A Dickgirl Ch. 02


Author's Note: Please note that all the characters having sex in this story are at least 18 years of age. The two main girls are both 18 year-old graduating seniors in high school. This is a continuation of a previous story, so if you haven't read the first chapter, you might want to look into that...

Ginny was mortified. For the first time in her life she hated her body. Why the fuck did she have so little self-control? Why couldn't she hold her body back? Why couldn't she be like normal girls?

She cried all the way home, her tears drenching her shirt. She stopped by the time she got home, but she still felt miserable.

"What's the matter, Honey?" her mom, Jessica, asked as Ginny burst through the front door.

"I hate myself!" she screamed, and stormed into her room, slamming the door.

"Oh dear," her mom sighed. "Can I get you anything? I'm taking your father to the airport, and I won't be back for a while."

"No!" Ginny yelled through her door. "Just leave me alone!!"

Ginny tore off her clothes and glared at herself in the mirror. She glared angrily at her massive penis, dangling there between her legs.

"Fuck you." She growled. She turned and threw herself—naked—onto the bed. She buried her face in her pillow and screamed into it. Why the hell did her life have to be so hard? Why was she born so different than everyone else? She rolled over onto her back and glared once again at her dick. She had to lean forward and mash down her large breasts in order to see it, lying there obscenely on her smooth stomach, as if taunting her. It was still sticky from earlier, and that reminded her that she still needed to clean up. Maybe a shower would even do her good.

"Damn you." She grunted as she rolled out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the water and waited for it to warm up, her massive cock dangling between her legs, her juicy balls flopping with each step. Once the water warmed up, she stepped in and stuck her head underneath the water. Tomorrow she was going to have to face Lily in English class...maybe she could call in sick? But that would only be putting off the inevitable: she would have to see that big-titted blonde some time.

Ginny sighed and grabbed a wash cloth. So Lily was pretty hot, what with her big boobs and gorgeous ass. Damn! And in English class, when she walked in wearing that tight miniskirt which left nothing to the imagination...her large tits not even held down by a bra...

Ginny inadvertently groaned as she soaped her massive, hairless balls. God, that chick Lily was hot, what Ginny wouldn't do to fuck her. She suddenly realized that her huge cock and grown to its full, 14.5 inches...she was masturbating to the image of Lily again! But felt so good... Ginny loved stroking her massive, juicy horse-cock. The large shaft was wrapped in thick, juicy veins, and the large purple, bulbous head released a continuous stream of precum. Ginny fondled her massive, baseball-sized balls, lathering them with soap and enjoying the feel of their weight in her hand. Slowly she pulled at her thick, man-meat. Oh, her cock was so beautiful; so big and fat, she could barely wrap both hands around it. She leaned over and brought the tip of her huge dickhead to her lips, licking the very tip of it, tasting the sticky saltiness...

"Ginny!" Her mom yelled through the door. "We're about to leave, honey, but a friend of yours from school is here with your books you forgot."

"Oh shit!" Ginny thought. Who the fuck could it be? "I'll be out in a minute, mom."

"All right, Dear, but your father and I are leaving."

Ginny hurriedly rinsed herself off and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel. All she needed to do was put some clothes on and go out, thank the person for the books, and send them on their way. Simple, right?

Ginny grabbed a bathrobe and wrapped it around herself, making sure that it covered both her large tits and her massive cock, which was still semi-hard.

Taking a last, quick glance at the mirror and hoping that the massive bulge her cock made underneath the robe wasn't too noticeable, Ginny opened the door to her room and stepped out.

To Lily, who was standing in the living room, it was like she had just walked into a wet dream. Ginny, who was by anyone's standards gorgeous and who had obviously just walked out of the shower, was dressed only in a bathrobe which struggled to contain the bulge of her cock and breasts. To Ginny, it was as if she had just walked into a nightmare. She felt the blood rush to her face as the blonde turned around, holding the textbooks which had just recently be lying on the cum-covered floor of the ladies' bathroom at school.

"Er, hi." Lily said. "You left your books in the bathroom."

"Thanks," Ginny said. There was an awkward pause. Ginny swallowed hard. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life...besides, maybe, when Lily had walked in on the aftermath of her masturbation session earlier that day.

"Here," Lily said, handing the books over to Ginny.

"Thanks," Ginny said miserably.

There was another awkward pause. "Look, about earlier..." Lily started.

"...Don't worry about it," Ginny interrupted. "I shouldn't have been doing that. I...I just lost control. I'm sorry you had to see that..."

"Please, don't be. To be honest, I thought it was kind of...well...hot."

This took Ginny by surprise. Instead of telling her that she was a freak, Lily was actually saying that she might have liked it. "Wow...I thought you would be disgusted!"

"No," Lily said hesitantly. "To be honest...I...well, I kinda got off to it when I got home from school." She didn't feel that it was safe to mention that she actually got off twice in that very bathroom after Ginny left, and then fucked her father when she got home in the hopes that his 8 inch dick would satisfy her.

"So...you don't think I'm some kind of freak then?" Ginny asked.

"I think...that you have the biggest dick I've ever seen." Lily replied. She stepped a closer. "And I wouldn't mind seeing it again...if you wanted."

The fact that a gorgeous blonde was actually coming on to her made Ginny excited. She wondered where at all this could be going.

A look of concern crossed Lily's face. "I didn't mean to offend you," she said, misinterpreting the look on Ginny's face.

"Quite the contrary," Ginny replied, stepping closer in turn, and loosening her robe so that it opened in the front. "Would you like to see more?"

Lily gasped. Ginny's massive cock, which had slowly been hardening and lengthening during the conversation, was now a respectable 10 inches long, longer and thicker than anything Lily had ever seen before. It was a fat dick, wrapped in thick, juicy veins and an angry red in color. Ginny's balls appeared to be easily the size of baseballs, and were perfectly hairless. The hungry way in which Lily was gazing at it was causing it to grow and stiffen, much to her amazement.

Ginny led the rest of the robe fall off her marvelous body and stepped even closer, bringing her now fully-extended 14.5 inch cock mere inches away from Lily's stomach.

"It won't bite," she whispered.

With a small grown of pure pleasure, Lily sank to her knees in front of this monstrous dick and slowly wrapped her fingers around it. Ginny's penis was hot to the touch, and seemed to throb with tension. Not even trying to restrain her lust, Lily leaned forward and licked the bulbous head. It tasted like no dick she had ever had before. It was salty, true, but it was also slightly sweet. She leaned forward for seconds, this time trying to fit the whole head into her mouth. It was a futile task, and Lily was forced to go back to licking and sucking on this massive piece of horse-meat.

Ginny moaned. This was amazing. Here was a beautiful blonde sucking her massive dick and obviously loving it. Goddamn, if this chick kept it up, she wasn't going to last very much longer. Leaning down, Ginny grasped Lily's chin and kissed her hard on the mouth, eagerly tasting her own cock juice on the blonde's tongue.

No words were needed. Ginny quickly disrobed the blonde, pressing her massive cock against Lily's belly, leaving a sticky trail of precum on her hard stomach. She slipped her hand down between Lily's legs and was amazed to find how wet she was. She easily slipped three fingers in, and was in the process of slipping a fourth in when Lily stopped her.

"I want you to fuck me," she said, grasping Ginny's meat and trying to lower it down to her pussy.

"I don't think you're ready," Ginny replied, roughly shoving her fourth finger into Lily's wet pussy and finger fucking her. "Besides, I think you're enjoying this."

"Mmmmmm," Lily moaned into Ginny's mouth. "Maybe you're right, but I won't be satisfied until you stick that big horse-cock inside me."

"Fine," Ginny said. "But let's move to the bedroom."

She pulled her fingers out of the blonde's pussy, enjoying the taste as she led Lily into her room. "Lie down," she said.

Lily lay down on her back with her legs spread, tensely waiting for the fucking of her young life. Ginny bent down and kissed Lily's stomach, enjoying the smell of the other girl's sweat. She slowly worked her way down until she was lapping at the entrance of Lily's cunt. The taste was like nothing she had ever had before, and she loved it. Her tongue flicked in and out of the girl's snatch, causing ripples of pleasure to course through Lily's body.

She must have been doing something right, because soon Lily began thrashing up and down uncontrollably, her girl juices squirting out all over the bed. Ginny looked up, her face covered in the blonde's pussy juices, and smiled seductively.

"You've got to fuck me!" Lily moaned.

Ginny raised herself up and rubbed the head of her massive dick against the other girl's cunt. Her precum was freely flowing and Ginny used it to lather her dick before she placed it against Lily's pussy lips and pushed.

The sheer size of her massive cock would normally have been too much for Lily's tight little pussy, and even as turned on as she was, Lily found herself more than a little nervous about the impending destruction. But this is what she wanted. Oh, how badly she needed that thick cock inside her.

With a grunt, Ginny pushed her massive horse cock into Lily's hot little pussy.

"Oh God, you're huge!" Lily gasped. She felt like she was going to pass out from the pain, but it felt so fucking good.

"Don't stop!" Lily begged. "God, you can't stop!"

Ginny felt a twinge of nervousness as she pushed her massive dick deeper into that hot little piece of ass; her cock was so big it was difficult to push it in very far. Fuck it; if this little bitch wanted to get fucked, Ginny was gonna fuck her, hard.

She pulled back and slammed back in. Lily shrieked and Ginny groaned in pleasure.

"Yeah, bitch," she grunted as she started to pound that hot pussy. "Take my big cock. I'm gonna fuck you hard."

Her big, juicy balls felt good as they slapped into Lily's gorgeous ass. Lily was now screaming incomprehensively, her body wracked with pain and pleasure. She could feel the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced approaching. It felt like it was building up throughout her entire body, causing her to begin to lose control and moan uncontrollably. The hard fucking she was getting was like nothing she had ever experienced, and it felt soooo good. Her gorgeous breasts slapped up and down on her sweat-soaked body. Her hair, which she had so painstakingly arranged before she arrived was a mess. God, this was amazing. She was getting fucked by a hot girl with a huge cock.

Lily looked down at the thick, veined, juicy meat that was sliding in and out of her pussy. It was covered in their combined juices, and it was only going in half way! Fuck, the sight of that thick cock inside her sent her over the edge, and she began cumming like she had never cum before.

She couldn't breathe and her screaming stopped. Her whole body began shaking uncontrollably and her girl-cum began squirting out around Ginny's huge dick, soaking the sheets. Ginny was stunned, but she couldn't stop. This was the first time she had ever fucked anyone, and the feeling was too good. This tight little bitch was squirting her gorgeous juices all over the place and scratching the shit out of back, her hot pussy squeezing the fuck out of Ginny's thick cock.

God, that little bitch was still cumming. Her juicy pussy was milking Ginny's massive cock for all it was worth, causing the familiar tingling sensation in the backs of her legs. Ginny didn't even think about whether or not she should cum inside the bitch. It felt like her whole body was being sucked into her dick as her huge balls churned and liquid fire began pumping through her cock.

Fuck, this was going to be a fire show. Her huge cock throbbed and bucked inside the hot blonde as she began cumming. Ginny could see stars as her orgasm spewed into Lily's hot young's pussy. Her cum pumped through her massive cock, spurting out into Lily's pussy like burning liquid fire. The last thing Lily remembered before she passed out from pure pleasure was the feeling of hot cum plastering her insides.

Ginny groaned as she continued cumming. She had never experienced an orgasm that had lasted as long as this one. The pleasure was so intense that her legs started shaking and she lost control of her body, sliding out of Lily's wasted pussy, spurting cum all over the girl's legs and stomach. The room was spinning as Ginny collapsed onto the cum and sweat-soaked bed next to Lily, her huge man-meat throbbing feebly, sucking her balls dry. With a final groan of pleasure, the gorgeous dickgirl passed out.

Ginny's mother, Jessica, was stressed out. She had argued with her husband all the way to the airport, and now she was faced with the prospect of a weekend with her daughter who by all appearances was going to be in a terrible mood. Poor Ginny, it seemed that she would never learn to love the marvelous gift that nature had given her—that marvelous, 14-inch cock in all its veined and juicy glory. Mmmmm, it was probably wrong to think about her daughter's gorgeous assets like that, but Jessica was in a daring mood after the argument with her husband. And it wasn't like she and her husband had had sex in the past week. Shit, she still sometimes masturbated to the memory of jacking her daughter off when she was younger. So what if it was doctor-ordered, Jessica had gotten ridiculously wet when her gorgeous daughter had slipped into her room with that awkwardly-massive boner. When her husband had gotten home, he had been pleasantly surprised by how horny his wife was, and then awestruck by the fact that she wanted to fuck all night—something they hadn't done since they were teenagers in the back of the car in high school.

Goddamn, she was getting wet again. Hopefully Ginny was asleep or had decided to go out, because Jessica felt like nothing short of fucking herself hard on whatever penis-shaped object she could find in the house. She fumbled with her keys at the front door, the very thought of masturbating to the image of her daughter's massive cock was making her knees weak. With a rush she opened the door and burst inside, unbuttoning her blouse to free her massive tits.

Shit, Ginny's door was open. Cursing, Jessica glanced into the room, only to freeze in astonishment. Her daughter lay passed out on the bed, naked, her massive dick only half-hard spread out on her smooth stomach. Ginny's dick juices had oozed and pooled in a puddle on her belly. Her gorgeous breasts were bare and glistening faintly with sweat. Her dick was shining with the combined love-juices of her and the hottest young blonde that Jessica had ever seen next to her...the same one who had brought Ginny's books over for her!

Jessica couldn't believe her eyes! Her own daughter had obviously fucked this gorgeous blond hard, and then both of them had passed out in her bed. The blonde lay unconscious, her beautiful legs still spread wide, cum still oozing out of her hot young pussy. The bed between her legs was drenched in what must have been sweat and cum, and her large pink tits were still hard and pointy.

Jessica followed her first impulse and backed out of the house, closing the front door quietly behind her. What was she supposed to do? The best thing would probably be to leave for a while and let her daughter and that tight little blonde wake up and get cleaned up. Jessica turned from the front door, only to pause on the steps, the image of her daughter's thick cock burned into her mind. She hadn't seen her daughter naked since the day she had masturbated her, and while abnormally large then, now it was much bigger, even mostly-flaccid! She had to go look at it again. She wanted to memorize its every gorgeous detail.

Determined that the risk of her daughter waking up was still worth the reward, Jessica turned and re-entered the house. Quietly, she tip-toed into her daughter's room and stood at the foot of the bed, amazed. Her daughter's cock glistened with the blonde's love-juices. The thick veins were prominently wrapped around the shaft, giving it a strong, muscled look. Ginny's baseball-sized balls lay on the bed between her legs in a way that hinted at their heavy weight.

As Jessica moved closer, she could start to smell the sex still in the air. It was a musty, tangy smell of sweat and cum, and in her turned-on state, Jessica loved it. She moved so that she was standing almost between her daughter's spread legs, very conscious of how wet her panties had become. She leaned forward, almost against her will as thoughts flashed through her mind of how very wrong it was to be so turned on by her daughter like this. She was now hovering right over Ginny's massive cock, the smell of her cum permeating the air. Her dick was even bigger and better looking up close, and Jessica was amazed at how much the two girls had actually cum on themselves and the bed. It was all over their bodies in a kind of sticky, sweet mess. The aroma was overpowering, and Jessica was now being driven purely by lust. She leaned her head down between her daughter's legs and very, very gently licked the thick, veined shaft. It tasted tart and salty, a little like her husband's dick, and in her lustful state of mind, it tasted like Heaven.

Jessica leaned down and gently licked it again, this time letting her tongue linger on her daughter's huge cock, savoring the flavor and the feeling. By her third lick the shaft had started to grow, and Jessica had lost whatever vestiges of self-control she had left. She wrapped her hands around it, surprised that she couldn't get her fingers all the way around it, and amazed at how heavy it was. Gently, she lifted her daughter's dick off of her smooth stomach, causing the cum that had been slowly oozing out of the thick shaft and on to her belly to string out in little ropes of tangy love-juice.

Jessica moaned in anticipation as she probed the head of her daughter's massive penis with her tongue, savoring the taste and the feel of her daughter's precum in her mouth. Ginny's dick was too thick to fit into her mouth, but Jessica tried. Mmm, it was so good that she started getting more aggressive, slurping and moaning on it as it hardened out to its full 14.5 inches. Her panties were drenched, and she slipped her left hand underneath them and began to rub herself. God, this was hot. She was so turned on that she easily slipped three fingers into her pussy, not even trying to contain the moans of pleasure that it caused.

She wanted to see that cock erupt with cum. She wanted to see those long, thick white ropes burst out of her daughter's man-meat like a fountain. She started jacking her daughter off, replaying that night so long ago when Ginny had come into her room with her huge dick sticking out from underneath her nightgown. Her daughter's cock was slippery with the precum that steadily oozed out and her own saliva. Ginny let out a small groan of pleasure and arched her back, pushing her gorgeous tits out and her dick closer to her mom's mouth. Jessica could care less. She was close to having one of the biggest orgasms that she had ever experienced by her own hand that nothing could have distracted her.

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