tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 14

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 14


Saturday - February 25, 2006

Authors note: This is the last day of a fourteen-day vacation with the hope of turning a ten-year fantasy into reality. It is no longer a fantasy. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining day here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

Preface to readers:

This chapter caused me some difficulties. I had been questioning how much of it should I submit. I decided to submit a shortened version, choosing the most interesting of what I wrote to my diary. Anyone desiring the long version may request via e-mail for a copy which I will be happy to forward. The longer version has some repetition of previous activities written about in earlier chapters.

It begins:

Frank then says, "Ok, let me get my thoughts organized more. I will check with Jim and get back to you all. Oh, by the way Amy and Heather, while you girls were having fun yesterday, Jenn let me fuck those awesome jugs of hers. Let me tell you, it was heavenly."

"So, when we left you managed to find her and get that wish taken care of, Huh?"

"Yes Heather! You know I have had my eyes on them since the first time I saw them."

"Yes Frank, I do. I wish mine were that size but maybe I would look out of proportion with my frame.

"So tell me, how did you manage to seduce her?"

"I called your bungalow and she answered. Right away she said you were not around. I mentioned I knew where you were but I was interested in playing with her. She asked where and when. I replied with, "my place now."

"She said she would be over in 15 minutes. She was. I then proceeded to tell her of my desire. She smiled and dropped her tank top and lifted those boobs, shook them at me and then said, 'You like these, I know. You are always staring at them when I am around. So here they are for you.'

"I took her by the hand and we went upstairs. As soon as we got in the bedroom my mouth and hands went to work.

"As we were getting each other hotter by kissing and groping, we were stripping. Her nipples are so dark and large. Some baby and guy are going to enjoy sucking the milk from them some day. I hope I am around when that time comes."

"Frank, you are really day dreaming aren't you?"

"Sure Heather, but it is a nice dream."

"And then what, happened Frank?"

"Heather, I got the cherry flavored lube; lubed myself and her cleavage. We got on the bed. I lowered myself and my cock rested between the mountains. She then pushed them together and said, 'Enjoy them Frank.'

"Heather it was heavenly since Ann had gotten my off earlier. I just rocked back and forth and let it build. That slipping and sliding in that hot valley was nice. I love to do it there on white girls. The color contrast makes it so sexy and hot. She kept commenting on how much I was leaking. When I was close I asked her where I should place the juice. She said, 'Unloaded in the valley. I want to see how much you have.'

"I did as she requested and then I rolled off of her. She looked at the deposit, took two fingers, scooped some up and sucked her fingers clean and gave me a wink in the process. Then I heard, 'Ok Frank, clean me up with your tongue.'

"I dove in and did as she asked which caused my cock to not deflate anymore but to inflate. She took her hands and pressed those jugs to my ears and nearly suffocated me when I was in the valley licking her clean. She knew it and then said, 'Ok Frank, fuck me with that pussy pleaser that Amy and Heather talk about all the time.' By the way, cherry flavored man juice is pretty good tasting, Heather."

We all roar on that comment.

Frank continues: "I asked her to get into doggie position. I just went and hammered her pussy with this black cock of mine . Having just had a cum; I was good for the long haul. I was all over her boobs, nipples and clit with my paws. She cum at least five times and was begging for more. My juice was on its way to drown that hot pussy. I positioned my right leg so I could do her clit with my right hand and when she started to go for the sixth cum, I jammed two fingers from my left hand into her asshole. Needless to say, we both exploded. With both my hands positioned like that, I could pull her tight to me and bury my hotrod. It took us awhile to recover.

"She then asked if I would do her ass in doggie. No way was I going to refuse that request, knowing I would get my hands on those milk jugs again. So we got into doggie position again with that rose bud so appealing. I stuck my cock in her pussy to gets lots of lube on it and then slipped it up the dark tunnel. She is so vocal as it was crawling up her. It was really turning me on. She was commenting on how hard it was getting and expanding. Then she said, 'Frank, that cock of yours feels so awesome back there; I just love it. Fuck me like the bitch that I am.' That set me to hump her tight hole and quickly fire the little juice I had left. Knowing we both wanted it so much, we both howled our cums together. Her pussy squirted all over my hand as I was massaging that hard clit at the same time. It took sometime for us to recover. I did manage to suckle her nipples from time to time while we were gathering our wind.

"Thank God for the blue pill. So, Heather, Amy that is how I spent late afternoon and early evening yesterday."

Amy and I look at him and grin knowing he had a good afternoon and evening and one of our friends did too.

"Heather, Amy, after this afternoon, there will be some time that you can bring your stuff to our bungalow and we will be heading to the plane right from the party. If I have any questions I will run you down."

Amy and I head to our place.

Jenn and Stace are here.

"God, where have you guys been?"

"Over in the red room behind the reception and lounge."

"Oh, we thought you were with Ann and Frank but they were with Trudy earlier so we were confused."

"Are you ready for tonight?" Amy asks.

"Yeah, I have made up my mind to be a slut and to hell with what others think," comes from Jenn's mouth.

"Oh, by the way Jenn we just found out that having those three guys the other night at one time, made you a certified slut. How about that?"

"Who said that I was a certified slut?"

"Someone you will meet tonight."

Amy then says, "I am with Jenn. This place sure has opened my mind and I am finding out my fantasy could have been taken care of years ago and is not off the wall. I am going to enjoy myself and get ready for the next trip."

Amy and I wink at each other.

Well I am going to pack some, relax some, and get my diary up to date before lunch.

Above entered: February 25, 2006 - 1:00 PM

At our bungalow in Jamaica.

Fast forward to later in the evening:

We eat, chat, and give some hugs and byes and head back to finish packing and head to the party at the Dungeon.

"Guests, employees. We are gathered here tonight to have a good time so that it might help encourage four lovely young ladies to give us the pleasure of their faces and their other assets in the future. Everyone here tonight, except one individual, has had very intimate contact with at least one of the girls here and some of you more. You men here have been requested by a specific girl, meaning you must have pleased her in some way to have her want to be with you on her last night. So find your date if you have not already and I have a few things to mention before turning it over to Mr. Frank Underway, whom you all know as a regular guest and who was so helpful in putting this party together.

"Let me say first, thanks to all of you that made this first trip for the four Minnesota girls one that they will never forget.

"Thanks for being kind and caring people."

"Thanks for working together for the resort so these girls will recommend us to other nice people like themselves in hopes that they will come and play also.

"Now, Frank will give you some more info."

Frank begins, "The party will end at 5:00 AM. The four Minnesota girls, Ann, Tracy and I have a plane to catch. Others may desire to leave earlier if you are scheduled to work tomorrow.

"Before we all drift into our own little world, and there will be lots of time for that, two of the Minnesota ladies have requested a sex orgy. The first set is limited to five black males for each girl, sorry whites. The girls have selected the five they desire for the first set. You then can negotiate with these particular girls to do another set or one-on-one or whatever might work out for you, after the initial show."

"Those not participating in the first set will be asked shortly to move to the theater to observe the first set from there. It's not that we don't want you but we need to pull something off that we think you will all enjoy immensely."

"There is a person in another room that opened his mouth to Heather. Heather is going to make sure he will never forget the incident or her. Most of you will recognize him. He is going to be naked, bound to a wheel chair, brought into the room to watch the first setup very close. Heather had some input on this. All I know is that I was asked to get him in bonds so he can not touch her. Ann and Heather have worked on the rest of the plan, so everyone go into the theater or the dressing rooms; it's show and tell time, please."

I slip to Stace and Jenn before they leave the room and say, "Better get into robes. I think you are going to get soaked." They grin as they say, "So it might get hot, huh!"

"It might, it just might," with a wink.

Amy and I strip and go together to where Frank has set up the tables so those viewing from Trudy's theater get a good view. Ann is with us.

We enter the room and make a wave to the people we can not see, but they see us very well. The tables are up on a turning disc so every three minutes it makes a complete revolution. Frank has set them up so Amy's feet on the other table are opposite my head; every one will get a birds eye view of everything every three minutes but each minute and a half they will see the playground of one of us. Also we won't get dizzy at this speed and people will not be thrown off from the speed.

Amy and I hug each other, kiss each other and run a finger along each other's slits and then lick them for the audience to see and get their attention.

I lie so my anatomy, that guys love, or several parts of my anatomy that they like to play with, are very viewable to the audience. Amy lies on the other table and it will be a minute and one half before the audience sees her lower anatomy.

Ann covers our heads with a towel and she starts the tables turning and says, "I'll be back in two with the guest."

The door opens and we hear squeaky wheels and, "Holy shit!"

Then Ann asks, "Slim, what's happening, your cock is growing?"

"Oh shit! I cannot stop it, from doing it Ann."

"Well, Slim, you gave me a nice hunk of change to give to Heather if she accepted a date with you so that you could fuck her, maybe. We have a deal for you. One of the girls is Heather. If you make the right selection Heather's pussy is free tonight. If you don't select the right one, Heather will appreciate the money. My, oh my son, look at that boner of yours. I wish I could get that into me, but I have orders. What's getting to you?"

"Oh Ann, you know, quit making it more difficult, God I am hurting and you know what I want and need."

"What, Slim tell us all what you want."

"I want a piece of Heather's white ass. But God they are both alike. I will take either one at this point."

"Well, Slim, it is decision time. I will wheel you close so you can sniff them good and I will let you have about six minutes of a closer look and then you can tell me which pussy belongs to Heather."

"Jeez, Ann they look so alike. This is not fair."

"Well if you make the right selection, you keep your money. If you guess wrong you still get to fuck her but Heather gets the money. She is giving you a 50/50 chance of getting a free piece. Very generous and gracious of her; don't you think?

"So, I am going to place you here in the middle. Tell me which towel to take as the heads comes around."

As time passes with the tables in slow motion, we hear, "This is pure torture Ann. My balls are killing me."

"Well, Slim, time is up. You have to make your choice. Good luck."

"I'll take the towel from the girl on my right."

I know when my head gets close, Ann will lift the towel because she gave him a hint with her finger but the audience could not see her signal. If Slim had paid more attention to other parts of my body in the sauna the other day, he would have seen the birth mark on my wrist and could have picked me out easily because it was not hid.

"Jeez, Slim, it looks like it is your lucky night. A free piece of white ass and it's the one that you have been desiring."

I rise up, slide off the table, come to Slim, lean into him so my tits hang nicely and look down at his cock which already is leaking.

"Thanks, honey for coming to the party."

I then take a finger tip, lift off some pre-cum and suck it so sexily in front of his face and say, "Yummy, Yummy. I am sure looking forward to getting all of that Slim."

"Oh God, Frank or Ann please set me free. I will behave if you are afraid that I will hurt Heather; I promise."

I turn and wink at Amy who is sitting up by now and watching and grinning.

I get to the table, hop on it, the door opens, Sam and Jeff walk to me and Jerry and Jim walk to Amy.

"Well, ladies we are here to get you girls turned on," comes from Sam.

"What's going on, Ann? I thought I was going to get my hurting cock into Heather?" Ann does not respond.

Amy and I lie down. Amy and I will be treated alike but with different guys.

Sam and Jeff begin sucking my breasts. But they alternate from breasts to mouth. They each place a hand on a thigh and it is inching closer to my pussy lips. From the entire tit sucking and mouth kissing, my pussy lips must be opening and glistening. I look at Slim's cock every once in awhile and it is blood gorged. Two fingers slide into my slit and worm their way around. My hips are humping because I want clit contact.

My nips are rock hard and I am shallow breathing from the kissing and the tit and clit manipulations.

A finger found my clit and two went into my pussy causing me to go, "OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

We hear Amy, "AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The finger fucking, clit massage and nipple attack cause me to moan,

"I'mmmmm, gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!"

My humping tells it all and my moans also announce it.

I hear, "Heather, please I need to fuck you, please."

Sam says, "Heather roll to your side and I will slip this black cock of mine into your ass now. Jeff will hold your leg up so it goes quicker and then when I am buried, we will roll back so you can look at the ceiling again.

I am trying to picture what everyone is seeing with Sam's cock going deeper and deeper as he lubes up good with my cum juice, with Jeff holding my leg up so it makes it easier.

"Oh, Sam, that feels so gooooooooooood, in my ass Oh yes, yes, yes!"

"Let's roll, Heather I am in enough to give Frank and you a thrill."

I reach for Jeff and pull him to my ear and say, "Save it for me, Jeff. I want one-on-one private with you, ok?"

I get a wink.

Rich comes in now and is Sam's replacement on a breast and kisses me. The scene repeats with me going off on a finger cum and cock in my ass.

Frank and Paul appear.

"Are the bitches primed for action to get their ultimate fantasy filled?" comes from Frank.

From Slim we hear, "Please Heather, let me fuck you, pleeeease! Oh I cannot take much more of this; my balls are killing me."

Paul gives me a wink, leans down and whispers, "The tinniest veins in his cock are showing. I never have seen such a hard cock on a guy."

Frank begins to work my pussy and clit. Paul lowers my head.

Paul looks down at me and says, "Let's play."

Frank is licking my clit and finger fucking me. I am humping and fucking my own ass hole on Sam's cock. Paul places the head of his cock at my lips. I try to pull it in but he resists me.

"Frank, Oh Frank yes, I'm there."

I shake with another climax. I am half way down from that cum when both Paul and Frank place their black cocks into me and begin their fucking. My breasts are being mauled by mouths, my ass is getting fucked, oh I'm so close, I reach for Paul's ass and jam his cock all the way down my throat to its base over my nostrils. He opens up, delivers his hot jism and howls, causing Frank to fire his juices into my steaming pussy and Sam is doing it at the same time, deep into my bowels. What a sensation of feeling two cocks erupting in me at the same time in my lower guy's toyland. God, with Sam arching his back, or trying to, he forces Franks cock so deep and all I can do is cum and cum and vibrate my moans on Paul's hose as it is still squirting his man stuff down my throat.

As we are coming back to reality and as I pass Slim on the turning table, almost in a whimper, "Please, please, please Heather, let me fuck you, please, please."

Frank disconnects followed by the breasts guys.

"Open your mouth, please, Heather." God, I still am trying to swallow Paul's cock.

He slips out quickly, raises my head and puts the headrest in and leans in and says, "Where did you learn that trick from. I think that was better than the other day. Thanks Heather."

"Ok Heather, roll again and I will pull out. I bet Trudy is going crazy seeing all this cum going to waste."

I begin to laugh so hard I poop Sam's cock out of my ass and he starts to really laugh.

"Please, Heather, please, my balls are killing me, please let me fuck you, I will give you the money, let me please, please."

"It looks like he has a bad case of blue balls, really bad," comes from Sam.

I look at Amy and she is recovering like me and we wink at each other.

Everyone that was in the room hops on the tables to watch the rest of the entertainment after I drop onto the floor and go to Slim.

The microphone has been open all this time to the theater but soon will be open to the whole resort.

"Well it looks like this cock really and truly wants a piece of this white ass. I thought you were just joshing me Slim." I lift some pre-cum with my index finger which by now some has run to the base of his cock and lick it nicely right in front of his eyes.

"Say, Slim did Paul howl louder today or the other day in the Sauna?"

"I think much louder today but we are together today in the same room."

"I slip the palm of my hand under his balls and lift them carefully because they must be so tender and he screams,"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my God!

"Don't squeeze them, please be gentle. Oh they hurt so much."

"What is it, Slim did I hurt you?"

"Oh God, Heather, they are aching for relief."

I have been watching for a blinking light letting me know to continue and I see it.

"Slim, let me get a good look at your cock before I untie you so you can fuck me with your hard aching cock with the blue balls attached. Do you still want to put that hot rod into me? From the looks of it you sure want too."

"Oh, Heather please, please let me."

"Mighty fine looking cock, Slim, so hard, straight, I bet you please many girls with it," as I lift a drop of pre-cum with my tongue. He almost lifts off the chair. For a second I thought he was going to get into my mouth.

I am looking straight down at his hard pussy pleaser, the top of my head in his stomach, saying, "Are you thinking of how tight my hot, pink, dripping pussy is going to...?"

As I plunge down on his cock to the base swallowing him. God he straightens out on the chair and the howl had the windows and anything loose on metal rattling. He unloads and keeps firing and firing. There must have been six blast of his semen down my gullet.

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