A Deviant Spawn Betrayal Ch. 04


"No! Goddamn it, little twin, open up your fucking eyes! Stay with me! C'mon, look at me, baby! Look at me, goddamn it, Shane. Please, please...please look at me. Let me see those pretty blue eyes."

Deep, rumbling baritone again. Revelin's deep, rumbling baritone.

"Revelin?" Shane tried to whisper. His lips moved to form the word, but no sound came out. He tried a second time, putting more force into his effort, "Revelin?"

"Yes, baby, yes. It's me." Shane felt his body rock gently as Revelin said, "It's me. It's me. I'm here. I'm here with you."

How? Revelin was supposed to still be in New York. Performing at a concert.

And making love to Eric afterwards.

So that meant there was no way possible the man could be in Florida.

Shane forced his eyes open. He discovered, contrary to his assessment, that Revelin very much was in Florida. Furthermore, he was inside of Shane's apartment. Sitting with his back flat to the dingy, white refrigerator, swaying side to side.

And holding Shane gently cradled against his chest.

Incredulous, Shane stared up into Revelin's drawn, stressed face. Then at the microwave mounted above the stove on the opposite side of the kitchen. Three in the morning.

"Concert...?" Shane croaked.

"Fuck that goddamn concert," Revelin responded.

Taz entered Shane's line of sight as he hunkered down beside Shane. "We played. Cut our set short a few songs because Rory really wanted to get down here to check on you once he discovered you'd left, and why you'd left, but we did play."

"Ambulance is on the way," Rory said, reentering the kitchen. He stopped right inside the entrance, like he was afraid to come any closer.

"Rory," Shane whispered, seeing his best friend's unease, feeling his apprehension, "I didn't try to kill myself, Ror. I promise I didn't. I would never do something like that."

"I know, Shane. But you still need help."

"And I'll get him that help, Rory," Revelin vowed. "I'll get him all the help he needs."

"Has it ever occurred to you, asshole, that he wouldn't even be in need of medical help right now if it wasn't for you?" Taz growled.

"I didn't know, Taz. Shane, I didn't know. I didn't know about you and your mother."

The words were filled with such emotion that Shane's eyes were drawn to Revelin's cobalt blue orbs.

They were filled with—

Taz's fist...? Revelin's head snapped back, bouncing off the refrigerator door as Taz's fist connected solidly with his right eye.

"Of course you didn't know," Taz raged. "You were too busy being a goddamn vindictive asshole to notice."

"I'll let you have that one, Taz. I deserved it."

"You deserve this one, too." Taz's fist connected with Revelin's face a second time, this time the target his mouth.

Revelin's whole body jerked from the violent contact, jarring Shane. Shane moaned as crippling pains blasted up his lacerated arms.

"Hit on me all you want, lover boy." Revelin's voice brimmed with barely controlled menace. "But cause pain to Shane again and I'm going to fuck you up. I'm not going to let anyone hurt what's mine ever again. Not you. Not me. Not Shane's fucked up bitch of a mother. Not even Shane himself."

"Taz," Rory called from his spot just inside the entryway. "Put your aggression to better use, please. Go take that Radiohead cd out and break it into a million tiny pieces."

"Do right by him, Rev," Taz warned. "Be the man I've grown to know and love as my brother and stop being the pussy ass bitch that I've come to hate." Next, he questioned Rory, "Why?"

"Because this is the song Shane always plays whenever he-when he, when he—" Rory broke off in a sob.

Taz strode out the kitchen, grabbing Rory's arm as he marched past and dragging the boy along with him into the living room. He muttered under his breath, "Next time I see him, I'm going to beat Thom Yorke's socially retarded ass for writing this stupid fucking song."

Once they were alone, Shane murmured, "Revelin, I didn't mean to—"

"Shhh, baby," Revelin interrupted, staring down into Shane's eyes, holding his gaze. "None of that shit matters anymore. None of it matters. Not what you did, not what I did. It's all behind us, Blue. All that matters from here on out is us."

Us, Shane thought, closing his eyes, focusing on the faint sound of approaching sirens.

They had a long way to go, but at least they had a second chance with each other. A new beginning. Another shot at that fairy tale romance.

This was Shane's opportunity to be more than just his mother's mistake. To be more than what she had ever expected him to be.

With Revelin's help and with Revelin by his side.

Shane could live with that.

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