tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA detour to Las Vegas

A detour to Las Vegas


Timothy Wilson stared out into the abyss that was the Nevada desert. The heat of the sunny May day had cooled off, and now a crisp chill settled into the night air. He looked a head of him and saw only blackness. He looked over his shoulder and saw only blackness. He looked down at his feet to make sure he was still walking along the side of US6. He was and he kicked the asphalt with his boot for good measure. A car has to come along eventually he thought. This is a fairly major road, I think anyway. I shouldn't complain. It's good to walk out in the open after having been cramped in a prison cell for the past four years. Still, a car would be nice, and faster. He had no problem with hitching a ride, or forcing the unfortunate person out of their car if they declined his polite offer. Either way, the next car that comes by he was getting on it.

The darkness enveloped him as he walked, and he wished for the cloud cover to lift so the moon could shine a little light on him. He adjusted his backpack, and hoped he hadn't been wrong in carrying his tools of the trade with him. Right now he was trying to find an excuse to dump the heavy load, but instead he shifted the weight around, hiked it up on his shoulders and trudged along the white painted line of the highway. He passed a dirt road branching off the highway, and he stopped to investigate further. After about twenty feet it opened into a large gravel area that Timothy Wilson assumed was a parking lot or something like it. There was an abandoned shack on the far end of the empty lot, but the door swung off its hinges so he decided against checking it out and turned back towards the highway. He was amazed at how much the blackness covered everything up. If it were daylight he would have easily been able to see everything including the shack from the side of US6, but the night acted like a curtain until he was right on top of something.

Timothy Wilson did not know how much time had passed, but he knew it wasn't a long time when he saw his shadow start to form in front of him. Then a sliver of white light caught around his boots, and he light surrounded him. He quickly turned around and saw two large headlights in the distance. About time, he thought. He waited until the light became almost blinding to start waving at it. He waved frantically as if he were a motorist stranded. As he squinted to keep the light from causing him to go blind he stepped off the side of the road, and noticed it was a large tour bus. He smiled to himself at the thought of a tour bus. They were usually pretty nice. This one stopped in a cloud of dust about fifty feet ahead of him and jogged to the front door which slid open.

"Hey I'm so glad we found somebody!" The large black man driving the tour bus cheerfully called to Timothy.

This caught Timothy by surprise, and he had to take a second to gather himself before he ran up the stairs and stood next to the driver. "Me too! It's lonely out there!" He tried to sound as cheery as possible.

"We're trying to get to Vegas, and I think we took a wrong turn." The driver said pulling out a Nevada map and placing it on the steering wheel.

"Las Vegas?" Timothy had no clue where Las Vegas, but he knew where California was, and that was where this bus was going to be headed.

"Yeah." The driver said breathing heavy and still looking at the map. "They have some church thing. I know a church group going to Vegas. It's weird, but hey." The driver jerked his thumb behind them without looking up.

Timothy Wilson turned his head to scan the group, and his eyes bulged from their sockets at the most wonderful sight he had ever seen. The bus was about half full with doe eyed women and young girls staring back at him. A few were sleeping, but mostly they were just staring at him.

"Hi!" An older woman rose from the first seat. She held her hand out to shake Timothy's hand which he obliged, but it was an automatic response. He was busy looking her up and down without caring if she noticed. She was blonde with a tinge of gray, and bright blue eyes on a cream colored face. She was probably about five feet six inches and maybe a hundred and twenty five pounds if that. She wore a loose fitting t-shirt which still managed to allow her breasts to show form. They must have been huge to be showing in such a loose shirt, he thought. He didn't get to view her tight fitting jeans because she started talking again so he was forced to look up and into those dazzling eyes. "My name is Tammy! I'm a chaperone for the Southeast Montana State all girls college, Fellowship of Christian Evangelicals, and we are on our way to a convention in Sin City!" She was way too cheerful for this late at night.

"Well I just came from Las Vegas, and you guys are going to the wrong direction." Timothy lied.

"Really?" The driver piped up. Staring intently again at the map.

Timothy laughed his best friendly chuckle. "Yeah. It's fine, if you turn around I can take you ladies to the next intersection to get you back on track."

"Oh thank you!" Tammy squealed from her seat, and once again rose up to shake Timothy's hand. He didn't notice the handshake, but he did notice her tits bouncing up and down as she rose up.

The bus turned around and started heading directly where he wanted it to. It traveled about ten minutes and in the headlights Timothy Wilson saw the dirt path heading off from the side of the road. "Turn left here." He shouted tapping the driver on the shoulder.

"This is where I must have messed up." The driver shook his head at his own mistake. However, his attitude quickly turned to confusion as he stomped on the brakes to avoid hitting the abandoned shack. "Uh I think you took us the wrong way. This is a dead end."

Timothy was already withdrawing the black semiautomatic pistol from his back pack, and by the time the driver had his head turned to question Timothy the barrel was pointing at his face. "Don't move." Timothy shouted at the driver who instinctively held his hands up. Timothy withdrew some rope from his backpack as the screaming of the women on the tour bus was a distant hum. "Tie yourself up with this." He commanded.

The driver did as he was told and then looked compliant and scared at Timothy who still had the gun pointed at his face. Timothy drew his hand back and pistol whipped the driver in the back of the head causing more screams from the women on the tour bus. Timothy checked the ropes and tightened them to be sure they would hold on the unconscious black man.

Timothy turned to the screaming, crying group of women. He counted about twenty fives bodies. Unfortunately, half of them were hideous cows, but the half that weren't mutants more than made up for the lack of quantity. "As most of you know by now, we are not going to be going to Las Vegas right now. If you ladies play your cards right, and do as you're told you just might still make it to your convention."

Almost all the girls were crying, some were crying into their hands, some were crying on their seat partner's shoulders and some just had streams of tears running down their cheeks. There were about six of the college girls who were just stunners, and about three of the chaperones. Since being released from prison four days ago he wondered if his standards had dropped, but he was pretty sure these girls would still be gorgeous under any circumstances. He was pleased he could still weed out the ugly and fat ones. If he had thought they looked good, he would have questioned himself.

Timothy started to take off his backpack. "Now the question is, what am I going to do with you ladies?"

"Please don't hurt us." The Tammy lady cried out. "We'll give you money, we'll pray for you. We won't tell anybody. We promise. Don't we promise girls?" She looked to the rest of the group who all obediently nodded in agreement.

Timothy unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his arms through the shirt sleeves. There was a small gasp from someone in the back as his muscled pectorals and washboard abs shone in the harsh artificial bus light. Prison did give him the ability to tone his body into that of a god. There was a ring around his large biceps from the dust of the road, but past the ring of grim of the biceps and neck the rest of his chest area was clean. "See there are so many options to how tonight is going to go. Isn't it weird how things turn out? If you had just kept going, not stopped you would still be happy and innocent." He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. He kicked his leg out from underneath them flinging them down the aisle. Now he stood in his boxers with the gun still in his hand watching the growing eyes of the college girls and their chaperones. Without waiting he hooked his fingers into the strap of his boxers and pulled them down. His legs and waist held a white outline where his boxers used to be only moments ago. There was another gasp from the back of the bus, and one of the chaperones clamped her hand over the young girl sitting next to her eyes. He smiled at that and the fact the chaperone kept her eyes wide open and staring not at him, but his package.

"What do you want from us?" Tammy mumbled so quietly Timothy had to strain to hear her.

He smiled and motioned his index finger for her to get up. "Can you come here for me please?" He asked politely.

Tammy looked around as if there was someone else he was motioning for. "Me? What do you want from me?" Nevertheless, she stood up in the chair, but didn't move to the aisle.

"Just get over here." He beckoned with his hand smiling.

"Ok." She held her head down and scooted past the young fear stricken college girl sitting next to her. She stood in the aisle only a few feet from the naked Timothy.

"Now take your shirt off." Timothy requested politely with big smile on his face.

Tammy instinctively put her arms up to cover her breasts even though she still had her shirt on. "What? No. I'll give you money anything just please let us go." She started to cry.

"I said take your fucking shirt off!" He shouted in her face. Spittle flew from his mouth and landed on her face. He took the back of his free hand and wiped his mouth. Tammy took her hands and wiped her face as well.

"Ok." She whimpered, and tugged her shirt out of her jeans. She lifted the shirt over her head and dropped it on the ground by her feet. She was now in a plain white cotton bra. There was a little pudge around her stomach and falling over her jeans like a muffin top, but it was hardly noticeable.

Timothy's penis started to rise, and he noticed out of the corner of his eye the girl who was sitting next to Tammy in the front seat eyes grow as round as silver dollars. He winked at her and she blushed turning her head away from him. He turned his attention back to Tammy. "Now, the bra too." He smiled again.

She didn't move at first, but when Timothy pointed the gun at her forehead she suddenly found the ability to move her arms again. She put her hands behind her back and unclasped the hook. Then she pulled the straps over her arms and dropped the bra in front of her on the floor. She quickly put her arms over her breasts to cover them.

"Drop your arms." He commanded. Which she did exposing her lusciously round tits to Timothy. They were as large as he thought. They were easy C cups if not D cups. They hung delicately on her chest swinging slightly side to side. Timothy liked that they hung because it meant they were real. The girls behind Tammy which was all of them except the girl sitting next to Tammy couldn't see Timothy's penis stiffen to full mast, but Tammy did. Her gaze dropped to his prick, so he took his free hand and started stroking his shaft in a masturbatory movement. Tammy stared mesmerized at it, and the girl sitting only a foot to his right nearly had a heart attack. She gasped loudly, and put her hand over her mouth. Timothy noticed Tammy's pink nipples stiffen into hard cylinders. He smiled.

"Jeans now." He continued while stroking his cock.

She hesitated, but then remembered the gun, and started unbuttoning her jeans. She undid the zipper, and slid the jeans over her hips. The white cotton panties started to show, and by the time the jeans were at her knees her panties were on full display. They dropped to her ankles and she kicked them off in front of her. Timothy licked his lips at the site of the small cameltoe in the crotch of the white bikini briefs. They were very boring, and unoriginal but he hadn't seen this much of a woman in nearly five years. She stood with her arms by her side with her head down and blonde hair hanging over her face. She was refusing to look Timothy in the face. He was content with that, as it meant she was probably staring at his cock which he liked.

"Panties too." He chuckled when he said it.

"No. Please mister. Please let us go. We won't say anything." She was really crying now. Large teardrops ran down her pretty round face, and fell on the heap of her own clothes. However, once the gun barrel was touching her forehead, the crying stopped. She hooked her fingers in the string of the panties and they slid to the floor. Timothy started to drool when he saw the well manicured bush in front of him. It looked like a landing strip leading to the puffy lips between her legs. Timothy's penis turned into a raging boner with help from his stroking and the beautiful sight in front of him. He took the step to close the gap between him and Tammy. Tammy was close enough to smell the dirt and dust of the road on him. It smelled like mildew and poorness, and she winced at it. Timothy became intoxicated with the sweet cucumber smell from the shampoo she used. He took a few strands of her hair in his hands, and held it to his nose while inhaling deeply. Then he took his free hand, and grabbed her left breast. It was soft, and large enough to fill his entire palm. He held it in his hand for a few minutes bouncing it up and down, and just massaging it a little. Tammy stood silent. He took the hardened nipple, and pinched it gently between his fingers. Tammy let out a gasp. He smiled, and pinched again eliciting another gasp. Growing bored with that he took his hand and ran his palm down her stomach. When he got to her belly button, she sucked in as his hand dropped to her waistline. His hand continued heading south until his fingers touched the course pubic hair he was searching for. Tammy bit her lip, but remained silent. He rubbed around until her found her slit. Then he took two fingers and parted her labia. It took his gun hand to force her legs wide enough to get his fingers in. However, now there was a stunning pink mound in front of him. The labia were slightly darker around the edges, but he could live to be a hundred and not get tired of opening up a woman's slit. He slid his index finger into the opening as her labia closed around his finger. Tammy sucked in again, but didn't start crying. He rubbed his finger back and forth, and pulled and inserted a few times. It was like a desert down there, he thought. Maybe I'm losing my touch. He pulled out with Tammy exhaling. A single tear streaked down her cheek. Timothy smelled his finger, and while dry she did still have the intoxicating womanly stench.

"Ok now turn around. I want to check out this ass of yours." He sounded happy.

She slowly turned, and faced the rest of the bus. When she saw the other chaperones and college girls staring shocked at her, she started to blush at being humiliated. "Oh God that's nice." Timothy squealed like a school girl hearing the captain of the football team asked her to prom.

Her ass was small, but still protruded out very roundly. Most importantly, it hadn't started to sag, but held tight and firm. He grabbed it and squeezed. It tightened in his grasp. He really liked the panty outline around her ass. She wasn't very tanned, but it was just tanned enough that around her ass and where her panties rested there was a distinct line making her ass a bright white.

"Ok, now come back to the front seat here." He grabbed her by the shoulders and directed her just in front of her seat, and facing the pretty girl who only a few minutes ago was sitting next to her. "Bend over." She bent over exposing her ass to this psycho.

As she bent over with her arms on the front of the bench seat and her head leaned over the seat directly in front of Sarah, the girl who was sitting next to her. She looked into Sarah's face and thought that only thirty minutes ago, they were singing choir songs together. She was smiling, Sarah was smiling. It had been her idea to pull over when she saw this guy waving his arms on the desert road. What would Jesus do? She thought to herself. Jesus would want us to help a stranger, she replied to herself. So, she ordered the bus driver to stop, and they were lost anyway. It was supposed to be a win win.

Tammy felt the hot rod insert into her pussy with brutal force. Her eyes bulged and her face turned white with shock. She was pushed forward by the force and almost bumped into Sarah who was staring wide eyed back at her. The rod filled her pussy beyond her imagination. This is bigger than my husbands, she thought. It started to exit leaving a gaping hole in her vagina, and she thought maybe just maybe it was over. Then it rammed back in and she was pushed forward again. She winced at the pain. As she bounced back and forth with her hair brushing past her face with every push forward she looked at Sarah who was starting to cry. Tammy realized the enormity of what was happening to her, and started to cry again too.

Timothy stood behind Tammy thrusting as hard as could. "Oh god you're hot woman. Dry as hell, but we'll work on that." He laughed to himself. He held her shoulder with his left hand using it for leverage while his gun hand stayed on her back. It was tough work without any lubrication down there, but he didn't care. He kept trying to find a place for his gun hand, and ended up putting it down on the head rest of the driver's seat. With his right hand free now, he used it to grab Tammy by her hair snapping her neck back and pulling her head up. Now that he had extra leverage, he was able to thrust even deeper into her valley. He pulled out and pushed in extremely rough creating a slapping noise as his stomach hit her ass. The impact sent ripples through her ass as it shot forward from the momentum. Then suddenly it became very wet and his thrusting became much easier. There, he thought she finally started to like it.

Tammy felt her hair being pulled back. She couldn't move, and was forced to stare up at the ceiling of the bus. His thrust increased in force until finally she felt something rip near the opening of her vagina. The pain shot through her nerve endings like a lightning bolt causing her to yelp. He thrust again, and she screamed again. The pain was excruciating. It wasn't my hymen, she thought. She thought about her husband lovingly inserting her on their honeymoon so many years ago. It was painful then too, but that got better, this continued to be painful with every thrust.

Timothy was really enjoying himself now. He smacked her ass while it bounced off his dick like a tennis ball off a racket. Her ass expanded and contracted with every impact of his stomach against her. He loved the slapping noise it made. For several minutes there was only that slapping noise and Timothy's grunts of satisfaction as the rest of the bus remained statuesque at the sight of their teacher, and head chaperone being raped by a sadistic psycho. Most of the girls had never had sex, much less seen anything like this. The chaperone, which had the girl's eyes closed earlier, still had them clamped shut, but the chaperone continued to watch in horror. They could only see the man standing behind Tammy who was bent over the first seat. He was very fit, the chaperone thought. His large pectoral muscles flexed with each thrust. The eagle tattoo on his chest rippled with every flex. He must have been very strong, she thought biting her lip. That poor girl doesn't have to watch this though. Tammy was bouncing forward as the lunatic pushed deep inside her. Tammy was wailing the cries only a woman being raped could make, and the tears were splashing off her face in every direction.

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