry cloth robe, dark tone skin, with very dark brown eyes that draw immediate attention and her black silky hair in a ponytail, like Amy's and mine only thicker. I am attracted to her beauty instantly. She is grinning ear to ear and, comes right over to us to give us each a hug and cheek kiss, "Thanks so much for helping us out!" she exclaims.

"So who is Heather and who is Amy as she is smiling and waiting for one of us to answer? It is really amazing your twin like features."

"I'm Heather and this is my best friend Amy. Most people see a slight mouth difference. Here on my left wrist is a small birthmark that is not covered most of the time."

"Please call me Ann. We desired that our request be kept sort of secret in case you did not accept the offer, so Mistress Trudy coined the X & Y. Guest Y as she refers to him, is my husband Frank. He will be down shortly and then we can begin the festivities that I hope makes for a very exciting day, producing pleasant memories for many years for all of us.

"Trudy has already filled me in a little on the purpose of your visit to the island. Girls, this is the hottest place on the planet to have your fantasy come to life; believe me because we have been all over the world. You will go home as different people if you let yourselves enjoy your inner most secretive desires. This place will get to you in a very, very pleasant way."

"Heather and I have already discovered some of that. I think we still are wondering if we are in some type of dream."

"Believe me, girls, it's been a real nightmare for Frank and I since we feasted our eyes on your lovely bodies the other day. We know that if we approached you directly, it would terrify you. We did not want to spend a lot of time courting you, so we asked Mistress Trudy to intervene. Let me demonstrate for you." She opens her robe and her whole red thong beneath it is soaking wet. She smiles, "See what I mean?"

Our eyes observe more than the wet spot; her breasts are those that every girls desires, perfectly shaped, you know the kind guys die to get their hot hands on as well as... Her legs are long, sleek, firm and gorgeous. She has a jewel in her navel and with the tattooing around the circumference; it looks like an eye with the pupil, complete with eyelashes and an eyebrow. WOW! It is done so beautifully. I am almost certain the jewel is an aquamarine. Anyway, it is very stunning against her darker skin. God with the eyelid and lashes it makes it appear to be staring directly at us. "That eye is awesome Ann."

"Thanks, Heather. Frank thinks so too. It was his idea."

With Ann opening her robe, the odor of a female in heat hits Amy and me like a Super Bowl tackler. Amy and I just stand there, mouths wide open but nothing coming out. We look at each other and grin.

"Please sit and we shall start breakfast; I've ordered something really special."

As we are moving to the table, a second black guy appears. "Hi, Heather and Amy; I'm Richard." Wow, my mind says to itself, Richard and Sam. We say, "Hi Rich." Richard and I do not acknowledge that we are already acquainted and that we got very intimate the other day.

Sam walks up behind Amy and me and escorts us to the table. "Are we here to have some fun today, ladies?" My heart skips a beat or two knowing that Sam already knows the entire scene as it will be played and probably Rich knows also. I hope I can get Rich to do my ass sometime today with that snake like tongue of his, as Sam had suggested.

Frank approaches wearing a similar white terry robe and with the nicest warm smile. "Thanks for doing us this wish and favor, ladies, as he gives us both hugs and a peck on the cheek." I am giggling inside, a peck on the cheek and in a little bit, his black cock in my pussy.

"You are very welcome," we both say in unison.

"So who is who?"

Ann explains to Frank how to recognize me from Amy, pointing out my birthmark.

"Amy and I are excited and nervous about today. In fairness to you, I think you should be aware of the fact that this is our first time becoming involved in this type of activity and hope we can please you both. From what Mistress Trudy mentioned, it could be a mind-blowing experience for Amy and me. Naturally, we are a little tense over this, never having done anything like this before. I feel also I should mention to you that our first girl on girl sex experience just happened in the last two days between the twins and us."

"Thanks for sharing that information, Heather. That certainly will help guide Frank and me as the day progresses."

Over breakfast, we entertain lots of just getting acquainted chatter. We are served pancakes smothered with native fresh tropical fruit and covered with a huge mound of whipped cream. I am getting wet seeing the contrast between black skin and the white robe on Frank; picturing a big, black cock hidden there desiring to get it into Amy and me, like a black snake lying in ambush, ready to strike. He is more handsome in real life than in the picture Trudy had. God, his eyes are sexy. I want his cock in me. I am so wet thinking of it and we have not even gotten through breakfast.

I wonder if he is hard sitting there, leaking pre-cum, thinking of our tight pussies and white asses.

After breakfast, Ann suggests that we sun ourselves on the balcony while the food settles. Amy and I slip out of our shorts and halter-tops, having our bikinis on.

We purchased the bikinis at the resort gift store after seeing what others on the island were wearing. They consist of the tiniest thong and with just the nips covered on the breasts. When putting them on this morning, Amy and I got silly. She is wearing black nip covers and me red. The bottoms are reversed her red and me black.

"Holy shit! Comes out of Frank's mouth. "Damn you are some hot looking chicks. Don't you agree, Babe?"

"Yes sweetie, they are."

"May I suggest we really get comfortable; so we can tan evenly, all over," Ann suggests.

Amy and I just slip our fingers into our bikini bottoms, drop them and undo the nip strings. We are naked as the day we were born. I am glad I had a black bottom on because it reeks with my liquid seepage and that is not showing. I can tell Amy's is wet also.

Now that we are nude, I notice Ann and Frank staring at us, and Sam and Rich are in the background. Seeing the reactions and hearing those comments earlier, is pleasing me, giving me more confidence, as well as turning me on. I am sure Amy is feeling the same.

Ann and Frank drop their robes and there is Frank with a definite hard-on. It appears the size of most of the white guys that have done my pussy at home.

I look and smile.

"Ladies as you can see I have a problem that needs fixing."

I walk over to him, wrap my fingers around that stiff black pussy thriller while staring him in those beautiful brown eyes and feel a drop of pre-cum. I look down and sure enough, there is some oozing out of the tip. I just bend over, flick it off with the tip of my tongue and then take the purple head into my mouth and suck on it for about 15 seconds.

God what a moan escapes from his mouth. Jeez, what has gotten into me to be so loose around a guy wanting to dick me and just having met him a few minutes ago? I know Frank wants more attention right now but it will have to wait; making it better yet for him. Besides, it is his idea that we get some sun.

We sun for maybe an hour. From time to time I see Ann flat palming her mound when she is on her back. Evidently the palming did something for her and she stands up saying, "Let's refresh."

We follow her to the shower. "You two (referring to Amy and me) can play around as much as you care to and I will not participate but just watch. Then you can move to the bed in that room, pointing with her finger and 69 each other. I will be lying on the bed with you and observing very closely but I will not touch either of you. After both of you have cum, I want the one on top to swing over and drop your hot, wet, steaming, pussy onto my open mouth so I can drink those wonderrrrrrfulllllll juices. After I have collected your sweet juice and have my fill of one, I will give you a slight push indicating it's time to lift off and then the other one can give me her sweet nectar."

"Whoever is first giving me their juice, can lie back down and Frank will eat you out and then fuck you. I will drink that mixture also. Then we can have lunch and continue our fun afterwards."

"When you get out of the shower before lying down, take a card from the deck on the table next to the bed. Low card is the bottom girl. Got it?"

We nod our heads affirmatively.

Amy and I having become very comfortable with each other as a result of spending the day with the twins along with our other times together messing. We begin by holding each other's face. We French kiss and cup the other's breasts, making nipple to nipple contact until we need to break the hold in order to breathe easier.

We then begin kissing each other's necks, at the same time cupping each other's tits and rolling the nipples some more. I glance in the mirrors from time to time to see Ann palming her pussy. I lower my head to Amy's hard nips and suck on them as she spreads her legs wide open for me. I play with her slippery pink gash, running a finger up and down, but am careful not to touch the engorged clit that has just come out of hiding. She is doing the same to me and her fingers are driving me to get on with more. It is going to be a long day so we keep the direct clit contact deliberately low-key. I do feel a bit uneasy yet doing this in front of a stranger. I try to block Ann out of my mind so as not to be distracted. Seeing her in the nude though has other desires stirring.

We look each other in the eyes and know it is time to get on the bed. Amy goes ahead of me and draws a card, "I'm bottom; I drew a two." I reach for a card and it is a five.

I see Frank sitting in a chair, playing with his cock as he watches and he has the happiest smile on his face. I do not think any more about it other than Damn that is going to feel good jamming my hot pussy and having it squirting the fire out.

Amy crawls up on the bed and positions herself. I crawl on top of her in the 69 position; we are already fully primed.

I lower my steaming pussy to here mouth. Amy moans into me as it makes contact. I then bury my face between her thighs. Jeez, the aroma of a hot female causes more blood to rush to my steaming pussy. We begin licking each other, using our fingers to make sure the pussy lips are as wide open as we can to stretch them for maximum tongue contact. The room is filled with muffled moans of cumming and cumming as we release our pent up feelings. We are not even finger fucking each other because we are so turned on by the scene of strangers watching us do this together.

I catch my breath; I lift off, and flip over to Ann's open mouth. She is ready for me and I can feel my liquids being sucked out of me while her hands are holding my soft butt cheeks. She then starts to lick my hard clit. I lower my upper body, supporting myself with my hands on the bed, in order to look back and watch her work on my love button. After a few minutes, I straighten up and I reach for my tits, pinching and rolling the hard nipples. Oh God!

I drift and continue to build.

The orgasm hits, "AAAA...AAAA...AAAAA!


I am unloading a fresh order of cum for her.

Ann just moans into my pussy. God, she is pressing her mouth so tight on my dripping pussy hole as she is inserting her tongue deep into me to get more of my cum liquor.

When I open my eyes, I see Frank lying beside Amy. He is soft humping his hard cock into her thigh, and pinching her nipples with his fingers making her squirm, while staring into her eyes. She is emitting small pleasure filled moans.

I am spent and Ann can tell; she pushes on my stomach as the signal to lift up and lay down for Frank.

I hear, "Ok Amy give me a drink and Frank, you can do your thing with Heather now."

I lay on my back with my legs splayed. Frank comes over and lies besides me and palm massages my mound.

"Heather honey, I am not going to finger or eat your clit because we want you to have more cums and not be too sensitive later on. Ann has not allowed me to cum, since we came up with this idea. She said she really wants a glass full of our cocktail mixture to flow from you after we have finished."

Frank gets up and pulls my butt to the edge of the bed. God is he ever hard. Pre-cum is oozing from its eyelet and it is running down the dark head of his swollen prick. His cock veins look like they are going to explode. I can see every one of them straining full of blood.

I hear Amy moaning and I know just the treatment that is causing that.

Frank gets under my knees with his arms and pushes them back to my tits as he leans into me. My God I must really be exposed. I can feel the cool air from the air conditioning vent at my hot pussy door. It must be a great picture for a guy to be looking at a glistening wet hole, lips full of blood, sending the message, "FUCK ME" with the clit coming out of its hiding place to be played with.

Frank lowers himself to me. Frank must have pre-positioned himself very well because as he lowers himself, the black steel pole just glides in like a hot knife into butter. God, I must be totally wet with love juice waiting to mix with his.

I feel his heavy balls pushing at my ass crack. Frank begins with the slowest of fucking thrusts. I close my eyes and let it build. Frank begins to pick up his thrusting speed and I know that, from his long abstinence, he is very close to shooting my pussy full of his juices. I really want to cum with him so I try to control myself to cum when he does. I move my legs and lock my ankles behind his butt to keep him in deep. I love the feel of his engorged balls slapping on my ass. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" I managed to let escape from my mouth. He lowers his mouth to mine for a tongue duel while fucking me.

Frank is thrusting ...fast... faster...FASTER, into my furnace. Oh, Oh, Oh as it goes deep into my pussy. He holds it there and it expands and begins to pump his saved sticky white stuff deep into my love tunnel. My pussy locks on to his cock like a vise. His balls are pressed tight against my butt. My ears are splitting from his moaning and snorting like a bull as he feels his cock being clamped by a white girl's pussy.

Frank not cumming for almost a week probably has something to do with his sound effects.

I love it when guys express their cums; the louder they are the better for me. It sends me the message, 'Oh Babe, this is so fucking good. More! Please give me more. Cock; please don't go soft on me now.'

Frank keeps shooting and shooting and I keep cumming and cumming. Jeez, he is the oldest guy yet to be in my pussy. Why am I thinking of his age now? Oh God, this is intensifying my orgasm. My pussy muscle will not release his black cock. It must be the sensation of a guy from Brazil doing it to me that has me milking him the way that I am doing. On the other hand, is it because he is gripping onto my breast so hard, now? A stranger from the other side of the equator is dumping his hot semen into my love canal. Never in my wildest dreams could this be happening, but it is and I love it beyond comprehension.

OMG, he never asked about a raincoat. Oh shit! I panic just a tad but remember what Trudy had told us, never any problems so I relax.

I unlock my legs and Frank puts them down slowly as they hang over the edge of the bed. Frank lies on top of me, pressing his hard, black chest into my tits, and whispers; "It was so much better than I was expecting, Heather. I hope you will permit me to do you again. I will last much longer the next time and make it very worthwhile for you." My brain locks onto, "worthwhile." What's with worthwhile? I am asking myself.

I hear Ann, "Ok, Heather, seeing you and Frank getting it on made me so thirsty. Please give me a drink."

Frank pulls out, lifts my legs and ass up so that my pussy does not leak, and turns me as he lowers me onto Ann's mouth in a kneeling position. Ann is not flicking my clit this time. I look back. I can tell she is humping her ass off the mattress. Frank is finger fucking her. She moans into my pussy as the cocktail juices are draining out of my pussy. I am thinking God they must be warm. Then she explodes with her cum from Frank's fingers. It nearly tosses me off her. After she catches her breath, I roll off.

"Girls that was 10,000 times better than I ever dreamed it could be. I will have to wear pantiliners for the rest of my life. Every time when I will be thinking of you two I will be thinking of this and I will have min-cums."

"That's easy for you to do babe. What am I going to do with a constant hard-on?"

Amy and I look at each other and smile.

"Let's refresh and have lunch." When we are in the shower, Ann walks over saying, "May I wash both of you?" Our eyes open and she gives us a quick wash down, particularly my ass hole for some reason. No girl has ever touched me there. Jeez, it is turning me on. I lean my head on the mirrored shower wall and I spread my ass cheeks for more stimulation and moan.

God, she drops to her knees and is licking my hole with her tongue. Oh MY GOD, I am being turned on and loving the feeling. I am glad Sam introduced me to this last night, never thinking I would like a girl doing it. She quits her attention to my ass, stands and hugs me; in the process, she also kisses me deep with her tongue. My God it was at my ass-hole 30 seconds ago and now it is in my mouth. My world is rocked again.

She walks over and does the same for Amy. I just let the water relax me.


I open my eyes and see Ann making anal contact with Amy.

I just smile knowing the feeling that she is experiencing.

God these mirrors in the shower sure make it more fun.

Entered on Thursday, February 15, 2006 1:00 PM At the Guest bungalow before lunch

Lunch is great; a mixture of all kinds of cold fruit, fruit juices and crab meat sandwiches. We drink lots of liquid and will need it for later. It is nice seeing Sam and Rich still here; seeing them makes my pussy twitch. Rich just might get a piece of me and I know he is being paid by someone since these are his duty hours.

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