tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 07

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 07


Saturday - February 18, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the seventh day of a fourteen-day vacation where fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

Someone is getting into bed with me. I stir and open my eyes to see that it is Frank.

"Morning," comes from his lips.

"Good morning, Frank."

Tracy and Amy are gone from the bed. I hear moans coming from the shower so I assume they are having fun.

"Heather you are so sexy here with your ass showing. It's gotten me rock hard."

"Frank, it seems you have been rock hard since we came onto the island."

"I know, babe. I don't even have to be near you. I just think of your tight pussy and ass and it grows. Damn, babe, it's taking me back to when I was 17 and 18 with a constant boner."

"If I had known that Scandinavian girls were built like you, I would have had our jet land in Minnesota, going and coming to Thailand. We fly right over that damn city most of the time if we leave from here."

"Well now you know Frank. And maybe there are tighter ones there than Amy and me. If you are partying with us, the white girls will let their guard down and you might score big time. To help lower their guard more, be sure Ann is with you; they will not think you will be putting the hit on them if she is there with you."

"I just might do that now that you mention the possibilities. Are there many to select from?"

"Ha, ha, ha! I do not go out looking for pussy, Frank. Well, I never used to anyhow, but now... The population in the area is 1,000,000, so there must a few there that you could find."

"Maybe we should put together a scouting party, ha, ha, ha."

"We should do that. All that white skin. Damn! Well getting back to my problem now."

"God, Heather, my little head has been doing a lot of thinking since I laid eyes on you, and fantasizing about you and Amy in doggie position; my little head wants to do its thing. It is so erotic to see such white skin, awesome buns, pink eye for ass-hole, dripping hot pussy and soft breasts that fill a guy's hands so nicely."

"Can we doggie, please, Heather? I need to do your ass; my balls hurt."

"Poor babe!"

"Do me Frank. I want to feel that juice shooting way into me from that black prick I have grown to love between your legs."

"Frank, may I ask you a rather personal question?"

"Sure, babe, what is it?"

"Many guys desire their balls to be massaged when doing doggie, but you have never asked. Don't you like it or do you think I might not like to do it?"

"God, Heather, I am pissed at myself now for cumming like a 19 year old. If you touch me there when I am fucking you, it would be like pulling a pin on a hand grenade."

I pull myself into him, grab his face and kiss his face all over.

"Frank, sweetie, I want to pull the pin as you are doing me doggie. I will feel so much closer to you if you let me. Believe me it will be very personal for me, so what if you blast off? I want you to enjoy my attentions a little and not worry if you are making me happy. You and Ann have made me happier than you will ever know. Please let me be even happier and let me do it. I really want to be holding that sack as it is giving me its sweet stuff and you are enjoying a cum that you can get completely lost in."

"Sure, babe, if it makes you happier. Knowing that it pleases you will make it much better for me when you pull the pin. Damn you are such a sweetheart."

"Frank, sweetie, I won't ask all the time. I just want to do it so much now. If I had balls they probably would be hurting just like yours; I want to do it so much!"

His mouth and hands go to work on my tits. I am so wet and am having mini cums from his manipulations, knowing already where we are headed.

I let my hands feel for that magic wand that will be doing things inside of me, shortly.

Mmmmm, it is so hard and throbbing. I give his sack a soft, gentle squeeze and roll the nuts around ever so slowly. I grasp his nuts and put pressure on as if I am going to squeeze them hard, but I just squeeze them ever so lightly. God, he's growling into my neck and sucking hard. Oh God, is he going to leave his love brand? "Aaahhh!"

I look at his cock and I see pre-cum running like a leaky faucet from the tip of his cockeye. I almost feel sorry for him for getting him so worked up. I pull his cock to my mouth, lick the pre-cum off, and then take the head into my mouth. Frank moans with pleasure.

I then release it and get into doggie position.

Frank slips his black cock into my slippery, hot, love tunnel. He inserts it ever so slowly. Frank is thrusting so smoothly, holding lightly onto my hipbones.

Frank is now pulling out and placing it at my other door leading to the dark tunnel. He keeps reaching around and is getting more lubrication. He keeps coating his black cock with it as it is burying itself deeper into my inner places. Frank just moves it a little farther after each small pullback.

Oh God, it feels so good there in my ass. Maybe because I know Frank loves my ass-hole. Frank's cock feels like a hot steel rod there.

"Oh, babe, you have an awesome ass to fuck. I just can not get enough of you. I wish I had two cocks, one for each hole. You are the hottest white bitch I have ever had my cock in. Where have you been all my life? I wish you would not turn me on so. I'd like to pound your bottom orifices for hours but damn...aaaaaaahhhh!"

Frank reaches around, cups my breasts and goes to slow ass fucking. He is rocking us both back and forth as he withdraws and reenters me. He fondles my tits and pulls on them for advantage as he goes back in. On the way out, he pinches my nipples. He does the same routine repeatedly. I know that if I touch his sack, it will be like a trip wire as the guy's say. I feel my nipples hardening and elongating more and more into the palm of his hands as he massages my soft, pliable boy toys.

I close my eyes and let it build. I let my mind drift to thinking, 'Oh Frank, ask me to be your slut. I will let you cum any place you want. Any left over sperm that Ann has not taken, I will be happy to have. This island and the people have done things to me that I love. I don't want to go back to my old self, that one has missed out on so much pleasure.'

I feel him trying to slow himself down to prolong the fucking of my ass.

I manage to take a hand off the bed and reach for his right hand, taking it and placing it on my pussy mound. I want my clit toyed with.

Frank goes for the clit with no hesitation, God, the soft manipulations.

Frank has raised one leg for support, resting the foot on the bed. I must be just right thigh height for him because he is sliding in/out effortlessly, in/out, in/out.

"My God, Heather, I wish we could stay connected like this but that damn thing in you wants to explode."

I have gotten myself so hot thinking of holding his sack as he unloads that I am ready to lift off.

"Frank, sweetie, I'm going to pull your pin. I can't hold out and I don't want you shooting with-out my hand there."

I move my hand across his and go for the family jewels.

I make contact and lock on.

I feel him arching his back, grabbing my hips, shoving that cock of his deeper than he ever has, and blasting my insides with his hot jism. God that sack is tight against his cock base and my pussy door. My God, the roar of pleasure coming from his lips is ear splitting.

We both are enjoying the immense pleasure of the coupling. I open my eyes, when something warm sprays on my arm as I am holding his balls and in the middle of my cum. OH, OH! This is what Harry and Amy felt! Oh my God!

Neither of us can speak, because we are panting so hard.

Frank will not let me collapsed. I am impaled on his cock and he is holding me at the hips and I am hanging like a wet rag.

I settle some, then I hear, "Heather, hon', may I crawl under you and get my breakfast as Frank pulls out?"

"I do not expect you to eat me. I just want you to lay your head by my pussy, close your eyes and float like you have never before. I know both of you had one of your best cums together and there will be lots of drinking to do."

"Sure, Ann; Are you sure you do not want me to eat you?"

"I'm sure, hon'."

I lift my chest and an arm; she scoots back under to my pussy that must be really dripping sticky cocktail mix. I lower myself to rest my head near her pussy mound.

Frank begins new thrusting. God he is doing it slow. Damn he is horny. He has not gotten soft. What have I done to this guy? Oh my God. Is Ann going to get pissed if this keeps up between us?

Ann is licking me slowly, not flicking, and just slow rolling my clit with her tongue tip and mouth over my entire pussy.

I have my head resting near Ann's pussy.

Her pussy lips are so swollen and I can see the beads of liquid forming and running like perspiration in the valley of lips. My God her essence is just awesome to my sensory organ. I love lying here and inhaling her fragrances.

Oh God, they have me climbing again, Oh God, Oh God! I know my cumming is going to happen.

"God, Ann, I just can not get enough of this white ass. It is so fucking tight and hot."

Frank's cock is so hard. When I want to squeeze it, nothing gives. It is like a steel rod.

Frank reaches around and cups my breasts forcing me to lift myself so he can get to them.

Now he begins some serious thrusting into my ass again. I am getting ready for the gush of his baby making nectar, that sticky goo that his wife wants to have for breakfast. God does he have any left?

I have decided to lock onto Ann's clit and moan my cum onto her clit when her husband erupts.

I feel him stiffen, arch, and then moan, "It's cuuuumm...!





I cum and groan onto her clit with every one of his blasts; Ann is moaning and slurping at my clit.

She goes into convulsions. God my nose is almost inside her hot gushing cunt. I am actually inhaling some of her cum into my nose.

Frank rolls us to our sides but I am still impaled on his cock after we have come down from the mountain.

We are panting as if we are marathon runners. I hear, "My God! Are you guys at it again?"

It is Amy's voice. None of us have strength to say anything.

I see Amy walking to Ann and asking her something. I see her nod her head yes.

Amy walks over to Frank and whispers something. I hear, "Be glad to babe."

Ann sits up and looks at us with a warm smile as if she is fully satiated.

"Ok, Amy, lay here because I want to watch this."

Watch "what" enters my brain.

"Ok. Babe, I am going to roll you on to Amy's mouth so she can get a drink. Amy claims she is thirsty. Try to get into a kneeling position as your one leg crosses over her."

My nipples harden as Frank says this.

I get this nice smile on my face as I am looking at Ann with her smiling back.

"Ok, babe, here we go," as he clamps onto my breast and lifts us up. Damn he is strong.

I am now straddling Amy's mouth.

"Is Amy ready for the cocktail, Ann?"

"Yes she is, Frank." He is pulling out slowly so she can get ever drop.

Amy's tongue is working to lap up all the goody cums it can collect.

After a few minutes of Frank being out and Amy seeming to end her licking, I spin off and re-lower myself going for a French kiss, making sure we have tit contact and pussy contact.

I break the kiss, roll off, and "WOW, OH WOW! OH WOW!"

"I am shot for the day. My God how good can cums get?"

"Much better hon'; if you accept our offer to come to Brazil, you can experience them."

Amy and I shoot glances at each other. I have broken out in a sweat.

I manage to sit up partially and say, "Ann, Frank, Amy and I have been talking about your offer for trips to your ranch from time to time..."

"I hope it is yes that you are going to say."

Amy and I look at each other.

"Close guys, 50/50. We will not be able to keep it a secret with both Amy and I out of town always the same weekend. We do not want to lie to Jenn and Stace. We don't want to lose their friendship."

"Hold it, hold it, hold it," is coming from Ann.

"I know exactly where you are coming from. I am sorry we forgot to include them. That was a big error on our part in not including them in our proposal. We have been so turned on by you two that they did not register in our brains that night. There is enough room for 100 people if you want to invite more. Incidentally, the plane may make other stops to pick up other week end guests after departing your city, since you are the furthest north. On the return, you will be the last off. The fuel is the same. So by all means they and others are invited. We will let you make the selection of others but we would like at least one of you to be with other guests; you can e-mail us so we don't overfill the plane. Does this answer what I think is your hold-up from giving us a yes."

Amy and I lunge for each other with hugs and tears.

We break and go to Ann and Frank and do the same.

"Well I guess that is a yes answer," comes from Frank.

"Thanks, Ann and Frank, that makes Amy and I so much more comfortable along with giving us sooooo gooood feelings about it. We want so much to accept your offer, knowing you two, listening to Tracy talking about the ranch and her pleading that we come. God, Jenn and Stace will go ballistic when we tell them. It's been so hard being around them and not being able to feel that closeness as group like we had before the proposal."

"Heather, Amy, I am sure Frank is as much ashamed of himself as I am for the oversight. Just the heat and passion fried our brains and we overlooked your friends. I am so happy you brought the topic up so we could fix it sooner than later and really make the rest of your stay even better, not stewing about it. Now I am sure our times together will be better still."

"Brunch is ready," Tracy is saying.

We head for the shower.

"I walk up to Frank in the shower, throw my arms around his neck and give him a long tender kiss. Then I look him in the eyes and say, "You have made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thanks, sweetie."

With that, he pulls me into his arms. The fire starts all over as my nipples make contact with his muscled chest.

"No, babe; thank you for making me so ungodly happy."

We dry, put on robes and head for the food.

Ann is saying, "Trudy called this morning and asked what I needed for tomorrow."

I told here that I wanted the swing. The one you can kneel in.

Trudy asked me, "Ann, who is doing what to whom? You have me so curious."

"Well here is a hint Trudy. I need Kevin for tonight and all day tomorrow."

"Kevin? My God Ann, what's gotten into you?"

"Well I will get back to you."

"Heather, may I ask Trudy to observe from the theater. I will not mention your name. I will suggest she be in the Dungeon at 2:00. She will see you and Frank getting it on. I will hide Kevin and walk around the room a few times. I will even say that I cannot wait for Kevin to do me. Trudy will then think it will be Kevin and me next. Then I will have Kevin approach you as Frank pulls out. I think it would be a good idea if you were blindfolded to add spice to the scene. What do you think?"

"The blind fold will be nice and yes she may watch. She has been so kind."

Amy then says, "I hope I am not being left out in the cold on this"

That shocks me because I just assumed she would be there.

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry but I assumed you knew you would be included. My God, how could you not be? You are my best friend."

Ann is saying, "Heather, I think Amy will need some company. Is it ok if Tracy keeps her company?"

"God, that would be fantastic. Having an audience will add additional excitement."

Everyone laughs at that.

We have our brunch and say our byes for a few hours.

On the way to our bungalow, When do you think we should tell them about the week ends in Brazil?"

"I have been wondering about that myself. Probably the sooner that we tell them the better, or should we wait until the last day? If they know they can go there, they might not enjoy the last week here knowing that it is not the end. If they don't know; then they will have in their minds I have to play now; time is running out."

"That's a good point Amy. Maybe we wait and if they get depressed on the last day, we can pick up their spirits."

The girls are there and ask where we have been. I speak first saying, "Making arrangements to get my ass fucked in that swing and you both can watch the show tomorrow. We have dinner scheduled for all of us at Ann's and Frank's for tonight. We spent the night at Ann and Frank's. How was it with Marcus and Martin?"

Stace and Jenn start giggling. They look at each other as to who is going to begin.

"You tell, Jenn."

"Well guys it was different. When we got back to our place the guys got us hot. Just as I was thinking we were going to be fucked, Marcus asks, "Have you two ever seen two guys get it on?" Of course, we have not, so we shook our heads no. They then approached each other and went at it like a guy and girl. We are sitting there in shock. We decided to lay on the bed and let the scene play out.

"Well, they get on the other bed. Martin on his hands and knees; Marcus, having gotten some lube from somewhere, coats himself good and coats Martin. From time to time, he shoved a finger up Martins ass. He laid the lube down and slipped his cock into Martin.

"Martin stiffened and moaned, 'Please master, please give me your love.' Marcus grabbed his hips to bury it good and deep. Then took a hand and stroked Martin's hard cock and ever so often massages Martin's sack.

"We heard, 'Don't you dare cum before me, understood?'

"Yes master, is what we heard next.

"Marcus really went to fucking Martin and at same time stroking Martin's cock. We see Marcus stiffen, he dropped the cock, grabbed Martin's balls and screams, 'Now Martin, Now.'

"We see Martin's cum gush out onto the sheets. God the moans and growls. They then collapse. Stace and I are in a state of shock.

"Marcus recovers and asks, 'Did you enjoy?'

"We just nod our heads yes.

"When they were in the bathroom, Stace and I chatted and figured you would stay at Frank's for the night but if you did come back we might have to share beds or do something until the maids got around to the bed with all of Martin's cum.

"After showering Marcus and Martin came to our beds and started messing around. We asked them if we should split and use the other bedroom. They said it would not be necessary. It wasn't long before they were hard. They asked us if we would do doggie in the pussy. We agreed.

"They did not even mess with our clits or breasts, the dorks. We just all collapsed when they had unloaded. Neither Stace nor I got a cum from them, the jerks. We woke up this morning and they were gone."

Both Amy and I have our hands over our mouths in disbelief.

"Wow, that scene sure sucked didn't it?" is all I could think of saying.

"Stace and I chatted this morning. We thought it was neat being in the same room and watching guys do it, but last night we were not prepared so we did not really appreciate it."

"Are you saying this morning thinking about it got you guys turned on?"

"Yeah, it was kind of neat the more we could comprehend it."


"I wonder why some of the employees have smiles for weeks, as Trudy indicated."

"Maybe they get nice tips." Jenn responds

The phone rings, I answer it and it is Frank. "Hi, Heather, do you have a few minutes to run to our place? I want to discuss something with you."

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