tagGroup SexA Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 01

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 01


Part 1 - (Norfolk & Charleston)

We had always talked about doing it but never got around to it until Marge and Ralph tried it and found that it was a really great way to see the country. They called us as soon as they got back and told us that we had to do it also as they were sure that we would love it. They had rented a very comfortable, very large RV that had a bathroom with a stall shower, complete kitchen, living room and large bedroom and when Ralph told me how much it cost, I was just about sold on the idea. My business was just about dead during July and August and we had been thinking about going somewhere for about 2-3 weeks since Cory still had some vacation time coming from her job and, after getting together with them and getting all the details, we decided to give it a try.

Our plan was to head south and then take the southern route to the West Coast and end in San Francisco and then fly back from there. Ralph gave us a booklet with all the RV camps across the country where we could make reservations to spend as much time as we wish and have water and electricity available to us. We went down to the RV rental company and asked to see the model that Ralph had rented. It was huge and very comfortable and after being given a tour by the salesman, and finding out that they had a drop off policy so that we could turn the vehicle in when we got to San Francisco, we signed the rental agreement and told them that we would pick it up in a few days.

We worked on a general itinerary figuring that we could amend it as necessary depending on how long we wanted to stay in a particular area. I had my cell phone so we could make or change reservations at the camps as necessary. I planned on towing my Jeep so we would have local transportation as well as an off road vehicle if we wanted to go exploring out west.

We decided to head down the East Coast from New York and stop for the night in Norfolk before continuing down the coast to the Florida Panhandle and then west towards New Orleans. I got used to driving the vehicle in a short time and we pulled in to the RV camp just outside of Norfolk late in the afternoon. We registered at the office and they showed us to our parking space where they helped us hook up our water and electricity. We decided to take a quick shower and then ask some of our neighbors about a good restaurant in town since we were starved. After getting dressed in jeans and tee shirts, we walked over to our next door neighbor and knocked on the camper door.

The door was opened by a gorgeous blonde wearing short, tight cutoffs that showed off a great pair of legs and ass and a tank top that was molded around a great pair of full breasts. She smiled and asked if she could help us and just then a big, brawny, good looking guy with a build like a football player came up behind her and smiled to us in greeting as I explained that we had just arrived and wondered if they could recommend a good restaurant in town. The big guy told us that they had only arrived a couple of hours ago and didn't know anything about the area so he couldn't help but told us that they were just getting ready to roll out the grill and throw some steaks on and we were welcome to join them for dinner.

The blonde said that she had corn and potatoes and was going to make a salad and would love it if we accepted. He added that he didn't think we could get any better steaks in town so how about it? I looked at Cory and then told them that we didn't want to be a bother and perhaps it would be easier for us to go into town. They insisted and it looked like they really wanted our company so we accepted.

His name was Larry and hers, Ellie and they were from Fort Worth, Texas working their way north and had been on the road about two weeks so far. They asked where we were from and when we told them they got all excited as they had never been to New York and were looking forward to spending some time there. I told Larry that I had plenty of beer in my fridge and would like to contribute something to dinner. He asked me to help him get the grill out and set up and then he pulled out a folding table and four chairs while I went over to get the beer. While the steaks were cooking, we talked about RVing and they told us that they had been doing it for years and love to spend their vacations traveling around the country and meeting people.

"You meet all kinds of people" he said, "some good and some bad but mostly good and some very, very good".

He cooked the steaks to perfection and they were absolutely delicious along with everything else they served us and after we finished and were having coffee, he asked,

"Would you like something to drink or would you prefer a smoke?"

I had a surprised look on my face as I questioned him about what he had to smoke.

"I have some excellent Hawaiian if you can appreciate that." he said with a knowing smile and I looked at Cory and accepted immediately as we loved good Hawaiian grass.

Ellie looked at him questioningly and said,

"I don't know if that's such a good idea honey, you know what that grass does to me!"

Larry laughed and told us that she gets very horny when she smokes this weed and calls it "crotch grass". Cory looked at her and smiled as she said that it sounded very interesting and she for one would like to give it a try. Larry brought out a small pipe, lighter and a bag of already cleaned grass. After filling the pipe, he took a deep hit and passed it around until every one had a hit. It was really good grass as I started to feel lightheaded a minute or so later and Cory complimented him on its quality. Ellie reached for the pipe and took a second hit and passed it around and we were all pretty high in just a few minutes.

Larry was telling us about the laid back lifestyle in Fort Worth when Ellie suddenly got up and announced that she was getting very warm and was going inside to lie down for while.

"Would anyone care to join me?" she asked and without hesitation, Cory volunteered and the two of them went inside.

"I hope your wife isn't squeamish because Ellie is going to be all over her in about two minutes." he said with a big smile.

I told him that Cory was a big girl and could take care of herself very well in all situations, so there was nothing to worry about. He suggested that we have one more hit and then go inside and see what was going on. He led the way and stood to one side when we reached the bedroom door so I could see the two gals lying on the bed naked with their heads buried in each other's crotch and both of them moaning and gasping constantly. Larry started removing his clothes and I followed, throwing them on a chair as I turned towards the bed. Larry was facing me and my eyes dropped from his muscular physique down to his very interesting penis and balls. He was almost fully hard and his cock was not too long but very wide with a huge sculpted crown and deep slit. His balls were large and tight and were sexy as hell.

We both turned to watch our wives eating each other and as I fastened my eyes to Cory's talented tongue as it worked it's way around and in every portion of her crotch with particular attention to Ellie's puckered anus, Larry reached over and put his hand around my thick erection and it felt good. I grasped his thick pole in my hand and found it felt strong and alive and I was enjoying feeling him. After a few moments of this, he led me over to the bed and lay down alongside Cory as I rested my head on his thigh and gazed close up at this wonderful looking cock. I couldn't resist closing my lips over his cockhead and nursing on it as I lightly squeezed his tight balls and ran a finger in his asshole.

He took my organ in his warm mouth and began sucking deeply on it which had me on a beautiful high in no time at all. What he was doing to me was fabulous and that, combined with the wonderful sensations I was getting from sucking his organ, sent me off on a fabulous trip from which I never wanted to return. I was totally unaware of anything other than his gorgeous penis, balls and anus and lost myself completely in enjoying him.

I don't know how long we had been sucking each other but suddenly I felt a hand smooth my ass and Ellie bent down and kissed me on the cheek as she told me that I have an absolutely beautiful and delicious wife and then told me to continue what I was doing as it was a very sexy scene and they were both enjoying it. I went back to concentrating on sucking the very thick and very delicious penis when I felt him suddenly stiffen and his penis jerked in my mouth as it started shooting ropes of hot cum onto my waiting tongue. It was delicious and, as I eagerly swallowed each load he fed me, my penis exploded in his mouth and he was gulping down my juices at the same time.

We kept voraciously sucking each other long after our orgasms ended and what brought us back to reality was the wild applause from our wives who told us that we just put on the best show they ever saw and we deserved to take it on the road. I took one last deep suck on the thick pole and got up to take a bow before collapsing back on the bed alongside Larry.

"That was one fabulous suck, my boy." Larry said to me and I had to agree.

"It's too bad you guys are not headed our way as we could have each other after a long day on the road every night." I told him and he laughed ruefully.

"Could you drive safely with me sucking your cock?" Ellie asked me and I told her that if she wrapped her lips around my organ, I would drive the RV over a cliff in a flash so please save it for after driving he told her.

"At any rate, we're looking forward to visiting up north, especially New York, so we'll have to plan on getting together either in Texas or NY after the summer" Larry told us, "because the four of us deserve more than a one night stand".

With that, Ellie moved over next to me and started playing with my flaccid penis as she told me how much she was looking forward to having it inside her every hole. Cory took her cue and rolled over between Larry's legs and began running her fingers over his balls and soft penis as she told him how much they had enjoyed watching us suck each other. Ellie told us that she always gets off watching Larry with another guy and he leaves it up to her to bring him a new cock each week.

"There's a bi club in town and I usually go down there and scope out a guy that I think Larry will go for and as soon as I find out how well he's hung, I'll bring him home" she said. "Before I knew about the bi club, I used to go to a bar and pick up a guy but some of them freaked out when I told them that they have to go through Larry before they have me. Now it's a snap since all the guys at the club are bi anyway."

Cory told her that she ran into the same problem whenever she wanted to bring a guy home for me but that now we had a large enough group of friends that she can just pick up the phone and have a delicious cock over in a short time.

"Of course, that goes both ways since I love watching Cory with another gal so all I have to do now is pick up the phone." I told them.

By this time, my penis was beginning to rise and I glanced over and saw Larry's cock already fully erect and my wife flicking at his crown with the tip of her tongue. Ellie gave my penis one last shake and lay down on her back and spread her legs as she guided me into her already wet and ready cunthole. I pushed the crown inside and slowly started feeding my penis into her as she gasped and bucked as each inch filled her. I lay down on top of her and fed my organ in deep as our lips locked in a soul kiss and we began sucking each other's tongues as we slowly fucked.

I heard a long satisfied sigh and looked towards Cory and saw Larry stroking deeply into her as she raised her hips to meet his thrusts. Ellie asked me to hold it still, deep inside her as she wanted to milk it with her cunt and, as I held it there, I felt her cunt contract around my thickness as her pussy started milking me. She had my complete attention and I gave myself up to her milking as she smiled at me and looked into my eyes as she concentrated on driving me up the wall. As she milked my shaft, I moved it just a millimeter back and forth and both of us groaned in pleasure as waves of sensations coursed through our bodies. As we fucked, Ellie kept wetting me with one orgasm after another until her cunt was soaked in her juices. After about her fifth orgasm, she asked me to stop a minute as she had to rest so I withdrew my thick, throbbing erection from her hole and lay down alongside her and watched Larry fucking Cory.

His cock was so thick that I couldn't tear my eyes from the sight of his shaft moving in and out of my wife's pussy. It was a wonder that he didn't split her in half. Her labia gripped it tightly and each time he was on the outstroke, they grasped his shaft and came out of her hole as if they didn't want to let it go. I marveled at the way his large and thick penis filled her cunt with each down stroke and became mesmerized until Ellie called to me and asked if I would like to fuck her in the ass now. She rolled over on her knees and presented her gorgeous ass to me and when I saw her puckered anus moving in and out, I rubbed some precum over it from the head of my cock and pushed the head inside as she gasped and pushed back to get more.

I held her hips and started moving my erection in and out as she moaned and gasped with each stroke. Then she twisted her upper body and took Cory's nipple in her mouth and began sucking it as I fucked her. I reached over and ran a wet finger into Larry's anus as he fucked Cory and heard him groan in pleasure as it found its way inside him. Then Cory cried out in orgasm and thrust her body into Larry's as she wet his cock with her juices.

After Ellie experienced another wild orgasm, I asked Larry if he was close to cumming and he told me that he was at the point where he could fuck for a long time without cumming and I told him that I was in the same state. Cory asked if Ellie would like to watch us fuck each other and she immediately agreed and suggested that they take turns sucking whoever was being fucked. I told Larry that I would love to have his cock inside me so I got on my knees and elbows and felt his organ brush against my anus as he got ready to fuck me. He rubbed some of his copious precum over my asshole and pushed the swollen head inside and I couldn't help but push back into him to get more of the wonderful penis that he was feeding me. As his thick organ filled my ass, I felt warm lips cover my crown and then a warm mouth cover my balls as both gals got down to work.

I was in heaven from all the fabulous sensations I was getting from the three of them and I went off into another dimension as pleasure washed over me. I don't know how long it was that we continued this way but suddenly I was brought down to earth by Larry asking me if I would please change places with him as he couldn't wait to have my penis inside him.

Reluctantly, I let him withdraw his tool and as the gals pulled their mouths from my crotch, I felt empty and cold for just a minute before he switched places with me and I saw his puckered anus beckoning to me. I rubbed some precum over his hole and shoved my thick crown inside as he gasped in pleasure and then groaned in ecstasy as the girls took care of his cock and balls. His anus felt warm and comfortable and I was soon transported back to that special place of pleasure that I was in before. I stroked deeply into him and felt his ass cheeks slap against my pubis as I dug deep. His sounds of passion were like music to my ears and I played him like an instrument getting as much pleasure out of it as I gave him. I don't know how long I was fucking him because I was off on another high but suddenly I felt my orgasm approaching and quickened my pace as I told him to get ready for my cum.

He was pushing back into me and contracting his ass around my shaft as it swelled and started shooting ropes of hot cum deep inside his ass. As I was transported to heaven by my orgasm, I heard him cry out as he began feeding the girls his loads of cum at the same time. When our last spasms ended, I withdrew my softening penis from his ass and the girls reluctantly pulled their mouths from his crotch as we all lay back to relax.

Since it was getting late and we both had plans to leave first thing in the morning, we decided to call it a night and after getting dressed, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other as soon as we all got back home. Cory and I undressed as soon as we got back to our vehicle and, even though we both wanted each other, we decided to forgo sex and get some sleep so we fell asleep spoon fashion with pleasant thoughts about the evening's activities and our new friends.

We had decided to leave early in the morning and drive to Charleston, S.C. which we figured we could make in about 9 hours if we were lucky so after a quick breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Larry and Ellie who were getting ready to head out also and drove south to the highway. It was an uneventful journey and we pulled into the camp grounds in Charleston about 6 pm and registered. After hooking up our electricity and water, we showered and after dressing, we stepped out of our vehicle and saw an older couple sitting in front of their RV just across from us. We walked over and introduced ourselves and asked them if they could recommend a good restaurant in town as we were looking forward to a good dinner. Mabel told us that, if we like good Italian food, we should try Il Minetto and Horace agreed with her and gave us directions. We thanked them and unhooked our jeep and drove into town.

His directions were perfect and we pulled into the restaurant parking lot about 15 minutes later. Since we didn't have reservations, we had to wait in the bar about 15 minutes before the hostess came in and showed us to our table. Our waitress came over a few minutes later and told us her name was Helen. I guessed that she was in her early forties and was quite attractive with a full but very curvy and interesting body. After she took our drink orders, Cory nudged me and said that she noticed how I was looking at her and fully agreed with my opinion of her. We had a fantastic dinner and had gotten friendly with Helen each time she came over to our table. When we were having coffee, I asked Helen what kind of action was available in the evening around town and she smiled and said,

"The best action in town is at my place but if you're looking for something downtown, try Jerry's. I'm meeting my husband there as soon as I get off around 10 and I'll look for you. It's about 3 miles from here on the highway heading south. You can't miss it."

We told her we'd give it a try and if it wasn't as good as she said, we'd try the action at her place, since she said it was the best. She smiled and said,

"Never mind the wisecracks. We'll look for you at Jerry's later."

We finished our coffee, paid our bill and left a generous tip for Helen who winked at us as we left. A few minutes later we spotted Jerry's and pulled into a rather crowded parking lot finding a spot in the back. We entered a large vestibule and were greeted by a hostess who asked if we wanted to sit at the bar or a table. I told her a table as we were expecting friends and she led us into the main room which was really humming with activity. There were cages suspended from the ceiling all around the room with naked gals undulating to the music and there was a large bar with a runway in front of it where more naked gals were displaying their wares for male and female customers who were feeding them bills. The dance floor was crowded with couples and some single gals and the hostess showed us to a table near the action.

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