A detour to Las Vegas


Timothy suddenly felt a swelling in his ballsac which he knew meant it was time to blow his load. "It's coming sweetie. Get ready to take the Timtrain for a ride on home." He cooed in Tammy's ear. She squealed even louder. Finally he felt the semen empty his balls and shoot up his penile canal, and out his dick deep into her pussy. He slowed his thrusts to only a few quick stabs as the cum abated. He shuddered one last time with a final deep thrust to make sure it was all out of his balls. Then he withdrew from her pussy, and noticed his dick was red. His now pulsating cock was covered in blood. He stole a quick glance at Tammy's gaping pussy and noticed it was bloody too. He shrugged looking around for a paper towel or something. Tammy didn't move.

"You were great babe, but you need to get back to your seat." He tapped her on the shoulder. Tammy stood up like a zombie. Initially she attempted to pick up her clothes, but Timothy pulled her back up by the shoulders. "No clothes for you." And kissed her cheek. Tammy moved past Sarah without seeing her and slumped into her chair. She stared out the window clutching her legs to her chest. Sarah immediately put an arm around her, and hugged her tight whispering prayers to Tammy.

Timothy left the two of them at the front seat, and started walking towards the back of the bus surveying the women left. He didn't find any paper towels up front so he needed someone to clean his dick off. As he walked to the back his dick bounced with each step, and he noticed every female's eyes were glued to his meat pole proudly displayed for them to ogle at. He stopped in the middle of the bus, and scanned every pretty girl's face. No, he decided they were to cute to get blood on. He needed a fat girl. Plus, it was in his experience fat girls gave the best head, and they were least likely to try and bite your dick off. There was a chubby pale white girl sitting passively in a row by herself. In fact there weren't any girls sitting within three rows of her. Timothy smirked, even in a church function there was always the isolated girl everyone was embarrassed to be near. So, he stood next to the girl with medium length straight black hair. She sat with her back hunched forward. Her round face had small beady black eyes. She breathed heavily from the extra weight she carried. Her tits would have been small if weren't for the fat making them a solid B cup. She wore a low cut tank top which put way to much cleavage on display. In fact as Timothy stood over her, peered down her blouse and was able to see past her breasts to the rolls of fat on her stomach through the split in her cleavage. Quickly he grabbed her tank top and pulled it away from her tits to discover she wasn't wearing a bra. He looked at her dark areolas as she stared back at him without saying a word. Satisfied, he snapped her tank top back on her chest.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Shannon." She stuttered a reply.

"You ever sucked a dick before Shannon?" Timothy waited for the eternal virgins answer.

She nodded her head yes and quickly turned red. Timothy was shocked by her answer, but he didn't care. He found the girl who was going to clean him up. "So start sucking girl." He rubbed her cheek, and pulled her hair behind her ear as her attention shifted from his eyes to his enlarged member staring back at her only inches from her face.

Two years ago when Shannon had just turned eighteen she had a boyfriend, his name was Spence, who kept pressuring her to have sex. She had just discovered Jesus from a good friend who said Jesus would keep the other girls from calling her fatty boombalatty, and Jesus would give her the strength to handle the boys laughing at her in gym class. Spence, however, was different than those boys. He was a good looking boy from science class who normally would never give her the time of day, but no more than a month after becoming a born again Christian he asked her on a date. Jesus was amazing she thought on that first date. After a few dates they started making out pretty heavily and his hand would slide up her shirt. She allowed that, but when his hand started sliding down her pants she would gently keep him up by her tits. Eventually he grew tired of it and asked for sex. She laughed it off at first but after a few times he grew angry and demanded she lose her virginity to him or he would leave her. She cried that night, and the next night she compromised that she would give him a blowjob. I don't want him to leave me, she thought. He's the greatest thing to ever walk into my life. So they started making out, and then she heard his zipper moving down. When she looked down she saw her first real penis. She had seen penises on movies, but nothing could prepare her for what she saw. It was circumcised, and the head was a strange purple color. The shaft was veiny, but when she grasped it with her hand it felt smooth. Spence had slid his boxers and jeans off and now she was staring at his entire groin. There was hair all around his junk. The penis stuck up like a flagstaff. The balls were disgusting in her opinion. They were all wrinkly and just sort of laid there. She felt Spence's hand pushing down on the back of her head.

She opened her mouth in the shape of an O and closed her eyes as the warm, soft, flesh entered her mouth. Once she had the entire head in her mouth she didn't know what to do with it. She liked the feel of it in her mouth. It was like a big finger kinda. No, not really, there was nothing else like a dick in her mouth.

"Move your head up and down." Spence had directed her, and she obliged. There was a loud sucking noise as she bobbed her head up and down. I think I'm going to choke, she thought hoping she wouldn't puke. Spence let out a groan, so she hoped she was doing the right thing. She just wanted to make him happy.

"Ow bitch, don't use your teeth." He scolded. Spence had never used the B word on her, but maybe it was just the "dirty" talk she had heard about during sex. So she puckered her lips more, and kept bobbing her head up and down. She experimented with the pressure on the shaft, hearing which amount made the best groans from Spence. When her mouth felt like it was burning from using the muscles, she kissed the top of his head and used her chubby hands to stroke his penis in the same motion her mouth was doing. He relaxed his muscles when she did this, and looked bored, so she knew he didn't like the hand as much. It hurt her mouth so much though. I just want to make him happy.

"If you get tired you can suck on my balls while still giving me a handjob." He brushed her hair back off her face, and put it behind her ears. She looked down at his balls and nearly puked. It will make him happy, she said again to herself. So she took a ball in her mouth and sucked. It wasn't as bad she thought. It was kinda hairy and prickly, but nowhere near as wrinkly or disgusting in her mouth. The ball was hard and somehow soft at the same time.

"Keep using your hand." Spence's voice boomed through her mini meditation. She started stoking his penis with a firm grip and constant fast speed. He groaned loudly in agreement. "Oh God get back to sucking, I'm coming." He cried out pulling her head up by her ears.

She jammed her mouth back down on his dick, and started to furiously suck. Every time she moved her head up, Spence's hand was there to push her back down. It only took a few bobs of her head before the back of her throat was hit with a warm liquid. The sperm kept coming, and the only thing she could think to do was swallow. It was tough to swallow with a large dick in her mouth she found out, and most of the spunk ended up falling out her lips and sliding down the shaft of his prick. He finally tensed his penis for the last time, and collapsed back on the couch exhausted. She lifted her mouth off with a popping noise and wiped her mouth the back of her hand.

"You can lick up the rest of my cum off my dick." He sounded sweet and happy, so she complied. She grabbed his prick and started licking all the white stuff off his dick until it was clean. "Thanks babe, that was amazing."

She sucked him off a few more times, but refused to have sex, so he left her for some skank whore. She cried a lot after that, and swore she would never let a boy use her for sex. Unfortunately she was now staring at a rather large man's penis only inches from her face. She smelled vagina on his dick, and was sickened by the juice dripping off it. She felt the man's hand on the back of her head, and knew it was time. Go to your happy place, she thought.

Timothy pushed Shannon's head on his prick and shoved it all the way to the base of his cock. She didn't struggle or choke when he felt the tip of his dick hit the back of her throat. Damn, she must have done this more than once. She's a pro, he thought. So the slurping noises continued in the otherwise quiet bus. More girls were watching him now with wide eyed awe. Timothy took both his hands and grabbed the sides of Shannon's head with them to help him guide the pushing. He also pushed forward to help fuck her face. Oh god this is good, he thought.

Shannon had her eyes closed when she felt the meaty penis tip hit the back of her throat. She was used to it from Spence so she didn't complain. The blood tasted metallic and bitter, but it was gone within seconds of her sucking. There was another taste, the taste of Mrs. Tammy's vagina that excited her. It tasted like a sweet sweat if that was possible. I can't believe I know what Mrs. Tammy tastes like, Shannon thought. Don't think those evil thoughts. This is the devil in front of you. Nonetheless, she increased her pace to try and taste more of Mrs. Tammy. Suddenly she felt her head being yanked off the man's penis. There was a popping noise just like the first time she pulled off of Spence, and she opened her eyes to question why she was being stopped.

"I'm not coming in you darlin'." Timothy held her head in his hands as she looked up at him with those beady eyes. He turned away from her with his massive hard on standing straight in front of him. It glistened clean with the shimmer of saliva in the bus lights. He stood in the aisle with his hands resting on the headrests on either side of the aisle. "Ok ladies. Prepare yourselves, because this is going to be happening for quite sometime. Lube your pussies up because I don't want to have to keep cleaning blood off my dick."

"Are you going to rape us all?" Came a loud obnoxious voice from the back. Timothy searched it out and discovered it belonged to a rather plain girl probably about twenty who judging by the massive amount of makeup she wore was trying to make herself prettier than she really was. He didn't like her tone or her ugliness.

"No. I'm only fucking the pretty ones." He winked at Shannon who turned away blushing. "I have no time for ugly bitches like you."

The girl gasped and snorted in disagreement, but she remained silent putting her head down. Timothy raised his eyebrows in amusement, and searched for the chaperone covering the young girl's eyes. There they are, he smiled again. They were sitting a few rows up from Shannon.

As he walked towards them, he thought about his gun but looked at the driver's seat and saw it still resting there. That Tammy lady was in no position to take it right now anyway. As he came to the seat with the two women he found the seat across the aisle from them empty so he sat down in the seat closest to the aisle and closest to them.

"Hello ladies. Ma'am you can take your hands off her eyes." He said to the Chaperone. "What's your names?" He questioned.

The Chaperone answered for both of them. "My name is Suri, and this is May."

"Hello May, and how old are you?" He said grabbing her hand and shaking it.

"Eighteen." She replied, her voice quivering.

"Are you a virgin?"

She nodded her head yes, but almost shamefully like it was wrong for an eighteen year old Christian girl to be a virgin. I guess no one wants the label of virgin, Timothy thought.

"Well I'm going to show you how to fuck today ok?" Timothy grabbed her hand and squeezed. She lifted her head up, and her eyes grew wide. He thought he saw the start of a smile on her face, but it quickly vanished.

"Please don't mister. Take me instead, just don't ruin her innocence." Suri pleaded with the man grabbing his hand with hers and taking it off her daughter's hand.

Timothy shrugged. "Ok, I'll use you to show your daughter how to properly please a man then."

Suri gasped at the directness of the man. However, she was slightly excited at the thought of being taken by such a handsome young man. His body was amazing. The small rippling muscles on his stomach were a picture of the human physique. He had a sparkle in his hazel eyes which held so much mystery. If her husband had made love to her once in the last year she might have been a little more resistant to the lunatic in front of her. However, she could barely remember the last time she orgasmed, much less a good fuck. Don't cuss, she reminded herself. This man is stark raving mad. This is a sin. But, he's so hot! The other voice inside of her said the voice she usually squelched in her sophisticated circles. He's going to rape me anyway, so I might as well like it. This realization settled her nerves down, and she took the man's hand as she got up off the seat and walked into the aisle standing in front of the naked man.

Timothy was enjoying what he was seeing as Suri stepped in front of him. She wasn't wearing shoes showing her pretty bright red painted toes. She wore tight black spandex pants. The kind rich women wear to the gym. These pants showed off Suri's extremely large tight ass. She was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt which read Light of Christ on the front. He smiled at that. Her dark skin really brought out the whiteness of the shirt making it look a bright white. Her brown mocha face was flawless of blemishes, and she wore barely any makeup. Her black eyes swirled, and were constantly moving. He ran her silky black shoulder length hair through his hands.

"I'm part Native American. I'm mixed Native American and Irish." She stumbled through the sentence when she noticed his interest in her hair.

He nodded in agreement. "That's a hot combination." She blushed and smiled.

He held her chin in his hand, and then proceeded to plant a large wet kiss directly on her lips. At first she rejected it from the suddenness, but as he settled in, she started to return the kiss deeply. Their lips embraced which turned into a make out session. There was the quiet slurping and sucking noise as they continued to kiss. Suri slipped her tongue into Timothy's mouth which made him open his eyes in surprise, but then he returned the favor. While they frenched, he reached his hands around her back, and grabbed her spandex covered ass with both hands. Suri's ass was much larger and softer than Tammy's. It could barely fit in both his hands, but he squeezed hard enough to try and shove them together. Suri did the same to his ass, and he liked the feeling of a woman grabbing on to him. When they both grabbed each other's asses, it pushed them close to each other. Timothy felt her breasts press up against his pectoral muscles and he felt her tight, flat stomach rub up against his stomach. Suri only felt the large cock press between her legs and under her crotch. It was warm even through the spandex and her panties. She squeezed her legs against the flesh, and when she did that she felt him thrusting against her, rubbing along the underside of her crotch, dry humping her.

They finally broke the kiss, and Timothy started to back away. Suri quickly grabbed his cock from between her legs, and started stroking it to keep him close. "See what your mom is doing? This is called jerking a dick. Normally she would be doing this as foreplay to get a man's cock hard, but I'm already rock hard so she's just doing this for my pleasure. And judging from how good it feels, she is very good at it." Suri gave a quick smile at his compliment.

May stared at the penis as she watched her mom stroking it with her hand. She couldn't believe she was watching her mom do this to a man. What would dad think? Dad was never home, so she doubted he cared. Plus she heard her mom saying on the phone to a friend one time that she thought Tom, her dad, was cheating on her with the secretary. The only reason she stayed with him was because she didn't want the church finding out.

Timothy sat on the empty seat across the aisle from May. Suri stood in front of him with her crotch at eye level. Timothy lifted her shirt up and she helped out by lifting it over her head. The bra she wore held her tits well. It looked like one of those fancy Victoria Secret bras with the lace and everything. Her tits hung delicately inside the lace, but they were begging to be released. A request Timothy planned on granting soon. Instead he kissed her well toned abs. He continued giving little pecks until he got to the waist band on the spandex. Then he took his fingers and slowly pulled them down. They caught against her ass so it took a few tugs to get them past the barrier. Once they were past her ass they fell to the floor. Now Timothy was face to face with a pair of black boy short panties with bright red hearts dotted through out. Timothy inhaled the musky scent she was already extruding. Her fat vagina created a beautiful cameltoe begging to be touched, which Timothy did. He dragged his finger along the bottom of her panties and then lightly pinched her mound through the fabric. Suri let out a small moan of satisfaction. Then Timothy pulled her panties down, and inhaled sharply at the gorgeous pussy staring him in the face. She was completely shaven, as if to show off how beautiful it was. The outside lips were swollen, but the labia were swollen was well allowing the little mocha colored folds of skin to hang from her mound. Timothy quickly spun her around to who May.

"Now, I'm going to fondle your mom's ass for a few minutes, you stare long and hard at what a beautiful pussy looks like." He didn't need to direct May as she was already staring at her mom's pussy.

Timothy grabbed the fat brown ass with both hands, and started kissing one cheek and then the other. There was a bathing suit line along the middle of her ass causing the inside part to be much lighter than the outside of her ass. He wondered how many men she cock teased on the beach.

"Now, the most rudimentary way to get a woman in the mood for fucking is to finger her." Timothy told May as he shoved his index finger up Suri's pussy. Suri gasped but then it turned to a moan as Timothy started to work his finger back and forth scraping the soft wet insides.

May watched her mother's pussy as a finger was being inserted, retreated and inserted again and again. It looked barbaric, but mom seemed to be liking it. Her eyes were half closed, and she was moaning softly. Suddenly, mom was spun around and once again she was staring at her ass. Mom did have a great ass, May thought dirtily.

Timothy popped his head around Suri's hip to look at May. "Ok, after the finger, most good men will eat a woman's pussy just to help really get her soaking wet. A few men hate eating pussy. I don't know why but they do. I on the hand am a Gentleman." His sentence trailed off as he lifted Suri's left leg up over the headrest of the seat in front of her. "Can you see your mom's pussy still?"

May nodded yes. So Timothy bent down between Suri's legs and stuck his tongue out. He touched her outer labia tickling her. Suri flinched a little. "Sorry." She said giggling. Then she settled back on Timothy's tongue as he started to lick up and down along the sides of her labia.

Fuck that feels good, she thought. Her husband hadn't licked her pussy in years. She felt his tongue split her vagina and rub along the inside of her lips. Then it inserted deep into her hole. Timothy grabbed her ass with both hands to help keep him attached to her pussy. As he licked up and down, he hit her clitoris which caused her to flinch again.

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