tagNonHumanA Different Kind of Same

A Different Kind of Same


I was in Greece on vacation when I met them. Not together, just, at the same time. I was eating at my table when one then the other sat down and smiled at me. The darker one smiled warmly.

"Excuse us. We saw you sitting alone and wondered if we could give you company for an hour or so?"

I blinked and looked at the tan one with the dark hair and green eyes. He smiled too but it wasn't warm so much as playful and full of restrained energy.

"You can tell us to fuck off and we will though. But if you're alone and open to trying some company then we're both a solid bet for that." He said genially. I watched the darker one nod.

"Its true."

I blinked as they both smiled at me. The air felt heavier so I leaned forward and breathed in. They waited patiently while I did so. I sat back and pondered.

"Weres." I stated bluntly. They nodded.

"I'm a wolf," the dark one told me. We both looked at the tan one.

"Leopard," he said with a predatory smile. "What about you my dear?" He was clearly putting effort into seeming non threatening. It wasn't working. He buzzed with energy. The dark one did also but deeper in, not on the surface like this one. The darker one was like lava inside a deep volcano. The tan one was like looking at an outlet you were about to touch.

"...cat," I finally replied, sitting back and continuing to watch. "A calico." I tried to sound brave. All Weres are bigger than their animal relatives. A werewolf is bigger than a real wolf. But a cat is one of the smallest Weres you find. Wolves and leopards are some of the biggest. And a girl has to be careful nowadays. Especially when your built tiny even for your small type. Not weak. I keep my cat active to put muscle on her little frame. I refuse to be small AND helpless.

The tan one nods at the dark one and shifts his elbows where he's resting them on the table. "I told you she was feline. If her scent didn't give her away the mannerisms did. She looks like a cat even in human shape." I wondered what he meant by that.

The dark one tilts his head and smiles again. Its full of warmth, like we've been friends for ages. I'd come to learn that was a natural skill of his, much like zero to ten in a heartbeat and back down was his conpanions.

"I'm Assos," he says, and offers me the back of his hand across the table in the universal polite 'here's my scent' gesture Weres developed for civilized society over the centuries. I lean in and delicately sniff a few times, learning the scent. Then I lick with just the tip of my tongue to seal it in my mind. I'm aware that the teasing touch manner in which I do it is flirtatious. I'm drawn to his dark skin, how tall he is, how long and strong his limbs and fingers look. His extremely engaging smile and voice that radiates lightness and cheer. My cat looks over with concealed interest.

I keep my face neutral as I sit back and watch his Were show in his eyes a second, a deep burning golden brown glow around the edge of his iris. Interesting. For our kind, subtle levels of control is like porn and string bikinis for humans. I'm intrigued. I haven't seen extremely fine control like that in a while.

'A wolf. I've never gone on a run with a wolf.'

"I'm free and unattached," Assos says softly. "If you are too then I'd be honored to do a run with you."

I blink. Its been a while since I had a companion. I forget my habit of speaking my thoughts out loud. I sit up straighter, pulling one paw (foot. Foot. Fuck. Be a foot) onto my chair as I study him. "I'm not a free-runner," I warn, knowing a lot of the kids today do runs with no significance attached beyond that nights fun. I'm not one to save the run for life-mate, but I don't run again with a new one every time I turn around either. The run is supposed to signify good strong mate credentials. I hold to that view.

"As do I, kitten," the tan one murmurs. I shift carefully in my seat, prepared to flee or fight still simply because I'm outnumbered and a tourist. So far they aren't coming across as dangerous but you never know do you?

"Kitten?" I raise my eyebrows. Its a bit of a social breech, calling a Were by their animal unless in a bonded relationship. But its not lewd either. Just generally seen as more riske.

Tanned one smiles. "May I call you that?"

I pause. There's really nothing...wrong...with it. Apart from old grey haired people saying there is. And it... it sounds good coming out of his mouth.

"I dunno. Say it again," I reply, eyes roving over him, taking in everything. There's a lot to take in. Tall. Barrel chested. Close cut beard. Hands that see rough work regularly. Eyes that are calmly but thoroughly studying me. He smiles broader. Leans closer. Speaks with a tantalizing low pitch and an edge to it like he's offering something forbidden that I want and he knows it.

"I think you should let me call you kitten. It suits you."

"..." I stifle a sigh. His voice has a deepness and a feel to it that my cat is responding too. She's sitting up and looking curiously at him. I look at his hand until he slides it across the table to me and waits. But unlike Assos who followed propriety perfectly, this Were turns his over, offering his wrist to smell, another indication of intimacy or intent towards intimacy that is too soon. My cat is intrigued by the careful rule breaking. I lean forward and take a soft sniff. She yowls softly and purrs loudly in approval. Before I can stop her she's licked a large swipe across the skin, tongue flat, and already in cat form, the roughness catching more of this man for her to taste.

He smiles knowingly when he feels it and doesn't pull back when I sit up abruptly, embarrassed of myself. He tastes delicious and I can feel the energy charge from them both, am aware of the changes they AREN'T making, while here I am, loosing control of my tongue at the first whiff of a scent like a virgin before her first ever heat. My cheeks flame and I sit up tighter in my seat, looking out the arches to the balcony. I don't want to see the judging. There's always judging on poorly self-controlled Were's, as there should be.

There's a low, soft purr from across the table, too low for the human ears around us to hear. I cringe.

"Look at me kitten." I try and resist but the purring gets slightly louder. My cat is dying to twine tails together with the maker of it. I look over from the corner of my eye. Assos is watching with a gentle smile. I blush more and feel ashamed of that too.

"I liked it." The tan one says. I feel anger and defensiveness flare up. I'm not EASY, just because my cat is strong willed.

"I'm NOT a virgin! Im an adult. I've had partners AND heats! Im not just going to roll over and offer my throat to you because I..." I'm shaking. The sentence is too embarrassing to finish.The humans nearby look over then away. I want to die.

"No one said you were," Assos says quietly, reassurance all over his tone. "There are plenty of males out there who prefer a more responsive partner than what society deems appropriate."

"I liked it kitten. I can smell that you liked it too. Theres no harm done in enjoying ourselves," the tan one murmurs now. My cat whips her head to look at him, tail swishing. The tan one carefully picks up my hand where its gripping my fork. "May I smell you now?"

I cringe and look at my hand clenching my fork like I want to strangle the life out of it. My eyes watch the tan ones fingers shift.

"Its ok kitten. Put it down. Let me smell you baby." He has a weird tone, like he's used to calming frightened people. Its effective. My cat purrs and imagines twining her tail with his. I tremble. Scandalous. Bad cat. Control yourself.

The fork is eased from my hand and the tan one eases my wrist to his nose. He inhales deeply and slowly, several times while my skin heats up. I can feel a low purr start to come out, quiet enough only those two can hear, but the humans near by cannot. Feeling the energy spike from both men as they hear it and innately respond to the call has my head swimming. It has never felt like this, so aware and connected with no bond. I stare back and forth between them. Assos smiles more brightly.

"Don't be scared princess. We won't hurt you. Or use you."

Fuck I want to believe him. The tan one eventually passes my wrist to Assos. He smells lightly and his hand squeezes mine. It feels safe rather than restricting. How strange.

"I'm Miden," the tan one murmurs. I blink. Well, my cat blinks. Her slow, come hither you beautiful animal, blink.

"Delilah..." I offer, scared beyond belief. There's no controlling my reactions to these two men right now and its terrifying.

"Delilah. Delightful Delilah," Assos says beaming. "I love alliteration," he adds cheerfully. My heart beats hard.

"Kitten," Miden repeats. I shiver. It feels like a name, like a title, or a claim, coming from him. My cat WANTS it to be.

"..." I swallow and pull my hand slowly back as the waiter comes over.

"Are we adding two to the party?" He asks cheerfully. I stare at the two men, strangers who already feel like home. I smile weakly. "Yes please. Two menus."

"Of course." He lays them out smoothly and gets their drink orders. I watch the ease with which Miden lowers the intensity and looks utterly at home here, despite my near positivity now that he's no more a native here than I am. Assos is also at ease. The body language between them is slightly formal however. Strange. Interesting.

"-long are you in Greece for?"

I blink. Look at Assos. "Uh, what?"

Miden is leaning back now, hands behind his head, watching again. I notice his periodic scanning of the room and time it silently to see how frequent. Interesting.

Laughter draws my attention back to Assos. "Do I need to bow out? I will. No hard feelings i promise. You seem preoccupied."

I blink. What? "...I don't...understand. .." I finally venture uncertainly. Assos pauses and studies me too. I look him over, in depth for the first time. We open our mouths at the same time. Close them. He nods at me and waves to go ahead. I pause, my impulse now having had 10 seconds for me to think about it. He sees my hesitation and looks even less intimidating somehow.

"Please? Tell me what's going through that mind of yours princess."

I pause. Princess? I can't say I'm used to nicknames like that, from anyone. I'm shocked how much I like it.

"...I want to see your wolf..." I finally admit, shrinking a bit into my chair in shame. My slutty cat is running my mouth. Fuck. Just proposition why don't you?

Assos smiles gently. "That can be done little one. I don't mind changing if you only want a look."

Im breathing heavier as the food gets put down a second later. We all wait til the waiter leaves and I'm blurting before I can think. "Who are you guys? You aren't... uh...hunting buddies?"

Assos and Miden exchange amused looks. Miden stabs his steak.

"No. We aren't hunting buddies. We met last night at the bar and had some beers together. Ran into each other just now and were talking again when we came in for lunch and smelled you." He smiles, eyes sparkling now with playful. "Figured we'd chance our luck and see if either of us was to your liking. And if not, we'd planned on going down to the water after lunch. But I'm thinking now maybe we're both a bit appealing to you."

His teeth gleam as he smiles then pops a chunk of medium rare into his mouth. My eyes follow his mouth then go south to where the table obstructs my view before I get control of them again. I blush faintly and glance over to see if Assos noticed. His gentle smile tells me he did. My cats ears prick several times. I study his dark skin. I wonder if his wolf is dark too. I wonder how far those long fingers could wrap around me. Im licking my lips before I can stop. I wince and glue my eyes on the plate.

Miden nudges my plate with his fork. I look up, and my cat whines helplessly. She wants him. Something about him, his smell, how he's sitting, his energy, has her needy hungry and dancing. She's acting like a half grown one, scenting her first male. It makes me nervous. I glance at Assos. He's sending soothing vibes across the table at me. And that has my insides feeling squishy.

"I have an idea," Miden says in his low voice. My eyes shoot back to him, excited, nervous, jumpy. He pauses while I breathe a bit then nod. He's got my hand back and is petting it, with decent pressure. I feel a low purr escape before I stop it. He smiles and pets again.

"I think we both interest you, a bit," he repeats. I nod minutely. "You definitely interest both of US." Assos nods slowly, watching me still but obviously alert for whatever gets said next.

"How about we take a couple days to get to know each other? I'm not wholly opposed to sharing. I've never shared with another male, but I like what I've seen of him so far. He seems a good sort. I like what I've seen of YOU so far. If you're in the country for a few more days I say we find out more about each other. See where it goes. If it goes anywhere. If it goes towards on over the other or both. Then we talk about a run again."

His thumb is stroking my hand repetitively and it feels hypnotizing. And the idea is good. Low commitment. Low pressure. Time to think and wrap my mind around all this. How much I'm excited about it already.

I look at Assos. He nods and looks at Miden. "I'm in," he says easily. "We see where it goes. You seem a decent type so far as well." Both sets of eyes look back at me.

"Well kitten?" Miden asks gently, thumb pausing.

"Think you could possibly stand our company for a few days?" Assos asks me warmly, laughter in his eyes.

I swallow and nod. "I...yeah. I would like that, very much." I carefully pull my hand back and cradle it to me, in wonder at the warm, pulsing heat in it. My cat swishes her tail and lays down, realizing she's not coming out to play with the tantalizing leopard and pretty dark wolf right now.

Miden sits comfortably back and eats more steak. "Have you gone wake boarding? That's what Assos and I were planning on later at the beach."

I shake my head slowly."no..I don't know how."

Miden beams suddenly, the energy and intensity ramped back up again. "I DO. I'll teach you. I'm a good teacher."

Assos smiles and goes back to eating hims lunch. "I look forward to watching that," he says lightly. "I've never done it either," he adds to me. "We can look like newbies together."

(5 years later)

'Daddy flys in today'. The thought bounces around my head on repeat. 'Daddy flys in today. Daddy flys in today'.

I'm shaking as I tear around our house, not really cleaning up like I'd like to think I'm doing so much as randomly moving objects to different surfaces. Dada is coming home tonight also. Both. Both both both. Place MUST be goods enough.

I stop in the middle of my mad dash through the living room to the kitchen, hands full of misc stuff and take a deep breath. Throw the things on the chair. It doesn't matter. I know it doesn't matter. They know I'm a bit of a mess, a pack rat. They joke about me building a hoard rather than a den like a normal Were. I tell them its because in actuality I'm a Dragon, not a Cat. It doesn't need to be spotless for them to be happy here tonight. For them to want... fuck.

I face plant the couch with a deep, aggravated sigh. Fuck it needs to be night already. My body's ready. I've been leaking steadily for over a day now, hormones preparing me for the heat. The fever hasn't hit yet, shouldn't hit until tomorrow, which means tonight can be about bonding as a conscious unit instead of hormones making us all crazy sex machines. Not that that's bad.

My human ears twitch and I fight the urge to change. I need to stay human, this close to the heat, or I won't calm down enough to change back til after. And heats are dangerous. The volume of pheromones pumped out during calls every male near enough to 'smell' it and my men aren't here to mark me as theirs. I can't risk changing. Even though the scent stays in human form, its diluted. Its resistable, to the males willing to be responsible members of modern society. And we live in a good town. I'd likely be safe going to the store today, as a human. People would know but it wouldn't be overpowering.

My ears twitch again as I imagine going to the store with either one or both of them and I growl and clap my hands over them. No, ears. Not til tonight. Not until. Contain yourselves.

My skin is starting to grow warm and I peel myself off our couch. I need distraction before I work myself up too much and force-change. I growl again, annoyed at biology and the lack of their presence before sweeping the objects I threw down up and storming off to stash them...somewhere. Fuck. I really need to look at my saved ideas for getting better organized. I kick the dishwasher closed and turn it on on my way past. Dishes are the bane of my existence. Fuck some dishes. I bare my teeth at the appliance and my (now) empty sink I still need to scour before the great dinner cooking event taking place here tonight and jump as my phone rings.

"Fuck some dishes," I say firmly instead of hello. Daddy chuckles into the other end. The sound smells like him. Rich chocolate and coffee and rain. Im moaning softly before I realize it. Daddy gives an answering low growl. I shiver.

"Fuck, kitten. You sound desperate already."

"That would be because I AM," I whine, slumping onto the bench at the breakfast nook table. "I'm leaky and warm and HORNY. And neither of you is HERE to FIX it."

"I know kitten," he says softly. I'm at the airport now. I managed to get the issue worked out."

"What issue?" I demand, sitting upright fast.

"...damn baby. Are you sure you start tomorrow? We talked this morning. Its ok. I got someone to cover it. I'm coming home now. I wanted to call and let you know I was boarding my plane."

"..." I just breathe into the phone for a minute, trying to lower my heart rate. "I think.. it may be early this month. Maybe tonight. I don't know. I'm not sweating yet but..." I plonk my warm forehead on the cool wood of the table.

"Ok baby. I'm coming straight there once I land. Call Assos. See if he can get there earlier. I want one of us there if you do." I nod, and moan as I imagine Dada being all caring and helpful and concerned when he gets here early. My body feels warmer. "...fuck..." I whisper.

"...hang in there kitten. Daddy's coming," Midens voice is low and edging on hungry. He's being affected by my needs and trying to keep it out of his voice so he doesn't trigger me. I appreciate the thought but it might not be working. I moan again, needy and long. My pussy is aching.

"Fuck. I'm calling Assos now. Get in the shower baby. Cold water."

I hiss, my Cat close to the surface and deeply against this plan. Daddy growls at me, firm and authoritative, his Were starting to come to the surface. My Cat twitches her tail in my mind and hisses again out my mouth, testing the bond and the command. The answering rumble and doubled order makes her purr. Her mate is still strong. He's a good mate.

Daddy takes a slow breath, getting control back. "Cold shower. Now. I know you hate it. You know why you need to be in it. I'm hanging up and calling Assos and telling him to get his ass over there right now with you. DON'T change."

I moan at the command. Cat is purring and fluffing her tail. Strong mate. Good mate. Viril mate. Fuck my kitty pussy daddy. Give me kittens.

"Promise me. No change until one of us is with you."

"I promise daddy," I say now.

"I love you."

"Love you too." I look at the disconnected phone in my hand and feel a hotflash go through me. He may be right.

I sigh and stomp off to our master shower, large enough for all 3, changed. It was an expensive investment in our home but worth every penny. I set my phone in reach outside with towels and hiss at the water turning on. Fuck this is going to suck. I inch my way under the spray, feeling bitter and miserable. Why this torture is a monthly thing for women and not men I'll never understand.

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